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    ~Welcome To Georgia~
    Whether you are new to the state (or possibly country), or whether you have been here for years, maybe even your entire life, you are all here for one reason: School. Out of the two boarding schools you obviously go to one of them. What boarding schools you ask? The riding schools you've been begging your parents to send you to for years and years, the ones in Jesup and Glennville of course! All of these schools are extremely selective and prestigious, as you know, since you got in to one of them and probably applied to both of them. Well, congrats, the 'best' part of your future starts there. Just remember, if you fail in your riding or your studies you will be forced to leave, since only one person per grade is given scholarship whoever is paying for your schooling will probably not be pleased if you waste their pretty pennies. Now, onto...

    ::The Schools::
    Willow Forest (open)
    Willow Forest Riding Academy; Located in Glennville, Georgia, Willow Forest Riding Academy, or WFRA as many students call it, is run in part between Mr. and Mrs. Delacreux. Mr. Delacreux is the great-grandson of the founder and inherited the school about twenty years ago. Although it is a mystical animal, the schools mascot is oddly enough, not, an equine but a phoenix. While many of the students have their own equine companion, there are eight school horses that may be used for extenuating circumstances, or, in some cases to provide a lesser or greater challenge for the student. Willow Forest is the name of the forest surround the grounds of the main campus. Antzy Hall is the administration building where the students arrive and are assigned classes and schedules. The infirmary is located in this building as is the detention room, Mr. and Mrs. Delacreux's offices, and an enormous memo-board that holds sign-ups and announcements. Link Hall is the dining hall, that is it's only use. It is open throughout the day, but it typically serves breakfast between 630 and 10 in the morning, lunch between 12 and 330, and dinner and dessert between 5 and 9. The hall opens at 6 in the morning and closes at midnight, but when it isn't a meal time don't be expecting a big meal, only simple snacks and basic, pre-made sandwiches are available in-between mealtimes. St. Klyde Hall is where the students and resident staff (2 males: Mr. Pearson and Mr. Lyn, 2 females: Ms. Kayne and Ms. Beit) live. There are eight student dorm rooms, each holding four students. There are Six rooms on each floor, the first two of each floor are for the staff, they get their own rooms. The four remaining are students. Girls are on the wall to the right after walking in the door, boys on the left. There are four bathrooms in the house as well, two on each floor: one for males, one for females. Merkins Hall is where all non-riding classes are held, basically, it's the academic part of the academy. Phoenix Barn, inside, is, obviously, where the Equines (and some others) are kept. While Randy, Alison, James and Gabe are all stable hands, the students are required to take care of their own animals. Basically, two of the hands will always be around in case they are needed, but they are only responsible for making sure the students take care of their animals and caring for any unused school equines. The school is equipped with several paddocks, 3 marked trails, several unmarked trails, show jumping, hunter jumping, cross country courses and arenas for basic training, dressage and jumping as well. Willow Forest Riding Academy is the farthest inland, however, it is only just over an hour from the beach and there are several ponds on the property. It is roughly a half hour commute to Hickory Lake Riding Academy. Both of the schools take turns commuting to one another for competitions.

    Hickory Lake (open)
    Hickory Lake Riding Academy; Located in Jesup, Georgia, Hickory Lake Riding Academy, or HL as many students call it, is run by the Tavi family. This is the fourth generation that now runs and owns the academy. The schools mascot is a rearing light grey Andalusian. While many of the students have their own equine companion, there are eight school horses that may be used for extenuating circumstances, or, in some cases to provide a lesser or greater challenge for the student. Hickory Lake is the name of the large lake on the campus. Cedar Hall is where administration, the infirmary, the Tavi family offices, and the academic classrooms are located. Unlike the other two schools, there is no specific 'detention room' the staff member assigning the detention decides what will happen. Elm Hall is the dining hall, that is it's only use. It is open throughout the day. Breakfast is served between 6am, when it opens, and 11, lunch starts being served around 1130 and stops around 4. Dinner and dessert are served from 430 until the hall closes at 10pm. Palm Hall is where the students live. The entire staff live on the campus as well, just not in one of the halls. Their house is located just being Cedar Hall, it is roughly 550ft from Palm hall to the Tavi house. There are eight student dorm rooms, each holding four students. Girls are the first four rooms in the house, 2 on each side of the building, boys are the same way, but the four rooms at the back of the building. Separating the girls and boys are the bathrooms, one for girls and one for boys, as well as a common room. The bathrooms are also separated by the common room. Oak Barn, inside, is, obviously, where the Equines (and some others) are kept. While at least one member of the Tavi family can usually be found in the stables, especially Emmaline or Rick, the students are required to take care of their own animals. Basically, someone will always be around in case they are needed, but they are only responsible for making sure the students take care of their animals and caring for any unused school equines. The school is equipped with several paddocks, 4 marked trails, 6 unmarked trails, show jumping, hunter jumping, cross country courses and arenas for basic training, dressage and jumping as well. While it is not near the beach, it is just under half an hour from the beach and there are 2 rivers and the lake on the property. It is roughly a half hour commute to Willow Forest Riding Academy. Both of the schools take turns commuting to one another for competitions.
  2. Willow Forest Riding Academy
    Staff (open)
    Principles/Owners :;: Mr. Levi Delacreux & Mrs. Anita Delacreux
    Nurses :;: Patience Duvall, Gavin Wing & Monica Free
    Academic Teachers :;: Matteo Pearson {Maths & Science}, Lisbet Kayne {English & History}, Giulia Beit {French, Spanish, German, Italian}, Mitchel Lyn {Detention & Sub}
    Riding Teachers :;: Michelle Lucesi {Dressage, Polo Coach}, Norman Hofford {Jumping}
    Stable Hands :;: Randy Hewitt, Alison Hewitt, Gabe Hewitt, James Delacreux
    *Everyone can RP these people, as needed*

    Students (open)
    7th Grade
    ʊ Student 1
    ʊ Student 2
    ʊ Juliette Celia Kameron Monteith {Julie, Jules, JC} :;: 12 :;: Ray, Eeyore, Auburn :;: ~Happily.Ever.After~
    *ʊ Lacey Grace Alamein {Lace} :;: 12 :;: Maple :;: Sexybae

    8th Grade
    *ʊ Student 1
    ʊ Prescott Jonathan Higgs {Pres, PJ} :;: 14 :;: Bugsy :;: ~Happily.Ever.After~
    ʊ Sidney Sophia Leanna Addison {Sid} :;: 13 :;: Wildfire, Tink :;: ~Happily.Ever.After~
    ʊ Reserved

    9th Grade
    ʊ Student 1
    ʊ Student 2
    *ʊ Timber Kaya Lowe {Timmie} :;: 14 :;: No Hore, Uses Magic :;: ~Happily.Ever.After~
    ʊ Student 4

    10th Grade
    ʊ Student 1
    *ʊ Student 2
    ʊ Summer Josette Katrina Addison {Summer} :;: 15 :;: Dreamer :;: ~Happily.Ever.After~
    ʊ Student 4

    11th Grade
    ʊ Student 1
    ʊ Student 2
    ʊ Jamie Isabella Weasley {Jamie} :;: 16 :;: Sky, Sugar :;: ~Happily.Ever.After~
    *ʊ Ember Addison Woods {Em} :;: 16 :;: Classic :;: Cecily

    12th Grade
    *ʊ Quinn Orion Lassen {Owl} :;: 18 :;: Snickers :;: Leucothea
    ʊ Thomas Matthew Campbell {Tom/Tommy} :;: 18 :;: Einstein :;: ~Happily.Ever.After~
    ʊ Sorrel Grace Winters {Sorrel} :;: 17 :;: Rosie :;: Sugar_n_spice
    ʊ Student 4

    * the red * indicates the scholarship student of that year*

    Equines (open)
    School Horses
    ʊ Leopold {Leo} :;: Black and White Leopard Knabstrupper, 16hh :;: 7 :;: Stallion :;: Used by _________
    ʊ Make Some Magic {Magic} :;: Grey Varnish Roan Appaloosa, 14hh :;: 9 :;: Mare :;: Used by Timber
    ʊ Vivid Shadow {Vivi} :;: Bay Dutch Warmblood, 16hh :;: 19 :;: Mare :;: Used by _________
    ʊ Whispers From Beyond {Whisp} :;: Black Thoroughbred, 16.2hh :;: 17 :;: Gelding :;: Used by _________
    ʊ Corduroy :;: Chestnut Quarter-Clydesdale Cross, 16hh :;: 7 :;: Gelding :;: Used by _________
    ʊ Inky Perfection {Inky} :;: Mottled light grey and white Paint, 15hh :;: 8 :;: Gelding :;: Used by _________
    ʊ Breezy Dream {Dream} :;: Cremello Selle Francais, 16.1hh :;: 10 :;: Mare :;: Used by _________
    ʊ Regal Queen {Queenie} :;: Champagne Hanoverian, 15.3hh :;: 11 :;: Mare :;: Used by _________
    ʊ Ruffian :;: Flaxen Liver Chestnut Dutch Warmblood, 16.2hh :;: 10 :;: Stallion :;: Used by _________
    ʊ Pacific Windsong {Windy} :;: Varnish Roan Appaloosa, 14.2hh :;: 5 :;: Mare :;: Used by _________
    ʊ Smokin' Sage {Sage} :;: Tri-color Pinto, 15hh :;: 15 :;: Mare :;: Used by _________
    ʊ Cookies'n'Cream {Cookie} :;: Chocolate Flaxen Thoroughbred Cross, 16hh :;: 8 :;: Mare :;: Used by _________

    Student Horses
    ʊ Ray :;: Palomino Quarter Horse, 15.1hh :;: 12 :;: Gelding :;: Owned by Juliette
    ʊ Eeyore :;: Donkey :;: 19 :;: Gelding :;: Owned by Juliette
    ʊ Auburn :;: Bay Thoroughbred-Quarter Cross, 16hh :;: 14 :;: Mare :;: Owned by Juliette
    ʊ Snow Queen {Maple} :;: Chestnut Belgian, 17hh :;: 15 :;: Stallion :;: Owned by Lacey
    ʊ Bugsy :;: Dark Bay Friesian Cross, 17hh :;: 15 :;: Gelding :;: Owned by Prescott
    ʊ Wildfire :;: Light Bay Arabian, 14hh :;: 4 :;: Gelding :;: Owned by Sidney
    ʊ Tinkerbell {Tink} :;: Palomino British Riding Pony, 12.2hh :;: 5 :;: Mare :;: Owned by Sidney
    ʊ Royal Dreamer {Dreamer} :;: Light Bay Dutch Warmblood, 16.2hh :;: 12 :;: Mare :;: Owned by Summer
    ʊ Soaring Sky High {Sky} :;: Paint Colored Welsh Pony, 13.3hh :;: 9 :;: Mare :;: Owned by Jamie
    ʊ Sugarcube {Sugar} :;: Donkey :;: 1 :;: Mare :;: Owned by Jamie
    ʊ Classic Goldrush {Classic} :;: Palomino Paint Colored Paint-Welsh Pony, 14.2hh :;: 7 :;: Mare :;: Owned by Ember
    ʊ Cadillac Swing {Snickers} :;: Black Anglo-Arab, 16.3hh :;: 3 :;: Mare :;: Owned by Quinn
    ʊ Einstein :;: Rodblakk Fjord, 14.1hh :;: 8 :;: Stallion :;: Owned by Thomas
    ʊ Night Rose {Rosie} :;: Black Friesian, 15.3hh :;: 3 :;: Mare :;: Owned by Sorrel

    Rooming (open)
    :1A [1st floor]: Ms. Giulia Beit
    :2A: Mr. Matteo Pearson
    :3A: Juliette & Lacey & Sidney & _____
    :4A: _____ & Prescott & _____ & _____
    :5A: Timber & _____ & Summer & _____
    :6A: _____ & _____ & _____ & _____
    :1B [2nd floor]: Ms. Lisbet Kayne
    :2B: Mr. Mitchel Lyn
    :3B: Jamie & Ember & Sorrel & _____
    :4B: _____ & _____ & Quinn & Thomas
  3. Hickory Lake Riding Academy
    Staff (open)
    Owners :;: Morgana Tavi, Harvey Tavi & Lee Tavi
    Nurses :;: Rose Tip-Tavi, Ajax Tavi & Bernadetta Tavi-Skeet
    Academic Teachers :;: Ashton Skeet {Maths & Science}, Elizabetta Tavi {English & History}, Marlo French {Italian, Russian, Korean, Greek}, Deanna Tavi-Brit {Sub}
    Riding Teachers :;: Cassia Tavi-French {Jumping, Polo Coach}, Landon Brit {Dressage}
    Stable Hands :;: Emmaline Skeet, Rick Brit, Martin Tavi, Andy Brit
    *Everyone can RP these people, as needed*

    Students (open)
    7th Grade
    ʊ Elliot Owen Lewis Bray {Eli} :;: 12 :;: Drifter, Blaze :;: ~Happily.Ever.After~
    ʊ Student 2
    ʊ Jessica Catherine Bolan {Jess} :;: 13 :;: Jaelyn, Jace :;: Madeline
    *ʊ Kacy Carolin Dole {Kay} :;: 12 :;: Serenity, Grace :;: Madeline

    8th Grade
    *ʊ Student 1
    ʊ Student 2
    ʊ Student 3
    ʊ Student 4

    9th Grade
    ʊ Student 1
    ʊ Student 2
    *ʊ Olivia Mirabelle O'Reilly {Olivia} :;: 15 :;: Sunny, Flame :;: ~Happily.Ever.After~
    ʊ Student 4

    10th Grade
    *ʊAsh William Bray {Ash} :;: 16 :;: Jingles :;: ~Happily.Ever.After~
    ʊ Daniel Vincent Bray {Dan, Danny} :;: 16 :;: Jasper :;: ~Happily.Ever.After~
    ʊ Reserved
    ʊ Student 4

    11th Grade
    ʊ Zachary Brendan Knightley {Zach} :;: 17 :;: Barney :;: ~Happily.Ever.After~
    ʊ Student 2
    ʊ Student 3
    *ʊ Maribeth Claire West {Mary, Beth} :;: 16 :;: Swan, Autumn :;: Sugar_n_spice

    12th Grade
    *ʊ Rowan Goldfinch {Ro} :;: 17 :;: Equinox :;: The Lady Avaritia
    ʊ August Sean Hunter {Gus} :;: 18 :;: Apollo :;: Sugar_n_spice
    ʊ Scarlett Goldfinch {Scout} :;: 17 :;: Bobby Socks, Dynasty :;: The Lady Avaritia
    ʊ Student 4

    * the red * indicates the scholarship student of that year*

    Equines (open)
    School Horses
    ʊ Aurora :;: Amber Champagne Thoroughbred Cross, 15.3hh :;: 6 :;: Mare :;: Used by _________
    ʊ Through the Mist {Mist} :;: Champagne Selle Francais, 16hh :;: 8 :;: Mare :;: Used by _________
    ʊ Sundancer {Dancer} :;: Pearl KWPN, 17hh :;: 18 :;: Gelding :;: Used by _________
    ʊ Breezy Thoughts {Breeze} :;: Chestnut Belgian Warmblood, 16.2hh :;: 8 :;: Stallion :;: Used by _________
    ʊ Muddy Sunlight {Muddy} :;: Buckskin Trakehner-Oldengerg Cross, 16hh :;: 10 :;: Gelding :;: Used by _________
    ʊ Charming Melody {Charm} :;: Black Varnish Roan Appaloosa, 15.2hh :;: 15 :;: Mare :;: Used by _________
    ʊ Midnight :;: Black Friesian, 16.3hh :;: 16 :;: Mare :;: Used by _________
    ʊ Livery {Ivy} :;: Strawberry Roan Welsh-Shetland Cross, 12.3hh :;: 8 :;: Mare :;: Used by _________
    ʊ Ghost of the Past {Ghost} :;: White Mustang, 15.3hh :;: 14 :;: Gelding :;: Used by _________
    ʊ Heaven's Riddle {Riddle} :;: Red and White Paint, 16,2hh :;: 13 :;: Gelding :;: Used by _________
    ʊ Obsidian {Obie} :;: Seal Brown British Warmblood, 16hh :;: 8 :;: Gelding :;: Used by _________
    ʊ Hidden Shadows {Shadow} :;: Black Thoroughbred-Quarter Cross, 15.3hh :;: 11 :;: Gelding :;: Used by _________

    Student Horses
    ʊ Blazing Freedom {Blaze} :;: Chestnut Quarter Horse Cross, 15.3hh :;: 9 :;: Stallion :;: Owned by Elliot
    ʊ Drifter :;: Black and White Paint colored Gypsy Vanner-Quarter Cross, 16.1hh :;: 7 :;: Stallion :;: Owned by Elliot
    ʊ Jaelyn :;: Bay with Leopard Blanket Appaloosa, 14.3hh :;: 4 :;: Mare :;: Owned by Jessica
    ʊ Jace :;: Bay With Blanket Appaloosa, 15.3hh :;: 2.5 :;: Stallion :;: Owned by Jessica
    ʊ Grace :;: Flaxen Chestnut Quarter Horse, 15.1hh :;: 3 :;: Mare :;: Owned by Kacy
    ʊ Serenity :;: Brown and White Pinto, 15hh :;: 5 :;: Mare :;: Owned by Kacy
    ʊ Secret Flame {Flame} :;: Light Dapple Grey British Warmblood, 16.3hh :;: 6 :;: Gelding :;: Owned by Olivia
    ʊ April Sunrise {Sunny} :;: Flaxen Chestnut Hanoverian, 16hh :;: 5 :;: Mare :;: Owned by Olivia
    ʊ Jingles :;: Light Grey Percheron, 16hh :;: 10 :;: Mare :;: Owned by Ash
    ʊ Jasper :;: Bay Clydesdale, 16.2hh :;: 11 :;: Stallion :;: Owned by Daniel
    ʊ Barney :;: Dark Roan Buckskin Quarter Horse, 16hh :;: 14 :;: Gelding :;: Owned by Zachary
    ʊ Snow White {Swan} :;: White Gypsy Vanner, 13.1hh :;: 4 :;: Mare :;: Owned by Maribeth
    ʊ Autumn's Mischief {Autumn} :;: Dapple coated Rocky Mountain Horse, 13.3hh :;: 6 :;: Mare :;: Owned by Maribeth
    ʊ Midsummer's Comet {Equiox} :;: Dark Buckskin/Black Akhal-Teke, 16.2hh :;: 7 :;: Stallion :;: Owned by Rowan
    ʊ Dancing Flame {Apollo} :;: Red Mustang, 14hh :;: 5 :;: Stallion :;: Owned by August
    ʊ Flightless Falling {Dynasty} :;: Silver Akhal-Teke, 15.2hh :;: 9.5 :;: Mare :;: Owned by Scarlett
    ʊ Bobby Socks :;: Chestnut Australian Quarter Horse, 12.3hh :;: 1.5 :;: Colt :;: Owned by Scarlett

    Rooming (open)
    :1: Jessica & Kacy & _____ & _____
    :2: Olivia & _____ & _____ & _____
    :3: _____ & Maribeth & Scarlett & _____
    :4: Elliot & _____ & _____ & _____
    :5: _____ & _____ & Ash & Daniel
    :6: Zachary & _____ & Rowan & August
  4. Willow Forest Riding Academy

    Julie (open)
    Juliette C.K. Monteith :ʊ: 10|5th Grade :ʊ: Ray|Auburn|Eeyore|Fleur|Fifi|Miki|Chloe|Spooky :ʊ: Friends-open :ʊ: Enemies-open :ʊ: Crush-open :ʊ: x

    Softly humming to herself as she walked down the winding dirt path to the barn, Julie skipped a little as she went, feeling as happy and carefree as ever. Once the young french girl had made her way through the barn door she continued to walk until she spotted her favorite horse in the entire world, Ray. "Bonjour" she said softly, her light eyes sparkling happily as the lazy palomino quarter horse lifted his nose over the stable door to nuzzle his owner. "Ready for a ride Monsieur?" she smiled to her best friend, the tiny, auburn haired girl's accent strong even though she was speaking mostly english.
    {open to rp}{location-Phoenix Barn}{Room 3A}

    Timmie (open)
    Timber K. Lowe :ʊ: 14|9th Grade :ʊ: Alaska {Magic} :ʊ: Friends-open :ʊ: Enemies-open :ʊ: Crush-open :ʊ: x

    "C'mon Alaska!" Timber laughed as she raced happily through Willow forest, her wolf-dog on her heels. While Timmie was, in fact, here on a scholarship, riding wasn't always the only thing on her mind, especially since her assigned horse was Make Some Magic. While Magic was truly one of the most beautiful animals the red head had ever seen, Timber and Magic clashed like good and evil. If the teen wanted the mare to canter she would barely trot, diagonal left would turn into some weird mix between piaffe and flying change, and jumping meant refusing. It was more of a headache (or sometimes a bodyache) to work with the horse.
    {open to rp}{location-Willow Forest}{Room 3B}

    Jamie (open)
    Jamie I. Weasley :ʊ: 16|11th Grade :ʊ: Sky|Sugar|Jax|Eddie|Knight|Misty|Cloud|Midnight :ʊ: Friends-open :ʊ: Enemies-open :ʊ: Crush-open :ʊ: x

    Jamie sat under the giant Maple tree in the center of a meadow just off of 'Marked Trail 1', Midnight curled in her lap sleepily while the long haired brunette watched as her two, rather old, Jack Russell Terriers came charging back toward her with a branch that she would happily throw for the father and son duo. Glancing down at her phone that was lying in the grass just next to her she sighed softly when she saw the time: 9am. "Well, everyone back home is getting up about now, I guess that means I can call later, huh?" she said lightly, a half smile playing on her lips as she ruffled the silky soft fur on her dazed, black cat's head. Even though Jamie had been attending the school since fifth grade now the lack of contact with her family ceased to get easier. They still lived in Alberta, Canada; a timezone behind Georgia... at the same time though, the warmer weather of Georgia was welcome compared to the brutal winters of Alberta.
    {open to rp}{location-Marked Trail 1}{Room 5B}

    Tom (open)
    Thomas M. Campbell :ʊ: 18|12th Grade :ʊ: Einstein|Tallah|Patchwork|Wrinkles :ʊ: Friends-open :ʊ: Enemies-open :ʊ: Crush-open :ʊ: x

    An early riser, Tom had been up since six in the morning. He had gone on his morning jog/walk with his dogs and changed into more casual clothing that could be used for just lounging or riding. Currently he was lunging his fjord, Einstein, in a light warm up just to get his draft pony's blood pumping and wake the lazy, laid back stallion up a bit. As he stood in the middle of the arena with the long-line on he watched the rodblakk coated horse's movements carefully. His younger sister was right, Einstein would probably make a very good jumper. Tommy normally focused on dressage since it was a bit more common in his Swedish hometown, but jumping was fun, maybe he would try competing in it this year, just for fun. Besides, there wasn't anything to loose.
    {open to rp}{location-Training Arena}{Room 6B}


    Serenity Hollow Riding Academy

    Sid (open)
    Sidney S.L. Addison :ʊ: 12|7th Grade :ʊ: Wildfire|Tink|Dolly|Freckles|Ace|Scooter|Magic :ʊ: Friends-Summer :ʊ: Enemies-open :ʊ: Crush-open :ʊ: x

    Clicking her tongue lightly, Sidney gently pushed her heels into the Arabian pony's side in a quiet attempt to ask her 'perfect' pony to speed up. Wildfire obeyed Sidney without hesitation, the usually ornery pony would almost never disobey his trustworthy owner and the light bay Arabian changed his gait to a gallop as the duo sped down the unmarked trail on their morning ride.
    {open to rp}{location-Unmarked Trail 2}{Room 2R}

    Summer (open)
    Summer J.K. Addison :ʊ: 15|10th Grade :ʊ: Dreamer|Venus|Asher|Scout :ʊ: Friends-Sidney :ʊ: Enemies-open :ʊ: Crush-open :ʊ: x

    "Let's do this" Summer said determinedly as she leaned forward to pat Dreamer's neck quickly while the duo breathed. After a few moments the curly haired, green eyed teen sat up, collected her reins, fixed her posture slightly and pushed her heels in to Royal Dreamer's sides for a moment to get the Warmblood mare moving again. After circling the arena twice, Summer curved left for her first jump, a simple two foot four inch vertical that would lead to a free seven-ish strides before a liverpool jump, two more verticals under three feet and a box oxer at exactly three feet. So the course might not have been the most challenging thing Summer and Dreamer had ever done, but it was great fun and good practice.
    {open to rp}{location-Outdoor Jumping Arena}{Room 3R}

    PJ (open)
    Prescott J. Higgs :ʊ: 14|8th Grade :ʊ: Bugsy|Daisy|Muddy|Goldie :ʊ: Friends-open :ʊ: Enemies-open :ʊ: Crush-open :ʊ: x

    Tossing over onto his stomach and slapping a hand down on his iphone to silence the alarm, PJ rolled back onto his back, the arm he had just used now draped across his blanket covered chest. If only he wasn't responsible for a horse, two kittens and a puppy, then the tan skinned male might be able to sleep in for once. Sighing, Prescott sat up and let the blanket fall away as he slipped out of bed in his sweatpants and grabbed a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt to change into as he headed out of the door. Twenty minutes later Pres was moseying around the campus, looking for something to do as he headed toward Hoof Hall for his first meal of the day.
    {open to rp}{location-heading to Hoof Hall}{Room 2L}

    Zach (open)
    Zachary B. Knightley :ʊ: 17|11th Grade :ʊ: Barney|Jupiter|Pluto :ʊ: Friends-open :ʊ: Enemies-open :ʊ: Crush-Mary :ʊ: x

    Sure, it was getting cooler out, but that didn't mean Zach couldn't skate along the boardwalk, did it? It's not like the dark-haired teen planned to go swimming anytime soon. Re-adjusting the ear bud in his right ear, Zachary kicked off the ground again, adding another burst of speed to his slowly slowing down skateboard. Zach loved going to school on the beach, he had lived on the beach his entire life and was thrilled when he got into the school with not only some of the prettiest girls, but also an awesome beach that allowed skateboards on the boardwalk and animals, including dogs and horses, on the beach itself.
    {open to rp}{location-Beach}{Room 4L}


    Hickory Lake Riding Academy

    Eli (open)
    Elliot O.L. Bray :ʊ: 11|6th Grade :ʊ: Drifter|Blaze|Mars|Pearl|Rootbeer :ʊ: Friends-open :ʊ: Enemies-open :ʊ: Crush-open :ʊ: x

    "Howdy Drifter" Eli said lightly, smiling up at his favorite horse, a rather large Gypsy Vanner cross. Opening the stall gate he removed the old water bucket and replaced it with a clean one as the automatic system began to fill the dark green pail with clear liquid. Backing out of the stall the young male closed the stall door and went to do the same in his other stallion, Blazing Freedom's, stall. Once his pals were cared for Eli wandered casually out of the barn and gave a whistle. Within a few moments two playful mutts came bounding around the corner. "Catch me if you can!" Elliot smiled as he ran from Pearl and Rootbeer, laughing.
    {open to rp}{location-Stables}{Room 5}

    Dan & Ash (open)
    Daniel V. Bray :ʊ: 17|11th Grade :ʊ: Jasper|Mugsy :ʊ: Friends-Ash :ʊ: Enemies-open :ʊ: Crush-open :ʊ: x

    Looking around a bit bored, Dan tipped his hat and looked at his fraternal twin a bit mischievously "We gotta find somethin' to do" he said to Ash, waiting for a response. "It's only the second week back, time to bring out the jokes and hijinks" he smirked slightly, knowing Ash would agree with him. Hopping down from where he was seated on the metal paddock railing, Dan spotted his Clydesdale in the near distance and began heading over, his brother and their dogs with him.
    {open to rp, Ash}{location-Paddock}{Room 8}

    Ash W. Bray :ʊ: 17|11th Grade :ʊ: Jingles|Petunia :ʊ: Friends-Dan :ʊ: Enemies-open :ʊ: Crush-open :ʊ: x

    For a rare few moments Ash had taken his hat off, letting the still warm afternoon September sun 'sink into his brain'. Pushing himself off of the fence he was leaning on Ash shrugged "Have you got somethin' in mind?" the shorter twin asked curiously. Much like his brother, Ash was always up for a good time, but as of lately he had been in a more-or-less fowl mood. After all, his ex-girlfriend decided to call it quits between the two of them on the second day of being there. Ash just kept telling himself that it was for the best, Dan was right, she kept him too grounded. You never really can take the cowboy out of a cowboy. Following Daniel over to where Jasper was, Ash let his dark gaze wander for a few moments before he spotted his light grey mare a bit away and broke away from his brother and the dogs to grab her.
    {open to rp, Dan}{location-Paddock}{Room 8}

    Olivia (open)
    Olivia M. O'Reilly :ʊ: 15|9th Grade :ʊ: Sunny|Flame|Snowball|Samson|Murphy|Levi :ʊ: Friends-open :ʊ: Enemies-open :ʊ: Crush-open :ʊ: x

    Rolling her eyes at the annoying younger kids who had just come running through the room, Olivia uncrossed her legs and crossed them the other way before re-arranging Snowball who was shooting the same icy glare at the kids who had just interrupted the spoilt pairs peace and quiet. It was bad enough that Olivia, the perfect princess as far as her parents were concerned, had to share a room with four other girls, but she had to be responsible for actually taking care of her horses. Sure, she loved them, and they really were beautiful an amazing, that's why she bought them with her father's platinum card, but she never had to actually care for them... unless she had wanted too... and forget it, muck a stall? she could scuff a boot, or break a nail.
    {open to rp}{location-Common Room}{Room 3}
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  5. [​IMG]
    Sorrel walks through the school grounds to the barn in the cool morning air. She wears her tan riding pants, her black boots and half chaps with a grey tank top. She enters the barn and makes her way to sit by her horse Rosie's stall. she smiles and takes out her sketch book and a pencil. She begins to draw with soft and hard but fluent strokes of her pencil. The paper seemed to come alive with every line and shadow. She grins and looks up at Rosie who looks back at her. She sets down her sketch book . She stands and reaches out and strokes rosie. Looking into her eyes that seem to see right through her.

    August walks along a gravel coved path kicking up the small rocks as he goes. He looks around a faint mist clung to the area and dew clocked the grass. He continues to walk running his hand along a fence. He reaches the barn, he enters and looks around. Most horses were up a few weren't. He walks through the barn until he reaches apollos stall. He smiles seeing his horse was up he pats him. "Hey boy" he says "ready for the day?" He finishes before entering the stall.

    Maribeth sat in the grass fiddling with her necklace she watched autumn and swan eat. She smiles as swan came over nuzzling Mary. She laughed kissing her nose. She stands and hugs swan grinning from ear to ear. She loved horses always had she had been riding since she was little. She got autumn when she was 10 and swan when she was 12. She loved then both and say with them while they ate every day.
  6. Quinn

    Quinn closed the door of his lifted Dodge Ram. His lungs breathed in the grass filled air and gave a sigh, he was home again. Hearing a soft knicker from the white trailer made him smile, Snickers knew where she was. She had called the stables home for three years, three long years. "I'm coming Babe" he tucked his keys into his pocket and headed towards the back of the trailer, seeing the top of Cadillac's rump from the back openings. He unlocked one door and pushed them both open to the sides, where his mare sidestepped, staring side eyed at the intrusion of her space. Quinn squeezed himself though the gap to her face, unlatching her from her hook and pushing her out. Her coat gleamed in colors of the rainbow, like a ravens wings and Quinn smiled, glad she didn't get dirty on the ride. He latched the doors once again and grasped her lead rope. Walking her forward a bit then stopping, his blue eyes staring at the truck with mild disappointment. Cadillac lifted her head and nickered, her own eyes elsewhere at the pastures with horses grazing. Quinn sighed "I guess we should be thankful to the old man, we wouldn't have gotten here in the Ford. It would have broke down being so old. He finally decided to try and be a dad" Quinn scoffed "Ridiculous" He led the mare away from the truck and hummed to himself.

    Quinn entered the stables with his mare, his voice quiet but his headphones in. He didn't know someone was in there. Faded Wranglers and a bark blue flannel unbuttoned to show the white tank top underneath. A wooden body brush in his right hand. He led Cadillac into her stall and let her get settled before he began to brush her. His singing voice was good, not enough to become a singer but not ear destroying. Cadillac nickered softly and let out long heavy breaths as the body brush and Quinn's hand massaged over her shiny coat, removing any dust she may have gotten during the ride to the academy. He was too focused on her coat to realize he was singing louder than before. But he was rocking out to himself, and singing to Cadillac, which he did often to calm her. Her ears turned back to listen. "You hit me like fire, shot me like a bullet.
    Burned me up and down, no way to cool it.
    But every time you kiss me it's like sunshine and whiskey.
    It's like a bottle of Jack straight to the head.
    One shot, two shot, copper tone red.
    Every time you kiss me it's like sunshine and whiskey."

    Quinn's Song (open)

    Quinn's Truck (open)

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  7. [​IMG]
    She freezes when the sound of music hits her ears. Looking around her abnormal green eyes fall upon Quinn. Her heart quickens he was a really good singer. She runs her hand through her hair shakily *should i talk to him* she thinks. She knows the answer she wasn't some sweet little girl. Everyone knew it she could be kinda mean. she didn't take crap from anyone but she had her moments, and this was one of those nice moments. Her heart was in her throat but she couldn't just stand there like an idiot. She turns back to Rosie and takes out her phone, she opens it and goes to pictures. She holds it up like a mirror her hair was fine she was fine. Except her eyes, they were this light green that would have been so pretty. If one of them didn't have a bunch of brown lines through it. She signed and put away her phone. She takes a deep breath and turns she walks over her throat dry. She makes her way to the stall he was in. She looked at his horse she was really pretty. She smiles and takes a deep breath "hey" she says trying to sound casual. Then she thought about it what if he couldn't hear her! With his music on loud she gulped hoping to god he could hear her. She would probably die of embarrassment if he couldn't.
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  8. Quinn didn't hear her at first, his mind was enveloped in the songs that made him feel like he was magic. As odd as the sounded. He connected better with music then he did humans. Quinn set the body brush on her rump and quickly worked on her hind legs, adding pressure to Cadillacs hips and thigh. Seeing if there was any sprain or blood clots. He gave a soft smile seeing she was alright. He heard a slight mumbling through his headphones, thinking it was the music he was listening to.

    Cadillac gave a soft snort and moved her snout towards Sorrel, sniffing her but moving her face away quickly so Sorrel couldn't let her. She snorted and tossed her head to the side, letting the side of her face collide with Quinn's shoulder as he stood up. She rubbed her face against him roughly then went to normal, her eyes closing once more.

    Quinn looked at her quickly, seeing a form near the entrance he looked surprised. He didn't expect anyone to be in the stables, he must have been singing loudly. He pulled the headphones out of his ears quickly and gave a nervous smile "Hi, sorry I didn't think anyone else was in here. I didn't mean to make your ears bleed" he gave a small laugh. His voice wasn't that bad. But he was very in need of a laugh from the girl. His left hand grasped Cadillacs mane while his right moved out to offer his hand "I'm Quinn, I don't believe we have met before."
  9. [​IMG]
    After a few minutes of standing there she realizes he didn't hear her. Her face goes red with embarrassment, *should I leave?* she asks herself not knowing what to do. She shuffles her feet unsure, she starts to turn when his pretty black horse sniffs her she giggles. Then a few seconds later the horse moves away *was that a good sign?* she thinks. Then he notices her she laughs at his joke, and to be honest his singing was quite nice. She shakes his hand and says "nice to meet you Quinn I'm Sorrel and I have to say your sing is actually quite nice"
  10. Ember glanced over her shoulder, classic was pawing in the cross ties.
    "Class, quit" she said though a giggle the golden horse was suddenly standing perfectly still looking at Ember with her unevenly colored eyes.
    "Oh b" she giggled walking forward with the blue bonnet in hand.
    "Alright honey" Ember sighed pulling the bonnet over Classic's ears. She made a slip knot to hold it on Classic's head. She turned around to take the bridle. She slipped the reins over Classic's head and gently offered her the bit. She fastens the throat latch, nose band, and flash and quickly puts the halter in the window. Classic walks forward and nudges Ember in the back "alright baby, lets go" walking out of the barn classic followed close behind. She stops abruptly looking at Quinn and Sorrel. Classic seemed to look past them. She trudged on ahead to the arena. Ember's stomach did a little summer salt and walked to catch up with her training eager horse.
    "Class I know your excited but Honey your making yourself look over exciter..." Ember said breathlessly. Classic snorted, as if she knew exactly what ember has just said. Ember mounts up onto Classic and begins the her warm up.
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  11. Quinn laughed "That's how I know that you're lying to me" he gave her a wide smile and placed both hands below his knees, giving a single clap as Cadillac lifted her left front hoof for him to examine. He felt her tendons, moving his hands slowly up to her knee where he moved her right and let to see how much it moved from side to side, then set her foot down. Walking to the other and doing the same, this time he spoke. "She seems okay to do some running, I was just going to take her out for a bit into the pasture." he was glad he had made a new friend today, his other friends had all graduated and moved on and he never saw them anymore. But Sorrel looked like she could be a great friend. His head lifted to eye a new girl who moved with her horse from the barn. They made short eye contact but not enough for him to point her out as being familiar. She might be new then. His eyes moved to Sorrel once again. This time, he stood up and shifted, resting his weight on Cadillac's right flank. His head leaning in on her muscled neck. "It would be good for Snickers to get a friend. If you're not busy, that is. I wouldn't want to ruin training or something" he was implying that Sorrel should let their horses get to know each other, and perhaps something else, more friendly. Quinn hadn't taken and interest in girls and it sure wasn't popping up now. Despite what others might think, he just needed a friend.
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  12. Ember couldn't help but notice when her and Quinn's eyes met. They had met before. She even had a class with him. But she doubted he would remember her. She was in some advanced classes with seniors but she mostly sat in the back of the room and took extensive but good notes. Unless Quinn payed attention during the role she doubted that he would remember her name much less her appearance.
    With her warm up in walking done she lightly squeezed and classic transitioned into a beautiful working trot. Ember moved her hands asking for a stretch into the trot and watched as Classic stretched forward and downward with her neck, picking up her strides nicely too. After she was nicely stretched she collected her reins and presented a contact. Classic came into a beautiful round and Ember began to sit the trot she tried some circles, serpentines, and multiple changes in direction. After center line in a circle she picked up a working canter she cantered on the rail and went across the diagonal for a simple lead change. She circles again in the canter and then asked for a trot, then trot halt transitions to develop some lightness in her ride. Classic had started to hang on the inside rein into the bend. She she was satisfied with that she gave Classic a walking break before going onto the harder movements. She wondered where Jamie was. She always enjoyed going for a cool down with Jamie after she rode. But as she looked around the barnyard she saw her nowhere to be seen, she must've been on the trails. She did see Sorrel and Quinn and her stomach flipped what is happening to me? She thought. She almost never had crushes but her stomach was doing summer salts over this one boy.
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  13. [​IMG]
    She smiles and say "No no that would be nice, I'd say the same for Rosie. Let me just go grab her" she turns and walks over to Rosie's stall. This was great it was the first day and she had already made a new friend. She runs her hand along the wood until she reach the lock. she opens it and steps inside "hey girl!" she say "we're gonna go make a new friend" she adds happily. She slides the halter over Rosie's head and buckles it. She then attaches the lead rope, grasping it she begins to lead Rosie out. She walks the big black horse down closer to the stall Quinn and snickers were in. "I'm ready when you are" she says with a smile her strange green eyes bright and happy.
  14. Quinn nodded when she returned, he had checked all of Cadillac's legs to make sure she survived the roads. Some of the roads he drove on were rocky and he was taught by his teacher to always check the horses legs, one bumpy road could lead to a horse never walking again. Quinn never wanted that to happen to Cadillac, it was one of the reasons he had spent all of his money for a filly they said couldn't be trained, why he risked his own life from the cougar attack that could have killed her. He glanced up into the eye of his gorgeous mare, her nose coming to nudge his shoulder blade longingly. As if she understood what he was willing to sacrifice for her. He'd give up his own life so she could be safe. It was the type of hard love he had never felt before, not even for his own sister. Cadillac already had her halter on, faded red cloth and bright gold buckles from her racing days, Cadillac Swing engraved in the belts, her last owner had given Quinn all of her supplies, which was great because that meant Quinn wouldn't need to use his money to buy more items for her. A few treats every now and then.

    Quinn looked up at Rosie, Sorrel's mare and smiled as Cadillac stuck out her nose to greet the other horse. Quinn laid the lead rope onto Cadillac's rump and clicked his tongue, putting a few fingers into her mane and grasping them lightly. He'd only put on her lead rope if she needed to be contained, that wouldn't be an issue. Snickers was tame when she wanted to be. Quinn made the first move, walking out of the stall and giving Sorrel a soft smile.

    The pasture wasn't far, but it was big, Quinn opened the gate and Snickers invited herself in, making a quick turn to shove her rump in his face. Quinn laughed and removed the hanging lead rope, folding it and throwing it over his left shoulder. "Go on" he said softly. Glancing at his faded jeans and his flannel, sticking his hands into his pockets, then watched as Snickers trotted away, her head and tail held up high as if she were queen of the world. He began to walk slowly so Sorrel could catch up. His eyes drifting over to the arena where he watched the girl he had seen in the barn practicing. Sorrel was at his side now and he gave a small scoff "I tried getting Cadillac into dressage my Sophomore year. I gave her too many orders and she bucked me off and pulled my hair. She doesn't like having orders thrown at her. Rebellious brat." Quinn laughed "She's a feisty girl. Certainly keeps me in my place though." Quinn watched for a while more, then figured it was time to start walking again. He didn't want to stare. He gave a half smile and tilted his head to look at Sorrel, his back leaning a bit. "So tell me about yourself, Sorrel. I don't think we have met before, so please if I get too personal with you, feel free to hit me. Cadillac does."
  15. [​IMG]
    She smiles and follows him rosie beside her she could tell the black mare was excited. She reaches down and grabs her drawing book tucking it safely under her arm. She was behind so she hurries trying to catch up, as she reaches the pasture she turns facing rosie. "Be good" she says with a smile before kissing rosie on the nose and sending her off. The sun felt good on her bare arms brushing off her tank top, holding her book to her chest she catches up to quinn in time to hear what he said. She laughs and finds herself staring the blood rushes to her checks. She looks away quickly tucking a strand of loose hair behind her ear. she laughs nervously "Well I love horses otherwise I wouldn't be here...One of my...hobbies is well drawing" She says holding her drawing book out in front of her. She flips through it, the ink covered pages fly by she looks back up at him smiling her earlier awkwardness gone. "My parents never really supported me...you know parents. They were planning to send me away anyways so I tried to get something good out of it, and it worked out. They got me Night Rose before I left and I don't really talk to them much anymore..." She trails off looking down as her boots.


    After sometime Beth stands Maybe I'll head to the beach she thinks before putting swan and autumn up. She skips down the gravel path to her car, pulling out her key she opens the door climbing inside. She starts the engine whistling as she backs out, after about 30 minutes she reaches the beach. Smiling she steps out into the cool breeze coming from the ocean, she breaths in the salty scent and grabs her bag before shutting the car door. She puts her hands in her pockets and walks over to the bathroom, she changes into her swim suit throwing a floral crop top and some jean shorts on over it. She puts her long brown hair into a messy bun on top of her head, she exits her sandals make a click as they hit the boardwalk floor. She walks down the boardwalk listening to the ocean, she was so deep in thought she didn't notice she was standing in the way of a boy with a skateboard (Zach).

    Gus whistles as he leads Apollo to the pasture like he always did in the morning. The re stallion follows his hooves making a click as the hit the floor of the stable. August looks around I wish I had someone to talk to he thinks. He loved his horse but just standing there watching him could get pretty boring without someone to talk to. He saw a few guys but he wasn't in the mood to talk with them he didn't see anyone else They must all be in their dorms he realizes with a sigh. He continuous his walk to the pasture with Apollo.
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  16. Jealousy burns deep in Embers chest as she watches Sorrel and Quinn. She bites hard on her lip and blood spills into her mouth, filling her tongue with a matalic taste. She looks down at the pommel of her saddle and notices Classic has sped to a over stepping walk. Despite her foul mood she throws her head back and laughs. Leave it to classic to be an over achiever.
    Ember collects her reins and picks up a sitting trot. She does counter canter, halt to canter transitions to warm up for flying lead changes. After a good few transitions and a change of direction she moves to flying lead changes. Classic performs them perfectly. After a few of those she moves to 3 tempi changes, then 2 tempi changes then 1 tempi changes. Classic does each movement beautifuly. She cools down with half passes and leg yields in the trot. She ends her ride with center lines and halts. After the last one she gives up the contact loosening her reins then letting go completely and throws her arms around her horse.
    "Good girl!" She coos "my perfect girl was amazing!" Ember rubs classic's neck and then lets her walk out around the arena. She walks out of the arena and toward the barn and absently toward Sorrel and Quinn. Realizing she's only a few feet away from running into them, she sits deep into her saddle removes leg and Classic stops in a square halt in fount of them "I'm so sorry" she says sheepishly a slight blush springing onto her cheeks.
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  17. Quinn watched the book as the pages flew by in detailed grey and black. Quinn could never draw that good, the way he was, he was too impatient and always thought his work was never cut out to be in a museum, he never thought his art was good enough. He listened when she spoke about her parents, it made him think about his and he wondered if she was trustworthy enough to keep his life in her memory. Quinn stared out into the field where his princess and Sorrel's horse were, grazing in the sun, their coats shining like rainbows in the suns rays. Quinn sighed a bit before he began to speak "I can understand that. My mom and dad divorced when I was ten, so my sister and I were alone most of the time. Our father was a lawyer, but he never stayed with us, half the time we told people we didn't have a father, it was easier. I wanted to be a engineer and design tanks for the military. I was into street bikes and cars, not horses. My sister wanted to go to Harvard law school, but my mother fell ill and passed of cancer. I had to get a job to support my sister and I. I found a job at a racetrack, soon becoming the training jockey since I was light enough. I met Cadillac when I was training her, she was being timed so I was to simply take her around the track twice. But they were doing maintenance on the lawn also, she got spooked by a backfiring tractor and bolted. I lost control of her and she jumped the fence of the track, I fell in love with that feeling. The flight of it all. She came to a stop in a tree'd area and we got attacked by a cougar. I blacked out and woke up to her, laying by my side and licking my wounds. The next day I spent all my money which was saved to buy a truck and bought her. She's been my life ever since. And now I'm here" He stopped momentarily to watch his filly again, wondering where he would be if he didn't buy her that day, didn't hand the old owner the money and walked away.

    Quinn could feel the scars chilling under his shirt as he thought about that day. Good thing he didn't try and start walking again, he turned his head quickly and held out his arm instinctively to shield Sorrel from the large figure coming at them. His eyes met with those of a horse's and the girl he had seen before in the barn. He blinked a few times trying to figure out what happened, clearing his throat as he lowered his arm away from Sorrel and back into his pocket. His eyes set on the girl above him "Woah there, take it easy Speed Racer." He gave a soft smile to show he was joking around. He was glad he didn't get flattened. The nicker of Cadillac coming closer into his ears, from his view he could see her black form, racing towards them. Making sure Quinn was alright, she must have been watching the whole time.

    Cadillac lowered to a walk, snorting unhappily as she used the back of her neck to shove Quinn back by his chest. Her head lifting and breathing heavily. Quinn's hand went to her mane and his fingers snagged into her hairs, showing his presence. However he couldn't be seen, she was taller than him and Cadillac was overprotective. Quinn tugged on her hair until she circled Sorrel and was behind him, Quinn didn't move his hand from her mane. "Sorry about her, she's overprotective of me"
  18. [​IMG]
    Sorrel jumps as she hears the horses hooves behind her and Quinn shields her. She knew it was probably just a friendly gesture but she couldn't help the blush. "thanks, aren't you such a gentlemen" she says playfully trying to stop the weird feeling. Rosie came trotting after her new found friend to inspect the imaginary crime sene. Sorrel looks up at the girl shielding her eyes from the sun with her hand and hears her say sorry. "Oh it's ok it happens, once when I first got Rosie I started thinking about something and...well I think I hit my dog...and then the shed..." She says playful giggling a little at the end. She didn't think she had ever met the girl before.
  19. They were joking. She knew they were joking. But people had always questioned her and Classic. People told her Classic was just too much for her. That her little jumper pony would never be good enough. It wasn't like she had lost all control of classic and she bolted. She knew classic like the back of her hand, this wasn't her first ride on her. She knew exactly what was going on just- Stop she told herself. And Ember breathed.
    "I'm sorry." She said again "I wasn't paying attention, as much as my little sunshine likes to work, she likes grass more. I was walking her to the barn and I guess she detoured to graze." Ember leaned forward on classic's neck and tweaked her rein a little. Classic pulled her head around to Ember who undid the flash and pulled it from the bridle. Classic lowered her head to graze.
    "Your horse is beautiful" she told Quinn "I don't think I've ever seen an Arabian that big before I mean... She's what... 16.2? 16.3?" Ember guessed. Even sitting atop Classic, his horse seemed to tower over them.
    "And your horse is gorgeous too" she told Sorrel. She paused for a second then drew a sharp breath.
    "I'm sorry I've been so rude, you probably don't even know who I am! My name is Ember- Em if Ember gets to be too long... I have history and bio with you- and this is my pride and joy Classic" almost on que Classic raises her head and bobs it slightly flinging grass everywhere.
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  20. Cadillac snorted in unhappiness, her muzzle running over Quinn's short hair, she didn't need to try and reach, she was tall enough as it was. Her head lowered and she started grazing on the grass by his feet. When Ember guessed at Cadillac's height, it occurred to Quinn that he didn't remember. His hand went to the back of his head as he thought "16.4 I think? She's too tall for her own good, I'm surprised she doesn't trip over her own feet. I'm half her height and I trip over mine all the time" Quinn gave a nervous laugh. He wasn't fond of his clumsiness, it often got him into trouble. His father complained when his parents were still together about how Quinn could destroy a building and he was never going to get a car if he didn't fix his wobbly feet. Quinn shook his head, his father never did anything for his sister and him, the man didn't exist as their father. He only got Quinn the dodge to show that he cared somewhat. Not that it mattered, but it got Cadillac and him places. Quinn cleared his throat a bit, looking at Ember once more, his mind trying to think where he had seen her before, now that she was up close. She had an easy to recognize face. "You were in my Equine history class last year? Or some class, I remember seeing you around in a few classes of mine but I can't remember them." he felt bad. His memory wasn't the best this morning. He forgot his truck keys twice today. He was a mess. "I'm Quinn, if you didn't know already. Pleasure to have your horse almost run us over" he gave a half smile.
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