Ouran High School Host Club (2nd Gen). ☕

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    Michiko Toyotomi was sitting in class a week after her last visit to the ominous Host Club. She was mesmerized by the image of boys she saw in front of her. They were tall, short, welcoming, quiet, introverts, and extroverts. Some reading books, some sitting on a couch, all wearing the same green uniform, all looking up as she opened the door to Music Room 3. She remembers blinking, and dropping her book in front of them, one she had been quite into, and slamming the door shut, returning to her class fast than one of them could say "pudding."

    As the time ticked away, she drummed her pencil against her desk, turning the pages of the new novel she had picked up after dropping the last one in Music Room 3. As the class bell rung vigorously and Free Period began, Michiko rushed out of the classroom with her stuff following the path she took before to the Host Club. As she reached the room she slowed to a halt and dug up a breath. As she exhaled, she felt people she blew by staring at her as they passed. She brushed her hair through with her fingers and pulled it back onto her shoulders, losing the heavy breathing steadily.

    She put her hand on the gold handle, and turned, opening into a bright room. Music was playing softly in the background, an ambient noise probably used to calm down customers. There were tables, couches and set up, and the boys were in front of her again. Her stomach dropped and flopped, and Iko noticed quickly that her book was not where she dropped it, then dismissed the thought, wondering why it would be there in the first place.
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  2. Ren Nakamori ♦ Natural, Turquoise
    The bell for Free Period had just rung. The familiar cacophony of chatting students and their footsteps filling up the halls was muffled, but still noticeable as the members of the Host Club lounged about. One of the members, known as the Natural Type to costumers, was lounging on one of the many couches that decorated Music Room 3. Ren Nakamori, a sixteen year old male, was engrossed in a novel that he had acquired recently. In fact, it had appeared in the Music Room just last week. Briefly recalling the events, he remembered one of the many students that roamed the halls of Ouran stumbling onto their little club. She had been shocked like many and disappeared before any of them could approach her. In her haste, she had dropped whatever novel that she had been reading. Being quite the bookworm himself, the brunet couldn't help swooping it up and cracking it open. He had been needing a new book to delve in anyways. It just so happened that she had answered his request.

    Mind floating back to the printed words in front of him, he continued his silent reading, ignoring the fact that people would most likely come into room, seeking their respected Hosts. Such a thing occurred when one of the double doors was swung open. Suddenly, the room was full of the familiar cacophony and made Ren turn his head to the entrance, wondering who was standing there. If it isn't the young lady from before, he thought as she stood there, looking at the Hosts. He wondered if she'd want her book back and then hoped that she didn't. He was almost done and he was itching to finish it. Blinking, it occurred to him that he should go and greet the young lady, but was sure that one of the other Hosts would. Probabaly Mitsuki, no doubt. That boy just loved to greet the costumers.

    Mitsuki 'Suki' Nagamine ♥ Loli-Shota, Yellow
    Ah, Free Period! One of Mitsuki's favorite periods, besides Lunch. He hummed softly to himself as he heard the rush of students outside of Music Room 3. Munching on a strawberry, the blonde was in his own little world, humming a catchy tune that he once heard on the radio. All of the other Hosts were busy doing their own things. Ren was lounging on the couch and reading that book that a girl had dropped earlier. He furrowed his eyebrows and frowned around his strawberry. Reading wasn't exactly something that he'd do in his free time. He'd probably go hang out with others, if they were available. Or eat a bunch of strawberries. Or go charm people with his cuteness. But that's why he was in the Host Club. It put such a skill into good use. Thinking about the Host Club made him wonder if they'd have a bunch of costumers today like they always did. It also made him wonder when they'd have the next special occasion, where they'd dress up as whatever the theme was that day. Those days were always fun because people would coo a lot more at him. Eating yet another strawberry, his thoughts were shot as he heard the door to Music Room 3 open. With his bright blue eyes trained on the door, a big grin graced his features.

    A girl. The same girl from a week ago was once again standing at the entrance of the Host Club. Seeing that no one was greeting her, Suki took it into his own hands to do such a thing. Jumping down from the seat he was perched in, he skipped his way towards the young lady, beaming brightly. Coming to a halt in front of her, he beamed up at her, hands clasped behind his back. "Hi!" He greeted, continuing by saying, "Welcome to the Host Club!" With that, he reached out and took a gentle hold of one of the girl's wrist, tugging her further inside. "Come on in! My name's Mitsuki, but you can call me Suki! What's your name?" He questioned as he led the taller female to one of the many couches, plopping himself on it while looking at her expectedly.
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