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  1. We can now be the internet sites we love so much! This is our clique. The group of friends we hangout with on the daily!
    We gotta make it through our last year of high school with only each other!

    Base your character off the images, really look at their body language and attire and form a realistic bio off that!
    (Character Sheet)




    Sexual Orientation:

    Crush in Clique:


    Mental & Physical illness or impairments:




    Turn ons/Turn offs:


  2. Name: Deviant Art (Dev)

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

    Crush in Clique: Youtube & Pandora

    Personality: Mysterious and slightly twisted. Fun and adventurous. Will do anything once. Mood swings. Loves hard.

    Mental & Physical illness or impairments: Bipolar

    Fears: Being alone

    Likes/Dislikes: Drawing, Reading, Pranks, Music, cats/ dogs, work

    History: Her parents divorced when she was two and her mom does drugs and her dad is a drunk. She moved in to her new apartment but is struggling with rent, so she is looking for a room mate

    Turn ons/Turn offs: Dominance, Biting/ making her do everything

    Talent: Drawing

    Other: She hangs out with the guys more than the girls.
  3. Oohh is this still open. I'm gonna make my Character just in case. o3o




    Asexual Panromantic.

    Crush In Clique:

    Fic is more on the shy side, never really speaking up unless asked a question. She is basically an open book. With smiles and shades of pink dusting over her cheeks, most usually tease her- Though it isn't meant to be mean. It's hard to make her mad, but if it does somehow happen- She sounds more like a teddy bear than someone who could actually hurt another. She can be pretty boring, and yet the stories she writes always tend to bring people's interest towards her.

    Physical or mental illness { Or } impairments:

    Spiders | The Dark | Small places.

    Likes / Dislikes:
    + Books
    + Writing
    + Video Games { Strangrly enough. }
    + Horror Movies

    - Studying
    - Running
    - Pranks
    - Physical contact with another
    - Cooking // Baking.

    Fic had a pretty normal childhood, with parents that hardly ever fought and the a friend that no one else but her could see. Hitting puberty wasn't something she really armed about, but it seemed like she was the only girl that hardly changed. Most girls got pretty; Tall, while she got braces and stayed short. Fix never really cared much about her looks, or how others thought of her. Throughout middle school, and some of high school- She remained lonely, with her imaginary friend gone, and she herself was just trying to stay away from the crowd. Luckily, once in the third year of High School, she finally was able to get herself some friends- Thiugh she still did try to distance herself and not really bring much attention.

    Turns off and turn on's

    Nothing. She can't cook, sing, draw. Really, the only thing that could be counted as a talent- Would be writing. Many loved her stories, and yet she always feels self-conscious about them.

    For now.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.