Our homeland far behind us, feing junted by the King's Navy... so let's party! [A Pillaging Search]

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  1. Hey, ho, landlubbers! This be Primogen's search for a First Mate... or a dozen! As such, I be laying out a few quick warnings before I make you all walk the plank!

    First of all, if you missed the tags, this will be a mature and bloody journey into the bottom of the sea and back, and as such, there will be no place for seasickness, squeamishness, or even a lack of general life weathering. If you feel like any of these cannonballs sink your shabby, rickety boat, then get out of my sight!

    Seconds, while it won't be a sure thing, I'll be needing you to tell me if you feel comfortable with mentions of homosexual relationship between dirty pirates or with the concept of rape used not as drama but as a (hopefully) full on scene and plot component. Rape won't ever be described, however, so feel at ease on that front, we'll be pirates, not documentary makers or, worse, sex-crazed lunatics!

    Third and last, if you feel at any point that you want our adventure to turn fully immersive when it comes to sexual activities, tell me and we'll have a conversation about some more details followed by the switching of the tale in progress to a more secure harbor (the Libertine section).


    I'm looking for someone who is good at spelling and grammar to a nearly perfect degree, that is who is confident in phrasing things, a competent navigator of storyline flow and a frequent user of spellcheck mixed with some old fashioned rereading. We're not perfect, and some typos are acceptable. But constant misspellings and things like signs of you having contracted the dreaded Homonym Plague will probably have you booted in the long run. Mind you, this seems actually harsher than I am. Don't write like a twelve-years old having a stroke while being stomped upon by their cat and we'll probably do fine.

    After that most important point, I'll ask of at least two decent paragraphs of you. I know that posts tend to get smaller at times depending on creative juice, time passed, time used and type of scenes depicted, but I'll do my best to provide enough for at least this much. More? Great! If not, give me a good two paragraphs of non-fluff content and we'll be fine.

    Now for realism, that would actually be ranging from near-historical fiction to a downright rummed-out sailor's bragging tale of massive tentacled monsters, ghosts ships and what have you. We'll just have to set the bar when we start out, that is before the first post is made.

    We'll need to constantly talk in PMs, if one of us feel ignored or even a bother, it won't work out, so speak out, even if it sounds silly or even embarrassing to you. As long as it's not truly personal matters and relatively relevant to our written madness, I'm all ears!

    Ah, we'll also need a rough posting schedule and decide on whether we'll post fancy and pretty or plain and clean.

    That's it... answer my call of go say hi to the sharks, or something!
  2. Color me interested.

    I think this is the color of interest.

    I've read and understood all of the above, and I do hope this is the place to sign up for piracy.

    Let me know if we can start negotiations. ^^
  3. Aye, come alone to my cabin and we'll start to parlay!
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