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  1. The Beginning, pink

    A beautiful summer day, a perfect day to begin the new school year at Ouran Academy. Both old and new students mill about the prestigious High School for the rich with way too much time on their hands. That is all but one High Schooler, a young man by the name of Hanashe Inuzuka that managed to past the entrance exams earning a scholarship into Ouran even without money. As all the students go about their business, getting settled and everything. Hanashe wanders the halls, somehow getting himself lost in the extremely large school on his way to his class. Frustrated with himself he sighs heavily, looking up from his list of Classes, he realizes hes in front of a pair of ornate doors with the sign "Music Room #3" above them. 'Hmmm....Guess I'll have to ask for directions in here....' Taking a deep breath to steel his nerves for the wave of embarrassment he was sure to endure asking for directions on his first day, Hanashe slowly opens the doors.

    As soon as the doors open a light breeze washes over Hana, along with it the sweet smell of roses and a number of other nice smelling aroma's. He was in stunned surprise at the seen before him as he stood in the doorway. Instead of a typical music room like he expected, you know musical instruments strewn about, ect. There was what looked like a gallery of expensive looking paintings and art of all kinds all over the room as well as low music playing. Frowning in confusion Hana looks at the sign above the door again 'Music room....But this looks more like the Art room....' Hesitantly he steps inside the room. He didnt see anybody inside, but there was some doors that led to what he assumed was another room 'Maybe the teacher is in there...' Hanashe couldnt help but admire the art and paintings as he walked past them toward the doors. Hana was wearing his black rimmed glasses today, losing his contacts the day before he didnt have time to get a new pair so he was stuck with his dorky glasses, though he didnt much care.

    ((The idea is for one of the Host members to startle or somehow cause Hanashe to break/ruin a painting or piece of art so hes in the Host Club's debt))​
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  2. Hanasaki happily skipped back to the music room that the club was using the hold all the stuff for the auction. It had taken a bit of work and a bit of weaseling good stuff out of the grips of old geezer for a bunch of it but with a tidy bit of coaxing and ego stroking it was finally done which meant less frown lines and tight faces and more relaxing like they SHOULD do at the club. Yes, she was pre-emptively in party mode. Sure, they still had to actually sell it off but how hard was it really to find a loose wallet around here? Not hard in the slightest. It was like sticking candy a few feet from a baby and letting it crawl the rest of the way. As she approached the room, she noticed that the door was ajar. She couldn't see who it was but it wasn't hard to guess. Val-chan would definitely, definitely have closed it behind her, the twins too. Kiyo was way too meticulous and goal oriented to stand in the doorway. So by process of elimination, that left Kimi. And that meant that she could get a really fun squeal out of her today. Fingers stretching like a kid getting ready to play with a squeeze toy, Hanasaki dropped down to her serious mode silent steps and made her way to the side of the doorway. She WAS admittedly a bit late, having skimped out on some of the after gathering legwork and such but she had just mentally snapped and had needed to get some fresh air. By fresh air, that meant karaoke back in town for a few hours. So now was when she would sheepishly divert everyone's attention elsewhere and her absence would (hopefully) be long forgotten.

    "I'm baaaaaaack!" she half squealed happily, jumping out behind who she thought was going to let out a super cute cry of surprise and threw her arms over "her" shoulders. Unfortunately, the one in front of her was a wee bit taller which led to an awkward head bump and more than just a cute cry of surprise.
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  3. Yuzuki & Kaori, red
    "Hey, sis. Someone came into the club room" Kaori spoke to her sister at the sight of someone unfamilar coming into the club room. "I know. That girl looks so poor. Why is she here?" Yuzuki questioned. "Well, as long as she is here, let's have some fun." Yuzuki had the glint in her eye which let her sister know what they were going to do.

    The twins started making thier way over, but they haulted at the sound of thier lovely president making a 'elegant' enterance. After a while to collect thier thoughts, they made a mischevious grin, and rushed up to the guest.

    "Hello there, do you want to play a game?" Yuzuki asked with a charming smile after she popped up in front of the new guest. Kaori then followed up with "I recommend checkers, or if you don't like that we can play tic tac toe while drinking coffee."

    They were probably overwhelming the student, but that wasn't thier goal. Thier goal was to get one of the very few female guest to sit down with them, and play a game which will lead to a punishment game if everythong went well.
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  4. Hanashe, green
    Hana was a bit absorbed with a particular piece of art that looked like chicken feet had been dipped in paint and the chicken left to run on a blank piece of cloth with the occasional splot of random colors. So when a girly squeel sounded from behind him out of the blew, he nearly jumped out of his shoes with a surprised yelp as the girl bonked heads with him. Completely taken off guard, Hanashe quickly spins around simultaneously pulling away from the overzealous girl. "Wh-wha??" That was the only sound he could make before he was suddenly bombarded once more with twin girls asking if he wanted to play a game. 'What?? Who are these people??' Feeling overwhelmed and more than a little confused, Hana starts backing away. Forgetting about the ornate stone bench behind him, his legs connect with the bench propelling him backwards. In an attempt to catch himself he grabs hold of anything nearby, unfortunately this lead to him grabbing the cloth he had just been "admiring" a moment ago and ripping it in half as he fell to the floor. 'Uh oh....'
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  5. Kiyomi sighed in exasperation. "Where the hell is Hanasaki?" she grumbled to her teacup. Their dear President was supposed to have been here already! Kiyomi exhaled and sipped her tea as she tried to calm herself. She hadn't seen sights of the twins either yet. "Lord, knows what they're up to," she mumbled. She had been sitting in one of the backrooms of Music Room 3 waiting for awhile now for Hanasaki. She had disappeared in the bustle of organizing out all the pieces in the front room and getting ready for the upcoming auction. Kiyomi had been too busy making sure everything was perfect to even had noticed. And now here she was with mostly cold tea, needing Hanasaki to sign off on some papers and finalize everything. "She is, after all, our dear Princess," Kiyomi spoke at last.

    A sudden cry made, Kiyomi jump. It took her a second to recognize the voice. "It seems that she has finally returned." Kiyomi stood and made her way to the door, catching the voices of the twins as well. "Just wait til I get my hand on you, Hana. You and the twins-" before she could finish her thought she heard an alarmed cry followed by a loud RRIIIIPPPPPP of cloth.

    Quickening her pace, Kiyomi threw opened the door and faced the scene before her. There was the missing club president, the twins and some unrecognizable girl on the floor with half of the Jinro artwork clasped in her hands. The rest of the master piece sat where she had left it twenty minutes earlier, completely ruined. It took all of Kiyomi's self control to mask her horror and rage. She made her way to the fallen figure, bent down to their face and stated icily, "That was a very expensive piece, generously donated by an esteemed supporter of our club." She pulled at the girl's jacket collar, lifiting her face and looked into her eyes. She noticed something and smiled without meaning it. "What should we do about this dear President?"
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  6. Hanasaki paled and flinched, hearing the rip. Well, that just happened. She didn't know how much that thing was worth off the top of her head bit it was definitely a lot. That was her cue to get out of there. Like right now. Quickly and quietly, she crossed the room and slipped through one of the other music room doors. There was a quiet but audible rustle of clothes and not thirty seconds later, emerged with her business standard western type of dress. She strode back over to the group, not making the slightest sound as she walked and wore a much sterner expression than before.

    "How much was the piece worth? The club will be compensated one way or another."

    Her voice had taken on a considerably more elegant but commanding tone. Walking over to a clipboard and sheet on the other side of the room, she perused through a small stack of papers containing the world be starting bids and the projected sale prices.
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  7. Kiyomi
    Kiyomi's gaze never left the bewildered strangers as Hanasaki left the room. She smiled again, waiting. This time, when Hana reappeared, she was wearing a different outfit and her voice had taken on a more serious tone.

    "This piece is one of the few ever released by Jinro, making it very valuable, " she finally replied, watching as the president looked through the papers that she had prepared earlier. That reminds me I still need to give her the other paper... Kiyomi shook her head and pushed back the reminder trying to focus. She turned her gaze back to Hanasaki and had to repress a smile. To be honest, Kiyomi sort of favored this side of her. It made dealing with her more manageable.

    "If I remember correctly, I think the rough estimate should be around 8 million yen,"she finished with a smirk.[/dash=aqua]
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  8. Valentine "Vale"
    It had been an interesting month. Kiyomi-sama and Hana-sama had both arranged an auction for the clubs expenses, which was a chore in the older female's opinion, but she did as she was asked. It was easy to get the items to be auctioned. Her parents, both had many items, her father had items from Russia, including rare soviet weapons, which would fetch a high price for many collectors. While her mother had many paintings laying about that she no longer wanted to be hung up in their large home. It would easy to get buyers as well as stupid boys who think it would impress one of the girls, including herself. It was odd to her, Vale was the only female Russian student at the school and that was exotic to many of the male students at their school. It was, most likely, the only reason she was popular. Her looks, her height and build was different to traditional Japanese girls and this was somehow exciting; different. Valentine would never understand boys and she was fine with it. She did, however, prefer to escort troublesome boys out of the club room and to the deans office. Stalkers and fan-boys were a nuisance, but they were easy to deal with and remove.

    Kiyomi-sama thought setting up a small area for Vale to show off her skills would help make her more popular, and, as per usual, the young female was right. Boy's had to pay to watch her as she trained or practiced and to participate, they had to pay even more. Most of her regular's were masochists, always wanting to fight against her and get tossed around like a sac of rice, but Valentine was not complaining.

    Valentine laid out on one of the many, comfortable sofa's in the club room, headphones covering her ears and music pouring into her ears as she read one of the many books she brought from home, when she felt a sudden thump. Her eyes pulled away from the book in her hand as she looked up, watching as Kiyomi-sama went rushing out. This caused her to mark the page and put the book down, turning her music off and tucking everything in a hidden spot before she calmly walked towards the co-motion. She spotted the others and a new face as well as one of the paintings she had carried in for someone and set there, now ruined.

    This is going to be good. She thought to herself, as she crossed her arms and watched Kiyomi-sama and Hana-sama speak to the stranger.

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  9. Kimiko Mori
    Kimiko looked up from her piece of cake when she heard something tearing. She'd been too entranced by the strawberry on top to realize that anyone had come in. She jumped up and walked after Vale-chan. Her pigtails bobbed cutely as she carried the plate of cake with her. She popped the fork into her mouth, savoring the sweet taste. She peered around Vale and her eyes widened. After swallowing the cake she walked forward. The cloth that was supposed to be in the auction had been ripped and Kiyomi-chan and Hanasaki-chan were talking to a girl. That was a girl right? She tilted her head, more than a bit confused about the guest's gender. She poked both of the twins. "What happened?" she questioned in her cute high-pitched voice.
  10. Yuzuki & Kaori, red

    Yuzuki and Kaori both shook their heads in unison at the sight before them. The guest had destroyed the painting, the one they were going to use for the auction. It was probably a fortune since the auction was a rich Ouran. "Looks like you did it. That was not really a smart move. " Yuzuki spoke to the guest, not caring if she was paying attention or not. "Hope you have money to cover the cost or else you have to deal with the wrath of Kiyomi or even worse, the president." Kaori said right afterwards. They quietly let out a devilish giggle knowing that it was partly their fault.

    While watching the negotiations of the damage, the twins felt a poke at their sides causing them to turn around. Turns out the cause of that poke was Kimiko. Kimiko was the adorable little diva of the host club. She is only a year younger than the twins, but it looks like she is a few years younger. "What happened?" asked Kimiko. "A girl came into the clubroom, and tripped over the bench. She grabbed the painting trying to catch herself, I guess, but ended up ripping the painting." Yuzuki summarized. "Now she is dealing with the wrath of Kiyomi."

    Yuzuki and Kaori know about the wrath of Kiyomi. It's not the official name, but that's what they decided to call this phenomenon. Kiyomi would be angry, but instead of yelling, she will talk to you with a cold tone of voice, bluntly stating what will happen to you. The twins experienced the wrath of Kiyomi before, and consider it one of the worst things alive, after being smacked down by Vale.

    The twins return their attention to the scene before them, giggling when they can't hold it in.
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  11. Hanashe, green
    Looking from one person to the next as multiple strangers start to surround him, Hana starts getting a really bad feeling about this. 'Relax, relax, it couldn't be that expensive, not as ugly as th-' his thought was cut off when he was suddenly being pulled up by his collar by one of the girls. Gulping in trepidation at her words he looks to the twins that wernt helpung in the least. "I....I...." He tumbles over his words, not sure what to say. When the amount of the chicken print painting was announced, Hanashe felt like an anvil just got dropped onto his head. '8 million yen?!?!?!?!' Now completely at a loss for what to do Hana slumps back. "8-8 m-million y-yen?? How many thiusands are in 8 million??...." He half mumbles to himself in stunned disbelief before slowly turning his head to look up at the girl the others referred to as "President". "Uhh....I'm gonna have to pay you back...." Though his appearance showed he obviously had no real money.
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  12. Valentine "Vale"
    The smell of strawberries wafted up to Valentine's nose and she looked down at her side, seeing Kimiko-chan standing there, cream on the right side of her upper lip. Vale motioned to the spot and watched as the youngest member of their club cleaned her mouth after eating the rest of her cake. Like most of the members, Vale was protective of the younger member, but only just; like a sibling, but not the doting kind. Valentine remained by the doorway as the scene continued to unfold, Kimiko moving closer. Hearing the twins words, Vale frowned, pushing off of the doorway, now walking towards the group.

    "8-8 m-million y-yen?? How many thousands are in 8 million??...." the female's words filled air and Valentine felt a bit of pity, something she usually did not feel towards anyone. "Uhh....I'm gonna have to pay you back...." There was no doubt in that, the female would have to pay them back.

    Valentine moved past them and towards the young female who sat on the floor, stammering and looking like she was ready to faint. "For a group of hostess's, your all very rude," she murmured, holding a hand out towards the fallen person. Her eyes were a rounder almond shape and they were intense as they stared back at anyone who looked into them. Valentine, the one out of them all who was the most intimidating, was actually being kind for once, a rare sight to be hold.

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  13. "We could possibly arrange some other methods by which you could pay back the club but we can't exactly sweep the loss of 8 million yen under the table and forget about it," Hanasaki said, putting down the clipboard and watching Valentine play good cop today. 8 million was the starting price, not the projected sale but penny pinching here wouldn't do much good so she neglected to mention that fact. Their guest was mortified and in shock at the moment. Based on that in combination with style of dress, she figured what they were looking at here was a scholarship student or someone who just barely scraped their way in. Most people... or parents here would shrug off a matter of 8 million, at least being able to manage it but the reaction suggested that that wasn't going to happen today. The bottom amount was generous but fair to both sides as she couldn't rightfully have the club bite the loss. She didn't want to immediately come out and give ideas on methods of repayment, though. The simplest for the club was cold, hard cash or a business deal type compensation. If it took too much effort on the club's part to get the money, it was like not paying them back at all given the cost of time. But assuming the worst case scenario, a scholarship student with no resources to speak of, the only remaining method she could think of seemed like borderline torture.
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  14. Kiyomi
    Kiyomi stepped back as Vale-senpai helped the stranger up. Kiyomi noticed that her fists were still tight with frustration and forcibly relaxed herself. She had caught a whiff of something sweet so that meant that Kimiko-chan had entered when she wasn't looking and she hated losing her temper in front of the younger girl. Anger was never professional, nor prettyand was never the example she should be making. Sure Yuzki and Kaori were also susceptible but their nature wasn't completely innocent to begin with; Kimiko was a different story. Her lips twitched up lightly.
    "You're right, Vale-senpai, we have been rather rude."

    Kiyomi turned her smile on the stranger. "But you have to understand. That piece was an original, one of a kind, and cannot be replaced. And Hanasaki has a point. The club has lost money sure to this unfortunate incident, and sadly it has to be compensated in one way or another." She gave the stranger a once over, pausing at her wardrobe. "And if you can't pay with money, perhaps something else can be arranged?"
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  15. Yuzuki & Kaori, red
    "For a group of hostess's, your all very rude," Vale spoke. Vale was right. They were being rude, especially the twins with their excessive giggling. The host club couldn't put off the lost of money though. They had to get it back since the host club was more of a business than volunteer work.

    Yuzuki tapped Kaori and pointed to another section of the room where they walked over to. The point of moving is so they can talk. "The guest is in a bit of trouble, don't you think?" Kaori whispered. She was whispering because the rest could probably still hear them if they were talking at their usually volume. "I think so. She's in debt, but she obviously doesn't have the money to pay it back. She can't run from the debt either." Yuzuki replied. "You know what this means." "Punishment game!" Kaori said in a happy tone. Punishment games were their favorite type of game, right after board games.

    After a bit of discussion of what they game is, Yuzuki and Kaori went back to the crowd, and clapped their hands. "I think we have a plan." Yuzuki said "It involves one of our favorite things."

    "A punishment game!" Kaori continued. "Listen up, guest. These are the rules. One!"

    "You will have to work as a host. From socializing to performances. Everything that a host does, you will do."


    "You will not be paid. Think of this as a donation using your time."


    "Your goal is to earn 8 million working as a host. Once you made 8 million, you win!"

    "So what do you guys think?" They said in unison. This was the best plan they had. The only other punishment game they had in mind included her to sell her body, but they decided to trash it knowing that it wouldn't be approved of.
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  16. Hanashe, pink
    Hana felt like the world was spinning around him, was this some kind of joke? Completely lost in his own of trying to calculate how he was gonna pay 8 million back when he couldnt even afford an Ouran uniform. When an intimidating looking girl offered her hand to him, he hesitantly took it and used the leverage to pull himself up. Adjusting his glasses he shyly avoids the girls gaze. "Th-thanks..." He was embarrassed that a girl had to stand up for him. Before Hanashe could respond to the calculating girl that informed him of the origin and status of the painting he just ruined that cause another round of panic to assail him. The twins that had helped cause the accident chimed in, speaking in unison, their words had Hana getting a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach. "A H-Host?? I dont even know what that is....How do I earn 8 million yen through a Club??" It was obvious he was confused. They problay thought he was a girl, it wasnt the first time people had mistaken him for one, he just had one of those "cute" faces he guessed....And lack of muscles didnt help....Or his baggy clothing.
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  17. Valentine "Vale"
    The hand that finally gripped onto her own was thin but not too small, about the same size as her own hand. In that singular touch, Valentine could feel something off about this person. With females, Vale had this odd talent of being able to know if someone was a female just by holding onto their hand. The human body is filled with bones, ligaments, tissues, and blood vessels; human males are built ever so slightly different then human females, all for the females breasts. Even if a female was completely flat chested, they still have muscles in their chest that kept the glands that produce the milk for babies close to the nipples. Due to this difference in the upper anatomy, females have slight tension in their hands. It it a very slight difference and only a few could notice it. Actually, anyone can learn how to do this, with extensive training, but only a few are even able to tell after such intense training. Valentine is one of the few who can spot this difference.

    "This person doesn't have it," she thought to herself as she helped the person up. Once said person was standing, she let go of their hand and took a few steps back. Valentine was in the middle of thinking when she heard the twins speak up, causing her to roll her eyes. "I think we have a plan." Yuzuki spoke first, as always, "It involves one of our favorite things." Valentine turned to look at the twins, her normal, annoyed look, returning. "A punishment game!" Valentine felt her annoyance grow even more. The twins annoyed her more then anything, it was rare a day when they wouldn't annoy her. What was rare, was if she snapped and caused the twins to run screaming from the room towards Kiyomi-sama or Hana-sama, but even they got out of her way.

    Valentine listened to their idea and thought it wasn't a very smart idea without knowing about the stranger first, but Valentine had said enough for that day. "So what do you guys think?" the twins said in unison and Valentine looked to the stranger.

    The twins idea was a good one. It was somewhat thought out and it would be simple for the "young girl" to work off the debts. There was only one problem. "He's a boy," Valentine pointed out, mentally. The others would have to figure that much out, even though she had never been wrong, she was still unsure of her judgement. Valentine turned slightly, looking back at the twins, a glare in her eyes. There was no doubt those two were close to getting her to snap.

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  18. "Alright, alright," Hanasaki sighed, observing the breaking point rapidly approaching. While the matter couldn't well be dropped, a mentally broken, despairing mess wouldn't do anyone any good. Frankly, if it became a choice between this or that, the club would ultimately eat the bill. There was no reason for them to eat the bill and have someone mentally destroyed. It wasn't 8 million worth but there were ways that they could turn the matter into better than only a loss. Strictly from a business perspective, it made sense as well as from a moral perspective.

    "I'm guessing you're a scholarship student so this part of the school is a bit strange for you. However, 8 million isn't too much over here. It is a lot but not even close to an insurmountable amount. Its just a fraction of our auction material," she went on. It was a reasonably sized fraction but she kept that to herself, "The club hosts or entertains the extremely rich, those with truly absurd amounts of money and are willing to loosen their wallets all the time for god and varied entertainment. What some people might make in over a month you could potentially make in a day. But for now, if you agree, let's put this topic to rest for a bit and let you adjust."
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  19. Kimiko Mori
    Kimiko nodded in agreement to the twin's plans. She had been listening silently to the conversation, looking at the girl with a curious expression. Something about her didn't seem right. It's a trap... she thought to herself before walking towards the person and grabbing his/her arm. "C'mon! You must be hungry and we can't deny anyone cookies or cake! Nobody at all! Plus, it's easier to think when you have food!" she marched past the others with a determined expression. After sitting him/her down, Kimiko started preparing a cake. She leaned in as she handed over the cake, "You like kinda familiar. Are you in my class?"
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  20. Hanashe, pink
    'Make a month worth of pay in one day??' Hana thought in amazement. Before he could respond though he was suddenly being dragged by a small and frilly, albeit cute, girl. Stumbling slightly before regaining his balance he follows the energetic girl. "Uh-uh okay..." He stammered before sitting beside her as she prepared a cake. The sight of the fancy treat starts making his mouth water. Gently taking the plate he sets it down before leaning back slightly in his chair as the girl leans in suddenly. Blinking he rubs the back of his head slightly. "Ya we're in the same class, I'm Hanashe." Unlike his shocked state a few minutes ago, he was much more relaxed now. Though he still felt uncomfortable around all these girls. Giving Kimiko a small smile that seems to brighten up his more brooding features.

    Hesitantly Hana picks up a fork and takes a bite of the cake. Instantly his usually dark eyes brighten up beneath his glasses.
    "This is delicious! Thank you Kimiko-chan." His tone is kind and grateful.