Our Strawberry Wild Summer!

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    While the rest of Japan is sweating it out, you've headed off to (the fictional island of) Kagashima to keep your cool and frolic on the sunlit sparkling beaches.

    Prepare for a delightful summer time shoujo-inspired romp complete with; watermelon splitting, bikini wearing girls, ghost stories, and the ever popular Dating. Socialize and make friends, unwind a little as you prepare for the next school year!

    A shoujo game wouldn't be complete without the addition of magic so magical girls and boys are both welcome in this game, just remember that this IS a vacation! Which means that unwinding is the key, not fighting the bad guys.

    Reincarnation, red strings of fate, horoscopes. Will you find your destined soulmate? Maybe even your own Tuxedo Mask? Love and romance is always in the air in any shoujo worth it's salt! Girls and boys, get your sparkles on. It's time for OUR STRAWBERRY WILD SUMMER.

    (GM is not responsible for death by flowers and polka dots and would like to inform his players that one-liners aren't acceptable! Also, he doesn't want to have to put a lot of restrictions on this. The game is about fun in the sun, what your character does the rest of the time doesn't matter to me as long as you don't bring your villains with you on vacation! If you think you shouldn't do something? Don't. Or at least ask me.)

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  2. The bus trip to the ferry had been uneventful. That was because Aimi was asleep and not pestering Toriko, though he knew it was probably going to be the only quiet time he was going to get for the entire trip. He silently praised the makers of the anti-motion-sickness tablets for including something that would keep the sufferers sleepy. Not that Aimi was like some girls, all blab and weirdness but she was just so persistently happy and bouncy...

    Toriko watched from the bus, the island was gorgeous and he could see the glittering beach from the bumpy road. The bus started pulling into a stop and there was a grinding of gears and a sudden jerk before the lights flashed and the bus driver called back noncommittally over her shoulder that this was 'The Strawberry Inn'. Toriko rattled Aimi by her shoulder until she awake and snatched her hand; leading her out into the brilliantly hot sunlight.

    The half-asleep Aimi was trying to complain as Toriko dragged her to pick up their luggage from the bus's hold. She yawned and aspired to keep up as Toriko marched them towards the heavily sheltered Inn. The path leading them was cute to Aimi, all tiny white pebbles with a wooden boarder to keep them contained. She was glad she had chosen flat sandals, this walk would be a killer in heels. Even if she did have to push the occasional untrimmed branch.

    The Inn caught her attention and woke her up. It was so quaint! Aimi gave a squeal of delight at the traditional Japanese building with two floors and a welcoming air about it. The double Beckoning Cats at the door reminded her of Uncle Shun's shop... She gave Toriko a push and then giggled- “I'm going inside, big brother!” while running past and into the Ryokan's lobby to check in with the receptionist.

    Every summer The Strawberry Inn would open it's doors to hundreds of Japanese youngsters in their late teens as they flooded the beach. Aimi checked in and grabbed both keys, each with a bamboo tag adorned with numbers and darted down the hallway eager to explore the beautiful Ryokan and the beach-side wood that surrounded it. Not to mention the carefully cultivated gardens! Aimi tried not to bounce around Toriko as he lugged their luggage to the two rooms they had rented directly across the hallway from each other.

    Toriko had other things on his mind. Like getting into their rooms and unpacking their yukata before they got wrinkly... He snagged the keys from Aimi and stole her shoulder bag as well before lugged it all into one room after another, unpacking and straightening.

    Perhaps he was a little overprotective.

    “Why don't you go outside and see the beach? It's just on the other side of the road...We're at the end of the island too so I think it curves around on one side...” Toriko smiled softly from the doorway, Aimi's girly pink yukata thrown over one arm as her stuff had to be unpacked first. “This is a vacation for you, little sister. To get away from all the troubles that come with being an up and coming pop Idol.” He teased.
  3. On the same bus that Aimi and Toriko arrived on there was a another guest headed for the same inn. He had spent most of the trip from the ferry looking out the window at the landscape and making idle chatter with the person next to him, the backpack at his feet the only luggage. All that was there was clothes to last the weekend. There was no computer, no phone, no electronics of any kind because Naito wanted to get away, as far away as possible from his life as Akira Nakano, cat ears wearing jpop bad boy and 'rival' to Kimiko Kuraki. He needed a break and to be himself for a while which was why he was here.

    Shouldering his bag he safely ignored the baggage handlers and stopped at the side of the road to admire the vista before him. It was his first time on the island and he took a slow walk up the path to the inn. It looked just like the pictures online and this made the boy smile. It was just the place he needed to remind himself of who he was outside of work, he would just need to stop by his room and swap his sneakers for sandals and then he would be ready for the beach.
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  4. So she got published, and to stop her writing any more manga where did her parents send her?

    Only the best, most scenic, most famous, island getaway ever! The perfect place to find new inspiration and get published again. Parents were such idiots sometimes. Still Chiyoko would have to be careful and balance outside time with inside drawing time. Spies could be everywhere! Maybe she’s white about a spy who turns against her government to help a young girl reach her dreams… or make the kid the protagonist and the spy her dashing and hansom love interest! That was a lot like her last protagonist and maybe making them all like her wasn’t the best idea but that was why coming to the island was so great!

    There was a small squeal of excitement as the boat neared the wooden dock extending out from the beach. Chiyoko’s parents’ yacht was by no means the biggest one on the bay but it still had a small crew on hand to jump from the deck with mooring lines to fasten them down as the fenders bumped into the dock. First the suitcase then the girl were unloaded and then the crew were unfastening the lines and jumping back on board, and before the girl even turned around the diesel engines were in full reverse and the rest of the Kasinaya family were off on their own vacation.

    Smiling and waving at the departing yacht Chiyiko sighed. “Goodbye Papa, Mama!” A weekend to herself on a beach full of strangers and a folder full of half-finished mangas, notes, and sketches… and a suitcase that was almost too heavy to move. Grabbing the handle and pulling the thing along the uneven planks she started to get the feeling she had just been unceremoniously dumped here.

    “Pfffft.” Her exclamation was surprisingly not a negative reaction. That just meant that she really would have space to find what she was looking for!
  5. The sound of pebbles crunching under sandals made tuft-less ears twitch ever so slightly. A short-haired feline with fur as black as a starless sky lay stretched out with belly upturned toward the wonderfully hot sun. For all anyone knew, that cat could have been baking his organs under that great big ball of orange's sweltering gaze but if he was, he didn't seem to care in the slightest. He did, however, care that someone was approaching The Strawberry Inn because this meant there would be one more person to meet later on when he wasn't pretending to be a cat.

    Slowly, one vibrant green eye cracked open and honed in on the duo coming up the path, following the boy and girl until they disappeared inside. The cat sighed then (yes, sighed), and rolled onto his stomach so he could slowly push up onto his four paws and stretch. Then he sat back on his hind legs and lifted a front paw up to his face. The air around him shimmered and rippled, his features blurred, and when they focused again... Well the cat was gone.

    Decked in an ocean patterned blue yukata and a pair of black jeans rolled up to the knee, the young man holding the black cat mask in one hand peered out from behind long brown bangs at the beautiful view of the beach he had from his rooftop perch. He had one leg dangling over the edge of the roof, bare foot swinging lightly back and forth, the other firmly panted on the roof with knee bent and currently being used as a comfy armrest.

    Here he was, Onohara Setsuna, supposedly on vacation and yet he'd spent two days already isolated on the roof. He was a lazy person, really, but that was no excuse for him to just stay up here and suntan the days away. There had to be more to this vacation thing than that, right? He could, like, go experience the local culture or whatnot... Setsuna gave a little sigh of defeat. He really wasn't good with being the social butterfly because he was so used to just having people follow him around on their own.

    "I wonder what the gang is doing..." he muttered to himself, gazing thoughtfully out to sea.

  6. The rooms weren't nearly as small as Toriko had been expecting and there were display stands for kimono, though in this case he was going to use them for the yukata. A fresh ocean scented summer breeze wafted by, drawing the stern young man out into the hallway. Everything was beautiful, so picture perfect it nearly seemed unreal to Toriko. "Camera... Camera..." Toriko jogged back into his room and rustled through his baggage until he found the new digital camera his Dad had gotten him just before the trip. It was nice to be on the other side of the camera for once, his Dad was a total photography nut and Toriko had long been one of his favorite subjects. The other was his other Dad.

    Camera in hand, Toriko decided to shoot Hallway first. He eyed the narrow passage and then laid himself down at one end, his body splayed out on the floor and the camera held lovingly in front of his face as he pressed the shutter release. Then he rolled over, his body arching just slightly as he sought a new angle and found it. He lay there for a minute before taking a picture of the ceiling too.

    Unlike Aimi's 'big brother', she was outside enjoying the view of the ocean and the fresh air in person. Aimi had traveled before but it had always been with one of her parents or Uncles or Toriko's family. Or her agent. That didn't much count as a vacation though. She was still here with Toriko but it was just them, no overseers in sight. Kimiko Kuraki was packaged away back home with all the costumes and make-up and adoring fans and pushy agents. There was no mention of work here! Aimi found the stairs and followed them down to the glittering beach. She stretched up her her arms and gave a little 'yip' of joy.

    That was a little too much like Kimiko though and Aimi pulled herself back from racing down towards the water with abandon. Instead she took another deep breath of the clean air and just soaked up the sunlight, feeling better than she had in weeks. Aimi turned around and her gaze swept over the Inn from her place on the beach... Up and up and - There was a boy sitting on the roof in a blue yukata. At least it wasn't Toriko who had followed in his Dad's foot steps and had fallen off the roof at the Main House of the Akimoto Family! Aimi raised her hand and gave a friendly wave at the young man before hurrying back up the steps.

    "Hi there!"

  7. Sakura fell onto the sandy beach with a thud and an "Umph." There was a moment of confusion, especially considering that he was walking in the hallway of his family home just seconds ago, before he was suddenly pushed. "What the hell, Sumie!?" the ginger-haired boy snapped at his sister, who was still standing an open door frame, which magically stood in the middle of a sandy beach.

    "Auntie said she wanted you out of the house for the weekend. She's tired of your moping," the pink-haired girl spoke calmly.

    "So she made you... send me miles away!? I already told her I didn't need to take some stupid va--"

    "QUIT YOUR WHINING!" Sumie tossed a packed bag at her brother, nailing him the head. "Auntie went through the trouble of reserving you a room and everything, and you still find a reason to complain. Just shut up already, and enjoy it!" With that, she slammed the door and it completely disappeared into sparking dust, leaving Sakura alone on the beach. Dammit, they knew he was no good at space-bridging spells. So he could either stubbornly make the trip home the traditional way, ferries and trains (both of which he despised), or he could just give in and enjoy the vacation he was forced into.

    He stood up, dusted sand off his pants, and took a better look at his surroundings. "...Ugh," it was so bright... and sunny. After searching the bag that had been packed for him, and shuttering at the thought of his Aunt handling his underwear, he found a crudely drawn map of the area with a big 'X' marking the location of the inn. ...........The Strawberry Inn? Sometimes he just wasn't sure if his Aunt was trying to help him, or torture him.

    Sakura was relieved to find a normal, traditional looking Inn with lush greenery and neatly kept gardens. He'd been afraid the place would be more... pink, or something similar. Inside, he received his room key from the front desk before lugging his bag down the hallway.
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  8. For a few minutes the young cat-- no wait, the young man sat transfixed by the beautiful blue stretching on as far as the eye could see. There was something about the horizon that he just loved. Maybe it was the illusion it proposed to the world - of how on a nice and hot day like this one, the heat waves resting somewhere between where the sky and the water merged were haphazardly playing tricks on the eye.

    Or, like, something else profound.

    A lazy rub of the eyes proved that Setsuna had been napping more than he had been sight seeing but now that he was awake with wandering eyes, he easily spotted the-- what kind of green was that anyway? Toothpaste mint green? Yeah, probably. Anyway, his gaze was torn from the sea down to the beach where an oddly green-haired young woman was waving at..him?

    Naw, couldn't be.

    Oh, now she was calling out to him. Setsuna took a deep breath, sighing through the nose. He supposed it was time to stop being anti-social, so he pushed to his feet, standing at the edge of the roof and looking down at the girl... And then he crouched low, sprung into the air with a well-practiced leap, and landed on the tree branch about six feet away. The branch bowed under the impact but didn't break, instead bouncing back upward. The boy sprung on the upswing, landing on another branch a few feet below. He repeated the action until he'd dropped down to the lush grass below the tree and straightened up to his full height.

    Standing barefoot underneath the tree, shaggy hair fluttering slowly in the breeze, Setsuna watched the girl approach from the stairs like a cat watches a peaceful bumblebee buzzing around nearby - curiously out of the corner of its eye but never really cautiously or carefully.
  9. Having checked in and received his room key and heading down the passage Naito smiled to himself. Sure it was probably a bad idea to be completely without communication with the outside world but he wasn't regretting it... yet. The wooden board creaked slightly under his shoes as he passed someone, a golden-haired boy who smiling at in greeting earned him a spot on his back on the floor. Some of the harder contents of his bag dug into his bank making him pull in a sharp breath.

    Around the corner had been a another boy, on the floor, with a camera and that was what Naito had tripped over. "Sorry, I didn't see you." he said quickly before rolling over like a turtle with his light pack and pushing himself off the floor and offering the boy his hand.
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  10. Aimi knew she should be surprised at the feat of acrobatics - most normal girls certainly would be but Aimi wasn't one of them and she just looked at the young man. "Hi! Are you staying at the Inn too?" She smiled widely, one hand smoothing over her white flouncy skirt. Aimi wasn't exactly shy but at the same time, she usually had Toriko there to bounce off of. He was the perfect glowering overprotective big brother. Usually he'd be telling her to leave the poor stranger alone...

    "Of course you are, I'm so sorry!" She bowed, her cheeks glowing red. "I'm Seidou, Aimi." He had just seemed so interesting and cool sitting up there on the rooftop! Like a boy from a manga! Totally unreal and awesome and aughhh, she must seem like a total dork! She hadn't expected him to get down! Now what? "I'm sorry I bothered you!" He didn't look happy at all! Time for Aimi to run away for sure!

    Elsewhere, Toriko was having his own unique set of troubles. Such as being tripped over. Which is probably what he got for lounging in the floor on his back. "Oomph!" He made a noise as the other boy connected with him and promptly rolled off him. At least Toriko's camera was safely out of the way from clumsy boys. "It's alright. I probably shouldn't have stayed down there that long anyway." He grasped the other boy's hand and pulled himself upright and then to his feet easily. That was when he got a good look at him... He really looked like Aimi's staged enemy/rival guy. It couldn't be though, that was just a little too pat. Besides, that was all fabricated anyway. Aimi and the guy didn't even know each other! Toriko would know if they did.

    Toriko straightened himself out and ran a hand through his purple-dyed brunette hair and nodded towards the other boy before walking towards the doors. "See you around. I'm Akimoto." He gave him a little a wave and kept on walking. His Aimi-sense was tingling like mad. No doubt she was bothering some poor unfortunate soul.

  11. So there was a story about two sets of footprints in the sand, one being a person and the other some savior. The tracks Chiyoko made were nothing like that. A set of footprints, close together and deep next to a furrow that looking like it was made by a plow. "Come on you piece of..." there was a bump as the bag bumped into the lowest unburied step of the set of them leading up towards the inn.


    The beach ordeal was over!, finally, but now the climb began.

    Thump, thump, thump.

    The suitcase was pulled up one step at a time, one after the other, after the other, after the other until finally unable to take any more, sweating and puffing Chiyoko groaned, letting go of the suitcase with one hand he wiped her forehead and took a deep breath, looking up at those that remained, then to see how far she had come she looked down...

    "Three... stairs..." her voice betrayed her disbelief and with it's shakiness.

    Looking back up she spotted two figures, not quite able to make them out with the sun in her eyes.

    "Hello!" she called out waving. "Can one of you plleaaase hel..." there was a clatter as the bag slipped down the stairs and Chiyoko groaned, half slumping where she stood. "Perfect."
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  12. Lips parted with the intention of giving the girl an answer, but he just couldn't keep up with her mile-a-minute conversation pace. Already she was answering for him and Setsuna couldn't help but wonder why people asked questions they supposedly already had the answer to. Maybe it was a nervous thing? This girl, Aimi, seemed like she was a little flustered.

    And although he tried to smother it down again, Setsuna couldn't quite erase the amusement from his lips; the corners of his mouth twitched upward in a soft smile. "It's fine. Don't worry about it," he muttered and he lifted a hand up to push bangs out of his eyes, to sweep them off to one side. A brown gaze with flecks of gold looked Aimi over from head to toe, from her strange hair color to her choice of clothes. Some girls were just way over the top when it came to fashion and it made Setsuna's mind spin just thinking about it. Nevertheless, she was pretty. "Onohara, Setsuna," he added after a minute. She'd introduced herself already so it was only polite to do the same, right?

    A call came from the stairs then and he sighed just a little. This was more socializing than he'd bargained for but he couldn't really just ignore someone when they were asking for help. "Let's go," he said to Aimi before turning on his heel and strolling toward the stairs. At the very top, he looked down to find a girl standing with a defeated posture and a luggage bag flaked out in the sand at the very bottom. Actually, the girl hadn't managed to get very far with the bag and the sight caused Setsuna to voice a little snicker of amusement. "Someone call for help?"
  13. "Yahoooooooooooooooo!"

    As Toriko was exiting the Strawberry Inn, a blur of orange- accompanied by a maniacal hollering and the unmistakable roar of a motorcycle engine- came hurtling up the street and skidded to a halt a few feet away from the ryoukan's front doors.

    When the voluminous cloud of dust that was kicked up during this process started to settle, the source of the commotion was revealed to be a teenage girl astride an extremely unusual bike.


    It was painted vibrant orange with black tiger stripes. That would have been odd enough, but the 121 centimeter tail sticking up off the back end like a flag was... something else. The vehicle would easily have blended in at a bousouzoku gang meeting in Ibaraki. ...And for that matter, so might the rider. Since she wasn't wearing a helmet, her bright blond ponytail was windswept and sticking out at crazy angles, and it was a wonder that her glasses were still in place on the bridge of her nose. The royal blue jacket that she wore over a tiger-striped tank top- which, yes, matched her bike almost perfectly- looked like real leather. In short, she was the very picture of a shady character, right down to her red high-top boots.

    And she was wearing denim short-shorts.

    "Yo!" she greeted Toriko cheerfully, standing up and leaning forward over the handlebars of her bike. By all rights and the law of gravity, she should have been toppling over, and so should her motorcycle. But she wasn't. "Innkeeper! Innnnkeeeeper! Do you know the way to Kagashima Shrine?"

    She assumed that Toriko must be the innkeeper, anyway. After all, he'd walked out of the ryoukan to greet a guest, hadn't he? So Innkeeper was what she'd call him. According to her calculations, there was a 99.9% probability that she was right.

    Aoyama Sei was never wrong!


  14. "Onohara-san." Aimi said with a smile and then was promptly distracted by the thumpthumpthump of luggage and the shout of a girl down at the bottom of the steps. "Oh no! You've lost your luggage!" Aimi said in dismay, stating the obvious. "You poor dear." Then the minty green haired girl was jumping down the steps, white skirt flying up just a bit. Aimi was clearly accomplished at jumping off things while in a skirt though and her hands immediately pushed said skirt down before anyone could get a flash of her panties.

    There was a brief mental scolding as she told herself to act more ladylike but she quickly shoved the blame onto her family and was helping the new girl with her luggage. The sight of the girl's luggage popped open and her clothes falling out had Aimi wincing in sympathy. "Onohara-san! You stay there, her luggage has opened and boy's aren't allowed! You can come down after we get it all packed back in!" Aimi turned to Chioko and gave her a bright smile. "Seidou, Aimi is here to help!" She picked up a bra, her cheeks flushed and quickly shoved it into the errant luggage.

    Toriko had headed on outside only to be accosted by a loud girl on ... the strangest motorcycle known to mankind. Why would you do that to a bike? Came the first thought and then the second was ... It has a tail. What the hell? He adjusted his glasses and realized that the girl was now calling him 'Innkeeper' which set loose a whole string of thoughts that ended with his mouth slightly twisted and brows furrowed in concern and in general a flash of annoyance.

    "I'm not the Innkeeper, I'm a guest and I have no idea. You should invest in a map." Perhaps he was a little snappish. Perhaps he was channeling either of his parents. Or perhaps he was just mortified by what she had done to her bike and her crazy appearance. The boots. The boots had him more than a little concerned. She looked straight out of a biker gang! He shrugged and motioned in the general direction of where he was mostly certain the shrine was. "I looked at my map earlier, it should be around that direction. You should ask someone else. Or buy a map."
  15. Chiko hadn't even NOTICED that her bag had popped open until she looked back and that made it even worse. 'It's okay, just get the bag into the inn and eeeeveeryything will me as you pictured it... wait did that girl just say Onohara?'

    Squinting up at the boy at the top of the stairs Chioko slowly turned to go back down the stair and start shaking the sand off of a skirt before placing it in her bag and... OH NO! Her precious folder with all her hard work was lying in the sand. Forgetting that there were other people around Chioko pounced forwards onto her stomach to reach out and grab the much-loved green plastic folder and rolled over to lie on her back clutching it to her stomach making little apologetic noises.

    "Sorry." she said to the folder before pushing herself off the sand and placing it carefully into the bap and covering it with a shirt and reaching for the lid of the bag to close it.

    "Thanks for your help... I'm Kasinaya Chioko!"
  16. "What's the deal? It's just bras and panties," Setsuna teased, already having moved down a step. And he planned on descending the rest too. Or, well, he had. But as soon as the strangely familiar girl started scrambling after papers and rolling in the sand, it instantly jogged his memory. Only, wasn't it that last time she was rolling in mud?


    Oh god... It can't be! Not her!

    There was nothing like a stupid, annoying cousin to ruin one's holidays. And sure enough as the girl introduced herself, Setsuna immediately turned tail and disappeared back up the stairs. At first he was just walking with a very quick stride, probably looking like one of those elderly ladies out for their morning power walks, and like hell he cared! But after just a few steps, his desire to avoid Chiyoko turned to desperation and he broke out into a jog.

    "Ah! Why did she have to show up and ruin my holidays?! I bet it was that old man playing more pranks on me!" he grumbled, running a hand through his hair as he padded down the hallway of the inn, en route for his room. Maybe he could hide out there for a while. Maybe if he was lucky, she would just go away.