Our Swords Belong To The Lord

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    "Rise up off the ground, rise up like a phoenix from it's ashes, and slay the demons who wish the lord harm"
    Summer, day 169, year 1209​
    Grandia was shaping up to be a cold hearted, unforgiving new home. One man is known as the Lord, and he controls all in Grandia. Though, he only owned what belonged to the armies of man. Other races had not been fully discovered, man had always stuck to their own business. There had always been reports of folk living in the tree. This, however, is telling the story of a group of soldiers betrayed by their lord. These men thought they were riding out to fight for their Lord, they thought they were the best that their king had to offer. They were wrong. very wrong.

    The plot shall unravel as this moves along.
    Roles for men: Soldiers, NPCs that are used once or twice
    Roles For Females: The wives of the soldiers (Play important roles), Nomad Tribeswomen
  2. Question... Does this mean there can be no female warriors?
  3. There can be,my bad. Yes there can be yeah sorry. I was in a rush to get this typed and fprgpt to mention female warriors.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.