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    • Haruhi

      Haruhi had her hair all tucked like normal. She had found out bad news from her father. She didn't know what to do, She had been dropped off, and she was trying not to cry. She glanced over as she was going through her classes. She was zoning out. She needed to get a job to help with the hospital bills, she really wanted her father to survive. She bit the inside of her cheek as she swayed her feet a little bit. Shortly it was time for the club, she headed to the room and walked to the window and stood there. She just was looking out the window trying not to cry. She was trying so hard.

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  1. Tamaki notices Haruhi's acting differently right away. He looks to Kyoya.

    Kyoya gives Tamaki a look and says "What do you think I would know?..She hasn't said a word to me either..Plus she just now got here..And Hikaru and Kaoru are the ones who are in her class."

    Tamaki then looks to the twins.

    Hikaru shrugs his shoulders and says "She's been like this all day. The teacher had to call out her name on several occasions in class more than 5 times before he'd catch Haruhi's attention. But then after she'd answer whatever it was that he wanted she'd zone out completely again."
  2. Haruhi sighed, she didn't know what to do, she had to get a job or something. She would talk if she had to. She just felt completely alone right now. She didn't want her father to die. She crossed her arms and leaned against the wall. She closed her eyes, she had to find a way. She shouldn't be here, she fixed her outfit and shrugged. She closed her eyes not wanting to be here.
  3. Unlike the rest of the guys, that morning Kaoru had just happened to be walking to class after getting his books from his locker, running late as it was, and Hikaru was lagging severeal feet behind him. Hikaru didn't hear anything due to being even further behind his twin, but Kaoru had overheard the phone conversation between Haruhi and the doctors from the hosptial by accident. Haruhi didn't say anything in class though, not even to their teacher even though their teacher was about ready to call her out in the hallway because of her major lack of attention that day, though the teacher even though angry would have only done it to see what was wrong. But because Haruhi didn't say anything, Kaoru didn't want to bring it up.
  4. Haruhi sighed as she looked over at the twins. She heard that one of the twins wasn't saying anything, she turned from out of her trance to Kaoru. She looked down a tear in her eye. She didn't know what to do. She bit her lower lip, and looked down to the ground. She twirled her hair as she turned to go to the window again. She wasn't sure of what to think or do. She knew reaching out to them will do them some better but then she will be fine, or better, but she doesn't want to ask for help. She finally couldn't hold it in and she had tears falling, down her face as she stared outside.
  5. Tamaki goes to approach her when Kyoya takes a gentle hold of his shoulder. Tamaki turns to Kyoya and sees him shake his head once. Tamaki then says "But she's my friend Kyoya. She's yours too. She's a friend to all of us. I can see she's hurting. She's crying for petes sake. And I want to do something to make her feel better if it's possible I can. I'm not sure what but I want to at least try."

    Kyoya "I understand Tamaki. I really do. Cause it is as you said. She's my friend as well. She's a friend to us all. But she also hasn't said a word about what is bothering her. And I'm not sure really, but judging by what Hikaru said just now, she wouldn't even tell their teacher what happened. So it may be something that she doesn't want us to get involved in. I mean think about it. She knows we care and that we'd do anything for her that she needed us to do."
  6. Haruhi frowned, she dropped to the ground and put her legs to her chest as she cried. She looked up at them and said as she sobbed, " I don't want to make you guys sad though, that's why i haven't said anything about it." She cried into her arms and frowned. " I just don't know what to do anymore... after what the doctors said i just I have to get a job for doctors bills.' The thought cringed and she cried more. She didn't know what to do. she gulped nervously. She looked up at them. " I Found out bad news this morning." " I just don't wantto be a petty treatment, I am already the poorest kid in the school." She said. She cried more. She then got up and went to go where the treats were and just started shoving her face anything to make her feel better!
  7. Kaoru says under his breath "Good grief..I knew something serious was going on." He approaches Haruhi and explains in a quiet tone "I was rushing to class cause me and Hikaru were running late this morning, and coming upon you I overheard you when you were on the phone with the hospital doctors by accident. I didn't say anything to any of the others though. Not even to my brother. Because I didn't know if you wanted them to know or not"...He takes a breath and then says.."Is it your father?"
  8. Haruhi looked at Kaoru and gulped nervously. She nodded as tears fled and she finished eating some chocolate pieces but she swallowed them. She looked at him and said, " Yeah... I Don't know what to do." She frowned as she looked at him. She whimpered she couldn't stop crying. " He has cancer... stage 3, " She frowned and whimpered not sure what to do.
  9. Kaoru "Stage 3? Oh god..I am so sorry" He walks up to her and just puts his arms around her.
  10. Haruhi frowned and closed her eyes. She crossed her arms as she was shaking. She didn't know what to do. She looked over at him and tilted her head wondering. She bit her lower lip hard. She looked over at him and put her head inside his chest as she cried. " I don't know what to do anymore. I wanted to make him happy and come to school but I can't focus..."
  11. Kaoru just holds Haruhi in his arms and lets her cry all she needs to. He says to her while he holds her "Listen to me Haruhi. Your father told you to come to school. And you did that. So he will be happy. But extracurricular activities, like the host club, don't count. Heck if being a host in this club did count as a requirement for all the boys of the school, even though in reality you're a girl, then we'd have to have the club meet in the gym just to have room for everybody. If you want to go to your father now, then go okay. You don't have to stay here for us. We'll be able to cover for you. And if you need help paying the doctor bills for your father's medical needs then we'll be happy to help you out with that as well."
  12. Haruhi looked up at him as she was in his arms " no i need to be here... " she had to . To show her dad that sje can do things even if she was upset. She wiped her eyes and loo (ed over at him.she bit her lip.
  13. Kaoru "Well if you're sure. Because we really could cover for you. It's no problem for us. We're your friends."
  14. Haruhi sighed, " no it's okay, I don't need to stop my daily routine because of one simple thing." She then looked over at Tamaki and the rest of them as they just stood there. Haruhi bit the inside of her cheek before she went to clean up after herself, going into the women's restroom across from the hall. Surprisingly, she felt better, just because she talked about it.
  15. Kaoru "Well if you're sure Haruhi."
  16. Haruhi stood there looking in front of the mirror, seeing how different she looked, She fixed her hair, she had the hair all tucked away , she didn't know what to do, then as she was walking out her father called, she answered and said, " Hello.' She heard it was her father, " Are you okay, do you need me to come by and drop something off?" She stood in the hallway waiting to get off the phone with him, " Are you sure, I can drop something off, I am close, I am still at the school but i can get something for you now." She was torn, she wanted to but hearing that he didn't want her to then he was going to wait, " Okay well see you when I get home." She then went to the room and smiled a little, and sat on the couch wondering what to do. " So what do we need to do?" She asked.
  17. Kaoru "Well the club is going to start in half an hour. We need to set everything up like always. We're near done with that though. And we have to come up with next weeks theme before club is over today. Usually that's already done by the middle of the week, but someone forgot to list the suggestions for the voting." Kaoru eyes Hikaru as he says that. Kaoru then sighs and says "Other than that the usual stuff."

    Hikaru looks to Tamaki and says as if he's trying to turn the spotlight off of himself "Wasn't Honey's younger brother supposed to come? He's way late. I mean the club activities haven't started yet, but his school lets out an hour and a half before ours doesn't it?

    Honey, knowing that Hikaru was just trying to divert the attention away from himself, but just the same knowing he's right about how late Chika is, then sighs and says "Yeah. And I've been trying to call Chika. But he isn't answering."
  18. Haruhi crossed her legs as she looked over at everyone, she then remembered seeing him walking earlier, even though she was in a zone, she could see what's going on. She eyed the window, wondering where he was. Haruhi looked over at them wondering. She gulped, she then heard something out the door, she headed out the doors, and walked to where she heard it, seeing some other students, " What is going on here?"She said to them.
  19. One of the male students turns hearing Haruhi's question and then gestures her over to him and points to what the students behind him are looking at, and at the bottom of the stairs another student is kneel ed over Chika who's lying on the floor. The male student says to Haruhi "Me and my friend were coming from our class about an hour ago and were about to leave school when the friend of mine, who's down there with the middle schooler, spotted him collapsed on the floor. My friend and I are in 11th grade and he's studying in college part time to be a nurse when our regular school is over for the day. The commotion you heard was probably me as I've been trying to get the rest of the students to go on about their own business. I mean my buddy's got the kid to come to and wake up sense we found him, but the young guy is obviously not feeling well. And there's a medical convention going on somewhere out of town so all the school nurses have been gone for the whole day."
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