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    "Kin , breakfast is getting cold !" .

    The sound of an elderly female caused a younger female out of her thoughts . "I'm coming ." , Kin Oshiro said in her usual monotonous tone before walking down the stairs of their wooden house . The cracks on the ceiling weren't too visible , but it might as well be when there was rain . The lingering dampness left by yesterday's downpour made the brunette feel strangely calm , even though she wasn't really anxious or flustered about the morning chores .

    "Really , you should hurry up and eat your food ." , grumbled the female's mother .

    The purple-eyed female merely nodded as chewed on the day-old bread they had gotten for half the price of fresh bread . It didn't seem like there would be much development today , aside from helping the villagers and some house work . Leaving most of her meal untouched , Kin stood up before heading to the door and using her almost worn out sandals , "I'm off ." .

    She then headed off to the village square , eager as to find out what her duties were , unaware that she would be partnered up this time .

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  2. "Get up, boy." the man spoke to the boy, contempt filling his words with a harsh edge. He tossed down some bread next to the boy. The boy looked over, staring at the plain and tasteless looking bread. When he looked back up, the man was no where to be in sight... What was i supposed to do? Where do i go? Who do i meet? The quick succession of thoughts run through the boys head as he looks around for the man. He gives up after a moment, reaching over and grabbing the unappealing bread. Oh great tidings. It's unappealing and SOGGY bread. But it is food, so at least i SHOULD be grateful for that... But i am not. Time to get up to go wherever i need to go. I don't think that man will come back to find me... With this, the boy gets to his feet. His bones and joints pop from the long hours on the cold, wet, hard ground. The boy stretches, feeling the aches and pains of his joints. "Is this what i'm going to be like when I'm older? If so, I don't want to get that old..." the boy mutters to himself while grabbing his knapsack. OH! HOW COULD I HAVE FORGOTTEN? I'm supposed to help out people with work... and meet the people i will live with... with this thought, the boy's posture suddenly improved, his body filled with a purpose and a goal. He looks around, desperately trying to remember where he was. Why was i sleeping in a street? Was there literally no where else that i was allowedto sleep? he says while walking towards what he hopes was a street that would get him to the town square...
  3. "Ooooh , Kikiiii-chaaan ! I didn't realize you were alreadyhere !" .

    The brunette's eyebrow twitched in slight annoyance before she sighed . Sure , Kin Oshiro wasn't the most approachable person in their village , and she was known more to keep to herself rather than indulge in festivals as always , but everyone knew that she was a nice person all in all . Even if she didn't want to admit it .

    "Please don't call me that , Ayaka ." .

    Their little argument , or more like one-sided display of affection on her friend's part . "Alright everyone , we shall commence the job dividings now ." , a middle-aged man announced as a few other villagers ushered everyone else into a line . I hope I do not get a job that is too messy , the purple-eyed female thought to herself as she caught sight of a male around her age stumbled into the square .

    It didn't help that she allowed everyone to line up before her . Now she knew , she would absolutely be doomed into performing a task that was not her cup of tea , but she couldn't complain . Everyone else was working hard and so she should , as well .

    "Oshiro ." , the village head said before nodding his head in acknowledgement .

    "Sir ." , Kin Oshiro said before giving him a nod in return .

    "I heard that your mother was thinking of housing people who required a home in exchange of their services or money ." .

    "That is correct , Sir ." , what does it have to do with the village head ?

    "Considering the villagers are growing in number and there are people who have been moving into our town , you could say that the jobs we usually hand out each season is lessening to the point of which I cannot give out anymore ." , he replied cooly , with a small frown .

    No more jobs ?

    "What about the others then ?" , she couldn't help but ask .

    His demeanor suddenly changed as an almost mischievous smile appeared on his face , "That's where your mother and yourself come in ." .
  4. The boy walked into the square to hear that the job dividing was starting. shit shit shit. Gahhhh. Well I hope i get a non horrid job... or a job. He moves a bit quicker to get into the line, his legs rubbing irritatingly against the rough fabric of his breeches. Ugh. I hate these breeches. So bad. Sadly i cannot just take my clothing off... He got in line behind a striking girl... One with piercing purple eyes... Her eyes... They are beautiful... He snapped back to attention when he heard that there were no more jobs. Shit what do i do? I can't survive like this... He started getting anxious and feeling dread, but he had a flash of inspiration at the next statement... I could work for that girls family... Least i would have a bed to sleep in...
  5. "And we have one more . Ya' must be the new kid , boy ." .

    The head of their village's eyes landed on the male who had made his way to the back of the line . Which was essentially merely behind Kin Oshiro . The brunette female turned , as well , meeting the male face-to-face .

    New comer ? , she questioned herself before her striking purple eyes met elsewhere . She didn't want to seem rude or give him the wrong idea of what she thought .

    "If ya' need a job , Kin's mother is offering lodging and meals , in exchange for labor . I'll warn you , though . That woman will work you for every penny you cause her ." , he said with an almost frightened expression as he recalled a time where he was in need of her help for a period of a month .

    Mother's job ? , Kin thought to herself . He looks like he's able to get the job done . But I can't judge him . "It doesn't matter much to me , really...." , she said aloud , wondering what the male would have to say for himself .
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