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  1. It's a new year at Ouran Academy. Everyone is getting ready for a new year at the host club that they all know and love.

    Tamaki is coming up with many new themes for the club to use as well as continuing some of the old favorites.

    Kyoya is figuring in new budget costs for the past year and ones for this new year.

    Hikaru & Kaoru are eager to meet all the new guests that would have entered the school.

    As they were seniors and had graduated at the end of the previous year, Honey and Mori, are no longer in high school. But they gained the permission from the principal to come to the school grounds after school was over to participate in the host club activities with their friends, who of which were still in high school, Tamaki and Kyoya being juniors now, and Hikaru and Kaoru being sophomores now along with Haruhi.

    Chika who is a freshman in high school now, is in wonder about the host club. He's helped his brother Honey and his friends out in past years while he was still in the middle school, but he doesn't know how much on level he would be with the girls, if he decided to follow in his older brother Honey's footsteps and join the club officially. As to the fact that currently, pressure feeling wise, the thought of he himself officially hosting girls just his own age has his nerves a bit on edge, much less the pressure he feels about hosting girls who are older than him.
  2. Haruhi was glad to hide the fact that she was a girl this long, but with this new year it was going to be tougher this year because she had started to fall for Tamaki. What she hasn't told them since it was a new year and all, was that her father was getting sick, with cancer and he doesn't want to be taking out loans to help pay for his medical bills. Haruhi was told by her father not to let any one know, until the time was right. Whatever that meant.Now today was a new day, a new day to the new year and classes were all done.

    Haruhi began to roam the halls, but she knew that she had to go to the Host Club, she had been dedicated to it, even though she was a female, she surely was up the chain. It was one whole year she had survived being the commoner of the school, with being straight A's. She had her school bag with her because she had to study a little bit. She knew that it was the first day but she couldn't help herself. She pushed opened the doors, " Well hello! It's going to be a great year! I can feel it." She smiled shyly before sitting down on a chair.
  3. Mori, Honey, and Chika are there at the club already. But Kyoya, Tamaki, Hikaru, and Kaoru were still on their way hadn't arrived yet.

    Chika is sitting on the host club's couch, now in the high school uniform, like the rest of them always wore. He has his backpack at his side, and he's the first to respond to her and he looks and nods to her and says "Hello Haruhi. And yeah. The year will be great. I guess."

    Honey lightly chuckles, while being in the new suit that Honey got himself for wearing to the host club activities. And then being the second one to respond to Haruhi Honey says with a smile "Well hello to you too Haruhi. How was your summer? And yeah I can feel it too. This year is going to be fantastic."

    Mori is the third one to respond to Haruhi, Mori also being dressed in a new suit, and Mori says hello to her and gives her a smile.
  4. Haruhi blinked a few times as she looked around, " My summer? It was great I volunteered at a motel, for my aunt." She gulped nervously as she thought about this. She looked back at Honey and Chika. She was worried about her father, she moved to the window, placing her hands on the window cill. She knew that this year was going to be harder with keeping her true identity a secret. She was only making her seem like that she was thinking positive even though she was hurt about her father.
  5. Honey "You volunteered at a motel for your aunt? That's cool."

    Chika can see something is on Haruhi's mind right away, as he also has a lot on his mind as well, and knows the distraction that kind of situation can bring to a person. He doesn't press her on it though and he just sits quiet looking in the other direction."

    Tamaki comes in a few minutes later and says with a huge smile and lots of energy "Hello everyone. How is everybody doing? Did you all have a great summer? Are you all ready for this new year?"

    Chika can't help but look in Tamaki's direction hearing his over energetic greeting to the 4 of them. He blinks not knowing how to react otherwise though and responds to Tamaki saying "I guess I'm good. You sure seem eager and excited Tamaki."

    Tamaki "You bet I am. It's a new year here in the host club. And I am thrilled with the thought all the new ways that we are going come up with to show the girls a good time." He says with a smile as he enters the host club room and puts down his things.

    Chika looks to Kyoya who enters in a few minutes later and says "Um?.." He points to Tamaki at an angle that Tamaki can't see and just looks to Kyoya questionably.

    Kyoya looks to Tamaki seeing the look Chika is giving him and says "Yeah. I've been trying to figure him out sense we were in middle school. And I still to this day don't know what makes Tamaki the way he is."
  6. Haruhi was trying to remember what her father was saying, I will make sure to take care of you even after I am gone. She turned to the side hearing Tamaki, knowing that he would want a hug or something like that as soon as he notices her. It was weird as to why they haven't noticed that she is a girl. She looked to the side with a smile. " Oh it was just fantastic" She laughed a little. "Did you guys hear? There is these girls that are twins, I suppose their parents are really rich, but they moved from afar to go here."
  7. Tamaki smiles as he approaches Haruhi and says "I'm very happy to hear your summer was so wonderful Haruhi" He then hugs Haruhi happily and says "And I'm looking forward to another super awesome year with you."

    Hikaru and Kaoru then enter and Kaoru says with a smile as he and his twin look at eachother "Yep. Same old Tamaki. Hasn't changed a bit over the summer."

    Hikaru "If Tamaki did change anything, if it's even possible, I think his drama level increased."

    Kyoya and Honey chuckle at this.

    Chika just smiles lightly while he rolls his eyes.
  8. Haruhi smiled but blushing feeling his arms around her. She wasn't one of those girls, nope. She shook that thought out of her mind. She said, " Yes that's good." She knew it was bad to lie to friends but they don't need to know about her father dying. Slowly every day, she even offered to spend more time with him but he doesn't want to hold her back.

    Haruhi moved after getting out of his grasp, " I am sure you are. Tamaki." She smiled calmly before she moved to go do some school work while they wait. She knew it was a bad habit but she wanted to focus on her schooling, even if they just had one piece of paper as homework.
  9. Chika stays silent himself while waiting for the club to start as he gets out his own homework to start on. At the same time all he can think about is how Tamaki is going to suggest the matter of becoming a host to the new freshman guys of the school, a ritual they came up with at the end of the previous year and planned for the new ritual of inviting the freshman males to become hosts, to start this current year. He knows, the fact that he is Honey's brother, that he is going to be asked to join, and Chika still doesn't know his feelings towards doing it.
  10. Haruhi was nervous to know that her being a girl is harder to hide with these kind people. She smiled calmly knowing that this was going to take a while. She hoped that they wouldn't question it. But then she because last year she came in after the physical exams. She sat up just worried for her father, she couldn't believe this. She knew things would be weird. She heard her phone going off. Her face lit up, but then she then answered it, " Father are you doing okay?" She asked. She looked over thinking about this before she moved out to go into the hallway, after answering the phone and speaking. She knew that the host club was going to ask.

    She tensed, " You have what?" Haruhi closed her eyes, " Father I'll be fine I'll get my apartment if anything happens, don't worry about trying to find me a place if something does happen." Haruhi frowned worried hearing what her father said. Oh boy. She gulped nervously her father had hung up before she moved to go to the room. She had leaned against the wall. She looked out of the window.
  11. Chika still doesn't know what exactly has been going on with Haruhi, but seeing the fact that it pulled her out of the room when she got the phone call, Chika's thinking that it must be a pretty serious matter that Haruhi is dealing with. And feeling a bit of a need to get some air anyway, the fact that the window that Haruhi is standing at is slightly open, he gets up from the couch and moves over to the same window that she is at and then says to her quietly so the others won't be able to hear him, as he feels, that sense she is keeping whatever is happening to herself, that Haruhi is not ready to let the others know yet "Just so you know, I'm aware that something has been going on with you this afternoon. I'm a bit concerned about you myself regarding the matter, but I haven't mentioned it to the others about you being bothered by something, and I'm guessing that it's probably quite serious given you've been looking so tensed up about the matter at hand that you're dealing with. I don't know what it is, but you don't have to tell me if you don't want to. It's your business, and it's not my place to know unless you want me to know. But just know that I'm here if you ever want or need to talk. You're my friend."
  12. Haruhi just smiled listening to Chika. She was glad to have a true friend. She nodded a little. " Thanks, but Chika nothing is going to help this situation." She looked at the window before she clapped. " Alright, so do I need to help set up or anything?" She asked the group. She needed to stay busy and her mind occupied off of the thought of her father not going to the hospital like he should. Haruhi was gonna get two jobs. She cleared her throat as she smiled. Trying to be not obvious that something was bothering her. She looked over to Tamaki, hoping they won't catch on. She looked over to Chika and nodded before she moved to figure around the room to see what she can do when the guests come. Haruhi blinked a few times, walking around the room to make sure everything was set up perfectly.
  13. Chika stays at the open window for a few minutes longer before he starts to volunteer to do stuff as Haruhi just volunteered to do. He thinks to himself while standing there that he wants to find some way to help Haruhi right now, her being his friend, but knows that she will ask when she's ready to. He glances over at Tamaki, knowing from the previous year that Tamaki, if he finds out himself about whatever is going on with Haruhi, will try and find a way to get involved in something Haruhi obviously doesn't want him involved with.

    Tamaki does indeed notice, despite her seemingly slightly positive attitude, that something is up with Haruhi. And he wants to help her out in anyway he can, as he feels for her the same way she does for him. But he tries his best to be patient about it, even though it's eating at him that she's hurting so much and he can't do anything about it.

    Kyoya and the twins Hikaru and Kaoru notice also, but like Chika, even though they want to help, they also don't want to seem like they are invading in Haruhi's personal matters where she doesn't want them to, So as Chika is doing they are waiting until she asks them.

    Honey looks over to his brother, seeing as how he's been at the open window for several minutes, even after Haruhi left the window for the time being.

    Chika looks and notices Honey looking at him, knowing his big brother is going to be questioning him too soon enough, unless he moves to doing something like Haruhi. So Chika looks to the ceiling, takes a couple more breaths, then moves from the window to start doing something, but only after opening it a little more.
  14. Haruhi couldn't let her friends know that her father was dying right? It was a sick joke, they don't even know that she was a girl yet. Haruhi didn't want to bother with this. She didn't want to have her friends know that she was weak. Haruhi ran a hand through her hair not even sure. She blinked a few times as she felt the tense energy around her. She didn't want them to be down because she knew her father was getting worse. Haruhi smiled contently seeing as to that they were pretty much set up.

    Haruhi turned, " So now we wait?" She said softly seeing how it was set up. She moved to sit down on the couch, crossing her legs, trying to blend in like a guy. Haruhi rested her face in her hand deep in thought.
  15. Chika says as he sits on the couch right after Haruhi "Yeah. I suppose so. The club isn't supposed to start for another 30 minutes." He leans back a bit on the couch against the cushion behind his back as he sits, propping himself up with one of his arms to where he can sit up straight as the others are doing, and putting his other hand to his head.
  16. Haruhi blinked nodding. She needed to know what they did this summer. She didn't want them to know about the terrible part, and she knew that she was upset about her father. She didn't know how long she had with him. She smiled calmly. " Maybe while we wait, we can see what each other did this summer?" She suggested, " Ya know to pass time?"
  17. Chika "Uh..Yeah..I guess that'll be okay." He then gets himself to a normal upright seated position sort of.

    Honey "Well Chika and I went to a karate camp that our family contributes to this past summer."

    Kyoya "I helped out at my father's doctors office over the summer. He was away for most of the time on business so I filled in for him kind of and helped with what they'd allow me to do."

    Hikaru and Kaoru "The two of us just hung out mostly, and sometimes with Tamaki whenever we ran into him. Like at the mall, the movies, or game arcade or something."
  18. Haruhi nodded listening to them. She didnt know what to think because this summer was when she had her father checked out. He might know everything. Considering his father working there. She said " i volunteered for a family friend at a hotel. Which i do every summer while taking care of my dad"
  19. Kyoya had indeed heard several things regarding Haruhi's father while helping his own father out at the hospital over the summer while his father was away on business. But he's been keeping his mouth shut considering medical records are really no one else's business other than the family of the individual of whom the records belong, the fact the only reason Kyoya himself knew what he did, was because he was working in the same hospital Haruhi's father was staying at during the time for the tests and the diagnosis of what the results were. He wasn't about to spill his knowledge about any of it to their friends unless Haruhi gave permission to. And Kyoya on top of that is not going to fish for more than what he's already aware of unless she wants to tell him the rest.
  20. Haruhi looked over trying not to think about this. She couldn't hold it anymore. She took a deep breath. She had to go see her father back at home, but he wouldn't be proud of her if she did. The best she could do is what he wants her to do. Haruhi closed her eyes not really sure what to think about this. She gulped nervously. She bit the inside of her cheek as she waited. Haruhi gulped, " Look, I want to tell you guys something, but it's going to be after we take down for today? Okay, is that good deal, and please don't make fun of the commoner for what I am going to tell you. " She said honestly. She then moved over seeing that it was two minutes away from the time to open up.
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