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    It is the 23rd of August in the year 2016. The earth as we used to remember it has been thrown into chaos with no technology to support it and natural disasters to destroy it. A short three months ago was the start of it all when the sun released a larger than normal solar flare. As always there were the crazies that screamed that it was the end of days, and many doomsday preppers ran off into the woods. Scientists and the media alike alerted the world that this was nothing to be worried about, we had weathered many solar flares before and this one would cause minimal damage if any. They were right, at least partially right. The first solar flare caused little damage to the world. But then another one came, and this one was stronger than the first. It caused a few satellites to fall from orbit and caused dropped calls across the globe. The next one after that was even worse, and with each following flare the damage was worse and worse. But that wasn’t the worst of the damage.

    The constant onslaught of solar flare upon the earth seemed to disrupt the energy within. Soon earthquakes and tsunamis were being reported across the globe. At first they too were minimal and expected to cause no damage out of the ordinary. That is until an earthquake ripped through the middle of the United States tearing open the earth from the west coast to the east coast. An earthquake of this magnitude had never been recorded before and it exceeded the measurements of the Richter scale. There was no counting the amount of casualties as almost half of America sank into the earth. But the U.S. was not the only affected country. Japan had been entirely demolished by the largest Tsunami leaving little to nothing to be recovered; Europe was also suffering from earthquakes just as devastating as the States. In Asia volcanos thought to have gone extinct were coming to life throwing hundreds of metric tons of ash and poisonous gas into the atmosphere. It was truly an end of day’s scenario, but all hope was not yet lost. The human race still had their precious technology, something that had never failed them in the past and they hoped would allow them to persevere against their extinction. This final and desperate hope was shattered when a solar flare so powerful exploded from the sun. When it reached earth it destroyed every single piece of electronic equipment that was not perfectly shielded by the most extensive faraday cage. It was the true test of survival to some. Others waited patiently for their god to save them. Some people just gave up and ended it on their own terms.

    We begin in New York City, it had been lucky enough to avoid being hit by any major earthquakes. But still it was not a pretty sight. The city was torn apart by minor quakes, and looting had begun, the government was failing and the police had gone to tend to their own families. Gangs were fighting in the streets and innocent people had turned to violence. For three long months the struggle only got worse, and the end results more gruesome as food supplies ran low. This new world was not one for women or children. You either hid and hoped to die slowly, or you fought and hoped to die quickly. No matter what you chose the result would be the same if you stayed in the city.

    Let me know what you think! This is just what I came up with for now, we can edit it up and go from there. Also like I said I was thinking we could start off with our characters both having decided to hold out in their apartment building which was not completely destroyed. Perhaps something happens and they end up helping each other out? Whether it is your character getting ambushed by some thugs in the apartment that want to steal her food, and likely rape her. Luckily my character was the kind of hero type and was able to fend them off, only for them to promise to return later. Otherwise perhaps your character had gotten injured and remembered that an EMT had lived in her building and decided to try and break in to his place to see if she could find any supplies, only to find a the shy resident still remained. Deciding that having someone with medical knowledge in this world would be vital to her survival and has him come with her?

    So yeah, lets figure it out! :D

    P.S. That picture is what I was thinking NYC would look like.
  2. Because I like tense-ish moment, I think I will end up going for the rape thing. You can be a hero! :D Mmmmm.. as for how my character is going to be? I think I'm going to pick like a young, naive-ish girl. Maybe the only reason she came to New York was to try her hand at fame, but she had sense enough to try and stay in her apartment. Sooo for her to stay alive she attaches to him.

    Does that make any sense?
  3. Yeah that makes sense to me! How are you with character bios? Do you like to have them pretty well written out and everything, or do you just go with a picture, name and age?
  4. I normally don't even post character bios. I just go straight into the IC. I post a picture, mention their name, bring up their age. WABAM. Character created.
  5. Gooooooooooooooooooooood. I don't mind making a character profile but I love just putting up a name and picture and heading into it all! I am liking you more and more with every post Celestialis. As for the type of picture used are you picky? Do you want only real picture used? Are anime or drawn pictures okay? I just ask because I don't have very many pictures of men saved, so I can go find one but I wouldn't be opposed to using an anime or drawn picture.

    Also in my first post I will probably go into a background and some other random stuff kind of explaining how my character ended up in the situation he is in now. I wasn't sure if you wanted to create the thread and post first though? That way I can include my character coming to save yours in my post as well? Or were you not planning to have that happen right away? Anyways whoever posts first I figured we could include the outlined story I posted with the picture at the beginning of the thread and then below that have their written post. You know what I mean?

    Also don't be afraid to get a little nasty or rough with your character or writing. I don't mind if it gets kind of gruesome! In fact it might make it a bit more thrilling and fun.
  6. I don't really care what picture my partner uses, but I tend to use more like.. real life-ish pictures. I don't want it to be my first post. It may be the second or third. I would kind of like to have a couple posts that covers them trying to carry on a 'normal' life... at least as normal as it can get. I shall try to get rough =P
  7. Okay, well I was thinking at the point that we were starting at our characters would sort of given up having a normal life and had gone into just trying to weather the storm. But as for a couple posts with them just trying to do whatever still would you like them to interact much at all or what were you thinking?
  8. Interact as much as any neighborly apartment dwellers would. Just like a hey, how are you, blah blah. If you think we should just nix the couple posts of normal life then we can.
  9. Well I guess we can change it, but in the scenario write up I did I kind of suggested that about 3 months ago all of that stuff started happening. Then that it was pretty much chaos in the streets now at present time so I kind of thought we would have been past trying to just live a normal life. I mean we don't need to jump right into your character getting beaten up and what not, but I think we are passed the point of trying to get along normally. Is that okay with you?
  10. Sorry >.< I see your point. I guess it can be the attack scene -nods- I can't promise I'll get the thread up tonight.
  11. No worries Celestialis! Just do it whenever you have the spare time, and let me know when you have it. Also don't worry about post length or anything. I am not a stickler about that. I just ask that you do more than one liners.
  12. PAH! I definitely do more than one liners sssooo don't worry there.
  13. Well then I think we will be getting along just fine! :D