Our Escape

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  1. Alarms began to sound and lights began to flash. People dressed in white lab coats or army outfits were running around. It seemed that everything had gone into total choas. Men were shouting every where as they ran around in a panic. "Subjects 1134572 and 1247885 have escaped! Proceed with caution, they are dangerous. Going in total lock down in 5 minuets and 50 seconds." A robotic voice says over the P.A. System. "Do not let them escape! We need them." A voice snaps with a german accent over the P.A. system. Then there was nothing but the sounds of the alarms going off. "Lock down in 4 minuets and 50 seconds."The robotic voice says. Mito looks at the white haired female behind him, he had her by the hand as they ran down the halls, trying to find a door.

    They had had cages next to each other. They were the only two experiments that seemed to survive. Mito was tired for being locked in a cage all the time, and also having tests done on him and being poked and proded with needles. He decided that he wanted to escape and he thought it was only right to take the female with him. After all it wouldn't be fair. Since he had acid for blood, he had cut himself "accidentally" and used his blood on the bars. They were now running aimlessly down halls, trying to advoid guards and scientists. "Lock down in 3 minutes and 50 seconds." The robotic voice says. Two guards had spotted them. "There they are." One says as they go after them. Mito just hits them as hard as he could with his tail and the guards fell to the floor, the wind knocked out of them.

    "C'mon, this away!" He says as he drags the poor female behind him. Then they found themselves cornered by guards. "Remember they said they wanted them alive." One of the guards says. "Lock down in 2 minutes." The robotic voice says. The fight or flight instinct was going off in Mito's brain. We need to find away out of here. He thinks as he backs up against a grate. He turns to see that it was an air shaft. He quickly pulls it off from the wall. "This away." He says as he points to the opening. Once the female was through, he climbs through and puts the grate back. As they continued to travel through the air shaft, it seemed like they were wondering aimlessly again. Damn it, this is just as bad as the halls. Mito thinks and then he sees what he thinks is day light. "Over here, I think I see day light." He says to the female and then rips off the vent. It was indeed day light. The sun felt good on Mito's skin. The lab was surrouned by woods- in fact it was a rather large forest. "I guess this is the way we go." He says to the female and then starts heading toward the woods, hoping she would follow.
  2. "I guess this is the way we go." He told the female as he began to head into the forest.

    Lilium's head did not even turn around to get a second glance at the laboratory. She hated it there. She hated everything about the lab. They had ruined what could have been a normal life for her and the man who helped her escape. They could have endured a normal life with their families instead of being treated like animals. They lost everything to these cruel people. All they were to them were lab subjects, not people. She jogged a bit in order to catch up to the man who had helped her escape. He didn't even need to really, he could have just escaped on his own. The snow white haired woman really owed this man her life for bring her out of that nightmare. She soon caught up to the reptilian like man, looking up to him as they went deeper into the large forest.

    "Thank you..." The half wolf girl told him.
  3. Mito looks back her, "There is no need to thank me." He says. "You deserve as much freedom as I do." He adds. He didn't have a family, of course he didn't remember what had happened since he was just a baby at the time. He was an unexpected prenancy and his mother couldn't afford to take care of him, so they put him up for adoption. That is when the scientists got thier hands on him. He puts his hands behind his head and looks over at her. "Since I really didn't know my family or even if I had one. I decided to give myself a name. It's Mito." He says to her. Then he was silent as the walked even deeper into the forest. Then he looks at her, "Hold on a moment, I wanna see where we are. I am sure those lab geeks won't be able to find us right now." He says and then scampers up the tree as fast as lightining. He climbs to the top of the tree and looks around. This place was really in the middle of no where. He thinks. To the west there was nothing but a clearing for what seemed like miles and the east was the dreadful lab and to the north was a moutain range. He then scampers down the tree.

    "We are in the middle of no where. This way there is nothing but a flat empty open miles for who knows how many miles." He says pointing to the west. And then he points to the north, "There are tall jagged pointed rocks with snow on top of the points, that away." He says. And then he points to the east, "And this way is that lab we came from." He says. "So which way should we go?" He asks. Then the sound of dogs' barking is heard. Of course since Mito had never heard the sound of dog's barking, he wondered what it was. He then scampers up the tree and looks toward the lab and then jumps down out of the tree. "Men with strange animals are coming this away, after us. We need to go now." He says.
  4. Lilium's sensitive ears could hear the barking from the distance, making her whole body tense. Her eyes widen as her heart dropped to the pit of her stomach. Her look redirected to the man in the tree.

    "Hurry!" She told him as she heard the dog barking get louder.

    Once he was down, she began to run in the opposite direction of the barking. Due to the wolf genes that were in her, she was able to run as quick as a dog. She could only hope that the other man named 'Mito' could keep up, or better yet, run just as quick. Her thin legs continued to run as quick as she could, taking cuts along the way as she heard the dogs' barking behind them. Her head would occasionally turn to see if the other guy was following her. The last thing she needed was for him to trip.
  5. Mito was of course keeping up with her. Of course not knowing what a dog was, it made him more worried than her. "What are those things? I've never seen them before." He asks as he runs along side her. They kept running through the clearing, with the barking still right behind them. It seemed that the clearing would never end. He noticed that she was pulling a little ahead, so in order to keep up with her, he dropped down on all fours and began to run. Scurring across the ground like a small lizard would, he was now keeping up with her with ease. He was hopping that the clearing would end soon. Then the clearing stopped finally, and it lead to a rather large body of water. Mito stopped instantly when his hands touched the water's edge. He looks up at her, "Well I guess is my chance to see if I can swim or not." He says to her. And then he turns his attention back to the barking which sounded like it wad even closer than before. "We better hurry." He says as he puts one foot into the water.
  6. "Well I guess is my chance to see if I can swim or not." He says to her, both of them turning to hear the barking that sounded closer to their whereabouts. "We better hurry."

    Lilium nodded, "R-Right..."

    She placed her feet within the water, hoping her canine blood would assist her in swimming. If not, then at least she managed to see the outside world. Although, she never knew who her parents were. The scientists never bothered to tell her, and she had always wanted to find out. She could hear the barking gradually growing louder, indicating that they had to hurry. She looked over to the reptile man next to her as the barking began to grow louder, eyes widening in fear. They needed to swim and they needed to swim now. Unfortunately, Lilium has had a mild case of hydrophobia since being in the lab. But today, she'd have to put that to the side to escape with Mito.
  7. Mito looks back at the woods and decided to go first. He ppractically jumped into the water. At first it seemed like he was going to drown, but his reptilian DNA kicked in. And he began to swim across the large body of water with no problems at all. He had noticed that she had been a little hesident to get into the water, but found her swimming right behind him. They just made it across to the other side, when the men with dogs showed up on the side they had been on. Mito looks over curiously at the dogs and thought that they were strange creatures. But said nothing. He just turns and starts going into the woods once again. "I think it will take them a while to figure out how to cross that water or find a different route. So we're safe for now, I guess." He says as he continues to walk. They traveled a little further and Mito noticed that it was getting dark. "I guess we should settle down for the night." He says. "How about there?" He asks as he points at a cave. Not knowing what a cave was or what animals lived in caves, like bears- he went straight in and then came out. "It's safe nothing's inside." He says.
  8. Lilium nodded her head upon hearing the words. She followed him into the darkness of the mysterious area. It was much more different than the rest of the lively forest, but she decided to go in anyway. Her first instinct after getting away from the men with the animals was to dry herself off. Not just her human instincts, but her wolf's instincts as well. She got on all fours and began to shake off the water from her wolf ears and tail, the liquid flying around the area near her. She didn't like being wet to begin with, and her hydrophobia wasn't going to allow her in water unless absolutely necessary, such as before. She looked over to the other white haired male then around the cave.

    "What is this place...? Why is it different from the outside..?"
  9. Mito shrugged when she asked why it was different from the outside. "I haven't got an idea why." He says. And then he looks at her and turns his head, "So what I am supposed to call you? Am I supposed to call you Girl with Pointy Ears?" He asks. Of course he wasn't trying to be funny, he was serious. He just wanted to know what her name was, that is if she had one. He looks around the cave and noticed that it was getting really dark inside the cave. "We need light, but how?" He says allowed to no one in particular. "And also food." He adds. "I'm sure there is plenty of food out in the forest. C'mon, let's go get food." He says to her as he grabs her by the hand and leads her out of the cave. "And plus we need to find some sort of light sorce." He adds.
  10. "I haven't got an idea why."

    Lilium only shrugged in response to that, since she didn't exactly expect him to know the answer either. Why had she bothered asking him anyway? He had been in the same situation as she, and he knew just as much as the outside world as she did.

    "So what I am supposed to call you? Am I supposed to call you Girl with Pointy Ears?" He asked her.

    The young woman shook her head a bit and looked over to him, "I have named myself Lilium.."

    Just like him, she did not know her real name either, or if her parents decided to actually give her a name. All she was referred to was as a "Subject" and she had assumed it was her name until she realized that it was just another word for "Lab rat" or "experiment". Names like those would not get her by, so she had decided to name herself Lilium after the flower one of the scientists had brought in. Of course, they didn't allow her to see it, but she had overheard the name and wanted to use it for her own gain.

    "We need light, but how? And also food. I'm sure there is plenty of food out in the forest. C'mon, let's go get food."

    As Mito told her this, he grabbed her hand and led her out of the cave, "And plus we need to find some sort of light source."

    Lilium searched around the area in hopes of finding something that held a natural light source to it, but the only thing they could really get was the giant thing in the sky. Obviously, they would not be able to reach that. She was aware of some of the elements the scientists had used to heat up some of those tube things within the white room, but how were they going to make that? Was it some time of sudden occurrence or a trick of the mind?

    "You are good at hunting, right?" She asked Mito.

    The two of them could go hunt wild animals for food if needed to. If he could not hunt, then she could go about on her own and try to capture something while he searched for a light source.
  11. Mito looks at her when she asks if he knew how to hunt for food. He shrugs, "I dunno, but I'll find out sooner or later." He says. And then he stops and looks at her, "Once it's light out, we should move again." He says and continues to walk. He would test to see if he had any hunting skills what so ever. A russling bush caught his attention and then a rabbit ran out from underneath it. Mito saw it and smirked, and then began to chase after it. Of course that meant he would be away from her. He then comes back to Lilium, holding the rabbit by the scruff fur on it's neck. It was still alive, he knew how to catch things, but he need to learn how to kill. "Is this hunting? I caught this long eared creature." He says as it wiggled and made a horrible racket. "So what do I do with it now?" He asks her. Since this was is first time hunting or at least an attempt at it, he wasn't good at it of course. Then a thought popped into his head. "I have to kill it right?" He asks. And then with a sigh and with out looking he killed the rabbit, by snapping it's neck. "Here." He says as he hands her the rabbit. "I'll leave the hunting to you and I'll go look for a light sorce." He says as he walks in a different direction.
  12. "Here." He says as he hands her the rabbit, Lilium taking the rabbit from him, "I'll leave the hunting to you and I'll go look for a light source." He says as he walks in a different direction.

    Lilium nodded and began to sniff the air around her, her enhanced smelling searching around for any different scents than the other man. She carried the rabbit by the ears as she began to search for anymore animals that could be lingering within the forest. Suddenly, her canine instincts began to kick in, causing her ears to stand erect and her senses to heighten. Her nose began to sniff the air repeatedly to find the nearby animal that was driving her senses wild. What she didn't know was that she was moving further and further away from the area, but hopefully she would be able find Mito after she found the wild animal.
  13. Mito wasn't too far away either. He thought that would be the best idea. He was busy climbing a rocky hill, trying to find a light source. That is when his foot had hit a rock and it scrapped along another and sparked. "That's it!" He says to himself as he grabbed up to two rocks. "But what could I use to make light?" He asks himself. Then he spots some dried leaves and sticks. "Maybe those will work?" He says to himself again and grabs up the leaves and sticks. He goes back to the cave and places them on the floor. Then he goes back out of the cave and gathers more dried leaves and sticks, just to make sure that they had enough for the night. Once that was done, he goes to find Lilium. Who he found coming back toward the cave with a rather large animal dragging behind her. "I think I found a source of light!" He says and then goes into the cave. He places leaves on the cave floor and the stacks some of the dried sticks on top. Then he began to strike the two rocks together and they began to make sparks, which caught the leaves on fire. Soon the sticks were engulfed in flames. "There we go!" Mito says with an energetic smile.
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