Ouran High school Host Club ( Jessica and Roses)

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  2. Shiro Takaoji: Age 13 now
    Having graduated the elementary school, and is now sense the new school year started, in the Ouran Academy's middle school, gets a devastating phone call, the caller announcing to him that while his parents were off on a business trip their plane went down due to a malfunction and crashed killing them along with dozens of other passengers who were flying on it.
    Shiro due to the call had been in nearly complete shock that entire day, having gotten the call only a couple of hours after his school day began. He had though promised Tamaki at the beginning of week that he would come by and participate in the host club activities one day this week and he hadn't done it yet. So he starts heading over to the high school, sort of halfway in a blank daze.
  3. Lilly didnt know what to do or to think. She was running down the halls to see the host club in tears " it was horrible Haruhi!!! Horrible call.. what will i do i cant go in the orphanage!!"

    Haruhi was decorating and almost fell. She hopped down as she noticed lilly and hearing her. " oh thats horrible was your parents in the crash that was on the news?" lilly only nodded and haruhi hugged her. " look the club is suppose to open soon why dont you just wait to come back to be one of the guests we all make.. women feel great.. we tend to all needs." it was weird because she was a girl...lilly sighed " how can i live with this? " haruhi frowned and just hugged her.
  4. Shiro arrives at the high school only 10 minutes before the host club is to start and still in the daze he opens the high school entry door with a sigh while saying to himself "Okay. Try to be cheerful or at least look alert." He starts to ascend the stairway.

    Tamaki paces a bit as it gets nearer and nearer to the starting time and says "Where is Shiro at? It's almost time for the club to start."
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  5. Lilly was freaking out. She felt herself begging and them she got outside to be in the line.

    Haruhi sighed. She wanted to help her froend but she had this club to help out with. She then smiled lightly " I'm sure he is on his way " she smiled lightly
  6. Shiro gets to the host club room with only 3 minutes to spare and opens the door saying with a sigh "Sorry I'm a bit late guys. But I'm here."
  7. Haruhi sighed and went back to finishing the decorations on a ladder. She jumped hearing Shiro's voice before she felt Falling. She held onto her hat that hid all of her hair, of proving her to be the wrong sex. She was indeed a female. She gulped an she fell wrong on her knee. She got up. She sighed. " I hate being so clumsy!" She said softly. She then looked over at the others and smiled. " Decorations are set up."
  8. Shiro walks over to Haruhi and says "Are you alright Haruhi? I'm sorry that I startled you."
  9. Haruhi sighed softly, and said, " It's okay.. " She bit her lower lip and looked down before she waited. She said, " Alright let's all get seated in the right way so we can open it up." She said softly.
  10. Tamaki nods and he, Kyoya, Mori, Hikaru, Kaoru, and Honey, get into their positions to greet their guests.

    Shiro walks over quietly and gets into his position as well.
  11. Haruhi got into her position near Tamaki, as she awaits. She smiled softly and then went to open the doors, " Hello and welcome!!!" She smiled.
  12. Shiro welcomes the girls as well and says hello to them and then he walks the girls, who decide for him to be their host that day, over to a table near the windows.
  13. Haruhi went with the girls to a sofa that was near, then she began to do her casual routine things.
  14. Shiro does activities with the girls that he is hosting while at the same time trying to appear at his best as he's hosting them.
  15. Haruhi got alot of girls blushing and feeling special. She tilted her head thinking. She smiled sweetly. Before she knew it, it was time for the guests to leave and it was just the crew and Lilly.
    Lilly was smiling because the boys made her feel special and stuff. Haruhi smiled, ' I see your in a better mood." She said softly.
  16. After the girls all leave, Shiro gets sort of quiet again and continues to stand at the window having a lot on his mind.
  17. Haruhi sighed softly. She didn't know what to do, she was excited for later though, she was told that her father had found some arranged marriage set up... she will only go through with it because she will be able to give her dad enough food. She knew that there was a lot of arranged marriage. She looked around, thinking softly. She said, " Well I think I better go... my dad is needing me for tonight. " She said softly. It was after school..
  18. Shiro wasn't sure what he was going to do or where he was going to go. He just sighs and picks his bag up and says to Haruhi as he shoulders in on. "You have a good afternoon Haruhi."
  19. Haruhi hugged him. She didn't know that this one love, was her crush, Tamaki. The club didn't even know she was a chic. She soon, went to run to he outside where she see na beat up car. She giggled and got into the car and said, " Hey! Pop." and they drove off.

    ( Wanna skip to when Tamaki and Haruhi find each other at the date to learn about each other by their parents?
  20. (Yeah we can skip to there if you'd like^^)

    Tamaki soon heads home himself and so do the rest of the guys. Later that night, Tamaki arrives at the restaurant his father told him to meet him at, where he'd meet a girl whom was chosen to marry him.
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