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  1. Often in a roleplay we'll have a song for our character(s), a song that really describes their emotions, situation, and/or past, etc. But this thread is not about characters. This thread is about you. Not "you" as you are on Iwaku. You, the person sitting at the computer, the person holding the smartphone. My challenge to you: Tell me the theme songs for your past, present, and future. Explain them if you want, but it's not required.

    This is a serious and emotional topic. Do NOT troll. Do NOT insult anyone who posts here. You can comment and discuss, but have courtesy and RESPECT.

    I'll go first.

    When I was a child, I had a really tough time getting from day to day. I was bullied so severely from grade 3 to grade 7 that I often thought about committing suicide. An eight-year-old should never have those thoughts, I know, but it was the bitter truth. At the start of grade 7, I met a very kind, accepting girl who sat in front of me in class. Because of her, my life really turned around. Whether she realized it or not, that girl taught me to stand strong and to keep smiling. (For those that know me, no, it wasn't Toria. I met her much later.) So I feel that my childhood theme song should be Skyscraper by Demi Lovato.

    In grade 11, I was faced with a new problem. Because I was a very trustworthy person, I suddenly became the shoulder to cry on. And while I didn't mind comforting my friends and keeping their secrets, after a while it became too much weight to carry, especially when my every suggestion was thrown back in my face. At this point, my theme song was Never Too Late by Three Days Grace because I felt like no matter what I said or did, it wasn't enough to help the people who were relying on me. I grew fed up with trying and failing to change their hearts and minds.

    Nowadays I'm doing better. I have my down days, but I also have my days where I feel like I'm on top of the world. I sometimes get into a funk but I have amazing friends who remind me just how good life is, no matter how bleak it looks at the moment. And I'm determined to be that strength for them in return. Because of this, my present theme song is The Adventure by Angels & Airwaves.

    But what about the future? I hope that in the future, my theme song can be something like Thank You by Monkey Majik. I want to be some place different than being stuck in this rut of same faces, same places. I want to leave the past behind, but never the people who matter. I'll keep them in my heart and keep contact with them, but I really just want to be able to say "I'm standing on my own two feet. I'm living life. I'm happy. Thank you for supporting me along the way."

    I decided to go with songs that were my ACTUAL big songs during those years! Cause they already mean some pretty important things and belong in my life soundtrack. >>

    Queen - Who Wants to Live Forever
    George Michael - Praying For Time
    Queensryche - Anybody Listening

    About the time I really started noticing music was the laaaaaaaate 80s and 1990. It's also when life started going from that clueless childness to "something isn't right here". >>; So these songs kinda reflect that weird hopeful melancholy.

    Stereomud - Perfect Self
    Ozzy Osbourne - Tommorrow
    Ra - Walking and Thinking

    I was angry and suicidal and I won't go in to details there. >>;

    Bon Jovi - Have a Nice Day
    Switchfoot - Meant To Love
    Queen - The Show Must Go On

    I hit a point where I didn't want to BE that futile, miserable person. I really wanted to live and enjoy my life and deal with shit and feel like a person! So these songs were big power songs for me!

    Sia - Titanium
    Rihanna - Diamonds
    Adam Lambert - Better Than I know Myself

    These are songs that touch me something special right now! And each one represents all of the things I have been feeling lately.

    FUTURE DIANA...?! Um... Erasure, Always? 8D I dunno. We'll see what future Diana does!
  3. Early childhood Kitti:

    Once Upon a December - Liz Callaway

    I loved this song as a kid, so much so that I own a replica of the music box. I love my mother very much and it reminds me of that feeling.

    Later childhood through teenage Kitti:

    Facade - Disturbed
    Why I Don't Believe in God - Everclear

    Present Kitti:

    If You Only Knew - Shinedown
    Fade Away - Seether
    Attack - 30 Seconds to Mars

    Kitti grew up, got out, and is working daily on beating happiness into submission.
  4. Early child hood kitti

    fallen angel by black veil brides


    im alive by disturbed
  5. As as child all I wanted was for my biological father to come and save me from my step dad. He was a drunk and abused me with words and shoved me around. It was like living with a bully.


    In Jr. High school I started to cut myself and hide away from others except for Volleyball and a boy named Tanner.
    knives and pens black veil brides

    Tanner and I started dating but I was forced to move back East with my family leaving Tanner and I split by distance.
    Little 15- depeche mode

    By 18 I was back in his arms and here we are today!
    I'm so in love with you- Lonestar

    And my song of the future is

    Shine bright
  6. So I've had a lot of theme songs over the years, the one that has stuck with me since High school though was this one here!


    The upbeat, the progression, the style, the ambiance, the lyrics, for reason or another I've always thought to myself if I were to have the soundtrack to kick off the telling of my life, it would start with this song.


    Shortly following high school, I got to experience first hand the trials of living without money. It wasn't particularly fun, especially while attempting to support a worthless excuse for a father after he got out of jail and still refused to get a job. Doing such when you didn't have money to eat yourself was.... interesting to say the least. So one day a friend of mine comes up to me, he says: "Hey, you're not doing anything with your life at the moment, Can I interest you in the army?"

    I says to him: "Well talk to me. What can the army do for me?"

    He says: "Well first up they'll give you 20 grand for joining!"

    I says: "Fuck yeah! Sign me up!"

    Seriously, no questions, no cares, the next day I swore in and was shipped to basic a few months later. It was here that I bit into the lifestyle hook line and sinker and really enjoyed my time in the service. In basic Training however, we weren't allowed to have a lot of things. No phones, no music, no news no real contact to the outside world outside of letters. I happen to be a very musically inclined individual and all this time I would always have tunes playing in my head whenever we were doing whatever we were doing. The most common of which was this:


    I'm amused looking back at it later considering the song is nothing but soundbites molded into easily consumed propaganda. Looking back at basic, it's fitting.

    Anywho, from there I found myself into a bit of a rut coming back home. I had completely bit into the lifestyle granted to me by the army, to be given that and then to come back to supporting my dad and not really having much in way of direction was... well. Shitty. I didn't like it one bit. I wanted to do my job. I wanted to not feel like a worthless sack of crap whenever someone came up to me and thanked me for my service. I wanted a sense of purpose because I felt pretty lacking in life in general.

    So I volunteered for a deployment and I got to see how the world really worked.

    During this time, I didn't sleep terribly well. One solace I managed to find was in the Album the Division Bell by Pink floyd. To be honest, it was here that I fell in love with the entirety of their music and they are to this day my favorite band of all time. But that album specifically helped me get to sleep every night for a good year.

    The last two songs specifically stood out as defining tunes of the time. Pink floyd runs songs in sequence back to back. Albums are meant to be single units. Listen to the first, then follow it immediately with the second.


    Anywho, moving on.

    I had a messy deployment you could say. I won't go into detail but... I lost a lot of faith in humanity that I have yet to really gain back. Individuals have always and will always inspire me that beauty exists in this wonderful world we live on, but they are individuals that stand against the flow of the everyday person. The most resounding experience of that lot was probably RnR and being abandoned by the woman I had completely planned to spend the rest of my life with. That was an experience in and of itself and is too long of a story to post here. If you'd like to hear about it, You're in luck though. Cause I wrote about it earlier this month: http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/showthread.php?t=20375

    It was during this period of RnR though that helped me to fall in love with Irish folk music and the american variations that mimicked such classic tunes. While it's a bit depressing, I remember every single time this song came up on the playlist:


    Moving on, Coming back home after that whole mess was interesting in and of itself. As I kept up with a lot of the people I deployed with, they seemed to have several of the same problems I had coming back into civilized society. Some of which had much much more problems and are no longer with us. But during the months I took to go from a room imprisoned stranger in my own home to a productive member of society, I got to watch some truly sad things happen to people I got to know during the deployment. Every so often when I catch up with friends of mine from the trip, I find myself relating the lives of several of them to this song:


    But anyway, this is starting to get a little bit long winded so I'll sum it up. I've been through a few things in my life. I won't say my life was difficult, because I understand there are people out there who have had it much worse than I have. Hell, in the room next to me there's a woman who's a diabetic that, due to lack of circulation in her limbs, has lost both legs, her right pinky finger and is possibly in the process of loosing her thumb. I've never once seen her complain. Not once. She always smiles, she always is trying to improve herself. She's relearned to walk 4 times now, and she hasn't quit yet.

    That's a hard life. Say what you will, but when it comes down to it, that woman's my hero.

    I guess my point is, While my life is nothing outlandish in terms of crazy hardship, it's had it's ups and it's downs. The thing about all of that though is I've kept getting up. I haven't quit, or taken second best, or half assed my life. Because when it all comes down to it, that's probably the only thing in this world that truly is ours.

    So yar. Take that all as you will.

  7. Ene's Childhood ages 1-7
    Being the daydreamer i am, my favorite song was Yellow Submarine~The Beetles

    Ene's Childhood part 2 8-10
    About this time i was in love with oldies.... The twist~ Chubby checker

    Preteen Ene 11-12

    At this time i was an odd kid just popping up with random comments that people eventually shunned me for...
    How Bizarre by OMC

    Early Teens Ene 13-15
    At this point i was kind of suicidal... so my favorite song was a bit depressing... it was at this time my psychological condition got worse....
    Monster~ Skillet

    Present Ene 16-now
    STAN OUT!~ A goofy movie
    This song Changed my life, gave me courage to do things...
    And Sk8r Boi~ Avril Lavinge

    Future Ene
    I dont know yet?