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    Okinawa, Japan. The many islands that make up the Okinawa prefecture are popular but the most popular is Okinawa Island itself, the home to the Naha and Nago cities, each with their own charms. The beach side resort you've chosen as your summer destination is gorgeous, white sand and blue clear waters. The famous Okinawan buckwheat soba noodles are in almost every shop and shaved ice and watermelon stands are around every bend. Everything is the picture of a perfect summer, the perfect summer for everyone. The general noise of the beach is even invading the quieter parts of the Island. The temples are full with those people seeking good luck charms and sight seeing. Romance is in the air and everywhere about is girls and boys holding hands and shopping or swimming or eating together.



    The Strawberry Inn is set well away from the ocean, it is shaded by gigantic old trees that shade it completely. The Inn is large with an untold number of rooms all of them very traditional in their aspects. That's where Aimi Fujiwara was, sitting in her new bedroom and holding onto her summer bag like it was going to save her from herself.

    Aimi peeked into her bag once more just for a moment. Her new bathing suit was perfect and still in the bag, she had just taken the tags off before she had stuffed in. It was a ruffly dark blue two piece number that covered up her chest and had ruffles at her hips. She wasn't really daring enough for a traditionally skimpy bikini. She adjusted her summer dress for the twentieth time and told herself that she should go have some fun. Maybe some shaved ice.

    So with bathing suit in her floral summer tote, the girl made her way outside. She almost forgot her sandals left at the door but snagged them in a hurry,doing an awkward little dance as she tried to cram her toes into them. "Ahnn." She muttered, at least the shade from the tree's made the sun less harsh but she could see the sparkling white sand from there and hear the happy shouts of the many many people.

    Aimi tipped her sunhat up, made herself smile and went out down the path and into the sunlight, the beach.

    This was going to be the best summer of her life.

    The first day of the rest of her life.

    On the floor, a strange plushie looking creature peeked an eye open and stretched itself out. "I wonder where my Master went?" It muttered drowsily before rolling back over and enjoy

  2. Strawberry Inn... the very title made Mikashima, Katsuo think of sparkly shoujo manga, cute things and flowery cut scenes, not that he minded really as he wheeled his suitcase inside and picked up his room key. If he did mind he wouldn't have picked the Inn in the first place, something like a name didn't matter so long as he was far far away from Tokyo.

    Get away... stare at the ocean... do nothing of significant meaning, a perfect summer with no concerns or pressure... yeah. He nodded to himself at the soothing idea.

    Now... where to start? He thought to himself as he stepped into his room, rolling the suit case to the foot of the bed before walking up to the paper screen door that separated his room from the outside. The Inn seemed mostly surrounded by trees, but in between them were glances of the ocean, summoning him with gentle sea breezes. Closing the screen door, he moved to pull his yukata from his bag and change into it, pausing at sight of his reflection in the room's mirror. He'd never put one on for any reason other than a festival or some other occasion, never 'just because.'

    Pulling his sandals from his bag, he dropped them on the outside of the door, before sliding them on and wandering out towards the beach. He walked along the paved road that held a few other tourists and locals, the aroma of food drawing his attention to a vendor. He purchased a plate of mitarashi dango, then sat on the wall separating beach from pavement to enjoy it, staring blankly into the oceanic horizon as he did.
  3. The waves washed around the stone tidal pool, occasionally slipping over the seaward lip of stone and filling the basin to overflowing with new water and new life. The girl, working at the far end, crouched down with her toes curled over the lip of a rock. Her long purple and black streaked hair hung in a cascade around her face in the dawn’s light that crept slowly over her. Leaning down, she dragged the chalk in her hand over the rough surface of the rock, ignoring the sound of the ocean and the creeping tide. It would not do to rush, and she needed this spot. Yes, only this very spot would do.

    She finished the circle, connecting the ends with an intricate sigil. Various symbols and notations were added as she slowly rotated. The light was rising, glinting off of seaspray and illuminating the girl in her bare feet, jeans, and loose t-shirt. None of that mattered, though, for as she finished detailing the circle, it lit up, beginning to glow. Several smaller circles scattered around the tidal pool, some beneath the water on the far side that should have, by all rights, washed away, also began to glow. They lit up in brilliant violet firelight that shone and danced as happily in water as on dry stone.

    Animals in the tidal pool scurried or swam this way or that, confused by the flamelight, and birds that had been considering coming down for an early snack veered off with annoyed squawks. The girl nodded in satisfaction as the bigger circle, connecting all the other symbols, finally lit up. She only had a moment. Her hand reached into the bag at her side, drawing out several small charms on necklaces and plunging them into the pool. This was the moment, while new life roared in, before the remaining life could escape. It was right. It was now and good and THERE! The charms lit with their own purple blaze! She yanked them from the water, watching them flicker but not burn, despite the string they were attached to being cloth. Water even dripped from them, the drops reflecting the rising sun and the violet light.

    The girl smudged the circle she stood in with one toe. The fire went out, and the chalk began to wash away. Satisfied that the tide would take with it all evidence of her morning endeavors, the girl packed the chalk stick and the charms and made her way back up the beach, retrieving shoes and changing from her saltsprayed clothes into a light blue dress, purple belt with buckle, and purple leggings. Pulling on her shoes, she raced down the beach, donning her glasses as she did so.

    Later that day, Umeko made her way along the more populated areas of the beach. She’d already sold her charms, or most of them. Only a few remained, and she was determined to spend the rest of the day relaxing. She knew coming here had been a grand idea! But now, looking out at the morning beachgoers, she wondered if staying was the best thought. She was a gangly teen nearing her eighteenth year. She was not beautiful and buxom, in fact she was tall and pale with thick, round and unfashionable glasses. Large, scared rabbit eyes did nothing to detract from the awkward look she held about her. It was hard to think of herself as what she really was when she took this guise, harder still to believe that she’d just made a handsome sum of money that would pay for most of her vacation with the charms she’d made and sold. Of course, she could never have sold them looking like this, and yet this appearance worked fine for their creation. Ah well.

    The beach was going to be a little less crowded than it had been when she’d arrived the evening before. Perhaps she could take a moment and relax inside the Strawberry Inn. That might prepare her. No, she wouldn’t retreat. Instead, she bought a can of coffee from a vending machine and sat down on the sand, watching people come and go. Finally remembering her charms and that she should hide them back in her room at the inn, she stood, turning to the road leading toward the inn. And very nearly ran into another girl. She twisted aside, but her grace betrayed her and Umeko fell into the sand, the contents of her bag falling out. Hastily, she shoved her clothes and the charms back into the bag. The coffee, now staining the roadside sand, was a lost cause.

    “I’m so so sorry! I apologize!” she said awkwardly.
  4. "ITAAAIIII!!"

    A word never before shouted from her mouth, nor had it hardly ever been muttered. But unlike her past battles, Tachibana Hiko was completely and utterly at a disadvantage and she was ashamed to admit that this demon of a flat iron was one more finger or scalp burn away from a swift victory over her.

    Pathetic. Losing to a flat iron. Hiko considered going straight back to bed, forgetting this insane idea of becoming someone knew. But then she grew mad at herself for even thinking of quitting! Giving up was the ultimate shame! Although...how those damn girly girls managed to use flat irons and curling rods every day was beyond Hiko. Judging solely on how many burns she'd received from one so-so attempt at styling her hair, lolitas and gyarus should look like a walking third-degree burn!

    Somehow, Hiko survived the hair styling, and as she surveyed her straightening hair in the mirror, she couldn't help but smile a little with glee. Just the simple act of de-frizzing her hair and giving it a healthy shine cut down her Scary Factor by fourty percent! Another twenty vanished when she'd purposely left her purple lipstick and old clothes at home while packing. So instead of things like Hawaiian shirts three sizes too big, muscles shirts, silk tracksuits, and even boy boxers, she'd made sure to pack only her freshly acquired clothing of dresses and skirts and frilly blouses, colorful V-neck tops with sparkling deco, capris and short-shorts, and even dainty sandals topped with shiny gems and a few pairs of high heels.

    These clothes required a manual, Hiko was certain of it. And thankfully her neighbor, a scary (maybe just in Hiko's opinion) himegyaru, had been more than willing to lend her some teen fashion magazines. Now she stood in front of the mirror again, white jean shorts that stopped mid-thigh, a thin-strap babydoll top, the under layer white, the over layer transparent with pink floral design. Her legs were bare, her feet soon to be clad with those lovely brown sandals with fiery orange gems that rested atop the foot.

    Her synthetic-red locks bounced a little as she lifted a makeup magazine by the corner as if it were something disgusting. Now came the hard part. But Hiko was a fast learner so it was bound to be far less dangerous than that demon flat iron, and she made sure to cast the tool a glare where it now sat cooling down, happy, she was sure, as a pig in muck.

    Wait... What had she been thinking about? Oh right. Quick learner. She was dumb as a brick when it came to school but her street smarts were supreme and she often learned from doing rather than reading about. It helped that there were picture instructions in the magazine...

    The last thing Hiko did to get ready was fit atop her head a straw fedora garnished with a pink band and flower. Then she skipped her way to the door, slipped her feet into her sandals, paused a moment to admire her painted toenails, and stepped out into the warm sunlight.

    "Ahhh~ The birds are chirping! Children are playing! And there are no fights and no underlings going 'Banchou! Banchou, those guys from Junjei High beat us up again! Teach them a lesson!' and always making me do all the work." Hiko sighed happily, and though she did miss working in the garage with her pops, she definitely liked this breath of fresh air, this Something New kind of feeling. Here she could be anyone. Here she was not the banchou of her delinquent high school. Here she would be sweet and beautiful Tachibana Hiko, a girl whose heart was aching with longing for her one true love~!

    She sighed again. Thinking like a girl was tiring. And she was feeling hot already from being out in the sun. She'd probably burn from being so damn uncovered! Short-shorts? Pahhh! She was used to track pants and ankle-length uniform skirts. "Eeeshh," she muttered, digging around in her purse for her cigarettes. With a look of utter disinterest and boredom, she placed a cig between her glossy lips and snapped her fingers. Sparks spattered the air around her fingers a brief second before a little flame popped into existence, dancing on the tip of her thumb. Lifting her hand, she lit up the end of the cig, took a drag and blew out smoke. As her eyes fluttered open again, she caught a little old lady looking at her with total shock. "Crap!" she cussed, throwing the cig down to the ground and stomping it out with her foot. Then she slapped a hand to her forehead and groaned. "Right. Pretty, goody-goody girls don't smoke! Stupid Hiko!"
  5. Aimi hadn't seen the girl so she didn't make any move to dodge. The girl ran smackdab into her and she found herself falling in a flurry of skirt and short green hair. "Aaaaah!" She squeaked as her panty covered bottom hit the sand, her skirt having flown up around her waist from the fall. Long slender white legs were now covered with sand and Aimi blinked in a daze as she brushed some of the sand off.

    The charms caught her eye though, pretty sparkly baubles always did and she held it up to capture the light. So pretty... They hummed in her hand. "Oooooh. So pretty! Oh goodness! I'm sorry!" Aimi thrust the charm back at the girl, a blush staining her cheeks as she stammered an apology and rose to her knees to help the girl with her stuff. "I'm so so sorry, I'm such a clutz." She gave a nervous laugh. "Ah, can I buy you another coffee? I'm sorry I was in your way...." She smiled to the other girl though her eyes were on the pretty charms.

    "May I ask where you got those charmed pendants? They're so pretty..."
  6. [​IMG]

    Having changed into attire more suitable for the weather, Peter Satou inhaled, having the pleasant scent of the salty breeze fill his lungs. His snugly-fit, pale green tank top was a piece of clothing he deemed suitable, taking into account the intensity of the sun's rays and heat, and the length for which it would continue. He didn't plan to go swimming on that particular day, and his dive was scheduled for a few days later - thus, instead of him attempting to pass of swimming trunks as shorts, he donned a pair of baggy shorts, the pattern covering them one akin to desert camouflage. Not being one to endorse a tacky look, Peter had abstained from wearing sunglasses, despite their presence in his suitcase - they were practical, but he had found no moment opportune enough. Not particularly hungry, the noodles would have to wait, as would the shaved ice and ice cream that seemed to constitute the area's economy. A girl had fallen over upon the sand, her can of coffee spilling its contents across the heated grains, but he paid little attention to this - not only was somebody already assisting her, but he simply didn't care for what was probably yet another insignificant happening. However, the fire flickering from a girl''s thumb raised questions - though he was more puzzled over her singed fingers. As his hands, feet and limbs had the atomic structure of diamond - the hardest substance known to man - he assumed he would feel pain, but it would not have much effect. Nevertheless, he felt compelled to comment, possibly slip in a snide remark.
    "I wouldn't do that in public," he muttered as he paced by, "Conjuring small flames isn't a widely-accepted form of lighting a cigarette."
  7. Double crap! She'd just been caught using her magic! And even though Hiko was dressed like one of those sweet, kind girls she so greatly idolized, she couldn't help but fall back into her normal attitude at the first sign of annoyance. Slowly, her head rolled on her shoulders to the side and she fixed an 'are you serious?' look on the one who'd spoken to her.

    "What are you talking about, little boy? Haven't you ever seen a magic trick? You know they're fake right? Flint rocks. I would show you them but I put them in my pocket and they must have fallen out and stop giving me such a patronizing look!" Though her tone had started off cool and calm with just a hint of intimidation, it'd quickly turned high-pitched and frustrated when she realized how stupid her excuse sounded. The urge to punch that kid in the face was strong but she settled for kicking up sand in his face and quickly walking in the opposite direction.

    "Gotta get outta here. Gotta get away from that guy," Hiko muttered, not really looking where she was walking, too busy worrying that there would be a sudden witch hunt on for her. Only her number one and two knew about her little gift. Hell, her own parents were ignorant to her bond with fire, although her father had unknowingly chosen the perfect name for her: Little Flame.

    Her panicked, blind wandering took her to her favorite place to hang with her boys back home. It was a cement medium, a wall that marked the transition from road to sandy beach. As she walked along it, she cast a glance over her shoulder to see if that weird little boy was even following her.
  8. Peter was not following the girl on purpose, but had chosen the same route to walk as she did. Granted, Hiko's path branched off in a different direction, but after the sand kicked - rather insensitively - into his face, he had no inclination to do the same thing. As she looked to check whether his presence was there or not, he simply kept walking, oblivious to the world around him - he was actually imagining a world made of desert, and was current;y replacing the sand with caster sugar. As such, he would not notice himself ploughing straight into a lamp post, nor would he take heed of anybody watching. The path ahead was obscured by his mind's wandering images, his attention in another place entirely. He wasn't even sure he was going in the right direction - he had stopped paying attention or caring ages ago, and didn't even remember what it was he was supposed to be doing on the holiday itself, let alone that particular day. However, he was shaken abruptly from this world of fantasy when his left arm collided with the metal pole, oddly crating a clanging noise, as opposed to a dull thud. However, this was not the most alarming thing - not even the volume at which it happened. It was the fact that, where his limb had come into contact with the alloy, a distinctive dent was formed, specifically an arm-shaped one. Taking a hurried glance around the general area to ascertain that nobody noticed - or cared - he moved off again, his gait far faster than before.

    If anyone asks, it was like that when I got here. Me? Have limbs with the atomic structure of diamonds? What a riot you are.
  9. Umeko blushed darkly, reaching a hesitant hand out to retrieve the charm from the other girl. She desperately wanted to simply snatch it from her and run away, but that would be suspicious. As she rose to her feet, her mind worked frantically to try and craft some story. Oddly, it didn't come with anywhere as much difficulty as she had expected.

    "Oh, there's a store. The Tide Watch? It's a watch and jewelry store and they have them in stock right now. I got these for a friend back home. Um, and there's no need to pay for another coffee. But are you alright?" The Tide Watch did have them in stock, if only because Umeko herself had sold them to the shop. She just hoped the girl didn't go looking before they put them out on the shelves. That would be awkward.

    Umeko clutched her bag now, looking the girl over. As they both held onto the charm for a second, Umeko hesitated. She's already made a good deal of money, and this girl... she had run into her. Perhaps this was a chance to actually come out of her shell some and make a friend. A friend who seemed fashionable and nice and made Umeko feel even more gawky than usual. But then, maybe it would be like one of those movies where the pretty friend helped make the gangly, ugly friend into a brand new person and both learned a valuable lesson. Umeko blinked several times, trying to chase the outrageous daydream away, and let go of the charm.

    "You... you can keep that one. I have enough for my friends at home and I can get myself another. My name's Umeko. Um. Do you want to get some shaved ice and go watch the surfers? My treat. It's the least I can do for running into you." So what if it delayed her putting her charms away? After all, she could now easily explain their presence and maybe she would make a friend and drum up business at the same time. If the store sold out fast enough, she could just make more and have even more fun money!
  10. "The Tide Watch?" Aimi's eyes lit up and she smiled happily. That was definitely the next place on her list for sure! The charms were so cute, she wanted one! "Ahhh." She blushed red, it wasn't the first time someone had just given her something she asked for and she shook her head. The last time had been a bad experience. Just in case, she thought. Aimi handed the charm back over to Umeko easily.

    "Nono, it's my fault and I couldn't possibly take your charm! I'm sure you bought it for a good reason." She smiled. "I'm glad I know where to find them though!" She cocked her head and smiled again as she considered the offer. What was the worst that could happen after all? "Of course! Shaved ice and surfers? I'm totally in! After that did you want to go into the main part of town with me to check out The Tidal Watch again? There's an adorable pastry shop about five minutes down the road from it too!" She blushed again, tucking her green hair behind her ears.

    "Sorry!" She bowed. "I didn't introduce myself! I'm Fujiwara! Fujiwara, Aimi. It's a pleasure to meet you." She was glad she didn't have name of her rather famous Father at the moment, that was certain.
  11. [​IMG] Shiro Yamazaki looked blankly at the waves as they crashed into the rocks that stood in their way, the sun beemed down and he squinted his eyes for a moment as he brought his hand up tword his face to sheild the rays from the sun. He looked back at the inn he was staying in and thought about changing his clothes for swimming, he stood up and walked back to the in he passed some people he made his way into his room and opened his suitcase looking around for his swim trunks which he had no trouble finding.

    He pulled off his fitted t shirt and folded it up placing it on his bed he pulled off the pair of baggy shorts he was wearing and took off his sneakers. He but on his red and navy striped swim trunks and then his sandals, reaching back in his bag he grabbed his towel and placed it over his shoulder. Looking around to see if he needed anything else he grabbed his shades and placed then ontop his head. Walking out his room he closed the door and made his way back down to the beach he placed his towel out on the sand and then placed his shades and sandals on them as well.

    The sand was warm against his feet and he cloed his eyes letting the light breeze rush against his body and then he opened his eyes looking at the water infront of him then walked forward feeling the cool water against his feet he sucked in a breath and dived in. The water was cold hitting his body as he opened his eyes underwater at the beauty. The small fishes swimmming in schools and the clear water made it easy to see, he came up for air looked around the beach for a moment.

  12. The sounds, scents, and feelings of the ocean... tide washing against sand, the call of gulls, gentle breeze pushing his hair, and Katsuo, just sitting seemingly in a daze as he chewed on a skewer leftover from his dango treat. Sweet soy sauce glaze stained his lip and a little spot on his cheek but he didn't fret over his appearance as he spat the skewer back onto the paper tray and licked lips clean. Back at his high school in Tokyo, where he was an acclaimed prince, he wouldn't dare get caught dead looking like a spaced out weirdo. That was the reason for this blissful vacation, where no one expected him to be the Perfect Prince of Kaisei High, and there was no need to use his ability to make such he kept said perfect reputation. Even so, some habits weren't so easy to break.

    So he glanced at the occasional passerby, focusing a little until he could see the colors no one else could (at least no one else he knew of). It was a kind of subtle aura around people that shifted and changed colors depending on their emotions. Though his eyes they became living mood rings, so to speak. Someone was going for a swim, his color was a calm one, which only made sense while taking a dip in such clear blue waters. It made him want to go get into his own swim suit... ah, but he wasn't done being lazy yet.

    A the echo of a clang sound drew his attention another guy who seemed about his age. Did he just hit a light post? ...No, that sounded more like metal hitting metal. He mentally shrugged away any concern, then noticed the girl walking along the wall separating paved walkway and beach sand. He didn't need to use his ability to tell she was worried about something. Did she know the guy back there? A lover's quarrel, perhaps? It wasn't any of his business either way. She looked like one of those annoying gyaru girls he saw so much of back in Tokyo. His usual 'prince' like attitude would lead him to ask if something was wrong anyway, but he had no such obligation here.... "Excuse me, Miss, but you seem troubled... is everything alright?" ...old habits really were hard to break.
  13. "What's it to you, pretty boy?!" Hiko barked without really thinking first, fists raised and ready to fight. Her primary reaction to being surprised was always to be defensive, to bare her teeth, because normally when she was being surprised, it was always some kind of enemy trying to cheapshot her.

    Eyes ablaze, figuratively speaking, her attitude couldn't have been further from the character she was attempting to portray. But then she realized just how she was acting and her face flushed red. Her arms snapped to her sides, her angry glare turning docile as she bit her lip and glanced off to the side. "I-I mean... It's nothing. I'm fine. Just encountered some weirdo." Bending at the waist a little, she bowed, her (for the moment) perfectly styled red locks tumbling into her face. "Thank you for your concern," she said with a sweet tone and an even sweeter expression, one she'd practiced several times in front of the mirror, as she stood straight again and pushed some hair from her eyes.

    On a second look, this boy wasn't too bad to look at, nor did he come off as the kind of boy who wasted his time with fighting. His posture was all wrong - too prim, too proper. Probably one of those high-scoring students at the top of his class. But he was cute and seemed nice enough to be concerned about a total stranger.

    "Maybe..." Hiko mumbled aloud, not really realizing it. Maybe this was her first shot to try stealing a boy's heart?! Her face flushed a little more, gaze sliding shyly up to find his.
  14. After putting the charm away, Umeko finished dusting herself off, smiling brightly and nodding. "Mhm!" Someone actually wanted to spend time with her! Who cared if she was bribing the other girl with shaved ice! Fujiwara hadn't run away, and Umeko had someone to spend the day with! She was so incredibly happy.

    That happiness hit a road block as she remembered just how awkward and gangly she would look next to the pretty girl. Her shoulders slumped slightly and she resisted the urge to hang her head. Instead, she fought to keep her smile. They say that if you smile a false small long enough, it will make you happy enough to smile for real. Maybe it works for staying happy, too. She ran the toe of her shoe along the roadside sand, making a little furrow.

    "Okay, Fujiwara-san! Let's go!" she chirped, regaining a bit of mostly false pep. "Shaved ice first!" She started walking toward the nearest stand, mind distracted for a second by thoughts of watermelon ice. She realized she was moving in her normal, graceless way. A blush flared up in her cheeks and she did her very best to mimic some of the more beautiful, graceful women she'd seen strolling along the beach just moments before. All that happened was that she looked rather silly, and yet she felt prettier than she had before. Just concentrate.


    Her toe had caught in a crack in the sidewalk and she slammed into the ground. Laughing nervously, she climbed to her feet. How embarrassing! Next time, focus on where you are walking, not how you are walking. A hand went up to shove her glasses back in place before running through her hair as she gave a rather humiliated grin.

    "Oops! I suppose they don't make sidewalks like they used to!" She couldn't bring herself to look around to see if anyone had seen the clutz attack, nor could she make herself quite meet her new friend's eyes. She's going to hate me now... she's going to think I'm the biggest failure on the beach.
  15. Aimi had missed the little pitfall for Umeko but her mind was thinking of shaved ice and pastry shops and those adorable little baubles that had caught her attention so. She gave a little leap of happiness as Umeko announced that they were hitting the shaved ice stand first. "Hooray!" She giggled over at the over girl, clearly in her own little world.

    Aimi didn't notice any sort of gracelessness in Umeko, she didn't even notice the girl's quiet unhappiness with a comparison that Aimi didn't know about, much less that she was being held to be the higher standard! Now that would have been the first in the girl's life.

    Umeko hit the ground and Aimi whirled about and was quickly kneeling beside her and helping her up. "Did you trip?" She shook her head. "Silly me, of course you tripped. " She scowled down at the sidewalk for hurting her new friend as she helped her up and dusted her off. "It is a bit uneven." She gave Umeko a bright smile.

    "It's alright, don't fret! Oh look there's the shaved ice stand and we can get our treats and sit down, yes?" Another impish smile was aimed at Umeko. "So smile, because it'll be okay, right?" She tipped the girl's head up and gave her a wink.

    "What kind of ice do you want?"
  16. Shiro was bored with the beach. He dried off and put on his shirt and sandals but kept his shirt off. After drying off he placed his towel on his shoulders and then started walking away from the beach. As he walked he looked around at all the shops and the people smiling and having a great time, it made it seem like he was in a dream. As he walked he noticed some girl on the floor and another girl helping her up and he decised to go over and make shure the girl was okay. He tapped the girls shoulder who was helping the girl up " um hey is the girll okay?".
  17. Aimi was tapped on her shoulder and she smiled up, brightly at the boy. She couldn't help the blush that quickly stained her cheeks. Boys were not her strong suit for sure! "Oh!" She giggled nervously and nodded, biting her lip a little. "She's fine, just a little fall. The sidewalk is uneven." She was getting redder.

    That was the breaking point though, she couldn't handle it! Boys were so scary and so... so! Boyish!

    "aiiiie." She grabbed Umeko's elbow and stirred her away from the boy as fast as possible. "Did you see him? Oh he came to talk to us, he asked about you!" She let go of the elbow and flamed redder. "Do you know him? Is he your boyfriend? I'm sorry!" She found herself bowing in apology, rapidly. "I shouldn't have ran off but... but..." She looked back down the beach at him.

  18. Shiro nodded glad that the girl was okay. He didn't know anyone sohe thought it be perfect to make some more friends. He watched as she blushed and he smiled slightly, she was kinda cute and then out of noewhere she ran and dragged her friend with her. He stared in confusion, not sure what he had done wrong to he jogged after them " hey did i do something wrong? i was looking to make friends here and meet new people". He looked at the girls red face and he wondered what he did that was so wrong.
  19. Umeko smile at Aimi as the other helped her up. However, she barely had time to react before the boy came over. She looked away as the boy, predictably, talked to the less awkward and prettier of the two. Never mind the fact that she'd been the one to fall. She didn't mind. At least it meant she wouldn't have to talk to a boy. Then, suddenly, she was being guided away!

    At Aimi's question, she looked away again, blushing deeply. She started to shake her head, and was about to speak, but it seemed the boy was following them, his words about meeting new people making her own denial all the more unnecessary. What would she be doing with a boyfriend, anyway? And had he heard the question about being her boyfriend? Her blush darkened. Umeko looked at the ground and refused to look up for a moment.

    She stepped back a few feet, adjusting her glasses, hoping that Aimi wouldn't run away. She glanced up and tried to give her new friend an encouraging smile, but felt it came out looking less comforting and more nervous. She didn't want to talk to the boy, it was clear.
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