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"Thanks for the ride, Ree." Sonnet twisted in the passenger seat, flashing a grin to her stepbrother perched between Reecha's guitar and keyboard in the backseat as she grabbed her bag off the floor of the car. "I have practice after school, Michael. Head to Proy's after school if you like, since Mom's out of town. Give me a call when you're ready to come home and we'll come get you."

Michael smiled back under a fringe of black curls, nodding quickly. "Sure, Sunny. When do you guys play?" The twelve year old opened up his own pack, shoving his schoolbook back into it before pushing his glasses back up on his nose.

Reecha blew hair out of her eyes, chuckling softly. "Wednesday. New songs, too. Don't you worry about your sister, hmm? Get out, Sonnet. Mike will be late if we don't leave now, and I'm not going through that gate again to get him in." Her hand went out, pushing Sonnet until the girl laughed and got out of the car, offering a wave as the door closed behind her.

Avalon High loomed ahead of her as Reecha drove off, the gates wide open and students moving on and off the grounds. Pulling her sleeves down around her wrists again, Sonnet adjusted her bag and made her way through the large double doors. She knew the path by heart by now, even without watching, which was normally a dangerous thing in the highly populated school.

As it was, the History Hall wasn't greatly populated in the morning. The 'L' shaped building was two stories high and held about thirty lecture halls, ten on each level. Sonnet's class was on the second floor, with the rather elderly Mr. Hamilton. She made her way to the class, pushing open the door and heading for her seat by the window, first row.

The class was arranged to be more of an auditorium setting than the basic same-level seating. This ensured that the students would easily see the teacher, and the acoustics were rather nice as well. "Good morning, Miss Howard."

Of all teachers, Sonnet liked Mr. Hamilton the most. He was the only one who never mocked a student, never made them feel foolish for asking a question, and answered any question, even if the topic was one that wasn't supposed to be talked about. "Morning, Mr. Hamilton."

The elderly man chuckled, tapping his long fingers on his desk while he waited for the others to arrive. He was also the only teacher who started his lectures ten minutes into the class, just to make sure no one missed a thing. Now, who would be coming today..?
As Javier opened his eyes dreading today knowing it was a school day. He rubbed his eyes trying to wake himself up before one of his two sisters ran in to wake him up but in turn he was too late as the the door to his room was kicked open by his two older sisters.

"So..Javier your going to school early today? I wonder why." Garance said with a smirk on her face. " I didn't like either of my sisters. They were always mean to me and picks on me its why I started to get up early today to try and avoid them. Now that they're here I need to found a way to get out of here." he thought to himself as he coward before them as they knew they could get away with things when it came to him but he knew he needed to get to school soon. So he decided to make a run for it as quickly as he could to one get to school and two to get away from them.

"I hope I'm not late and...I hope I don't run into any girls on the way." Javier said as he was running towards the school slowly notcing that his shirt was not straightened. Javier slowly tried to straighten it while he was running and dodging people as well as waving to his guy friends. Javier finally got close to the school as he thought to himself "Just around this corner and I should be there." but as soon as that thought crossed his mind he saw a girl that he was closing in to with no way to dodge her except one way to get past her was to use it. Javier sighed as he knew this would hurt in the end but it had to be done as he upped the power in his legs and jumped up on the wall and ran around the corner slowly trying not to let that girl notice as he jumped down from the wall suffering from the pain that comes after using the robotic upgrades he finally ended up looking up in front of the school. "Avalon High..So I finally made it." Javier said outloud as he walked into the area of the school as if he was in a trance then not knowing what was going on until he notcied he was already in the building.
Chelsea was already seated in the back row of history class, boredly drawing in a notebook. She'd already turned in her homework, and now was waiting for the other students to file into the classroom so the lecture of today's assignment could start. Not that she was in anyway a history loving person. She just didn't have problems in keeping up in school -or- even helping others get caught up. She just hoped today would pass by quickly so she could go home, take a nap, and watch t.v. She didn't have anything else planned for the day other than being bored. Maybe her parents would call. For now, she stared out the window, watching the other students walk up to the school. She really did get here too damn early. ~
'Come back!' Ella shouted as the bunny hopped away. She waved her arms madly and ran after it. 'Bunny! Come back!'
She followed it through the gloomy forest and past the little rose-covered cottage until they reached a hole in the ground. The white bunny shot throught the hole.
Ella narrowed her eyes.
'You're not getting away that easily.'
She knelt down and wriggled through the hole, grunting, then sh-




Ella's eyes snapped open to see her Alice in Wonderland book lying open on the floor. Oh, it was a dream.
'Not gonna read that before bed again,' she grumbled and climbed out of bed. She checked the alarm but after seeing it was too late for a shower pulled her clothes on and stomped downstairs.

'Morning,' her mum called from the table and Ella yawned and nooded in response, grabbing an apple and her bag from the table and heading out of the door to school.

She hurried to school, munching her apple and hoping she wouldn't be late; she quite liked History but she'd never admit it.
A few students were already seated in the History Hall when she rushed in. She gazed around, deciding where to sit and chose the desk nearest to her, on the front row and closest to the door.

Her bag thudded to the ground and she reached into it for her sketch pad. She started to doodle in it, waiting for everyone else to arrive and for the class to begin.
Jeren had been at high speed all morning. The alarm had failed to go off, and it always set him on edge. Days like this the rest of his family knew to stay out of his way, which he was thankful for.

He was also glad (again) for the fact that he and his family lived near the school. Jeren had a habit of not being on time, not nessesarily late mind you, but tending towards late when it involved history and humanities classes. Somehow missing classes never really affected his grade. But it did cause some trouble with administration.

So it came to pass that day that Jeren came barging into the classroom, clearly somewhat stressed, clearly quite suprised that he actualy got there on time.

Giving the impression of a cat who was caught acting un-catlike, Jeren adjusts his gold rimmed glasses, murmuring something to himself. He takes a seat and begins to work on something that looks complicated and involves lots of letters where numbers should be.
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"I'll take you out of the sunlight when I get home," crooning softly to a young plant, she settled him on her work bench closest to the rising sun; along with several other luscious oxygen-giving lifeforms. Her room was a mess, clothes and soil scattered throughout. She had tore it apart, looking for her rucksack this morning. It contained several important books on plants and their growth. She needed those books.

"Metilda! Don't make me come up there to that glass house you call a bedroom and hack my way through it to drag your butt to school!" Raul. The gardener under which she apprenticed. He was close to sixty now, but still felt like twenty on the inside. Metilda didn't doubt he would actually come up to her over-grown jungle where she lived and drag her to school. Running a quick brush through her long hair, she grabbed her bag on a run while flying downstairs.

"Fine, I'm here. Did you manage to not blow up the kitchen while making breakfast?" An incident which had happened on several occasions.

Raul grinned. "Yup... I made cereal." He had a slight accent, emphasizing on the vowels. He pushed a bowl almost overflowing with milk towards her. "Eat. School starts in five minutes."

Sputtering on cocopuffs, Metilda's eyes bugged. "Five minutes?! Crap, I'm going to be late!" Not that it mattered to her, but... Well, she had agreed to take classes again for Raul. What she learned at school, she would come home and teach him. He wished to learn. "I'll come home right after the final bell, Raul!" Again, she was flying from the room, rucksack slung carelessly over one shoulder. She was barefoot, finding shoes too time consuming for this morning.

* * *

It was seconds after Metilda slid into a desk, rucksack still slung over one shoulder, when the tardy bell rang. A small exhale of breath escaped her. Good. Not late. However... She was barefoot, clad in short shorts and a baggy, dirty t-shirt. Barefoot. Instead of actually caring about her surroundings, she shifted to the front of the room.

A small plant hung out of the back of her rucksack.

Mr. Hamilton was a kind man, if a bit unorthodox. With each student who entered his classroom, he greeted them politely by name and watched them seat themselves. He was not a teacher that required a strict seating schedule, nor did he ever give the students homework beyond the essays that were required at certain points during the term.

He was a middle aged man, or he at least seemed to be. Beneath his well-tailored button-down shirt were broad shoulders, and his skin carried a slight tan to it that never faded no matter how often it seemed that he was indoors, reading in the library or roaming the halls. His stance was always one of comfort. While reciting from a book he would often stand with his hands behind his back, his fingers curled to toy with the impossibly long hair he had. Silver, it was bound back into a neat ponytail secured by a black band, and it fell to his lower back.

The rest of him was clean shaven, hazel eyes watching his student beneath well-manicured brows as they entered and sat themselves. When the bell rang, he began to move, pulling off his grey sweater and tossing it over the back of his chair. On the chalkboard that was in the front of the classroom, he wrote the following:

'Creation Myths and Legends:
Topic - Zentra and Denizens'​

With that done, he wiped his hands clean of chalk dust and folded his arms over his chest as if in thought, two fingers stroking his chin.

Sonnet was looking out the window when she heard the scrape of chalk on the board. That was another thing that separated Mr. Hamilton from most of the other teachers. He still used that silly green chalkboard, while most had gone to the markers and whiteboard, and still others had gone completely to the digi-boards. The random screech of movement was almost calming, in some random sort of way.

"Seems we're missing a couple people." Mr. Hamilton took up the roster, dragging a finger down the list and matching the names to faces as he went. "Azrael and Javier, to be precise. While we wait for them, let's have a discussion." He went to his seat, leaning back and placing his hands over his stomach in thought. "Tell me a myth or legend you've grown up with. Starting with... Sonnet?" He watched as the redhead shook her head, then chuckled. "Alright, nothing for you? Perhaps someone else has one?"

GM Notes: Players skipped last turn: Azrael - Ran out of time.
Topic: Feel free to make up funny myths if you so wish!​
Chelsea knew mythologies pretty well, having had plenty of spare time to study them and become interested in their stories of gods and heroes and villains. Unfortunately, she wasn't exactly the best at remembering all the quotes during class, so she just sat back and wondered if any other classmate would have a good funny myth to share. She was already taking down notes, just in case there would be a pop quiz or test over this subject. Hopefully though, it would just be a volunteer input kind of day... She really didn't like talking in front of class if she could at -all- avoid it. Still, there had to be something she could quote... wasn't there?? Her brain was already starting to protest.... ~
Ella slumped forwards in her chair and hunched her shoulders slightly so as not tio be noticed; she only knew a few myths and these weren't particuarly ones she really wanted to share.
She cast her gaze around the class, wondering who- if anyone- was going to share one of their own myths.
Talin had stopped working on whatever calculation he had been doing when the teacher started speaking. Not out of interest, but out of courtasy. What he had heard about Mr. Hamilton he liked. His eyes and the teachers met briefly as Mr. Hamilton scanned the room.

"The only creation myth I know is what was called the sparks theory from generative science, untill it was replaced with Dr. Javier's Bubble Theory."

In a moment there seemed to be many blank stares on him, but Talin acknowledged to himself it was probably just in his head.

"Sparks theory. That... you know... this universe was created when an Anderson Pinwheel collided with with a twist in the macro space-time field and scattered the pinwheel across micro twists that effected a tenser transform- Oh come on. It's not that esoteric! And yes it qualifies as a myth because Bubble Theory is just a better explination."

Talin threw his hands up and shook his head. He went back to his workbook. "Well it makes sense to me. It's too bad because the Sparks Theory is just beautiful."
Mr. Hamilton chuckled at the silence, and then nearly laughed at the eager outburst from the normally quiet Talin. "Ah, but our myths and legends lie more in the basis of things we only dream about, instead of science. I have no doubt, Talin, that your theories and such may actually be proven today."

He stood, pulling out a small pedestal from beneath a table that came up to his hip. The object was made of wood, with what looked to be a glass top. Quite ornate runes and markings decorated the box-shaped exterior, and they glimmered as if wet, or slicked with oil, though the material didn't look to have been varnished.

"I was speaking less of the scientific nature of things. We know," he walked to the wall, shutting off the lights before moving over to the windows and lowering the blinds until it was completely dark in the room, "that we have many people who say and believe that our worlds are all created by the various means that the cosmos brings us. Heat, energy, gravity... plenty of things that are wonderful enough on their own."

Now, what had once been liquid-like on the box seemed to be glowing and moving dully. The teacher's pants could barely be seen as he walked by the box. "But, for all these things that we learn in school and in the world, things that we are required to know, we must learn also of other things. Things that we've only heard of because they are told to us as warnings, reasons for us to behave as children."

"I'll let your eyes adjust a moment. There will be no notes for this class period, as it is best that those who give me my job do not know I am teaching you of what they consider little more than fairy tales." He glanced to the door. "We'll wait a moment more, for Javier. Any questions before I begin?"

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Javier - Ran out of time.
Metilda - NPC'd for a bit.
Javier freaked out alittle as he was slightly lost and knew classes has already started. "I really need to keep a map of this school with me sometimes" he said to himself as he kept looking for the classroom he is suppsot to be in.

He kept looking at the doors and seeing the different teachers names as he searched for the classroom of Mr. Hamilton. "I have to be close to it soon." he said to himself as he then just found Mr. Hamilton's class.

He looked around as he slowly twisted the door knob. Trying not to make a sound.

The door slowly opened as he walked in and softly stepped into the classroom and sneaked into his seat. "Yes I made it." he thought to himself.
Ella glanced at the boy as he sneaked into the classroom. She grinned slightly and quickly looked to see if the teacher had noticed yet then turned back to the boy as he crept to his seat.
Talin looked back up at Mr Hamilton. He twitched involuntarily as the teacher said worlds, at the same time wondering just what that pedestal was made of.

But really, what would a history teacher (especialy one who apparently has a habit of spouting nonsense) really know about science anyways? There was no light, so Talin could not continue his equation anyways. "Other things indeed. I hope this is going to be good."
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Metilda leaned back against the cool desk, the rucksack slipping off of her shoulder and landed quietly on the tile floor. Sleepy eyes watched the teacher, observing his movements and facial expressions.

Alot was able to tell by a person's facial expressions. She liked his smile, it was secret, but warm. His sense of humor was quirky, but perhaps she would catch onto it soon or at least learn to fake chuckle. From where she was sitting, she couldn't quite see his eyes, but if she had to guess, Metilda would say they held alot of secrets. That didn't mean she would enjoy him as a teacher.

This brought back memories from when Metilda was still in school, before plants rooted her. Dusty, thick books, squeaky chairs, bored sighs, and tapping toes. Teachers who cared too much and students who cared too little. School was never easy, but Metilda did enjoy telling of stories. English? Her favorite.. Which wasn't saying much, as she didn't really care for any class.
Things might not have been the best, but Metilda was back, and she was at least willing to try this time.
Chelsea watched the strange glowing and was lost for a moment, trying not to walk out of the suddenly eerie classroom! She was as transfixed by the teacher's lesson as everyone else, yet at the same time she had this feeling that something very important was about to happen in a matter of moments. What, she didn't know. It was just a suspicious feeling. Maybe the whole day was just weird to her, or it could be that this was turning out to be a very unusual lesson!