Ouran High School Host Club 1x1?

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  1. A bit about me/My requirments:
    -You must post at least once every few days day unless I am other wise told about a trip you are taking, work, or school. In other words, a valid reason.
    -You must post at least two paragraphs per character, though more is preferred.
    -Please have good grammar. This will be adept to advanced so you know how you should be as far as grammar.
    -I am looking for a male. I MAY consider doubling, though its very likely at least for this rp.
    -I am willing to make this a Libertine Rp, but of course, you must be at least 18.

    Please send me the answers to these questions with your pm:
    Pm or thread?
    Any suggestions for the plot?
    May I have a sample post(put it below the questions)?
    Do you have any questions for me?

    Now that you have the basic info about me and my expectations, I won't go much into detail about what I'm hoping the rp will be like/be about. All I will say is that I'm looking for someone who will play either Mori (and possibly Honey, though not as a part of the romance) or the twins. Other than that, you will have to PM me so we can discuss what we want in the rp. Thanks :3​
  2. Bumpity bump. Still looking.

    I will think about doubling, but if I did I would either have to play Tamaki or Honey as my male. I'm just not good at playing tough guys XD
  3. Still looking :3
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.