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  1. The romance started two summers ago when they met each other over some random chat room. They began to hit it off instantly, despite being almost polar opposites. After many skype calls and long nights of talking on the phone, the two decide that it's about time for them to meet each other for the first time.

    He would be spending the month that he was visiting at her dorm room in university. The first few nights were perfect, but then suddenly people were going missing and being found dead. They all have one thing in common: they all either dated, or went after our main character. Are these murders connected? Who is next?

    Characters needed
    Long Distance Boyfriend: Me
    Female lead (girlfriend):
    Female roommate:
    Roommate'a Boyfriend:

    Character wish list

    Guy who has a crush on the lead (multiple guys)
    The lead's parents
    Lead's best friend
    Police officers

    Character Skeleton
    Anything else you want to add

    Seeing as how this is a horror, there will be character deaths. I will come to you if I want to kill you off and talk to you about it, but when it happens, please don't be upset. Also, stick in your role. If you decide to be a "horror movie archetype" and model your character off a popular trope, then stick to that. Mainly though, try and have some fun.
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  2. This sounds interesting, plus im a big fan of Murder Mystery's so i'll join..


    Name: Genda Valentine
    Role: Lead's Roomate.
    History: A rich girl that used to live in Florida, Genda wanted more in life after having successful years at her Highschool and decided to take a course in Psychology..Unfortunately the University she joined is where the story is happening..In fact she's the Female leads Roomate, she is friends with the lead but dose not trust her boyfriend, with the murders up and about she is worried about her and her boyfriend..If she's in a desperate situation she will try and protect her friends..Nobody messes with her and nobody messes with the ones she loves.
  3. Oh, wow! Someone is actually interested! I had lost hope in this!
  4. Id like to join this RP as well
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