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  1. Humans left earth some stayed and it turned to a living junkyard of misplaced parts shacks small towns and music
    Music is what kept them together and human and alive and now they try to keep life going
    they advanced technology and kept each other close for they are all they had


    Name: Esper Kinzaro
    Personality: shy keep to himself tries to stay away from others but gave up and just doesn't talk
    Looks: Esper Wears a torn black hoodie and a necklace that is toxic green and black his jeans very ripped and dirty
    Esper has a mechanic arm that doubles as a stereo player
  2. Name: Alabaster Pantaga
    Age: 17
    Personality: Friendly. Likes to include everyone. He always has a smile on his face, especially while singing or playing music.
    Looks: Al wears the same trashy clothes hes always worn. Holey pants, an old tshirt, and a worn out leather jacket.
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  3. Esper was out walking in the night the street lamps ,some broken others flickering, made him appear as a dark figure and as he moved you could hear some clanking from his arm brushing against a chain hanging from his jeans and he opened a door to an apartment building and climbed a flight of stair to his apartment a tool bench with bolts and screws and rusty metal pieces and old arm for when he worked on his arm he kicked a black sofa it folded out to a bed and he flopped down on it.
  4. Name: Jonathan Rayne Walker or J.R.
    Age: 15

    Personality: Arrogant and loud mouthed, he has a terrible tendency to voice his opinion point blank with no consideration whatsoever. Despite his oblivious attitude to the feelings of those around him or himself even, he is actually quite intelligent. He has a knack for inventing and fixing things, and learns hands on a lot faster than any normal person would. JR also has a habit of pick pocketing or stealing from others, but he does so only if he believes he can find something he can actually use for one of his wild ideas. He's generally very out going and competitive, and hates to lose more than anything, but he doesn't give up, and believes in fair play in terms of competition. Although his outside exterior is somewhat hard to approach, he is very protective of those who manage to get close to him, but still arrogant nonetheless.

    -5 foot 4 Inches
    -Wild messy black hair that sticks out everywhere, he covers it with a brown over sized fitted baseball cap that he wears backwards. ( His hair still somewhat sticks out)
    - Lightly tanned skin, bright brown eyes, dimples, and 6 lightly faded freckles across his small nose.
    - He wears baggy gray sweats tied at the ankles so the legs don't drag on the ground, and tied at the waist with a rope so they don't fall off. A dirty soot and grease covered white t-shirt that's too big for his size, the brim of the shirt reaching right above his knees. He keeps a brown leather zip up jacket tied around his waist, and wears worn out white tennis shoes.
    - On Jr's rope belt he has a swiss army knife that he modified to have multiple other gadgets as well such as an incision laser, a black light, a master key to everything, and automated tools powered by solar recharging. A small satellite radio he invented that can pick up any frequency, or even tap into phone calls. And a hammer with removable head, that has a screw driver with multiple other sized screw drivers inside of itself.
    - Jr is always seen with a tooth pick in his mouth, and his face has an 'X' shaped bandage on his left cheek.
  5. Al sits in his nest of mattresses and blankets and pillows that he arranged in the lobby of a grand building. He settles in and pulls a blanket over himself with a yawn before falling asleep.
  6. Name: Lena Foxx Berdmont or Foxxy

    Age: 18

    Personality: At first Lena might seem cold and distant but she is far from that. She is a shy girl and she is mostly seen with her old guitar, which she has to modify often to keep it in good shape, playing new tunes or old songs. When around people she is close too, she feels confident to show her silly and immature side, like playing around with stray animals or just running around laughing at nothing in particular, just enjoying life. However, when she feels threaten, she can become quite temperamental, which sometimes causes her troubles to become more serious than what they were to begin with.

    Looks: Lena could mostly be seen wearing a white t-shirt, though is getting a bit small for her, a black plaid skirt, high knee-socks with black and white stripes, black combat boots, a black scarf and a black guitar case strapped on her back, which holds her modified guitar. Also, she has short black hair and electric blue eyes.

    Guitar (open)



    Lena walked around the streets, looking for a place she could stay the night. Night was approaching and she didn't want to spend the night outside in the cold. At the moment, the only thing keeping her warm was her fuzzy, black scarf but the old piece of fabric was already worn out. Soon, she spotted a building that didn't had the door sealed and taking the risk, she didn't what she might find inside, she sprinted inside. 'I hope there is noone inside...I don't want to fight for my things like last time...' With that thought in mind, she walked around and with a hesitating tone in her voice, she yelled. "Hello!? Is anyone here!?"
  7. "ughh Yo " Esper waved his metal arm in the air from the bed it creaked a bit then flopped back down onto the bed falling off onto the floor
  8. Al sits up with a groan "who is it?" He looks around and rubs the sleep out of his eyes. "Im here. Dont shoot me."
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