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  1. I've been reading alot of stories on the news about alot of people going missing in my town.
    strangely,they were last seen entering into a room that's hard to disappear from like a public bathroom or ballet dance practice rooms(all of which contain mirrors btw)
    And after reading a particular story (which I don't particularly believe) of a person entering a public bathroom(which supposedly had people in the stalls) disappearing into thin air I decided to do this
    I'm not gonna bore you with a long start that makes it hard to get a feeling for here's a run down

    You've been taken by a creature through a mirror (you wouldn't remember this since you were ko'ed :bomb:).

    You awaken in a hovel of a city near a park and there is broken shards everywhere(so watch you're step).

    You have one power for now (physical attributes such as wings or wolf ears won't count as powers so go ahead and soar).

    There is no way back to earth for now.

    You can have more than one character but they must stay close together,be family,and have same attribute(e.g. wing).

    Be warned there will several events so be prepared to fight and where you start hint don't setup directly in th park

    That's it for you can ask for exceptions on the OCC page


    P.s. I prefer come in with a bang so watch out
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  2. A scream rang out through that accursed city like a banshee
    as a girl fell outta the sky into a park with no patrons
    she was surrounded by monsters and she needed to hide
    So she raised the trees up into the sky
    Like puppets on a string the the burst through the ground with surprising ease
    Pipes and buildings turn into burning caves(cue explosion sfx)
    The monsters wait lying
    Sneaking snarling
    Biteing and eating
    Hunting for food
    Like you and me
    [The roleplay is officially start so you can start posting]
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    Rin walks through the abandoned city just a bit ago he was standing in the middle of new york, new york. But now it looked as though he was stuck in an abandoned chicago city. He sighs questioning what he was doing here hes only ever sone 1 ba- horrible thing. It wasn't even him though, he looks around studying his surroundings. 'Well might as well explore.' His ears twitch ruffling a section of his blue hair one of his bangs hiding his left eye (red one).

    As hes going he notices a burning smell and looks down noticing his steps are burning the pavement. Before anything he starts overreacting. "Holy Shit what the flying ass." He looks down trying to pat his foot down.
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  4. Elizabeth groaned sitting up, her eyes scanned the scene. She blinked seeing the monsters, her ears pulled back as well as her tail dropped. The sickly girl wouldn't survive long here, "dear God help me," she prayed before running avoiding glass almost tripping over her own feet.

    She felt hot tears as she ran, she stopped leaning against a tree coughing and wheezing. Blood dripped from her mouth, she wiped it away walking this time. She jumped and shrieked as she heard an explosion, her ears pulling back away. The tears rolled down her cheeks again, she walked faster hoping to find someone else.
  5. Darlia opened her eyes slowly trying to familiarise herself with her surroundings, she was in a dismal looking city street, she glanced around and noticed a couple of people in the distance but wasn't sure if they were real or friendly. She'd been in forest dean with her sisters moments earlier and didn't understand where or what this place was. She gathered some stones and dirt from the floor into her pockets, and noticed a puddle, she pulled a small tube from her pocket and dipped it into the puddle. She'd need the places elements around her to stay safe.

    She spotted a park in the distance but unsure if it was safe, she decided to follow one of others in the distance to see if they were friend or foe. One of them had blue hair so he'd be easy to spot in the distance so she walked in his direction trying not to be seen.
  6. Rin sniffs the air and turns around noticing a girl following him m "I hope you arent trying to kill~ me." He looks at her guessing she didnt know where to go. "If it gives you any clarency I dont know where im going. Just looking for shelter for now." He starts humming as he turns back around.
  7. Elizabeth tripped and fell crying, couching and wheezing echoed in the forest. She cried pulling herself into a ball, she whimpered.
  8. Darlia was walking when the boy turned round and spoke, startled she answered, 'No I'm not trying to kill you, I, er I don't really know where I am or how I got here', she quickened her pace and fell in step with the blue haired boy, 'Shelter sounds good though', Darlia heard a girl crying and wondered where the crying was coming from, but then her nervousness wondered if it may be a trap. She hesitated then asked, 'Can you hear someone crying?', she asked the boy.

    Then added, 'I'm Darlia by the way'.
  9. surrounded on all flanks and with no food ,he was traped.
    he fainted...
    truth awoke tired and hungry near a forest he had no idea where he was or who he was all he new was his name was truth
    he took in his surroundings. he was traped by enemies all around he felt suffocated...no wait... he thought catching his breath, those are just tree im safe.

    there was a continuos sound...
    a word came to mind... crying...

    he followed the sound till he came upon the source a girl.
    he came from the protection of the trees to face the girl
  10. Elizabeth looked at the guy in disbelief, another person. Her ears perked forward and her tail flicked, she whipped her eyes. "Oh hello," she said shyly, she coughed and wheezed her entire frame shook with every cough.
  11. the little pest ...no...girl made a sound...hello?... whatever could that mean.
    still she seemed like ...easy prey...no no no...a harmless girl so he indulged in repeating the sound...though it came out...wrong:
    "AlL oH"
  12. She giggled lightly at his try of talking, she pulled her legs closer so she was sitting on them. "Your funny," the sickly girl smiling and giggling again.
  13. "TrUTh"he said a little to loud
    a shard of glass near by shattered and leaked blood
    A voice rang out through the trees "YOU SHOULDN'T BE HERE LEAVE ALL OF YOU"
  15. Elizabeth squeaked at the voice throwing her hands up to protect herself, she felt tears run down her cheeks. She coughed and wheezed as she cried again.
  16. More trees started growing in rapid succession and shards of glass near by start to vibrate
  17. run truth thought and with out thinking he grabed the coughing girl and ...flew... to a safe distance before he knew what he had done
  18. She yelped clinging to him, her lanky frame shaking as more coughs raked through her body.
  19. he dodged several giant trees sprouting in his way but in the last seconds several nearby shards morph into...friends...they stared at him with sharp toothy...smiles...and in his distraction he hit a tree
    he lost his grip on the girl
    they flew in differrent directions a large wall of thorns sprouted up trapping him in utter agonyluckly the girl landed in bush just as it sprouted up yet several friend arrived to help
    with there teeth covered in ...
    knowing he him self could not move he did all he could
    "hELp UuuSS"
    he shouted
    then he noticed a couple walking towards them
    and with renewed strength he cried louder
    the girl stired...
  20. Elizabeth opened her eyes, she cried out fearfully and her ears pulled back. She whimpered and squirmed away trying not to cry. She coughed and wheezed, this was too much for her body system along with fighting her disease.
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