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  1. After months and months and months of trying to get proper bug fixes on the old system, we had to give up and switch out to something new. Thus we are now debuting the NEW roleplay banner ads!

    You should now see a link called "ADVERTISING" in the navigation bar and in the site footer.

    From there you can choose a couple of advert options to advertise your Roleplays or your other Iwaku content.

    Roleplay Banners - Are for all general roleplay advertising needs.

    Red Star Banners - Are for advertising ADULT MEMBER sexual content roleplays.

    Blue Star Banners - Are for advertising TEEN MEMBER sexual content roleplays.

    Iwaku Banners - Are for advertising any non-roleplay Iwaku content/threads you wanna get out there.

    Thread Widget - Is a TEXT ONLY ad area inside of threads for an extra place to advertise a roleplay. This is a TEST AREA to see if it works.

    Please choose the correct package for your banner!

    In the future we might even have addition advertising areas for your roleplays, and even ways you can advertise sites not on Iwaku. For now we just wanna make sure this system works for everyone. :D
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  2. Just a quick question for clear out this little doubt: for advertise a OnexOne roleplay, do I or can I choose the 'Roleplay Banner' package?
  3. For the old advertisement system, the rules were as followed: Generally we do not allow one x one roleplay ads because they get filled too quickly. If you are only seeking one or a couple of partners the ad will probably not be accepted. If you have a bigger partner search where you want many partners for different one x ones and it's all collected in the same thread, then it can be accepted. In that case you'll put it in the roleplay banners or Red star banners as they're for roleplaying.

    Now since we haven't had banners in a while, Diana might have decided to change some of the rules, so for an official answer, we'll have to wait for not-buttercup *cough* I mean owl lady *cough* I mean @Diana
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  4. xD Alright, thank you, mate. I'll just wait for Diana's reply in that case.
  5. Choose Roleplay Banners unless it's a sexual content roleplay, then choose the right Star package!

    I do recommend only advertising a partner request thread that has multiple plots or is taking multiple partners though. Because single plots and partners get snatched up fast and then many disappointed people click that banner. O_O
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  6. Anyone remember that site that was recommended for the old ads?
  7. Quick question oh mighty owl one. Is there a way to disable ads? I have data and while it's not terrible amount of extra usage, I'd like to turn it off since I'm not taking new RPs.
  8. Adblock works. don't usually see ads when accidentally on.
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  9. It doesn't hurt Iwaku to use adblock. The only "commercial" ads are mine. So uh... Use adblock but sign up for hosting!
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  10. The new banner system is a million times better than the old system. ^.^
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