Our Fears in Basil Stick Deep

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Sir Basil

Original poster
I'm sorry that I've been dead. Really, really, sorry. Basically, I had a family emergency that resulted in the death of a family member. Although tragic, the real shock and horror came when I went back to school. My schedule is ABSOLUTELY packed. Its amazing I have the opportunity to do much of anything any more than go to school. Not only that, but I'm in a production of Macbeth. I play one of the lead-supporting characters, Macbeth's friend and eventual Victim - Banquo. Unfortunately, that's a pretty significant part of the play, and one that requires a lot of sword work.

So, upon leaving rehersal, or before it - I have sword practice. Sometimes on the weekends. I have to keep up my commitments do DnD and IRL friends and that basically eats up the remaining chunk of my time. That, and I have SAT to study for. My life is pretty hectic and crazed at the moment, so I'm sorry Iwaku, sorry that I haven't been around. I don't know when I'll be back again, maybe sometime in the winter. Maybe.

Peace Out guys. Have fun.
Banquo's a fucking good role to land, mate; congrats and best of luck with school. Hopefully we'll catch you when winter comes round.
Is this a teaser?
"Hi, I'm not actually here?"
We'll be waiting for you in the Winter months! Hurry back!
Good luck Basil!
Was wondering where the fuck you were...
*has Basil killed and then proceeds to his guilt-free banquet*
Best wishes to you, my darling Kumquat. Hope to see you this winter. <3
*waits with a net and a club*

See you in the winters.
SAT is a pain. And yes, packed schedules make you shiver in fear.


come back soon! (: