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    Michi Karukia walked silently down the hall, her headphones in her ears. She was silent, her head moving silently to the beat of the alternative music. She stood out from everyone. In fact...she, looked like a he. She had the neck of her shirt pulled up so it covered her mouth, her hair was short, and she was dressed like a boy. She heard a squeal behind her and turned. There, stood a girl. In a revolting yellow dress. And she was approaching her. She backed into a door and closed it...Wait. There where people in here..She turned, coming face to face with people dressed like a royal medieval family. Her head fell slightly to the left as she looked over them questioning. "Uhh..."

    The Host club had been repeating a previous theme, medieval times. Tamaki was not in the room at the time, as he was changing into his kingly attire. Kyoya and Mori where dressed as knights, Hunny as a young prince, Haruhi, ironically, as a servant, and the twins as jests.
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  2. Takashi had taken advantage of his costume and was currently in an open corner practicing his first Bokken Kata. Lift, drop, left block, right block, slap behind. It wasn't so much that he had nothing else to do at the moment and was bored, rather it was that as an international Kendo champion he had taken on the responsibilities of teaching some of the Kendo classes at his family's dojo and tonight, after club, he was supposed to preside over several rank advancement tests. Takashi always felt more confident in his judgement when he had gotten some practice in before hand. After all how could he expect to judge fairly when he himself had not done a particular exercise in some time.

    When the door opened he barely looked up. there was a person there, but they were not in his space and in no danger of getting hit, so at the moment their presence hardly mattered.

    Kyouya was perhaps the first to notice the opening door. But he ignored it. seating at a nearby table typing away on his laptop he briefly noted that the door was opening and then returned to his work. No one of any true importance, to him at least, could be entering at this time, and so the fact that someone was entering was irrelevant. Besides if he hoped to get into Harvard business school in the states next year, his grades were going to have to be top of his Ouran University classes and at the moment he was running a risk analysis on the sales projections of two competing products for one of his professors. Not necessarily an assignment, but this particular professor had a cozen on the Harvard board of admissions and Kyouya was very interested in any recommendation said professor could give him that would smooth over the transfer process.

    "Uhh . . ."

    Kyouya snapped his eyes around though his hands remained typing on his laptop. Though dressed as a male, the uncertainty in the voice alone was enough for him to peg this person as not only a female, but the latest transfer student the others had been telling him about.

    "And so it starts all over again," he murmured as he smiled to himself and returned to his work, "This will be interesting."
  3. Michi had no idea what these people were doing or who they were, but the sudden crying on the other side of the door made her jump. She backed away from the door and hid behind one of the banners hung on the wall. She didn't care who these people were, but she was not dealing with one more girl like the one on the other side of the door. She stayed silent, not making another sound. She let her head droop forwards slightly, her black hair covering her left blue eyes, the neck over her mouth still.
  4. The young jests were quite absorbed in a game of cards, if absorbed was the correct word when you were yawning at the boredom of practically knowing your opponent's next move, when the door opened to their Club room. Expectantly, this aroused their curiosity, a bit less so when they saw only a boy in shabby clothes clearly on the run as a feminine cry started up on the other side of the door, but, still, anything seemed better than the card game at this point.

    Standing as one from the table, joker hats, shoes and sleeves tinkering in only the quietest of ways from the bells that were attached to them, they made their way to the banner, Hikaru on one side, Kaoru on the other. In a silent count of three, using only their fingers as indication of the passing time, they reached up and tugged the banner down in a single swift movement, unveiling the newcomer as the fabric fell to the ground. "Just a boy," Kaoru noted, disappointed, both of them bending towards the character to get a better look at him. "Leaving the girl out there though..." they tutted, shaking their heads. She wasn't their problem though, and so long as she wasn't coming inside, there wasn't much that they would be willing to do.
  5. Michi's eyes narrowed slightly at the twins. She wasn't scared, but now she was slightly annoyed. "What do you want?" the question was quiet, yet all the caution and warning was strong behind it. "She was bugging me, so I hid." she shrugged, standing up. Her arms were crossed, her back now against the wall, one ankle slightly crossed over the other, her head tilted slightly to the left. She almost looked emo, but that couldn't be. Her eyes and emotion was too fierce not to care.
  6. [​IMG]

    somewhere in a big crowed of girls young prince honey was in there. eating some Yummy cake and mad sure Moir (that's his nickname right?) wouldn't take any away from him. "There so gooooooooooooood" he called out and every girl yelled in delight. "Honey sempai your so cute" one girl called out to him. he smiled and said "your cute too" and the girl fainted. Honey notice the twins talking to someone. "Someone new excuse me" he said with a smile and got up and walked over to the twins with cake in his hands. "ummmm are you new" he said from behind the twins Cutely as ever.

  7. "So you chose to hide in here?" Kyouya smirked from his corner appreciating the irony of the situation."Hikaru, Kaoru, leave that person alone. If they want to hide in here they're perfectly welcome to. However, Michi-san, I might point out that if you are hiding from the female population of this school then you might want to go elsewhere as our customers will be arriving shortly."

    The typing picked up as Kyouya returned to his laptop.
  8. At Kyouya's command to leave the boy alone, although his lack to specify the newcomer's gender with a 'he' or 'she' went unnoticed by the two, they looked at one another in uncaring confusion. After a simple, mirrored shrug that made their palms face skyward, they lost immediate interest in the situation. Besides, they did need to prepare for their customers and lay out the basics of their performance, although most of it simply came as a reflex when others were watching them. "Don't mind if we do," they said together with only the slightest of sighs of obedience. "He's no fun anyway." They walked off together to the changing rooms to check on the Boss, sliding the curtain back to see what was taking so long, immediately shutting it again, using their hand to cover the mouth of their double. Surely he would skin them alive for laughing if he heard them, but for now they needed to make an emergency call to the house, seeing as something must have gone horribly wrong with their delivery of the King's costume. Whatever had happened, Tamaki would not be making an appearance for the time being until things had been sorted out.
  9. Michi looked between Kyoya and the twins. She stood. "Hi..Yeah..I'm new." She answered Honey. "Can I ask a question?" she had her back to Kyoya as she knelt in front of Honey, three feet away. She trusted this boy more than the others, but she did not trust the situation at all.
  10. Honey looked at her. "Can I eat my cake?" he asked cutely holding out her cake. and had to make sure Takashi didn't see it. "Wait is it a secrets or something?" he asked. "I LOVE SECRETS" he yelled out not really mean to yell it out loud. she covered his mouth with a smile. "oops" he looked around and blushed lightly in embarrassed.
  11. Michi nodded. "Yes you can eat the cake..and no..I just..what is this club thing?" she asked, raising an eyebrow. Her voice had lightened slightly and she coughed, careful not to reveal her true secret. She felt like she could trust the young boy..though she had no idea he was older than he looked.
  12. Mori

    Takashi had to shake his head in amusement. Mitsukuni, or Honey as the rest of the club tended to call his cozen, seemed to be both attempting to show a plate full of cake to this new person, and hide it from him at the same time. What Mitsukuni had failed to realize was the he and Takashi had been friends for so long that by this point Takashi knew all his tricks. Besides, they had been through this already. Hadn't Takashi made it clear that he felt Mitsukuni was an adult and perfectly capable of taking care of himself and therefor should act like it?

    Eating cake was fine in Takashi's book, in a reasonable amount, but hiding it - unless of course it was part of his calculated cuteness ploy. Takashi finished his kata, sheathed his sword, and took a look across the room at the new arrival. From a distance it looked like a very shabby boy.

    "Mitsukuni," Takashi stated crossing the room and taking the plate of cake and moving it to a nearby table where he quite pointedly poured his cozen a cup of tea to go with it and set the cup next to the plate. The meaning of the actions was clear. Sit down to eat.

    But Takashi smiled as he pulled out a second chair, obviously meant for the new person, his entire, usually rigid, appearance softening.


    Kyouya ignored the situation altogether. He'd already had his say so who was he to complain if others ignored the advice? Besides the club doors would be open soon and the guest there soon enough, provided the King ever managed to make an appearance. For that matter where was Tamaki? it wasn't like him to be late . . .
  13. Hikaru tutted irritably against the speaker of the phone, Kaoru watching him as he leant against the side of a throne that sat dead center of the room in honor of the 'King'. "We didn't ask you to bring the Queen's costume, we specifically said that we were going to need two jesters, two knights, one prince, a servant and a King. We already did the measurements and designs, so all you had to do was deliver." Their was a long pause as whoever was on the other end, presumably some maid from the main house, spoke in apology about the misunderstanding. "No, no. I know it's not your fault. Just relay the message and get it sent here as quickly as possible." He hung up the phone and sighed. It was going to be here shortly, but they would have to open without Tamaki if they were be open on time today.
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  14. Michi looked at Mori, hesitantly straightening up. She looked at Honey, waiting to see his response. Officially she has chosen him as her guide, as she didn't understand the man by the computer, she didn't like the two twins who approached her first, and she didn't really know the guy with the sword. She wondered if there was anyone else here, but stayed silent.
  15. Honey pouted and looked at Takashi. "My cake" he said and Grabbed hold of Michi's hand and dragged him to the chair. "That's no far Takashi-Chan" he pouted and then sat down and started to eat the rest of the cake. "and to tell you this is a host club. today's team is ummm midevil? something like that people will be calling me Prince Honey. or something" he said with a smile
  16. Michi nodded silently, sitting beside Honey. She looked around silently, but suddenly froze as a voice spoke behind her.

    Haruhi had returned, in her costume as a simple servant for the king. She held a silver tray. "Hey...are you new here?" She asked, setting the tray down.

    Michi glanced at her, then relaxed slightly. This person didn't seem as bad as the rest. "Y-yeah...Michi."

    "I'm Haruhi." she said, offering a hand.

    Michi shook it, then sighed. "Cool."

    Haruhi raised an eyebrow, but said nothing. She picked up the tray, then walked to the one person she figured had picked out the same strange event. She cleared her throat quietly. "Kyoya~?"
  17. Mori

    Takashi pointedly ignored Mitsukuni's pouting. It had never truly been a tactic that worked and they both knew it, no matter how much others might have thought otherwise. True Takashi had always looked out for his cozen's best interest, carried his stuff, carried him, found lost items, helped him when there was trouble . . . ah who was he kidding, he was a push over. Still . . .

    Takashi took a third chair at the table as Mitsukuni dragged the new kid over and as that person sat down looking strangely lost Takashi began to suspect. It was when Haruhi came over that he knew for sure. There were very few people in the world who could overlook his cozen's cuteness charm, all of them that Takashi had ever met, were male. It was strange how many women were drawn to the small child like Mitsukuni, no wonder they often called him Honey. Takashi wondered what they would do if they learned how old he really was. Michi's reaction to Mitsukuni was Takashi's first clue. Michi's reaction to Haruhi was his second. Haruhi was one of those rare people, in Takashi's opinion, who inspired others to be their best, or rather she inspired other females to be their best. The way Michi seemed to instantly connect with the other girl, well that said it all. A woman would always manage to connect with another woman in a way no man ever would.


    Kyouya was just about done with his analysis as Haruhi approached him. "Kyoya~?" she questioned softly. Kyouya typed his last sentence, hit save, and then closed his lap top.

    "Hmmm?" he asked as he leaned back in his chair, but instead of looking at her his gaze shifted across the room until he locked eyes with Mori. the other man tilted his head in question to which Kyouya smiled an affirmative. Mori nodded once to show he understood. Kyouya's smirk only grew wider as he shifted his attention to the girl in front of him. "What is it, Haruhi?"
  18. "What do you think of Michi?" she questioned, looking at the girl inquisitively. "Michi seems..familiar." she looked at him, her voice low to keep Michi from overhearing.

    Michi looked down, shifting. She pulled the mask a little, making sure it covered her face. She crossed her arms loosely, lifting her eyes to look out of the window. She sighed slightly, silent. Whether she was scared or what, was unknown. Her face showed no emotion as her blue eyes scanned over the window. Her black hair, though short, still covered one of her eyes.
  19. Kyouya

    Kyouya smiled, "Honestly?" he answered also keeping his voice low for it would not do to appear impolite, "that person hardly matters enough for me to form an opinion. By their accent they are American, I've heard they're here on scholarship which means the family can have no promising business interest here. The failure to follow the dress code indicates a certain lack of monetary funds, and the apparent shyness will lead to some trouble getting along with the student body. Though I must say-" here Kyouya paused and looked Haruhi directly in the eye, "that person does remind me a great deal of you on your first day at Ouran."
  20. Haruhi nodded. "Thank you, Kyoya. That's what I wanted to hear." she glanced around a moment. "Oh..where's Tamaki?" she asked, relieved he wasn't there to comment on her ridiculous costume, but curious why he was not. "Don't we open soon?"
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