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Ouran High School Host Club Vs. Saiyano Academy Host Club

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by French Toast, Jan 1, 2016.

  1. Saiyano Academy.
    A lovely school for upper class children. Located in Kyoto, Japan; Saiyano is attended by many of the up and coming youth.
    For one Ryoku Oushou, he started a 'Host Club' not long after seeing a film where hosting was a main theme.
    Coincidentally, a Host Club was also starting at Ouran Academy. That was the beginning.
    Ryoku Oushou and Tamaki Suoh, both founders, would go at each other for hours upon hours before finally deciding on what they called a 'Host Club Tournament' or informally, as 'The Battle of the Hosts'
    Each semester, one club will study and live at the others school and designated hosts home.
    (This is something we can decide.)
    Last semester, Saiyano defeated Ouran by just a few designations, but...
    Who will win this semester?

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