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  1. So this is an idea I've had for a long while. And if, only if, a large amount of people want to, I'd be willing to make this into a group roleplay.

    Caution: More than likely to contain MxM relations, however MxF pairings are welcome.

    I also premade several original charaters, they will be at the bottom.

    I normally hate the color changes but I think it's a bit helpful here.

    Saiyano Academy.
    A lovely school for upper class children. Located in Kyoto, Japan; Saiyano is attended by many of the up and coming youth.
    For one Ryoku Oushou, he started a 'Host Club' not long after seeing a film where hosting was a main theme.
    Coincidentally, a Host Club was also starting at Ouran Academy. That was the beginning.
    Ryoku Oushou and Tamaki Suoh, both founders, would go at each other for hours upon hours before finally deciding on what they called a 'Host Club Tournament' or informally, as 'The Battle of the Hosts'
    Each semester, one club will study and live at the others school and designated hosts home.
    (This is something we can decide.)
    Last semester, Saiyano defeated Ouran by just a few designations, but...Who will win this semester?

    [​IMG]Name: Ryoku “Ryo” Oushou
    Meaning: Powerful King
    Role:The Sweet One and Founder
    Birthday: November 8th
    Appearance: Usually wears his school uniform, but on days off and vacations, an awful lot of purple adorns his body, seeing as it's his favorite color. He also has barrettes and a headbands that he usually uses to pull his hair back when he has to work on something or his hair is just annoying him.
    Personality: Ryoku is a happy-go-lucky kind of guy, who doesn't always say the right things. He often has a smile put upon his face, even if he is unhappy. He'd do anything to make sure others don't worry about him and he stays true to "being able to take care of himself" (which is what he'll say a lot). Kyo is stubborn, but who isn’t? He doesn’t mind a fight, but prefers to stay away from them. He’s quick on his feet, but well sometimes he gets a little clumsy, and tries to act as if it didn’t happen unless he legitimately falls. If Curiosity killed the cat, just wait to see what it does to Ryoku. In stating that, he is a very curious guy who isn't afraid to ask questions. He's very outspoken and that gets him into a lot of trouble. His mother passed away when Ryoku was very young, leaving to live with his father, who works as the vice- president of the Ootori Group.
    Sexual Preference: Bisexual-prefers men.
    Class: Extremely Rich- Even though his father works for the Ootori’s, his father made his own name famous as well with his own like of hospitals in Korea and China.
    History: From an early age, Ryoku was very sociable. He was extremely interested in commoners, as his father called them, and how they lived. Since his maternal grandmother had been a commoner, his mother had no problem with him playing with neighborhood kids. She had been a kind-hearted woman, which is where Ryoku gets it from. She is also where he gets his bright red hair. A lot of people always told him it was fake, and so he’d retaliate with, “Mommy has the same color and she’s beautifuls!” Eventually, the redhead just told them it was real and left out the part about his mother. Growing up with the neighborhood kids, made Ryoku never really that lonely. It also showed him the bonds of friendship and how they will stay for almost ever. This is why he and his best commoner friend are still best friends. Ryoku’s father even offered to pay the tuition for Isamu Yasei, who gratefully accepted it. Isamu is also a host.When Ryo saw a particular show about hosting, he instantly sought out attractive men who fit the characteristics of certain types. He of course founded the club with Isamu. A week later, Ryo heard about the Ouran highschool Host Club. Furious, he complained to his band of men, about how upset he was that someone stole his idea, Aka, one of the triplets, suggested a match, and the rest was history.
    Blood Type: B
    Crush:Open or Tamaki Suoh

    Name: Isamu Yasei
    Meaning: Wild and Brave
    Role: The Bad Boy
    Birthday: October 31st
    Appearance: Isamu casually wears his uniform. His white undershirt hangs out on the bottom and the blazer is casually unbuttoned. He thinks it's more attractive that way. He has a few scars, here and there, including three scratches on his collar bone (they just peek out of his uniform) which were from a dog when he was a kid. They just never healed. He also has a tattoo on his back which is a giant phoenix. When not in school, Yasei wears, baggy pants, and layered shirts.
    Personality: Yasei is a happy guy, mostly because of his family (Hosts). He’s calm by nature, but definitely has a temper. He isn’t a morning person, but will stay up to a painfully late time. No one but Ryoku ever wants him over, but Ryoku is the same way. Isamu is responsible, respectful, and punctual. His appearance sometimes puts people off but once they start talking to him they figure out he’s an open book.
    Sexual Preference: Pansexual
    Class: Commoner, Only goes to Saiyano Academy because Ryoku’s father couldn’t take seeing his son so unhappy without Isamu.
    History: Isamu grew up as a commoner in a small town. He actually went to the same middle school as Haruhi, a year ahead of her(Obviously). He instantly became friends with Ryoku when they met. Isamu had been fascinated by Ryoku’s hair color. He was the only one of the children that came up after the others had made fun of the crimson hair saying, “I like you your hair.. It’s pretty.” He’s always had a slight crush on the red head, but has kept it secret for the sake of their friendship. He’d choose their friendship over anything.When he was in middle school, Isamu got into a few fights. This started his bad boy stage. He still is in tune with the bad boy attitude, and he can tell the ladies love it.
    Blood Type: AB
    Crush: Open or Ryoku

    Names: Ai, Ichigo (Aka), Kiiro(Ki) Iro
    Meaning: Blue, Red, Yellow
    Role:The “Naughty” Ones
    Birthday: June 15th (Order: Ki, Ai, Aka)
    Year/Grade: 3-A
    Appearance: Each has green eyes, yet all are slightly different shades. Wear the regular school Blazer for school and host activities. Other than that, the three will usually wear clothes that are corresponding to their name. Ex: Ai would wear a Blue vest, similar to Aka’s Red jacket, while Ki would wear a Yellow t-shirt. It’s the only thing apart from their eyes that gives them away.
    [​IMG]Kiiro(Ki): Mischievous, but as the oldest brother, responsible. He takes care of his twins, or copies, as he calls them. Making sure no harm comes to them, while still having the time of his life. Ki is probably the most uptight of the triplets. Takes care of the Saiyano Host Clubs activities and expenses. Blood Type A.


    Ai: The middle child, and golden boy. He’s always getting the highest marks in school, compared to his brothers. Ai is the least mischievous, but always loves a good prank war. Mostly, Ai will have a grin etched on his face because he’s thinking about the next prank, and the next victim. Blood Type A.[​IMG]Ichigo(Aka): The baby of the brothers, and boy, does he know it. He’s the one that will get what he wants from his brothers. Even though he has this power, He won’t usually use it, unless he really wants or needs something. The sneakiest of the brothers, but also the most kind hearted. Blood Type A.
    Sexual Preferences: Ki(Bisexual), Ai(Bisexual), Aka(Homosexual- but fools the girls)
    Class: Very rich- Mother and father own a toy company, as well as many toy stores.
    History: The triplets grew up practically alone with each other. They have one older brother, who just started college, Midori. Midori is two years older than the triplets, and will often call them when a “social gathering” is going to happen. Each of their parents left for work in the early morning and got home extremely late. The twins relied upon their brother and their nanny, Mari, who also taught them English. They never secluded themselves from other people, but they would never make the first move. The three lived a high-class society for their whole life, but were never different around commoners.
    Crushes: Open or unannounced

    I[​IMG]Name: Satoru “Sato” Ryuunosuke
    Meaning: Enlightenment and Dragon shell
    Role: The Fresh-man
    Birthday: January 4th
    Appearance: With his sea foam green hair and bright emerald eyes, the class president likes to give him a hard time about his looks, saying he won’t approve of such atrocious colors. Sato wears the uniform normally, but on days off, he likes to wear comfortable clothing.Personality: He’s loud, boisterous and thoughtful. He loves his friends, and would do anything for them. He loves candy and is seem usually with a green apple lollipop in his mouth. His best friend, at least to him, is Aka Iro. It seems that Aka is also very close to Sato, but they never announce what type of relationship they share.
    Sexual Preference: Pansexual
    Class: Rich- His parents own a candy corporation.History: As long as Sato can remember, he has been bullied. But, even so, Sato believes that every person is good, and if they’re bullying him, they just don’t feel all that great about themselves. When everyone started looking older than him, they called him a baby, or a midget, but he really knew that it was he just didn’t drink milk often, as well as he got sick sometimes. Sometimes being most of the time. He had severe asthma which made him fail a year in middle school. He’s actually the same age as Ryoku and Isuma.
    Blood Type: B
    Crush:Open or Aka

    [​IMG]Name: Sachio “Saachi” Seishirou
    Meaning: Auspicious Star
    Role: The Normal Boy
    Birthday: August 23rd
    Appearance: Saachi has truthful chocolate eyes and is practically the boy next door. He loves to wear jeans and plaid shirts. He wears the school uniform correctly.
    Personality: Saachi is the shyest host, but only after Yuuto. Although he is shy, Saachi will still put himself out there and make connections. He’s not outwardly homosexual, but he is a little flamboyant at times. Guests of the Saiyano Academy Host Club just think he’s joking or is just metrosexual. He’s blunt and honest, even when that isn’t the best way to handle something. In other words…. No Tact.
    Sexual Preference: Homosexual
    Class: Rising class- His parents came into money, and became entrepreneurs. They have a superstore which is becoming more popular than others.
    History: Saachi came to to the Host Club after he transferred to Japan from South Korea. He came half-way through the school year in his first year, instantly getting along with Yuuto. They were both very quiet, shy and intelligent. Sachio was also very attracted to Yuuo, but when he acted on his feelings during summer break(by giving Yuu a heart-melting kiss), Yuuto said that after high school would be the only time he could pursue a relationship. Sachi took it like a man and agreed to the terms. Both of Saachi’s parents, after separating, are re-married. Saachi has one little brother on his father’s side, named Yuki, and two younger sisters on his mother’s side, Ayame and Akira. The sisters are twins and at age 6 while Yuki is 9. Saachi likes to think of himself as the best big brother there is, and often gets all three siblings together with him.
    Crush: Open or Yuuto
    Blood Type: AB

    Name: Yuuto “Yuu” Tatsuaki
    Meaning: Tender Light
    Role: The Shy One
    Birthday: December 15th
    Appearance: The only member of the Host club that has to wear glasses. He doesn’t like contacts, they make his eyes “feel funny”. Other of his school uniform, Yuuto is the perfect example of a “sexy nerd”. He wears dress shirts, sweater vests, and argyle anything. His pants, are always a bit baggy though.
    Personality: A timid guy, to say the least. Yuuto is soft- spoken and gentle. He always loves to be with his friends, especially Sachi. When in the Host club, Yuu ends up being more open and coming out of his shell. He actually gets quite a few designations. Most of the time, they like him because he’s “bashful and cute.”
    Sexual Preference: Bisexual
    Class: Extremely Rich- Father owns a large record label, that is world wide, while his mother owns several schools, including Saiyano Acadamy.
    History: Yuuto hasn’t always been so quiet. Before his parents started fighting, Yuu was as loud and happy as any other seven year-old. Once his parents began to fight, he tried to continue being a happy kid, but nothing would work. He began to build walls, walls that only Saachi got past. His parents split, and Yuu decided to live with his mother. At school, Yuuto has always had high grades and has never been late or missed one day, he’s aspiring to take his mother’s place eventually.
    Blood Type: O
    Crush: Open or Sachio

    [​IMG]Name: Taichi “Tai” Shinichi
    Meaning: Big one/ One truth
    Role: The Intelligent and Sporty One
    Birthday: April 9th
    Appearance: The tallest and most muscular of the Saiyano Hosts, Tai likes loose fitting clothes, but wears the school uniform correctly. Outside of school, Tai will wear baggy pants or shorts, either a button-down, a wife-beater, or just an extremely tight t-shirt. He is also the only blonde one.
    Personality: Tai is the the smartest host, earning the bookworm title as well as the oddly muscular. He’s laid back most of the time, and will usually help those in need. If anyone, other than Ki, Ai and Aka bother Taichi when he’s studying, they’ll get the wrath of Tai. He hates being interrupted and that is a fact.
    Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
    Class: Not too rich, but not a commoner, relies on grades.
    History: Tai was always been into basketball, baseball and soccer as a child. The love of those sports calmed down when Tai’s grades started slipping. It was that moment that Taichi decided ‘School work first, sports second’. With the amount of time that Tai spends studying, he had to drop one of the sports. He ended up dropping basketball, seeing as he loved soccer and baseball a bit more in comparison.
    Blood Type: O
    Crush: Open or Haruhi

    Male Uniform:

    Female Uniform:

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  2. Can we make our own characters?
  3. Certainly, I suppose I should've said that haha

    I guess they're more like examples, and/or available interests
  4. Oh ok just marking sure. I'll make one and put him up.
  5. View attachment 95863 View attachment 95864
    Ok thanks. Here's Yugio and his sister's, explains in the bio

    Name: Rotamashi Yugio (Yugi)

    Meaning: Snow boy

    Role: The big brother

    Birthday: December 10

    Year/Grade: 3rd year

    Appearance: Piercing blue eyes that stand out from his pale skin. Dark bags under his eyes from many late nights. Natural white hair thats passed down threw the man in his family. Lean body, thin but well musles. An all together almost sickly appearence. Hes only about 5'8" in hight Hes usually in his school uniform but he has a leather neckless around his neck that holds a snowflake and a cloud charm. Outside of class he wears black cargo pants and a blue tank top, in the winter he adds a leather jacket. Keeps a thigh holster of medical supplies on his right thigh at all times.

    Personality: protective, kind, spaces out easy. His mother died when his two sister's Yuki (the one in Gray. Name means snow) and Sora (the one in red. Name means sky) where born. His father grew distant from his family almost right after that. Yukio stepped into place as the two girls father the best he could and is often seen outside of school with the girls. He's got a habit of falling asleep in class or after club activities because his sister's keep him awake.

    Sexual Preference: Bisexual (prefers men)

    Class: Rich- Father is founder of a very famous snow resort that had expanded to be the largest winter based theme park on the world. Mother began teaching her own form of martial arts that she called Yuri-Kie. He had mastered his mothers style and hopes to bring the two world's of resort and martial arts together to create a place athletes of all kinds can come to relax.

    Blood Type: AB

    Crush: Open or Mori
  6. If I join this can my character be straight.
  7. Yes of course, that's completely fine:)
  8. Where do I make a character?
  9. You can use the characters above as examples, and post here or at the link above. :)
  10. So if I pick any of them I can change them to Straight?
  11. You mean the characters I made? Yes as long as it isn't Ryoku. He's my main character:)
    Feel free to create your own of if you'd like, or play one of mine, either way :3
  12. Guess ill take Ai.
  13. I'd love to make a girl to throw in a wrench in the plans...if that's okay.
  14. Oh that would sure be fun to have.
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  15. Name: Aine (On-ya) McGill
    Meaning: Fiery Son of the Stranger
    Role: Tomboy
    Birthday: March 24th
    Year/Grade: 2-A
    Appearance: MyStyle (5).jpg Stands at an average 5'5" enough curves to not be able to hide it. Large emerald green eyes framed by thick lashes, light coppery red hair, and extremely fair skin. Aine wears the uniform with one exception, she doesn't do skirts. Almost ever. She never wears skirts on her time off unless it is strictly for dance, even then she tries to get out of wearing it. She doesn't wear pink either, same rule applies. She wears a variety of shorts and shirts different lengths and colors.
    Personality: Aine is very heart on her sleeve kind of girl. She isn't afraid to speak her mind and normally does so. She is very intelligent and likes to debate things. She prefers to know the smallest detail rather than generalize anything. She lacks faith in the male sex in general, other than her father. She ignores gender roles and expects everyone else to as well. She is quick to be judgmental but can be reasoned with. She jumps to conclusions often. She is emotional and when she realizes she is she gets angry. She is quick to fall in love and quick to say it. She likes to play her hand quickly and get it over with, much like pulling off a Band-Aid the quicker the better. She has a soft spot for smart people; they quickly become her friends because she can relate to them. There is nothing like injustice, even if it is only from her point of view, that will make her temper flare. She is given to high passions and cannot tolerate being called a 'Ginger'.
    Sexual Preference: Bisexual
    Class: Rich from the US originally.
    History: Grew up in an influential family in the states her mother having Masters in several languages and her father coming from raising horses in Virginia. Her mother is fluent in several languages and applied for the Ambassadorship when it became available and was given it. Aine grew up speaking several languages and it has paid off. She speaks English, Japanese, Korean, Cantonese, Mandarin, Taiwanese, Russian, Czech, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Gaelic both Irish and Scottish versions. She is currently learning Italian, Turkish, Arabic, German, and Syrian. Aine is the only child and is extremely spoiled. She got it in her head when she was young that she didn't need a man and could do anything better than a boy, she was highly influenced by female role models like Annie Oakley, Victoria Woodhull, Marie Curie, Gertrude Ederle, and Amelia Earhart to name a few. Her parents thought it was cute and let her be, even going as far as encouraging it upon occasions. She has one concession with being a tomboy; she will not cut her hair at the moment it is a mass of waves to about mid thigh. She loves dancing though. Jazz, tap, swing, ballroom, all of it even ballet. Irish step dancing is her favorite by far. These are the only times you will catch her in a skirt unless its a formal function.
    Blood Type: A+
    Crush: Open
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  16. She gets along with smart people and I happen to have the character with the highest marks in school.
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  17. >.< All I did was describe myself. That's atypical for me to do for a character...I can't play stupid characters its like a headache waiting to happen. Plus I like smart people. Yay!!!!
  18. Till someone picks up Tai from this thread...then you have competition. Baum bum bummmmmm...
  19. Whos Tai I seem to be missing that character but sure you can challenge my guy for the brains in this RP.
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