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    Name: Marie Tsukashi

    Age: 19

    It was finally the day of Marie's acceptance into the talent agency, she had been waiting to be in for what seems like years now. Her boyfriend had wanted to be with her, but wasn't able to move his overnight meeting to a different date, though he did wish her good luck on her first day. Sighing, as she waited at the stoplight, Marie looked down at her phone as she texted her best friend what she was doing with headphones in as she listened to music.

    I can't believe my dream has come true..
    Maybe we can celebrate tonight at usual bar. ^_^
    - Marie ♥

    Finishing up the text, the moment walking signal turned green, she walked down the walkway. In just a matter of moments, a motorcycle comes speeding down the road and as it gets closer to the stoplight the rider swerves, falling off the bike. The bike continues moving down the road on its side when it collides into the young woman who is replying to a text that her boyfriend sends. Moments later, an ambulance is at the scene putting the woman into the back of the vehicle. Her injuries are major and she is rushed to the hospital for surgery.

    At home, Marie's mother is cooking breakfast for the rest of the family when she receives a call on the home phone. Dropping to her knees, her mother cries out to the family, which includes her father and two younger brothers. They hurry to the hospital, where their daughter is currently, as they call her friend and boyfriend to tell them the news.
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    R y o t a S a k u r a d a

    A g e : 18


    It was as if he was the one who had been hit by a bus once he was called and later found out that, Marie, had been hit and run by a motorcycle. Oh, how much did he wanted to hunt that guy down and strangle him for doing this to his bestfriend.

    The blonde waited patiently--well, impatiently--for the news that Marie was going to be okay. Although he really couldn't calm down as much as he wanted to. And the fact that he had to be sitting next to Marie's jerk of a boyfriend was making things worst. Everyone knows, Ryota, did not like Marie's boyfriend in the first place but no one realky knew the reason why. Though Ryota had a pretty good reason why he didn't like the jerk but everytime he would no one seem to believe him. That the guy was a womanizer, a hoax, a fraud, a dispicable person, a bastard, and the list goes on. Everyone seem to believe the other guy more which made Ryota fume. And now he had to sit with him and wait for the results about Marie's condition. Fun.​
  3. It was about two hours later, before the main surgeon stepped out of the operation as he removed his bloody gloves. Walking over to Marie's family and friends, he pulled off his mask as he spoke. "She is now stable.. But she has suffered a serious concussion, so I can't promise that she'll remember what happened today or even be awake today." All her family could do was cry in relief that Marie was now okay, but now they had to wake to see if she would even wake up soon.

    Moving Marie from operation room, they moved her to the private room that her father had paid for her to stay in until she was fully recovered. Not wanting to disturb them, the doctor left everyone to spend time with her. Her mother went to her bedside and caressed her forehead as she looked down at her injured daughter. "I'm so happy to know that you're okay." She said as her father stepped out to talk with the doctor on what they should do. Her boyfriend, Hisaki, stood at the end of the bed asking what he should do to help. When her mother asked him to run to the store, he nodded his head before leaving.

    Finally outside of the room and making sure no one could hear him, Hisaki looked down at his phone. "Hmm... And just when I thought I'd be able to be rid of her. Now I have to wait even longer." He said as he began to walk down the hall and to the nearest store to pick what her mother had asked for. Marie's mother looked up at Ryota, smiling at him. "I'm glad you were able to be here." Marie was wrapped up in bandages around her head, arms, neck and just about every part of her body that was visible. It was hard to believe that she had even survived the collision due to speed that the motorcycle was going and the weight of it.​
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  4. Ryota squatted down to the floor and breathed out a huge sigh of relief. She was okay. She is a little banged up and looked like crap but still, she is okay. He couldn't be happier to say the least.

    "You idiot. You had us all scared there." Ryota spoke to the sleeping Marie. He ws really happy that she was okay but also felt rather guilty as well. He couldn't help but blame himself for what happened to her. If he wasn't busy with cram school and exams he would have been with her when she was waiting for the news of her acceptance to a talent agency. God knows he wanted to be there for her. He knew how important it was for her. It was her dream afterall. But because he was still preparing for college exams he wasn't as available as he should have been.

    "I am glad you were able to be here." Marie's mother spoke to him. Ryota gave him a reassuring smile since he could tell she was hurting too. Just seeing her little girl like this maybe hard.

    "Don't worry, auntie. Marie-chan is a fighter. I am sure she'll be okay. The doctor's said so." Ryota tried his best to encourage her. He was so glad that Hisaki wasn't here. His mood has already brighten up. Hisaki really pisses him off. He really wondered why Marie ever liked him.
  5. "You're right, but it's still very shocking that this happened to her." Her mother replied back, before her husband poked his head in asking her to come out for a moment. Excusing herself, she let go of her daughters' hand before exiting out of the room. Marie's younger brothers were both fast asleep on the couch on the opposite side of the room.

    Everything was dark and very part of her body was in pain, almost unbearable to even move yet for some reason she felt like she could stop herself from doing so. Eyes slowly fluttered open to see a white ceiling above. Moans of pain left her lips as she tried to move her arm up to see what was wrong with her.

    Turning her head, she saw a young blonde haired male standing next to her bedside. "Ah.." She groaned. "W-what happened..?" She asked confused as to what was going on.
  6. Once Marie's mom left. It took a minute for him to sit down finally on the chair next to her bed. He look back at the couch where her little brother's were sleeping. Good. He has like some precious minutes to be alone with her. Just the two of them. Where he could really say how he felt. His inner feelings for his bestfriend.

    "You really had me scared there. You know, when I heard the news about what happened. I thought I died. Heh. It's really funny, right? That you were the one in an accident but I was the one that died?" he spoke to her in a soothing voice. He then caressed her cheek just enough to lightly feel her soft skin against his fingers. "That just goes to show how much I really treasure you. Not just a friend. But something much more."

    It was already passed midnight when Ryota offered to watch over Marie when her family and Hisaki (thank God) decided to go home. Ryota promised that he would call immeditely to her mother or father is anything happened or if Marie had finally woke up. Since the blonde thought it might take awhile he decided to study for his upcoming entrance exam while he waited and sure enough his pink haired friend did.

    "Ah." he heard her groan.

    Sure enough Ryota quickly informed a passing nurse to inform their doctor that Marie had finally woken up. He then called her family as on as he was done informing the nurse. He then went by Marie's side, grinning happily and all that she was finally wake.

    "Hey. How are you feeling? Where does it hurt?" Ryota asked immediately when he saw her eyes open.

    "W-what happened..?" she said in confusion.

    Typical answer.

    "Accident. A motorcycle decided it wants to give you a congraturatory hug for making it in. Looks like it couldn't contain it's excitement and decided to hit you instead. But you're fine. A little banged up, but still you'll survived. That's what the doctors say anyway. How is your head?" Marie jokingly spoke to her since she didn't want her to freak out.
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  7. Marie was very confused as to what the young man was saying, but truly she didn't know what he was talking about at all. Soon after he finished, a male and woman dressed in white came into the room to check her vitals. From what they could tell, she was fine with a slight fever. It was incredibly amazing that she was now awake after surgery just several hours earlier.

    "Ms. Tsukashi, I'm amazed that you're even awake at this time." The doctor said as he motioned for the nurse to leave since there was no reason for her stay. Marie was still confused as to what was going on, before the doctor continued to explain what was going on.

    "You were struck by a motorcycle which had hit with tremendous force. Even though your injuries were not major, you still needed extensive work down. If you feel as if your pain has gotten worse, notify the nurse and we will provide you with more morphine. You're very lucky to have your boyfriend here to watch over you." Checking her IV once more, the doctor then left out of the room to give the two privacy.

    Turning her to look at the blonde, she tilted her head a bit in confusion before blinking a few times and then looking down at her body to see all the bandages. "No wonder I feel like a ton of bricks.. All I remember was heading to school to help finish with school festival.." From what Marie was saying, she had no memory of the past three years. "Ryota, did you get taller overnight?" She asked jokingly, as she reached up to his hair and played with a piece of hair while smiling.

    The pain was horrible, but she was fighting through it as she moved.
  8. Usually Ryota would freak whenever Marie would start playing with his hair. He always told her to never touch it because it took hours for him to style it in a way he wanted it to be. And of course, the girl never listen and would start playing, touching or do whatever it is she wanted since Marie is being Marie afterall. But this time she let her do whatever she wants to do... For the meantime.

    "No wonder I feel like a ton of bricks.."

    "Well, of course that what's going to happen when you get hit by a thousand ton of scrap metal." Ryota joked.

    "All I remember was heading to school to help finish with school festival.."

    "Yeah, the others can't really... Wait. Say what now?" Ryota was a bit confused as to what he had just heard Marie had said. What did she mean by school festival? Which school festival? The only time he remembered her help out during school festivals was three years ago.

    "Ryota, did you get taller overnight?"

    "Uh... Stop joking around, Marie-chan. That is not funny." Ryota pointed out to Marie. He thought she was just joking around, pretending to have amnesia just to mess with him.
  9. Marie wasn't joking about what she was talking about, yet she thought that Ryota was playing with her. "I'm not joking. I'm supposed to finish making the outfits for our class. Remember, we all agreed to a themed butler-maid cafe." She knew that she wasn't mistaken, because she had promised the girls from class that she would bring her outfit ideas to the school along with fabric she picked out for each one.

    Maybe Ryota was sleeping during class and didn't remember what they were doing at all. "Did you doze off in class?" She questioned him as her hand slid down to his arm and gripped the sleeve of his shirt, tugging it a bit as she teased him about sleeping even though he didn't do it often.

    Outside the door, the doctor could hear their conversation and decided that it was time for him to interrupt them to explain what was going on to Marie as well as her friend. Opening up the door, he stepped inside before making eye contact with both of them. "Miss Tsukashi, I had mentioned this before to everyone after your surgery. You have suffered a concussion, but you recovered a lot faster than expected yet I have to say you are now suffering from amnesia."

    Marie couldn't believe what she was hearing. Amnesia? But how much had she forgotten, she was hoping that it wasn't much time at all. Yet from the way Ryota seemed surprised by her words, maybe it was longer than she had actually expected. She had forgotten Hisaki who she had been with for a year now, her acceptance at the agency she applied to her and other important events that had happened over the past three years.

    "Is it true, Ryota?" She asked him with a saddened expression visible in her eyes, worried that she would never remember anything.
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