Our garbage goes where?!

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  1. At this rate, we'll have Godzilla by 2018.
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  2. We should just have something that... launches all the shit into the sun by now...
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  3. that would be terribly expensive
  4. [​IMG]
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  5. the hell is that thing?
  6. I mean... Uh... I- launch launch, like gigantic rubber band, or teeter tot-... or...

    Give me some time, if you want I could probably come up with a list of things that could probably toss all that crap into the sun... since... it doesn't have to come back...
    Know what, I'm not in the mood anymore.
    Stupid money.

    RRR People!
  7. A Slowpoke
  8. Turn it into the Toxic Avenger

    or a Garbage Mecha

    or a Trash Elemental

  9. Maaan, haven't you ever watched that episode of Futurama? That shit will come back.
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  10. Correction. Hedorah by 2018.
  11. Groening did that too? Sheesh.

    Ugh... Okay... Anyone else have any plans?
  12. The second lamest Godzilla monster?

  13. Glad this was brought to my attention again. Otherwise, I wouldn't have remembered it for the rest of my life because I forgot it soon after learned about it. Everything else was much more important.
  14. That's not how debt works.

  15. R E C Y C L I N G
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  16. I don't think you understand how debt works. Let me translate what you just said into plainer terms.

    "America could use the fact that it owes tons of money to various countries and institutions to pay to shoot garbage at the sun."

    Just... no.
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  17. Trying to get garbage into space alone would be a heavily polluting and obscenely expensive endeaver that could in no way keep up with the rate of waste. The more weight you shove into a rocket requires more fuel, and with today's technology just to set up a manned mission to Mars, they believe they have to set up the supplies in 3 trips to be assembled in Earth's orbit, and that is nowhere near the weight of the millions of metric tonnes of shit that end up in our oceans each year. Also, building one rocket is a very expensive endeavour. There's no way you could do the hundreds of thousands of trips required to remove our waste from Earth. Not to mention we already have a stupid amount of debris in low Earth orbit from all of our times in space, and almost certainly anything we launch into space would require jettisoning the early stage boosters in our atmosphere or low orbit, making it dangerous for future launches.

    Our garbage is not an easy issue. It does not magically disappear when you take it to the curb each week and a lot of things require decades to decompose, which is slower than the rate it gets stacked on. Each landfill requires liners to prevent the harmful chemicals from leeching into the groundwater tables and contaminating those sources. Millions of tonnes of earth is required to bury it layer by layer, and you can't put landfills anywhere because the protests against having one installed in nearly every city is deafening. People honestly don't care what's done with it so long as they don't have to look at or smell it.

    Incineration has its own problems. While it eliminates 90% of waste snd generates cheap and reliable energy, the 10% that remains is very toxic sludge and the process creates high amounts of air pollution, which does nothing to help global warming.

    So, if you have a clean, efficient solution, please share with the world because you'll solve one of the biggest problems industrial socities face that some of the finest minds have no answer for.

    Also, recycling takes ~85% less power and resources to repurpose than to make another identical item from scratch, so don't throw your cans, bottles, cardboard, paper and so on in the trash.
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  18. Yes to more recycling.

    In the city where I live they try to encourage as much recycling as possible, of course their methods aren't perfect but any effort made is better than nothing.

    What they've done: Assigned different bags for different trash (plastic in blue and food in green) easily obtained at every grocery store for free, drop points for used batteries/lightbulbs etc, drop points for glass and metal, paper seperate from the rest. Pretty basic stuff really.

    The different bags thing help in a second way too: You see your consumption and waste a lot more easily. When you realise half the food in the green bag is thanks to uneaten food and is adjusting to a tighter budget you see where those sorely needed money can be saved.
    While I originally was against a filled to the brim fridge because you still toss out food that's gone bad (pet peeve since high school actually, the tossing of food) it actually had settled to be an honest opinion. You don't need full cupboards, a full fridge or buy new groceries every third day. What you know you need and will use is enough.

    So yes, YES, to more recycling. It helps in mindset and awareness.
  19. Well, it's not really a surprise, is it?

    I mean come on, this was among the first things we covered in school, our generations grew up with this stuff pounded into our brains. Peak oil, overpopulation, the greenhouse effect, you name it. Covering the oceans alone would be the pollution, the chemicals that stunt the growth of sea birds, fish and various other marine animals, the plastic that often end up killing the aforementioned by either starvation or bodily harm, deformities brought on by foreign chemicals in the environment, the insane amount of materials we discard rather than recycle, the reduced biodiversity-

    I could go on all day about this. It's also specifically why I studied what I studied.

    Basically, quit contributing to our consumer society, recycle your bullshit, look for alternatives and make sure you uphold your goddamn responsibility. Don't waste water, power and materials, lower the use of synthetic chemicals and materials, and make your ecological footprint smaller.

    I need to go sit down. This pisses me off beyond what's humanly possible. And this is just in general, not aimed at somebody specific.
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