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  1. For those of you who want a quick-link to the OOC: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/host-club-2.62448/

    Music Room #3.
    The same music room with it's pink walls and nice tables, cakes, sweets, tea, fine china, etc.
    The home of the Host Club.
    The New Host Club.
    Jackie glanced down at her map. It was only her second week of school and she was already lost. She ran a hand through her dark blue hair, ruffling it a little.
    "Where is it.."
    she muttered to herself. She groaned soflty, late for the second meeting they've ever had, into the Host Club room. She stuffed the map in her pocket.
    "Sorry guys."
    She smiled weakly.
    "Got lost again."
    Her voice wasn't as high pitched as squeaky as most of the girls, but it wasn't deep enough to truly pass as a guys voice. She didn't wear any makeup, but the male uniform fit her form enough to show she was still a girl, if not much, but enough. She sat down in Haruhi's old seat at the meeting table.
    "So, I know we're planning a theme for our first re-opening, and I was thinking why not use a theme the others used, but edit it a little, just so our guests know each of our types? I was thinking about using their old medieval theme, but instead of it being medieval..it being.."
    she paused for a moment to remember the name, "a 'Type' Theme? Something like that. Kasei, of course, would be the King, or the prince, Sepiroth would be the guard or a knight of some sort, Shiro and Rikuto could be dressed up as either jesters or something along those lines. Pierre would be an assassin of some sort and Kadaj would be the little prince or something."
    She said, forgetting she didn't even mention herself.
    "Or something like that, if that makes sense?"
    She smiled shyly, rubbing her left upper-arm as she tried to think of anything she had mistaken or anything.

    I only color-coated my character's speaking words because it was a really long post and to me at least, it made it easier to pick pieces apart ^^" It is not required or anything.
  2. Kadaj and Sepiroth both listen quietly, sitting as far away from each other was possible. Even then the contrast between the two is all to clear.

    4'5 and with a very open face that hides nothing, Kadaj smooths down his newest dress before nodding. “I like the idea of the theme so far!” he says in his rather high pitched voice, a voice that seems doomed to be squeaky for a guy. “though..” he tilts his head. “I'd actually like to be the little princess..”

    on the opposite seat, tall and cold Sepiroth scoffs slightly at his younger brother's words. “sometimes, Kadaj.. I really wonder if you are strait or just claiming to be.” Kadaj scowls but Sepiroth ignores him and waves his hand in dismissal. “I have no issue with the theme.” he says in his flat yet somewhat deep voice. “but there is one thing I'd like to ask.” he rests his thin and scarred hands under his chin. “what will you be in this theme, Jackie?” he asks gently.

    Kadaj blinks. “I thought your issue would be me wearing a dress, because I'm waay prettier then you Sephy!” Sepiroth sighs and forces a smile. “no Kadaj, my only issue with you is that you're breathing.. now kindly shut your trap for a few seconds.” Sepiroth folds his arms and gazes at everyone else calmly, once again resuming his silent listening.. out the corner of his eye he can see Kadaj pulling a funny face at him. “meeeehhh!” The Lolita boy declares, not really having a better come back other then sticking his tongue out.
  3. Kasie grinned, standing up. "A Renaissance theme sounds perfect! A sort of spread sheet theme, to show off our many talents as the New Ouran High School Hosts." He declared. "Seph would make a perfect the captain of the guard-- or tax collector-- and you Jackie, you could make an adorable page boy!" He pushed his red hair out of his face, looking over to the silver haired vice president. "We don't have a fashion liaison among us, though. Any one have any ideas as to where to get the costumes?" He raised an eyebrow.

    Pierre shrugged when the Prince's blue eyes passed him as they scanned the room.

    Kasie sat on the arm of Sepiroth's chair, resting his chin in his hand thoughtfully. "Then again, putting you in silver armor with your silver hair might blanch you... Maybe just a Lord?" he mused.
  4. Kadaj pipes up with. “Sepiroth could be the executioner! Ooh, ooooh! And when I get my dress, I can show it to my Angelcake!” Kadaj jabbers happily.

    Sepiroth sighs when Kadaj begins to talk of his girlfriend, Angel. Sepiroth supposes that he's happy for his little brother, never before has he seen such devotion from Kadaj. He can't help but wonder what Angel must think, and he hopes the young girl doesn't think Kadaj is here because he's cheating on her.. quite the opposite, there will never be another in Kadaj's life..never. It's ether Angel Venus or it's nothing.. Kadaj's happiness makes Sepiroth sick. It makes him sick because they're so damn perfect together, it makes him sick because Kadaj doesn't deserve a soul mate. It makes him sick because it makes the loss of his own Raison d'etre more acute. It makes him feel.. inadiquet, his younger brother is trying to get enough money to buy his love a beautiful wedding ring.. and what is Sepiroth doing? Nothing.

    Sepiroth snaps out his thoughts when Kasie asks where the outfits are going to come from. “since Kadaj is so damn enthusiastic, he can make them.” Sepiroth says coldly as he gestures to Kadaj who is still happily talking to himself about Angel. Sepiroth sighs. “or I could call in some favours from the brother of a very dear friend of mine, he might be able to make them.”

    Sepiroth blinks as the other man sits on the arm of his chair. “I'm fine being blanched, I don't have much to do with the clients anyway.” he says with a faint smile. “though I suppose just being a lord.. or tax collector might be nice..”
  5. Jackie paused.
    "I didn't think about what I could be..."
    She smiled as she listened to most of the comments.
    "Hmm...I can ask Haruhi, she could give me a few tips on who can help with the costumes, how's that sound?"
    She said, sitting up straight after hearing the comments.
    "And we could use to old decorations for the room, to save some money!"
    She smiled. She was glad everything was going well, for the most part.
  6. Meanwhile Shiro sits in the elevator as Rikuto runs through the halls starting at ground level; What happened?

    Shiro and Rikuto woke up on opposite sides of the bed as usual, Dressed differently as usual, and styled their hair different as usual, the only thing unusual Shiro let Rikuto set the alarm and they were a half-hour late. Jeremy their butler got a cold and couldn't drive them, and then it went downhill. When they were almost to school a hoard of dogs started chasing Shiro, after Rikuto got the dogs away from them they were in the square a news report showed a plane crashing and Rikuto fainted. Shiro never wanting to be late left him on the ground. When Rikuto came to Shiro was already at the entrance gate, he sprinted all the way just to see Shiro take off in the elevator. Which brings us to now...

    The elevator bell dinged and Shiro stepped out, Rikuto swung around the stairwell to see Shiro walking into the club room. He ran as fast as he could to catch up to him, but tripped falling into Shiro, accidently opening his shirt, and landing in probably the most sexually perverse scene ever. A couple of school girls came to see the two on top of each other in such a manner. Shiro whispered to Rikuto "Sexual scene or Brotherly love?" Speaking to his bellybutton, Rikuto whispered back "Brotherly love... I'll take the aggressive role..." Shiro nodded and began to fake a groan. Rikuto hovered his hand across his chest to lightly grasp Shiro's. Pulling him up close to him, gently caressing him closely. "Are you hurt brother?! I am terribly sorry I let such a thing happen to you..." He lifted his chin and spoke with a soft and lovely tone. "And it's only because I love you..." Shiro turned his face to the girls, The way Shiro was always so formal seeing him like such was a stimulating experience. "Brother your embarrassing me..." He slightly puffed his cheeks to make them red. The girls' heads were red as cherries. They ran away chanting "We're sorry Master Shiro!"

    They ran in the club room and slammed the doors, Shiro glared at Rikuto.
    "Your death draws near brother." Rikuto held his arms in surrender with a nervous look to his face. Rikuto looked around for an excuse. "Hey, look Pierre!" Rikuto jumped straight over him onto the couch. Shiro fixed his hair "Excuse our tardiness, We had some issues..." A flashback of the dogs caused him to sink into the couch next to Rikuto, it remains a mystery how he moved so fast.
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  7. Pierre gave a nod of approval, rapping his knuckles against the twin beside him, applauding the aerial display.

    Kasie grinned. "You two missed out first theme discussion." he said. "As such, you both get to be jesters of the court! A midevial banquet." He said enthusiastically. "I can see it now. I'll arrange for the cook to have European treats ready and--"

    "Religieuse." Pierre said, as serious as though they were discussing murder.

    "I-- come again?" Kasie blinked curiously at the blond, thrown off by the sudden interruption, and by the quiet one none the less.

    "Religieuse." Pierre repeated. "There should be some."

    Kasie raised an eyebrow. "I assume that's a treat of some sort?" he asked.
  8. Jackie smiled.
    "I was late as well, so don't worry. Besides, it's only our second meeting."
    She shrugged slightly, turning her chair to face the twins. She looked curiously at Pierre, always so serious.
    "What's Religieuse?"
    She asked, a confused expression on her face. She sat back in her chair, crossing her legs. Even though she wore the male uniform, her posture and sometimes her attitude gave away her femininity. It was sort of an addition to the Host Club, to carry on Haruhi's tradition or something. Honestly, she couldn't remember too much of Tamaki's dramatic speech on the subject.
  9. Shiro and Rikuto stared Kasie down with a devilish stare. When she mentioned they BOTH would be jesters, it madened them let alone the character was a jester. "Kasie... whose idea was it to make us both jesters?" Shiro stood over her like a hungry bear about to attack. Rikuto joined his brother. "I'm being a musketeer..." Shiro turned his back in repose stating his role "And I the dexterous duelist!" They both peeked out of their eyes somehow wearing their costumes already.
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  10. (LOL, Kasie is a guy :p)

    Kasie blinked at them. "Well, I suppose you could do that too." he said loftily, waving a hand as though to dismiss a puff of smoke. "Though jester would be more fun in my opinion."

    While the twins and red head went at it, Pierre looked over to Jackie. "It's a pastry." he explained simply, looking to Sephiroth as the others bantered over who would play what role. "When is our first event?" he asked, glancing at his watch. "I have Kendo practice on Wed--"

    "WEDNESDAY!" Kasei erupted, abandoning his discussion with the twins to interject. "As a host-- your first and foremost duty's are to the guests! Kendo practice can wait!"

    Pierre frowned at the redheads authoritative tone.
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  11. "Hmm...A Pastry."
    she smiled faintly, wondering what such a fancy named pastry would taste like. She looked up as Kasie seemed to explode at Pierre's simple words.
    "Maybe we could schedule one around the other?"
    She suggested, sitting on her feet and resting her head in her palm, her elbow on the arm rest of her chair. Jackie hoped the twins would calm down a little. It was kind of annoying...no, that's not the word. Bothersome...no. Obnoxious. They were quite obnoxious, she thought to herself.

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  12. Sepiroth listens to them all quietly and smiles faintly in thought, however the smile is gone as quickly as it came when he starts to think about the costs of this event.

    Sepiroth leans back. “I'd say Wednesday would be the first event day.” he says, sighing when Kasei says that the duties are first and foremost to the guests. He looks towards Kadaj, who grins back and shrugs. Another thing Sepiroth hates about the squirt, he's so damn easy going.

    he nods at Jackie 's words about working one around the other. “that might work well, after all.. a host who neglects his educational needs will suffer greatly in the future.” Kadaj pipes up with. “is that what happened to you, Sephy?!”

    Sepiroth bristles slightly but ignores the younger boy.
  13. Jackie nodded in agreement with Sepiroth's wise words, but then looked slightly confused at Kadaj's comment. Her confusion was wiped away when there was a soft knock at the door.
    "I'll get that...umm."
    she said, sitting up and smoothing out her jacket before walking over to the door. As she opened it, a little boy ran in and hid behind a curtain, knocking Jackie over in the process. She looked around, wide-eyed before glancing back out the hallway, confused.
    Standing, she made her way to the curtain.
    She moved the curtain and the boy tackled her, hugging her tightly. He had tears on his face and looked absolutely terrified. She looked over at the others, mouthing 'help please' while she tried to comfort the child.
  14. Kasie knelt down beside the boy and Jackie, raising an eyebrow. "Poor kid's scared witless... What's a kid even doing in the High School?" He pondered, placing a hand on the boys shoulder. "Hey, now, that's enough." He scolded lightly. "No one knocks that lightly and then runs. What's the matter?"

    Pierre blinked, turning his head to look out into the hallway form where he sat, curious as to what the child had been running from. He stood up without a word and went to the door to further inspect, looking left and right to find the cause for the sudden up-stir that had interrupted their first club meeting so unceremoniously.
  15. The little boy sniffled, scooting away a little from Kasie. He let go of Jackie and and hugged his knees.
    The hallway was empty, no sign of what had caused the child such distress, or why he had been running. Jackie sat up, rubbing the back of her head a little. She put two gentle fingers under the young boy's chin, making him look up at her.

    "Hey there little one...what's your name?"
    She asked softly. He sniffled and rubbed his eyes.
    "I want mommy..."
    He said, sniffling again. Jackie closed her eyes a moment, sighing before picking him up, setting him on the couch.
    "I bet he came here with an older sibling and their parents, got lost, and now he's just roaming around afraid and looking for his mom."
    She said, looking at Pierre, Kasie, then Sepiroth and the twins, then Kadaj. The little boy looked up at her tearfully and sniffled, nodding.
    "I want my mommy."
    He said again, pulling at her sleeve. She looked down at him.
    "It'll be all right."
    She smiled faintly.
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