Our Sins Before Us: The Tragedy of Mars

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  1. "Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds..."
    Vishnu, Bhagavad Gita, Spoken by Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer

    Welcome to another century gone by, people of 2700 AD. Two-thousand and seven hundred years since a carpenter was nailed to a cross, countless more than that since the ancestor of the same carpenter clambered down from the high branches. As soon as that first primate toe touched the hard earth beneath it, the story of humanity has unfolded. We have outlasted countless species, destroyed civilizations and built empires. In those moments, we were closer to the gods we bowed to than we could ever hope- or so we thought. From the great and awesome Kings of Babylon and Hammurabi the Lawgiver to the Empires of the Age of Colonialism, we hailed ourselves as the masters of all. In those moments, we thought ourselves paramount, that we had come as far as we could go. Nations came and borders undulated across the maps at the wills of powerful men.

    And then the atom was split.

    Humanity would never be the same. These weapons tucked away, the nations of the world held such power to destroy their brethren. Shifty-eyed, they shook hands to ensure weapons of such caliber and terrible power could never be used again, lest the sky bleed away its oxygen, the seas turn to steam and the very bedrock of the earth burns to glass. The Cold War saw such advancements that humans slipped the bonds of earth to mingle with the stars. Space has captured the imaginations of both child and scientist for centuries and from the colonisation of Mars in 2050 to present-day New Empire of Humanity, as some call it, of 2700 AD our will and our claws and our ambitions have carried us far. What was once a clawing through the skies with clenched jaws and sweat to the moon is now but a sunday walk.

    But no matter the naive and nostalgic tales of mankind through science, science turns a cold shoulder on the morality of man. New weapons are made for every cure. Great and terrible power comes to us as tests of faith and will by God. We frail apes fail, for our fickle goodness gutters at the prospect of power, of being able to be stronger than the next man, than the next tribe than the next nation. An understandable thing, still embedded in us from the first ape.

    In 2676, Sigmund Frundmark, the patriarch of the powerful Frundmark family of Old Earth and the owner of Frundmark Defense & Research, ltd. developed the ultimate weapon. And just like Dr. Oppenheimer, the Roman Emperors, the Pharaohs, Alexander and Hammurabi before them all, Robert Frundmark stared at his creation and felt his will become a God's. It was never known by anyone other than Frundmark and the scientists present at the unveiling in his private labs on Hund Station, orbiting the dead-world Nh-156. Legend had it that he had created a portal to heaven, while others had it that it was the gates of hell he'd created a spyhole into. In honesty, the latter was not far from the truth.

    One thing was sure, Frundmark was so frightened by the power of the machine he had created that he locked down Hund Station. He took every employee working there and sent them elsewhere with orders to never talk of what had been done there. Hund Station was left derelict and he made sure to never notify those in power, lest lesser men than he learn of such terrifying power that could be wielded at one man's fingertips. Frundmark thought that his actions were enough. He thought that Hund Station would be the end of it all and humanity would forever be ignorant as to what had been discovered.

    The year was 2699 when the Colonial Union, the governing body of the Human Worlds that lists the UN as a precursor, was absolutely stunned. Mars, the oldest planet to be terraformed and settled and a great momunent to the ingenuity and renewed pioneer spirit of the Human race crumbled before the very eyes of the world on interplanetary live news. Fissures in the ground split, deep valleys were torn into cities and the countryside was torn asunder in what was akin to the biblical end of the world. The deaths numbered in the millions. entire bloodlines were extinct. Humanity was dealt a harsh blow to its hubris.

    And Sigmund Frundmark wept.

    He received a transmission from an untraceable address on his Personal-Assistant-Device. His maid found him dead, a glass left empty and the bottle half-gone. His body slowly swayed, attached by the neck to the ceiling of his multi-million dollar home in his study. The later scene of paramedics and cleaning crews was interrupted by black-suited men who wished to remain nameless. Upon Sigmund's PAD, the last message received at 12:00 am was read again by one of the black-suits.


    The year is 2700, the dawn of a new century. By 2700, mankind has managed to scramble to multiple star systems around our original home in the Milky Way, setting up successful colonies. The more you go towards Old Earth and the Sol System that envelopes it, the older the colonies will be and the more civilized the populace you will find. Infrastructure is thriving and strong. The farther out you go, the less infrstructure there is and the more sparsely populated the colony is. These colonies are home to outlaw gangs and are too far-flung to fall under Colonial Union law. Some Frontier-Worlds, as they are called, are lucky enough to be approached by a mining or tech research colony to earn partnership revenue and afford mercenary crews at the least while others can afford to rely on any of the multitude of Private Security Companies.

    Other worlds, deemed Nonhabitable, like Nh-156 are bought at low prices by companies as staging areas for any number of morally and legally ambiguous projects and endeavors. The people of Mars know full well what some of these companies do with their research projects that are performed here. Overall, the Colonial Union has done much to keep the different planets and Frontier-Worlds from erupting into a war. The Colonial Union acts as a platform for the heads of planetary governments to voice their concerns to the wider audience of their peers and to avoid large-scale, force-on-force conflicts, as well as passing laws that try to limit what companies may do. Companies like Frundmark Defense & Research, ltd. always seem to find loopholes or outright disobey laws, but the Colonial Union can only do so much.

    In the wake of the 2699 attack on the Mars colony, the Special Research and Analysis Organization formed a group comprised of elements from the Central Earth Gov Military Command to investigate Frundmark Defense & Research, ltd’s connection to the attacks and to track down the weapon that was used, as well as who is behind the attack. Their sole purpose is to hunt down those responsible and kill or capture them. This team goes under the name Task Force Gray Fox.

    Important Locations

    Sol System (open)
    Earth - Humanity’s home in the vast void of space. Dotted with megacities and veined with old roadways and skylanes, this is the most densely populated of the planets of the Sol System. Its moon is not terraformed but does have a permanent human presence as home to the CEG Navy’s 1st Fleet. The Naval Training and Doctrine Command Station orbits this celestial body and serves as the training ground for those future Sailors.

    Mars - Mars was the first colony of mankind and the oldest celestial planet to have a permanent human presence. The Mars Colony was 300 years old and boasted a thriving economy and lively cityscape. Mars was home to many of the wealthy, locked away in their orbiting stations and finding many reasons to go planetside. Mars most closely resembled Earth and there was seldom something one could find on Earth that one couldn’t find on Mars. The poorer citizens of Mars often lived in favelas located in places around the inner and middle rings of the mega-cities, eking out a squalid existence in the many factories out in the offsite working areas in the wilderness.

    The 2489 Workers’ War, in which communists and other left-wing extremists attempted to wrest control of Mars’ cities from the underpaid and corrupt corporate militias made up of freelance mercenaries and shadier Security Companies prompted the Colonial Union to partner with the CEG Military Command to create the Martian Self Defense Force, a practice that has since become routine for the keeping of laws and defense of colonies the Milky Way over.

    It met a tragic and horrific end in 2699. The attack has been hailed as the single most horrific event in human history.

    Jupiter’s Moons - Titan and Europa have become a mining colony that exports precious fuels to the rest of the Sol system. Over the course of its history, it has experienced no shortage of unrest and those prospectors hired on by Greyson Cosmos Mining Company and other space mining companies have been known to engage in corporate warfare in the past, making the moons into a place where freelance mercenary crews thrive. The mercenary culture on Titan and Europa has become one of posturing and almost non-violent confrontation, as different crews found that they could live without much bloodshed but a lot of pay when they entered into an oligopoly of sorts and set up a system of controlled violence called the Blood Pits. It is rumored that this practice accounts for 5% of Titan’s yearly profits, a truly unique phenomenon.

    The security of civilian assets and the legal peacekeeping force of Europa’s three colonies’ colonial government is the Europa Internal Defense Force. This force is authorized and subject to the laws and regulations set forth by the Colonial Union and the Central Earth Government Military Command. The corporate wars of the past have been all but eradicated since the formation of the EIDF.

    Victoria Spei System (open)

    Hellena - Most known for being one of the first extra-solar colonies, Hellena was found by Hilde Gotte Industries and was a primarily civilian effort with financial backing from Hilde Gotte. Hilde Gotte was bought out by the larger Henry & Assoc. deep space mining company and the Hellena colonies sought continued support from Henry & Assoc., receiving it after guaranteeing a place in all three colonies for Henry & Assoc. survey drones. After an abundance of precious metals and gems were found to be located on the planet, Hellena experienced a rapid growth of population and wealth for its citizens. It would have threatened Mars as a place for the wealthy but for its lack of immediate vicinity to Earth.

    The Miners’ Revolt helped in cementing Hellena’s self-governance, as before widespread coverage of the conflict, Henry & Assoc. conducted a pacification war using freelance mercenaries and blacklisted security companies. This conflict erupted into the Burnestown Bush War, in which Hellenaen nationalist offshoots of the initial Miners’ Revolt spread into the other colonies on Hellena that surrounded Burnestown, a large mining town in the saharan zones on Hellena. In the interest of peace and the stability of the colonies as well as with the objective of establishing a permanent and uncontested colonial government and defense force for Hellena, CEG Military Command, by request of the Prime Minister and the CEG Council, dispatched the Navy’s 5th Fleet Carrier Group to deliver the Army’s 5th Special Forces and the 707th Basic Orbital Insertion Regiment to Burnestown, and a detachment of Marines to the city of Vega.

    Hellena is still home to minor rebel groups but the presence of Henry & Assoc. has been eliminated. Once the Hellenaen colonial government was established and the Hellenaen Internal Defense Force created by officers trained by 5th Special Forces and the 707th BOI Regiment, the peacekeeping force sent by CEG slowly but steadily withdrew. Hellena remains a largely well-to-do planet with its four rich colonies of Burnestown, Vega, New Judea, and Victoria.

    Cities -

    Burnestown - The first colony to be established on Hellena, the people in this colony are primarily Caucasian from the UK and France with a smaller but still significant presence of East Asians from China, Japan and Korea. Burnestown is the richest of the settlements, being the prime exporter of rare precious gems to the jewelry markets of humankind.

    Vega - Vega’s mines have all but dried up and it would have ceased Vega’s growth if it wasn’t for the newly-elected Mayor being part of the Gung family, one of three families of Old Earth’s Golden Dragon Triad. Vega is now home to a plethora of casinos, hotels, nightclubs and many other attractions appealing to anyone who gambles, fornicates, parties or uses. The Golden Dragon Triad have operated quietly but have steadily begun to spread to the other colonies on Hellena, peddling their synthetic drug called Cat’s Eye, a trade that troubles the HIDF to no end.

    New Judea - Originally settled by ethnic Jews, New Judea has become a melting pot of different cultures. New Judea is a quiet town on the edge of Hellena’s oceans on the main continent and makes a living both mining gems gems from the bottom of the Hellenaen oceans or from fishing.

    Victoria - Originally Fort Victoria, Victoria was settled by a menagerie of malcontents from less stable colony planets. Over the years and through the help of Hellena’s colonial government and the strong presence of HIDF, Victoria is slowly becoming a better area to live and work, with its mines expanding across the mountains, the financial circumstances of Victoria, as well as the new influx of jobs has turned Victoria from a dingy town in the mountains filled with unfavorable individuals to a slowly growing city. It is rumored that Victoria’s surrounding mountains are home to insurgent groups being funded by the Golden Triad’s drug money. For what purpose the Golden Triad supposedly gives them income is unknown.

    Keppen System (open)

    Dutch - Dutch is a recently settled frontier-world on the edge of human-space in the Milky Way. Known for its untouched world dotted with ancient cities of yet unknown age or origin, Dutch is a unique find. Mapped from the neighboring Van Hurst System’s colony world and settled by South African explorer Francis Dutch, Dutch is a purely private effort and a relatively successful example of a private colony. Little of Dutch has been explored save for the areas that eventually became the two colonies on Dutch. What is known is that Dutch’s continent of Nuwe Paradyse was once home to an intelligent species that had not yet made it out of the equivalent of their medieval age. Stone or timber-wall fortified cities and castles veined with cobblestone or packed-dirt streets are all that remain of the original inhabitants, making Dutch a place where archaeologists, anthropologists and adventurers flock to in droves.

    A far-less intelligent species nicknamed Raptors by the local populace for their reptilian features are both feared and hated, as they are known to abduct settlers, archaeologists, anthropologists and adventurers for gruesome and macabre practices. These Raptors live in tribal communities and seem to war amongst themselves as often as they raid human settlements. Raptors have also become an interest to the archaeologists and anthropologists, who will sometimes hire hunters from the settlements as guides, a risky venture for both parties that rarely end up succeeding, but remain a very lucrative opportunity for the famously hardened and adventurous hunters and woodsmen and women of Dutch.

    Another, more friendly species has recently been discovered in the frigid northern island of Skjulteland but remain reclusive and sightings of them are rare. Nicknamed the Huldúfolk or Hidden People, after Faroese folklore. Huldufólk are said to be tall and pretty, and always dressed in grey. They are neither good nor evil, dislike crosses, churches and electricity, and live in big rocks or mounds. The similarities between the Huldúfolk of Skjulteland and Faroese folklore is that from the rare sightings, the Huldúfolk are said to have skin of grey, stand at an estimated height of 3 meters or roughly 9-10 feet tall and have heads of what appear to be long and amazingly white hair, large and pointed ears and a lack of distinguishing features on their long and angular faces. Skjulteland has one research base belonging to Dr. Edward Hazel and his team.

    A much more hospitable species is located on the other side of the world from Nuwe Paradyse and Skjulteland, named B’ikfit by its people. Human mingling was discouraged by Colonial Union officials, but it has not stopped some offworlders from trading gold and other minerals and superior steel to the B’ikfiti in exchange for furs and tusks of local game to sell on the black market for small fortunes apiece. There is a small shanty town in the swampy jungles of southern B’ikfiti called Smuggler’s Rest where an outlaw smuggler going by the alias Humboldt and his crew have set up shop to trade with the B’ikfiti.

    Cities/Settlements -

    Nuwe Paradyse - Nuwe Paradyse is a fort-town located near the coast on the planet’s largest continent. The continent shares the name of the fort-town, as it was the first established settlement in the region. Nuwe Paradyse has a strong culture of fishermen, hunters and woodsmen. The forming of the Nuwe Paradyse Rangers, or known by their more famous colloquial name “Greencoats”, by former CEG Army Special Forces officer Gregory Burke was out of a common need for protection against Raptor raids. In the tradition of Francis Marion and other famous rangers, Burke’s Greencoats are usually the ones to mount rescue missions for abducted persons and will track troublesome Raptor tribes through the jungles and use their techniques against them. Their lack of modern military technology like MCUs and higher-end weaponry does not hinder these hardened men and they are the only ones standing between the people of Nuwe Paradyse and the Raptors. Among some of the inhabitants, Francis Dutch is still their elected leader and continues to live on the world both in Nuwe Paradyse and visiting the ruins at the age of 90.

    Skjulteland Outpost - A small camp established on the northern island of Skjulteland, the largest and northernmost island in a snowy archipelago, created to observe the inhabitants of Skjulteland, the Huldúfolk. There is not much here for those who are not in the field of anthropology, being a purely scientific endeavor.

    Smuggler’s Rest - Though not an official settlement on the planet of Dutch, Smuggler’s Rest is not often visited by those who are not privy to the outlaw lifestyle and Humboldt and his crew are not quick to trust outsiders. Humboldt is there for one purpose only: to get rich from selling contraband.

    Van Hurst System (open)

    Sirius Station - Orbiting the large gas giant of Victus is the mining station of Sirius. Established by Vicksby Fuels, Sirius Station exports the largest amounts of gas from Victus and ship material metals from the surrounding asteroid fields to rival Jupiter’s moon colonies, owned by Vicksby Fuels’ competitor company. Sirius Station has since become more than just a mining platform, as it has evolved into a place of living for many of Vicksby Fuels’ employees. Shopping stations and restaurants are among the facilities afforded to keep Sirius Station a viable living option for the inhabitants and a source of profit for Vicksby.

    Orion Station - Floating in the asteroid belt and built out of the hollow innards of an asteroid is Orion Station. Orion Station was originally a mining facility that stripped the massive piece of rock of its ore veins to ship to any number of shipyards in the number of systems of mankind. Now a haven for malcontents, mercenaries, a place to hire blacklisted security companies, assassins, drug manufacturers, spy rings and any number of lawless and shady entities and individuals, Orion Station is a hive of scum and villainy in the Milky Way. The Soto Murai Syndicate of Old Earth and Hokotei are known to operate here, using Orion Station as their first stop for their synthetic drug, Angel’s Blood.

    Hokotei - This planet is twice the size of Earth and orbits the twin stars of the Van Hurst system right in the middle of the goldilocks zone. Settled originally by powerful members of the Soto Murai Syndicate, Kinsberg has become a hub for party-goers and fast-livers. With a selection of decadences to rival Vega on Hellena, Hokotei is a grand dreamchild of Tokyo and Las Vegas. One of few extra-solar megacities made up of:

    Old Hokotei - A place that houses the hotels, casinos and neighborhoods of the Old Money. Old Hokotei is where most of the business of the Soto Murai syndicate is done. This is the most dangerous part of the city and one where the hand of the Soto Murai are far less benevolent than in the Four Great Rings. One wrong step and one is apt to become a cold case. The Soto Murai are known sex traffickers as well as one of the largest drug syndicates.

    The Golden Ring - The last stop before Old Hokotei. This is the place with most of the street vendors, bootleggers, low-cost street prostitutes, better-run brothels, bars, smaller clubs, diners and other tastes of the slower-paced have planted themselves. The Golden Ring also holds the Hokotei Spaceport, where visitors are offloaded from the Spacestation after long trips. Some don’t go home.

    The Four Great Rings - the four outer rings that grew out from Old Hokotei to rise higher than the inner-city that birthed it. This is where the New Money stays, as well as where most of the tourism goes, hiding the fact that if one were to go beneath these four outer layers, they would find the dark heart of Hokotei. Nightclubs, casinos, hotels, restaurants, any number of amenities to indulge in one’s vices are available here for all.

    *More colonies may be submitted here. Please Include a condensed history of the colony world and any important cities.

    Factbook Central Earth Government - Central Earth Government is the central civilian government that administers Earth. It houses the Colonial Union, the Central Earth Gov Military Command and the United Nations. Handling any matters of Earth Gov foreign policy and planetary security falls to the Planetary Response Staff, which is an arm of the Special Research and Analysis Organization.

    Colonial Union - The Colonial Union is the governing body that handles all matters colonial. The Colonial Union also keeps extensive records on every colony that describes every colony in near excruciating detail, from population to a given city’s sewer system.

    CEG Military Command - The CEG Military Command is the organization that handles all military matters concerning humanity and its colonies across the stars. The CEGMC is capable of undertaking peacekeeping operations and any matters of planetary security for Earth and any colonies. It is comprised of the departments of the Central Earth Gov Army, Central Earth Gov Marine Corps, Central Earth Gov Navy and Central Earth Gov Air Force.

    Special Research and Analysis Organization, Planetary Response Staff - The SRAO has three traditional principal activities, which are gathering information about foreign governments, corporations, and individuals; analyzing that information in order to provide a planetary security intelligence assessment to senior Earth Gov policymakers; and, upon the request of the Prime Minister of the CEG, carrying out or overseeing covert activities and some tactical operations by its own employees, by members of the CEG military, or by other partners. It can, for example, exert foreign political influence through its tactical divisions, such as the Planetary Response Staff. The Planetary Response Staff handles all clandestine paramilitary operations on behalf of the SRAO as well as the collection of clandestine HUMINT, SIGINT, MASINT and IMINT.

    Task Force Gray Fox - Task Force Gray Fox is a joint task force assembled and headed by the Special Research and Analysis Organization’s Planetary Response Staff with direct support of CEGMC-SOCOM. Made up of operators from the CEGMC-SOCOM’s Special Compartmented Element as well as contractors from the Planetary Response Staff.

    CEGMC-Special Operations Command, Special Compartmented Element - CEGMC-SOCOM is the Unified Combatant Command charged with overseeing the various Special Operations Component Commands of the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps of the CEG Military Command. The command is part of the CEG Ministry of Defense and is the only Unified Combatant Command legislated into being by the CEG Council. CEGMC-SOCOM is headquartered at Cambridge Air Force Base in South Africa.

    CEGMC-SOCOM pulls from each branch of the CEG Military Command to staff its Special Compartmented Element, the Tier-0 Special Mission Unit tasked with only the most sensitive of assignments, simply called “The Element.” Operators in the Element are allowed and encouraged to have a liberal grooming standard, able to wear their hair long and go unshaven if they so choose.

    Important Technology
    Common Transportation - For all of the worlds with a decent and strong infrastructure, the most common form of transportation is a futuristic version of Old Earth’s concrete roadways. Skylanes are roads that are projected across an expanse between two computers. The signal given off by these computers renders the road to a holographic HUD inside sky-cars, the fabled “flying cars of the future.”

    In addition to this, public transport for those who prefer or can not afford a sky-car are the light-rails that line the mega-cities of the different worlds inside the Planetary Union. The only walking that takes place are usually within shopping centers and plazas or the insides of the cloud-scraping apartment complexes or the lower-levels of the cities that house the vagrants, criminals and other unsavory characters.

    Personal-Assisstant-Device(PAD) - PADs are most simply compared to 21st century smart phones.

    Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV)/AI Drones - UAVs come in two classes, Fighters and Darters, and are operated using either an operator at the joystick or an AI computer, in the case of Drones. Fighters usually have bodies that are 6 - 10 meters in length with an appropriate wingspan and are used to patrol an airspace and can engage in interceptor roles to take out unauthorized aircraft, spacecraft or Vacuum/Atmospheric-Craft. Darters can be anywhere from the size of a dragonfly to the size of a seagull and are used for reconnaissance and espionage purposes.

    Vacuum/Atmospheric-Craft(V/A-Craft) - Vacuum/Atmospheric-Craft are winged vehicles capable of taking off from a land-based platform to engage in space flight. These craft are often used for the loading and off-loading of commercial freight or transport vessels as well as a long-range fighter/interceptor model in use by the CEG Air Force and Navy. These vehicles are also used in heavily modified versions by the Global Response Staff and The Element to deliver their personnel to the area of operations, sometimes via High-Atmospheric Low Opening* technique.

    Humanoid/Non-Humanoid Automata - In the world of robotics, much has been achieved. The industry of robotics has made huge leaps and bounds in the 700 years after the one we live in now. The advancements of AI and robotics have inevitably merged some time in the past and the child of these two is Humanoid Automata. Humanoid Automata is only restricted by a few laws that coincide with the Artificial Intelligence act of 2120, stating that Artificial Intelligence outside of military use must not exceed the IQ range of 50-70. Some have started to take a stand against this and there is a large black market for AI smarter than the average. Some Private Military Companies function with the use of humanoid and non-humanoid automata working as their frontline security rather than risking the lives of humans.

    Liquid Armor - In the year 2100, Liquid Armor was made available in large quantities to both the military and civilian sector. It started out as kevlar layers soaked in a special fluid that hardens within milliseconds upon experiencing certain levels of physical trauma. In 2700, this works in the same way, except now weapons systems have come up with certain measures to negate the liquid armor. These thin layers of kevlar soaked in special fluids are still in use in 2700 and are used in tandem with hardened ceramic plates made of a material highly resistant to penetration.

    Modular Combat Uniform - Units within the military will use hermetically sealed g-suits, especially when boarding V/A-Craft or spacecraft, operating in aquatic environments or inserting via H-ALO drop. These combat uniforms are called the Modular Combat Uniform. The Modular Combat Uniform utilizes a special system within its helmet that gives the wearer an increased field of view that widens the peripheral vision of the wearer. It takes some time to get used to but wearers are exposed to this system early on in their training for periods of time to get them used to it.

    Modular Combat Uniforms also possess the ability to utilize an active camouflage system for thirty minutes at the longest before the internally housed battery within the suit needs to recharge itself. In addition to this, to further lessen the possible footprint of operators wearing the MCU, when the visor’s sound nullifying field is engaged, no sound can escape the helmet and to cut down on the use of comms to enforce commsec, operators can still transmit their voices over line-of-sight voice-link web. By synchronizing their suit’s computers before a mission, the suits will transmit vibrations picked up by the visor to any operator in the web as long as they are within sight when the sound-nullifying-field is engaged.

    The Mk. IV and V variants of the MCU that is available to well-funded Special Missions Units like CEGMC-SOCOM's Special Compartmented Element and the Planetary Response Staff are fitted with integrated motorized exo-skeletons to supplement the strength of the wearer and to support the joints where it is needed, especially helpful during airborne insertions like High-Altitude Low Opening or Military Freefall and High-Atmosphere Low Opening. Since the Mk. IV and V variants have a hermetically sealed skin capable of controlling the wearer's body temperature during strenuous activity or to guard against the extremely low temperatures of space, the exo-skeletons are equipped with air jets to facilitate the ability of operators to carry out VBSS operations on spacecraft.

    Guns and Ammunition - In 2700, cartridges are a thing of the past, both caseless and those that come with a metal casing. Instead, another form of ammunition is in use by the military: the weapon working off of an action that makes use of projectiles shaven off of dense-block nanomaterial. The advantage is that while caseless ammunition was taken over due to the lighter weight of the caseless ammunition and resultant higher ammunition capacity of weapons, using the experimental dense-block nanomaterial takes this concept to another level. With perhaps one or two extra blocks of ultra lightweight nanomaterial, the soldier is able to fire for extended periods of time and cut down exponentially on the weight of their field kit. The tradeoff is that these weapons are prone to overheating quickly as prolonged periods of fire are experienced by the weapon.

    This still gives the caseless ammunition of the recent past a place in the hands of soldiers, who sometimes prefer the caseless ammunition kept in magazines to cut down on the possibility of putting their weapon out of action for a long period of time by overheating it. The tradeoff here is that their kit will have more weight, but many are willing to shoulder the burden.

    * * *
    Character Sheet Skeleton

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Appearance: You have three options here. Pictures of real people, well-drawn character portraits or a detailed description. No anime. None. No.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Short Bio: What should be here is history of service in the military or SRAO, and anything about their homeworld and upbringing. Operative word here is short, please.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Personality: Personality’s root word is person. Fears, likes, dislikes, prejudices are all the things that make a person what they are.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Certifications: Things like weapons certifications and military skills awarded by military schools go here. For example, the US Army's Ranger School gives out the coveted Ranger Tab to its graduates, making the soldier Ranger Qualified. Special Forces will get a HALO certification through their training and all snipers go to Sniper School. Got it?[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Role: [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Choose from available.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Preferred Modular Combat Uniform:[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Preferred Main Weapon:[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Preferred Sidearm:[/BCOLOR]
    Accepted Characters
    Team 1(Door-Kickers)
    Kyung-Soon Chyul - O|NoSoul - Weapons Specialist, Team Leader
    1xWrist-mounted PAD linked to Team 1 vitals and location, GPS, holomap and notepad w/objectives and important intel, linked to Team 2 Leader's PAD, self-destructs if user vitals go cold
    2xExtra ammunition bundle
    3xFragmentation grenade
    1xSmoke grenade

    Ajax Toverick - Cheeki Breeki - Pointman
    1xDeployable Wrist-Mounted Portable Cover
    *Ability to carry shotgun in addition to main weapon. Note: Main weapon can not be another shotgun. Sorry.

    Tobias Loew - Dervish - Demolitions Specialist
    3xFragmentation Grenade
    3xDoor Charge
    3xIncendiary Charge
    1xPackable Lightweight Melting Torch

    [Character] - [Player] - Medical Specialist
    3xAdrenaline syringe
    3xMorphine syringe
    2xBandage rolls
    1xCan of bio-gel
    1xClothing shears

    [Character] - [Player] - Weapons Specialist, Support Gunner
    2xExtra ammunition bundle
    3xFragmentation grenade
    1xSmoke grenade

    Team 2(Sneaky)
    Maral Saijar - Glaciercold - Technical Specialist
    1xWrist-mounted PAD linked to Team 2 vitals and location, GPS, holomap and notepad w/objectives and important intel, linked to Team 1 Leader's PAD, self-destructs if user vitals go cold
    1xEavesdropping Laser-Target-Device(Works by pointing the non-visible laser within a 5ft radius of target or onto a surface like glass to measure vibrations in the air that are transmitted back as voices)
    3xSmall package of tracking dust
    1xTracking dart-gun w/ 3 darts
    1xTablet linked to darts and dust

    [Character] - [Player] - Drone Operator
    1xWrist-mounted PAD linked to Team 1 vitals and location, GPS, holomap and notepad w/objectives and important intel, linked to Team 2's PAD, self-destructs if user vitals go cold
    1xHousefly Darter
    1xBall-bearing darter
    1xUAV terminal

    [Character] - [Player] - HUMINT Specialist, Interrogator
    1xPersonalized "Toolbox"
    1xWrist-mounted PAD linked to Team 1 vitals and location, GPS, holomap and notepad w/objectives and important intel, linked to Team 2's PAD, self-destructs if user vitals go cold

    [Character] - [Player] - HUMINT Specialist, Interrogator
    1xPersonalized "Toolbox"
    1xWrist-mounted PAD linked to Team 1 vitals and location, GPS, holomap and notepad w/objectives and important intel, linked to Team 2's PAD, self-destructs if user vitals go cold

    * * *

    Standard-Issue Equipment

    Modular Combat Uniforms

    Mk. IV (open)

    Mk. IV
    The Mk. IV Modular Combat Uniform was developed for wider use by all CEG forces and remains a cheaper alternative to the more expensive Mk. V. The weight of the Mk. IV MCU is due to the extra protection afforded to the operator through the use of ceramic front and back plates as well as liquid armor soaked kevlar layers. MOLLE systems are in place to help carry whatever an operator expects to be of use in the operation at hand. The HUD features vitals, compass, minimap, ammo counter, distance-estimation-laser system, comms, line-of-sight voice-link web computers and noise-nullifying visor.

    Mk. V (open)

    Mk. V
    The Mk. V Modular Combat Uniform was developed with light weight and fast movement in mind. When the situation calls for a quick in-and-out then the Mk. V is the go-to for SOF units that needed a uniform that accommodated ease of movement and mobility. The only tradeoff is the slight lack of protection. While still being made out of the same liquid armor, the hermetically sealed skin is thinner and the chest and thigh rigs have fewer layers of kevlar soaked in liquid armor.


    PDWs and SMGs

    Aesir Arms 5.7 Caseless PDW (open)
    The Aesir Arms 5.7mm caseless PDW was adopted by The Element and other SOF units for its very short package with an armor-piercing round. It is mainly used in aircraft, spacecraft or V/A-Craft search-and-seizure, as well as by vehicle crews and pilots.

    Chengdu Armaments Striking Dragon 5.7 Caseless PDW (open)
    The Chengdu Armament PDW 5.7 is an ultra-compact machine-pistol that comes with a folding stock, spring-loaded tanto blade in the pistol-grip and a delayed-recoil system that enables the operator to maintain a good level accuracy until the third round is fired.

    Chengdu Armaments Tiger-Crane 4.7mm Caseless PDW (open)
    Chengdu armaments created the 4.7mm caseless submachinegun with the ability to fire standard full-metal jacket 4.7mm caseless ammunition or 4.7mm explosive-tipped rounds meant for penetrating ceramic plates inside heavier armors to compensate for its lack of power. Designed with a melee striking face and a delayed-recoil system that is standard in Chengdu armaments’ PDWs and submachineguns.

    Assault Rifles and Carbines

    Barque & Fremen MWP (open)
    The Barque & Fremen Defense Dense-Block Nanomaterial Modular Weapons Platform is the state-of-the-art weapons platform used by militaries that can afford these pieces of weaponry, also available in carbine length. This is a modular system, able to be outfitted for various roles due to the astounding effective distance of 2.4 km for dense-block nanomaterial projectiles. The only role not fit for this weapons system is as light machine gun, due to the intense heat build-up characteristic of these weapons systems.

    Barque & Fremen Mk. 8 IAR (open)
    The Barque & Fremen 6.5mm caseless ammunition assault rifle feeds from a rotary magazine that holds 60-80 rounds. This is also a modular system from Barque & Fremen, capitalizing on their recent popularity and military contracts for weapons system designs.

    Birkaine Arms & Security VS-13 (open)
    The Birkaine Arms & Security VS-13 assault rifle fires the 6.8x43mm caseless ammunition designed by partner Heinkel & Gollewainen. By no means a new design, it owes its shape to the 20th century Kalashnikov rifles of Russian fame. Birkaine, being an arms design and security contracting company founded by Russian Misha Birkaine, wanted to give the people a low-priced but well-designed and reliable rifle and to standardize the rifle used by his company’s security contractors. He succeeded more than he first expected, as some militaries contracted Birkaine’s company to design them a modern incarnation of the rifle.

    Crestwater Armories Automatic Special Operations Carbine(ASOC 6.5) (open)
    The Crestwater Armories bullpup-carbine is the welcome middle between PDW and assault rifle. Used in craft search-and-seizure, this carbine is a handy piece of equipment to have when more firepower but less length is needed. It fires a caseless 6.5mm round.

    Sniper and Marksman Rifles*

    Jerusalem Arms Blackrock .308 (open)
    Jerusalem Arms Company designed a DMR for the CEG Military Command in 2675 for the CEG’s need for a more modern sniper rifle after the New Jonestown and Paul’s Landing Colony Revolts. After a lengthy selection process, Jerusalem arms won out. Fires a .308 caseless imprint round that paints the area where the last round landed, calculates the distance and reports it to the operator of the rifle, designating it as a target. The user has the option to disregard by cancelling the computer’s calculation or accepting the calculation and firing again. This system has led to an increase in the efficiency of marksmen by roughly 34%.

    Christiansson Defense LRR (open)
    The original straight-pull bolt-action sniper rifle of the CEG armed forces. Designed by Christiansson Defense Company, it fires a caseless .308 caseless round.

    *The Barque & Fremen Dense-Block Nanomaterial MWP can be used in this role.

    Support Weapons

    Faro Armories Mk. III G-PMG (open)
    The Faro Armories Mk. III G-PMG uses a caseless 6.5mm round from a drum magazine that holds 220 rounds and has been the preferred support weapon of the North American Union and CEG Army for decades, earning its stripes in the Burnestown Bush War in the hands of the 707th HALO Regiment on Hellena during their peacekeeping operation.

    Franz-Werner M-470 SSW (open)
    The Franz-Werner Defense Industries’s M-470 Squad Support Weapon is the standard light machine gun in use by the CEG Navy and Marine Corps. A solid weapon that’s seen numerous military actions and has not heard the complaint of one Marine. Fires a caseless 7.62 round from a box magazine holding 170 rounds.


    Birkaine Arms Kestrel Mk. VI (open)
    Birkaine Arms & Security provided an semi automatic shotgun for their Security Contractors as well as for sale in the military and civilian sectors. Another throwback design to the saiga shotguns, its box magazine boasts a 13 shell capacity.

    Barque & Fremen Pointman (open)
    This automatic shotgun was designed and manufactured by Barque & Fremen Defense for use by military and law enforcement for close-quarters combat and door breaching. It feeds from a dual-tube, allowing it to hold two different shell types or a large amount of one.


    Faro Armories CQT-5.7 (open)
    Faro Armories designed and manufactured this handgun for law enforcement, military and civilian use. Fires a caseless 5.7mm round from a 20 round magazine and comes in an integrally suppressed version.

    Crestwater Navaja (open)
    Crestwater armories designed and manufactured this handgun that fires a caseless 9mm round from an 18-round magazine.

    Barque & Fremen M-2112 .45 Caseless (open)
    Barque & Fremen began manufacturing the M-2112 when they bought the design and made a few reworkings to the internal mechanisms to support caseless ammunition. Those with an eye for history and a feel for quality and reliability will pick this sidearm. Fires a caseless .45 round from a 12-round magazine.
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  2. Name: Maral Saijar

    Age: 80

    Gender: Female

    Picture (open)

    A sharp and striking woman, Maral's biological age is held in check by nano-bio-augmentations, essentially giving her the appearance of a mid-aged female. She has a mildly tanned skin color, shoulder length black hair and a hybrid of Asiatic and Caucasian facial features. She stands at just short of 6 feet/1.8 metres, with a naturally slight build toned from artificial enhancement and regular exercises.

    Her nails are painted in a vintage camouflage pattern called Multicam.

    Short Bio: For most of her childhood, Maral spent it on Earth; specifically, an Old Earth nation known as Kazakhstan. Her parents were conservative, at least for the standard of such an interconnected age. They kept the quantum computers at a minimum, and was one of the few who taught their children handwriting. Maral never had much interests in the traditional teaching, for she would frequently sneak off to her friends' homes, where they plunged themselves in VR games until her parents unplugged the simulation.

    After she became an adult at the age of 18, Maral was eager to leave home on a CEG sponsored scholarship to study electrical engineering in Rio De Janeiro. While at school, Maral finally found her calling and exceeded in her tech courses. Additionally, she joined the university's shooting team and won silver in the South American Military Rifle Championship. While she was living her dreams in Brazil, her credits were running out. Taking the counselor's advice, she upgraded her CEG scholarship into a full service contract.

    Maral's governmental service records started with a decade in SRAO. In particular, she worked her way up from a junior MASINT analyst into a fully qualified agent. One notable incident was a mass digital heist on a Venusian bank. Her team was instrumental in tracking and locating the criminals and neutralizing their networks.

    Following her SRAO career, Maral was selected by a joint SRAO/SOCOM committee to augment SOCOM as a signals specialist. Although technically still part of SRAO, she accompanied various special operators by providing technical specialties. For most missions, Maral would act in support capacities, by maintaining drone surveillance on PDAs and over-watch on her trusty Jerusalem .308.

    After serving four decades with the government of humanity, Maral switched to private security contractors. At this stage, her experience was more valuable briefing the decision-makers than conducting field missions. Qinfeng Interplanetary stationed her in the Grus system, a bustling frontier that kept her busier in her office than all of her CEG field-works before.

    Ironically, Maral would ultimately retire back to Kazakhstan at the age of seventy. Unlike their daughter, the elder Saijars were skeptical of the latest bio-enhancements and lived their entire lives au-naturel. Her centennially old father already succumbed to old age, and her mother was rapidly deteriorating. Maral lived her seventy-first and seventy-second caring for her elderly mother, and when the old woman passed away, Maral stayed in Kazakhstan.

    However, just as she settled in for the next century on the Central Asian plains, Maral received an email from the CEG. Mars was torn asunder and Frundmark dead, in his home. It seems like fate had once again called her back to action...

    • Maximum CEG security clearance (updated in 2680)
    • Drone operation
    • Ground vehicle operation
    • Surveillance
    • Field signals
    • H-ALO
    • Orbital insertion
    • EVO and spatial VBSS
    • Augmented (improved reflex and vision, enhanced circulatory system, anti-aging )
    Weapon proficiencies: Tiger-Crane, MWP, Jerusalem .308, Faro CQT, Navaja

    Role: Team 2 technical specialist

    Personality: Analytical and inquisitive, Maral approaches problems with unorthodox solutions. Indeed, her service record was not that of a textbook operative. Instead, some of her operations was border line illegal. But in the end, the problems were resolved; and this formed a large part of Maral's mentality, the end justifies the means.

    At her younger days, she would came off as hot-headed and always direct with people. Now, Maral's eight decades in life taught her patience. She traded her disdainful scorn for a caring smile, the cynical sneer for a knowing nod. In the core, she never lost her readiness. Once a soldier, always a soldier; Maral is still willing to kill, if the situations demands.

    Preferred Modular Combat Uniform: Mark 5

    Preferred Main Weapon: Jerusalem .308 with smart scope and molding hand rest.

    Preferred Sidearm: Faro CQT 5.7 with counter-sound wave modification, in a magnetic holster.
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  3. Name: Kyung-Soon Chul

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Age: [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]40[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Gender: Female[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Appearance: [​IMG][/BCOLOR]

    Kyung-Soon, like her parents, are above average height for Koreans, reaching 6'. She figures this is the work of some of her family practicing gene-picking farther down the line than she'd care to look. Her frame is lithe but dense with muscle and she has one tattoo commemorating her time with the CEG Army's Special Forces, the unit insignia for the 5th Special Forces, done with nano-marking to be able to change shape with the use of a stylus into something less conspicuous.

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Short Bio: Kyung-Soon was born to a military couple of Korean descent on the Mars colony in the city of Chappston. She grew up leading a mostly solitary life with few friends, instead focusing on educational and extracurricular activities, so that the few friends she did make were through either sports or any of the clubs she joined throughout her educational career. She never left the Mars colony and she stayed mostly in the same area throughout her younger years until her father received his commision in the CEG Navy and the family packed up to move to Earth.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The military culture was not a strange creature to Kyung-Soon and she never complained about the restrictions her parents had put on her life due to the sensitive nature of her parents’ jobs, one being in the intelligence field while the other was in a Naval Special Warfare SBT, or Special Boat Team. Contrary to what one might expect from such an upbringing, her small circle of friends and activity in school clubs and sports was entirely of her own accord. She distinguished herself on the girl’s rugby team, girl’s soccer team and during her senior year in highschool, she strayed from school sports and enrolled in Goju-Ryu Karate, earning her black belt by the time she decided to follow in her parents’ footsteps and enlist in the CEG Army.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Over the course of her military career, she was on a modest number of two deployments as a member of the CEG Army’s Special Forces. She found her first taste of combat deploying with the 707th HALO Regiment of the CEG Army, performing Direct Action raids with the paratroopers during the Burnestown Bush War of 2692. Her job as a Communications Sergeant within her ODA had her manning the radio and teaching the local militia how to do so on her second deployment. Towards the end of her second deployment, she earned a battlefield commendation for showing bravery on the field of battle when her ODA’s Intelligence Sergeant suffered the loss of his right leg to an enemy rocket during an outreach mission to a far-off settlement in insurgent-held territory. After her time in the military, she put in an application to the SRAO and now holds a position as a Paramilitary Officer in the Planetary Response Staff.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Personality: Kyung-Soon is an unexpectedly warm individual outside of her workplace and as such, possesses a good ability to separate work from down-time. During operations, she holds herself up as a squared-away individual, both out of training and necessity, as female members of the CEG’s Special Forces community are still a rarity and are held to a much higher standard due to their gender. She does not hold any pre-conceived notions about her skill as a soldier against anyone, but instead chooses to let her shining accomplishments speak for her along with a probably smug smirk.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]She is a proud woman and looks upon her career and life as one filled with achievement and adventure. She may slip deep into thought if not given conversation and she remains haunted in those moments by what she’s seen. Being from the Mars colony herself has sucked away some of her warm personality as the loss of the colony hit close to home for her, having kept in contact with many friends who did not have the blind luck to leave before the Mars Tragedy as well as many family members who called Chappston and other Mars cities home. She has become almost too engrossed in the Frundmark case and requested a spot in Task Force Grey Fox to personally hunt down those who are behind the Mars Tragedy.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Certifications: Paratrooper Certification, Airborne Tab, CEG Army[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Military Freefall, CEG Army[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]MILCOM Basic Orbital Insertion, CEG Army Special Forces[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]H-ALO Military Freefall, CEG Army Special Forces[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Combat Diver, CEG Army Special Forces[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]CEG Army SF SERE School Graduate[/BCOLOR]
    Nautical Vessel VBSS Certification, CEG Army Special Forces
    [BCOLOR=transparent]V/A-Craft EVA VBSS Certification, Planetary Response Staff Training[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Spacecraft EVA VBSS Certification, Planetary Response Staff Training[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Tactical Driving, Planetary Response Staff Training[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]She is proficient in the use of the Barque & Fremen MWP, B&F Mk. 8 IAR, Crestwater Armories ASOC 6.5, Jerusalem Arms Blackrock .308, B&F M-2112 .45 Caseless and Crestwater Navaja 9mm caseless.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Role: Weapons Specialist, Team Leader[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Preferred Modular Combat Uniform: Mk. IV[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Preferred Main Weapon: Barque & Fremen MWS, carbine variant, w/ holographic sight, laser sight and angled forend grip.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Preferred Sidearm: Crestwater Navaja w/ holographic sight[/BCOLOR]
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  4. Tobias Loew

    Age: 27

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: A clean-cut man of pale complexion thanks to most of his life being spent on Jupiter’s moon Europa and Saturn’s moon Titan. Standing at 6’04”, Loew is a towering figure with a powerful build to match, courtesy of a strict diet and training regimen that carries beyond what is prescribed for his duties. His auburn hair as shaved along the sides and back and cut short at the top, giving him a much shaggier appearance than other soldiers while maintaining the dress and deportment standards. His appearance is otherwise unremarkable, his brown eyes often being described as either lifeless or disinterested and an otherwise average face is defined by a comparatively strong jawline. If it weren’t for his impressive statue, Loew would be an easy man to lose in a crowd. His left arm has a tattoo of Poseidon’s trident, a symbol adopted by Europans due to their colony literally being an ocean world.

    Short Bio: The son of two Earthborn technicians who moved to Europa to join one of the largest fuel mining companies in the Sol System, Tobias Loew was born and raised on Europa and often spent long periods of time out of the care of his parents when their shift rotation took them to Triton, the methane and fuel-rich moon orbiting Saturn. Left to a few trusted sources, Loew grew up to be largely independent and he found part-time employment in customer service and warehousing as soon as he came of age. As a student, Loew excelled largely thanks to a fantastic memory and ability to retain complex concepts. Instead of pursuing higher education, Loew enlisted in the Europa Internal Security Division, a paramilitary agency that acts as both the law enforcement and security of Europa’s three colonies as well as conducting counter-terrorist and military training amongst its elite branches as part of Europa’s commitment to the Outer Planetary Defense Force, an authorized armed forces coalition directly under the command of the Central Earth Government Military Command.

    Several years into the service has led to Loew becoming a shining pupil in a respectable, if uneventful, armed forces career. He had distinguished himself during the Ganymede Uprising of 2695 where armed, home-grown extremists called the Ganymede Liberation Force forcefully cut communication from the moon’s colonies to the other colonies and seized the spaceports in a ten day struggle against overwhelmed security forces who were undermined by traitors in their ranks. Loew’s will and training prevented Hecate’s spaceport from detonating when one of the extremists had set off a manual timer when it became clear that Outer Planetary Defense Force soldiers were about to retake it. He continued to fight in the campaign that had waged on for three Earth months and had earned commendations, not only for preventing the Hecate spaceport’s destruction, but for exemplary valour in taking up a fallen support gunner’s weapon and holding a failing position for several hours before being relieved.

    Loew was recommended and transfered to the CEGMC SOCOM two years before what has widely become known as the Frundmark Incident. In the time preceding that event, he had become an indispensable demolitions expert for SRAO's Planetary Response Staff and had volunteered to join Task Force Grey Fox out of a sense of duty, and a higher purpose he himself cannot quite articulate.

    Personality: Loew is a serious, although amicable, soldier who maintains an easy-going relationship with his fellow squad mates and he operates best in small teams where he is afforded a degree of autonomy. Although he can come across as detached or uninterested, Loew carries a laser-sharp focus and unshakable disposition in high-stress situations, making him ideally suited for both demolitions and EOD work. He is noted for his unorthodox eating habits, chiefly preferring to eat away from his squad and often at off hours if possible. Loew also has a reputation for surviving off of less sleep than the average soldier, often volunteering for extended watch duties if he feels it would be beneficial for his squad. He does not exhibit any phobias, although he has a small form of anxiety about leaving equipment unattended during operations and he often takes a personal interest in learning how equipment operates and how to keep it maintained in the field. Despite his serious and dedicated manner, Loew never-the-less is affectionate towards his squadmates and enjoys a sense of comradery and humour with his peers that make him both liked and trusted.


    Combat Diver
    Explosive Ordnance Disposal
    Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Defense
    Extra Vehicular Activity
    Heavy Weapons and Explosives

    His weapon proficiencies are, ‘MWP Service Rifle’, ‘VS-13 Service Rifle’, ‘Mk. III General Purpose Machine-Gun’, ‘Pointman Shotgun’, ‘CQT-5.7 Side Arm’.

    Role: Demolitions Specialist

    Preferred Modular Combat Uniform: Mk. IV Variant.

    Preferred Main Weapon: Birkaine Arms & Security VS-13 assault rifle w/ Underbarrel grenade launcher, Holo Sight.

    Preferred Sidearm: Faro Armories CQT-5.7 w/ Night sights
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  5. And there we be. Sheet is up.
  6. You all should come and join us today!

    NoSoul and I have kept RPs running for nearly 3 years, and we develop quite a loyal and involved player base. That could be you!

    Besides, who doesn't like squad-based military RPs with some freaky horror shit going on?

    Nobody, that's who.

  7. Gonna take Team 1 Pointman.
  8. Name: Ajax Toverick
    Age: 30
    Gender: male

    Short Bio:

    Ajax was born and raised on Mars and was the son of two "granola munching, hippy, socialists." He hated living there and disagreed with his parents on many occasions. He was unruly and disobedient and often got into fights. As soon as he was old enough to join the military he, without his parents knowledge, enlisted. Anything to get away from their control and inept thoughts. He took a shuttle off world to the CEG Naval academy, and took a picture of himself standing next to a window on the craft with the planet behind him, and he was flipping it off.

    His intended MOS in the CEG Navy was as an MIO, but he quickly switched to the SEALS SO. He thought he had what it took. Physically he excelled. Mentally, well, he was a little short on that, but he was determined. He had done nothing but menial shit on Mars, and he wasn't gonna let his loud mouth get in the way of a great accomplishment. He eventually learned to stay quiet and follow orders. He completed his training and was assigned to the 1st fleet but was soon transferred to the 5th. He saw action during the Burnestown Bush war, evacuating key officials, and conducting numerous raids to take out rebel leaders. He was awarded the Medal of Honor when he single handedly protected a key position from heavy rebel forces, so that his team could evac with precious cargo.

    He was recommended to Task Force Gray Fox.

    Witty and kind of charming in normal situations but is much more serious in combat environments. He has a strong moral fiber but is not afraid to do what needs to be done. He approaches a problem practically and gives his reasons when doing something outside orders. Which is rare, for he believes his job is to follow orders.

    Certifications: Basic and advanced SO training, H-ALO,
    Orbital insertion
    Hostage negotiation training
    Arctic and desert survival training

    Role: Team 1 Pointman

    Preferred Modular Combat Uniform: Mk. IV

    Preferred Main Weapon: Tiger-crane SMG and Pointman shotgun

    Preferred Sidearm: .45 caseless
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  9. This is good, we have at least one person besides us who is interested. Could use a few more.
  10. On my phone... will give a more thorough read once I get on the laptop. Looks pretty darn cool...
  11. Good things come to those who wait. I'm sure you'll like your stay here. Dervs and I have been notorious in running long-lasting and high-quality RPs for 3? 3 years now? A long time.
  12. I've yet to put this into the OOC, but I'm glad this came up. Can you elaborate on what the Orbital combat vehicle operation cert entails? V/A-craft are what is used in H-ALO insertions(High-Atmosphere Low Opening) and probably what your idea of Orbital combat vehicle is and MILCOM Basic Orbital Insertion is the insertion of troops using disposable drop-pods. Very Hollywood.

    Also, how's that bio coming, pal?
  13. I wasn't sure what to call it. The orbital combat vehicle cert is for stuff like space fighters.

    Sorry, dragging my feet with the bio.
  14. [​IMG]

    Basically this, I presume?

  15. It wouldn't quite make sense for a Special Forces member from an organization that specializes in Counterterrorism among other things to also be a pilot.
  16. Eh, I guess not. Will remove it.
  17. Do the SEALs still exist?
  18. SOCOM probably has something similar to the SEALS.
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