Our Cruel Twisted World

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  1. Map of Aconia
    Just used for reference, nothing to special. Parts of the world are very modern and up to date like seen in the more recent movies and such, and some part are more rural and domestic. Island in the middle is Arendelle (Let's just say for now), Britain, the top right, while the countries surrounding them are earlier versions of North/South America, Africa(Snowy/land area) Europe, China, and India/Australia on the end and right coast. Small islands and such scattered.

  2. Karla
    Books always made Karla feel better, but with her sister taking too long to come home, and have read all of the books within the house. Having nothing to do, made her fidgety. She’d been on the couch for a at least an hour shifting every now and again as she played the Gameboy, groans and long sighs escaped her as she moved her position sitting upside down on her couch. “Where the heck are you Kathy?!” a great wail sounded from her and then she pouted not really liking the fact that she was home alone, with nothing to do. Karla liked stay active, so staying in one place, watching a screen flash before was nothing fun after a long while.

    Snow White
    It was dark and a little bleary, the sky seemed to form a never ending compilation of thick heavy grey clouds, and their stomach’s heavy with rain as they seemed to take a millennium rolling over the sky.

    Snow White, watched from a window, nestled safety within the confines of a comfortable motel room watched the dreary sky above her. While fat and non-consistent droplets fell smashed against the window pain. The figure seemed a nit distracted, lost in thought as you will. No intention of dealing with the real world at the moment. Today, seemed to be that sort of day where no one wanted to do anything, everyone either stayed inside or the kids ran around outside and played in the mud. She watched, not too long ago, she was just a kid herself, but it seem life didn’t plan for her to stay young and naïve forever as she grew up pretty quick. None of that mattered now as it was in the past and Snow didn’t like to dwell on that. Getting up she collected her thoughts into a single one of “I need to get going.” She stood and gathered up her Arrow and bow, pulling her brown and slightly tattered hooded cloak around her body before leaving the room.
    She went down stairs to the lobby to pay for her room and leave. It was quiet, few people sat around either reading books or drinking tea. Snow had no time for such luxuries, she needed to move. Paying quickly she then left, gathering her supplies on her horse before riding off. It had been some two days and since Snow had been having odd feelings about what was to come, weather good or bad, the feeling never left her, and she needed to know why.

    Humid, that’s all Arthur could say about his current situation. Sure, everything else was fine, but the damn humidity what was pissed him off. Grumbling in audible curse words the young heir kept his eyes glued to the map he held in his hands. He left his home about two weeks ago and so far has ended up somewhere in what seemed to be far south of France, Practical enough, it didn’t seem too far in his case. Rolling the parchment back up he slipped it into his bag and sat on a rock, knees folded in over the smooth slanted area his hand intertwined as he looked deep in contemplation. The sword, his Excalibur, which usually hung around his waist was standing upright within the dirt around him, the gleam that was often displayed by the bright rays of the sun, seemed to lose it’s luster under the clouds that dotted the sky and block a bit of the sun in the process. He didn’t know exactly why, he was out there but it seemed like something important.
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  3. Ariel smiled to herself, absentmindedly pulling down her shorts as she walked towards the little cafe on the corner of her street. Walking inside of the building she ordered herself an iced hot chocolate and took a seat on one of the cushions. Opening up the book she had brought with her Ariel quickly immersed her self in a world of angels and demons.
  4. Maleficent
    Maleficent focused hard as she was healing broken twigs from the trees. She didn't mind this because she knew it was because some birds couldn't tell how heavy they would be for the branches. Or in some cases squirrels would jump off with to much power on small twigs still fighting to stand proudly on the side of the trees. No Maleficent knew the difference between animal damage and human damage. In Maleficent's eyes humans didn't care about nature. She had moved from forest to forest to see trees being cut down, animals being left homeless, flowers being tramped on.
    Maleficent barely left the forest to make contact with humans there was only a small amount she trusted but the bigger part who she didn't always took over. Maleficent was more alert these days then normal. There was a shaft in nature something was wrong yet she wasn't able to understand what the trees were trying to tell her.

    The White Rabbit
    ((I'm calling him levon or lev instead of rabbit or white rabbit xD sounds a bit better))​
    Levon walked around watching on his pocket over and over. He never had been late for the past 5 years straight but Lev was always scared he would. He was ahead of his schedule normal persons would relax and enjoy their time. Not Lev, having time over was one of the worst things to happen. You could get lost in time and get late, You could forget about other part and get late, you could fall asleep and get late! Let's just say whatever normal people would do when they had time over could make someone get too late for another. Even though it wasn't an important day today it was still all planned. First he would go to the Library read 2 hours strict then he would go for tea and clean add the mad hatters place and then.. Well that could wait Lev looked on his pocket watch once more as he walked towards the Library. He didn't have time to explain he could run late..

    A heavy door in the castle of Arendelle opened as Elsa picked over into the hall. No one to see. Quickly she walked down the stairs on her toes as she left the castle. Being Queen wasn't easy all the important meetings, and tasks and all the other boring stuff to get locked inside of the castle for days. But not now. Ice skates hang over her shoulders as she made her way towards the local ice skating ring. It was requested by Elsa herself so she could get the feeling of winter even in summer. With a smile on her face she entered the building.

    She was grumpy. She couldn't help it but she was. Her parents would be able to help her but nooo they grounded her. Lady had been grumpy for a week and by accident she shouted ad her mother and told her dad to go to hell. she didn't mean anything of it her mother knew that but her dad didn't want he talking like that. Ever since the gossip about that she would have had a child and give it away she wasn't as cheerful as she wanted to be. They had dirt on her before, stealing items, being violent to family or friends you name it. But this was that one tiny drop that made the bucket spill. She often sneaked out to hang out with Tramp and his friends and her other best friends were Bambi and Simba she even would hangout with the white rabbit. So it wasn't about the fact they had something about her but that they could also have something on her friends. With a sight Lady decided to lay down and take a nap. After all the wasn't much she could do.

    Wind in her hair and the smell of nature. Nothing could ruin this amazing horse ride. She didn't mind if the horse ride would be the only good thing that had happed today. Once again her mother had come around with information about some boys who would have wanted to become her fiancée. No thank you kindly... Don't get her wrong, one day she would want to marry someone and be happy and stuff. As of right now she want to be free and do her own thing. Speaking of doing her own thing she wanted to look for a person to marry on her own. Not some snob to have some eye jewel next to him for parties. Once she reached her favorite spot, a big old oak tree in the middle of a grass field which had a nice water pound around it as well so Angus could drink. She quickly got off the back of the horse and gave it an apple as reward as Merida herself laid back against to oak tree getting some inner peace.
  5. Alice

    In a field full of different kinds of flowers, sat Alexander, who was lazily making a flower crown. His nimble fingers were able to twist the ends of the flowers in no time. Before he knew it, he had finished another flower crown. Smiling gently, he placed it on top of his head, making sure it was secure. The blond got started on a much smaller flower clown now. His eyes glanced over to his cat, Sebastian, who was chasing a butterfly at the moment. The sight made a few giggles bubble up inside of him and escape through his lips. "You're absolutely adorable Sebastian, but I'm sure you know that already," Alex said as he ran his fingers through his kitten's fur. Sebastian purred loudly and let out a small, surprised mew when Alex plopped a tiny flower crown on top of his head, mindful of his little ears.

    Putting his weight all on his hands as he leaned back on them, the teen let his head fall back. A groan was pushed out of him, a frustrated one. Finally, he let his whole body fall and hit the ground. "Man, Sebastian. I'm so bored!" He complained in an annoyed voice. There was absolutely nothing to do. Well, I could go to Wonderland and kill some time there, he thought. He seemed to be going there a lot more as of late, but he didn't mind much. And neither did the rest of Wonderland. In fact, they encouraged him to visit more. He tries to meet their demands as best as he could, but, sometimes, life popped up and made things difficult. With a sigh, Alex decided to just rest for a bit, letting his eyes flutter close. A small smile graced his features as he felt Sebastian climb onto his chest and curl up into a ball. With one hand buried into his best friend's coat, the sound of the wind lulled him into a light sleep, a nap.​
  6. Click here to reference all of these characters.

    Katherine (Sister #1):

    Thousands of books were in this small little shop, and Katherine still could not choose one she wanted to purchase. They were all over-done love stories, or predictable mysteries. Seriously, wasn't there a single book in here that would be remotely interesting? "Crap!" She muttered with a glance at the clock, realizing she had been keeping her sister late for a while now. Come on Kat, she thought to herself, walking faster down the isles now. There's got to be something here.

    That's when her dark brown eyes landed on a book, titles 'Our Twisted World." She reached forward, running her fingertips over the old pages. Then, after shifting the bag on her shoulder, she opened up the book. From what she could tell, it was full of fairy tails, which were somehow connected. Usually Katherine didn't like fairytails, because they were all the same. But, this book seemed to have an interesting idea, so she elected to give it a try. Besides, her sister would like it. Speaking of... she should probably get going.

    Quickly, Katherine paid for the book, and then started to walk down the street. She had a car, of course, but usually walked everywhere. She liked the fresh air. Besides, the walk wasn't long. Soon, she was hoping up the stairs to her front door, pushing her brown curls from her face. "Karla!" She called as she entered the house. "I'm home! And I've got a book you might like!"

    ( @ℬirdiℯℬird)

    Anna (Princess Anna-Frozen):

    Outside, the birds were chirping, and the sun was shining. And yet Anna had no one to spend time with. She was sure Elsa was around somewhere, but the ginger simply did not feel like spending time with her 'sister.' In all honestly, that was probably the very last thing she felt like doing. But, then, what was she to do?

    Because she had spent her whole life inside these same walls, Anna knew every crevice inside the castle. She knew all the stories the books could tell, knew all of the strategies her caretakers used during board games, knew everything. Nothing was a surprise here, because everything was always the same. She sat down at the seat by her window, and gazed out at the water. You need to get out of here, she thought with a deep sigh.

    Then, she rose to her feet. She was right, she did need to get out of this castle. See the people of Arendelle, smell the roses, maybe even go to see her friends- though she had few. She stood up, and walked over to her doors, which she flung open with ease. Before stepping out of her room, she peaked her head into the hallway. There was no one to be seen. Sure, she wasn't the Queen, and so she did not have the same responsibilities as Elsa, but she still wasn't supposed to leave the castle without an escort. Once she was sure the coast was clear, Anna began walking down the hallway.

    Trinket (Tinkerbell):

    The doors of Trinket's favorite cafe came into view, and a smile stretched across her lips. She hadn't left Pixie Hallow in a few days now, so it was nice to get a break from that place. Trinket wished she fit in with the other fairies, but she didn't, and it was doubtful she ever would. So, she liked to get away as often as she possibly could.

    As she reach the threshold she grew from pixie-size to human-size, and tucked her wings into her skin. As she did so, she landed gracefully on the ground, blonde bangs falling into her crystal blue orbs. With a huff the hair moved back into it's place, and she pulled open the door. Her bun bobbed as she walked up the counter, and ordered what she always got. Raspberry green tea, with a cookie to go with it. Once she received her order Trinket turned around, her eyes grazing over the place.

    It was only seconds before she spotted Ariel, reading a book in the back. She looks pretty interested in that book... Trinket thought, contemplating joining her. Oh, what the hell. I'm sure she won't mind your company. And so, Trinket made her way to the little booth, and slid into the side opposite of Ariel. "Hey Ari," she greeted with a smile, setting her drink and cookie down on the table. "Hope you don't mind if I join you."

    ( @Izabella )

    Jackson (Jack Frost):

    Jackson grinned as Arendelle came into view. He was going there to visit a friend of his, Elsa. Naturally, because they both had the ability to control ice, they had became friends easily. It was always fun to show her his new tricks, and see if could 1-up her. Once he was overhead he floated down, landing on the ground. As usual, his wooden staff was in his hand, and he leaned against it as he looked around.

    The boy hadn't really expected to find Elsa that easily, but... he actually did. She had her hair in it's signature braid, and a bright smile on her face. "Elsa!" he called out, but she kept going. He started o follow her, but a crowd of people walked between them, and suddenly she was gone. With a groan he flew back into the air, and searched for her from above. Once he found her again, he noticed something more: her ice skates. They were slung over her shoulder.

    She's ice skating without me? He thought, shaking his head. How rude of her. She must be going to her new ice rink, since the ocean is the other way... I'll meet her there. Quickly, he raced her there, even if she didn't know it was a race. Unfortunately, a gust of wind blew him off track, and she ended up winning. So, he arrived after she had. No big deal, I'll just surprise her inside, he thought as he entered the building, closing the door behind him. He was hoping to sneak up on her and scare her.

    ( @DaniTKB )

    Eugene (Flynn Rider):

    Wind was blowing through Eugene's luscious brown locks, sun beating down on his smiling face. He and his handsome steed, Maximus, were out for a ride, with no destination in mind. They were just going wherever they could, just because they could. It was a nice thing: being free enough to do what you want, when you want.

    Then again, it was also kind of lonesome. Most other people had responsibilities, and so they couldn't just drop everything to come hang out with Eugene. He used to have responsibilities too, but they died along with his mother. It didn't matter anyways, he had Maximus, and that was all he needed. Or, at least, that's what he told himself.

    "Okay Max," he said, pulling on his hair lightly and easing them to a stop. "If I need a break, I'm sure you do. Here," he opened up the bag on the side of Maximus's saddle, and pulled out an apple. Then, he climbed off and stepped away from his white horse, and tossed the red apple into the air, watching as it was caught and devoured.

    Sven (Sven the Reindeer-Frozen):

    As usual, Sven was alone. Kristoff was probably out in the village, hanging out with his friends. Surly he'd get to hear all of the new stories later that night, but for the moment Sven had no one to speak to. This sucks, he thought bitterly, I wish it was like when we were kids. Kristoff was always around. Sven knew it was childish to mope around the woods all day, but he just didn't have anything else to do.

    Maybe you should make some friends, he suddenly thought. He stopped walking instantly, and shook his head to himself. No, no. Remember what happened to the last friend you made? What a fool you are! Still, he couldn't help but wonder if his female friend was well. He sure hoped so, because despite crushing his heart, she was a sweet girl.

    It won't be like that with every friend you make, he reminded himself, beginning to walk again. Maybe you should talk to the trolls. For a bunch of rocks, they sure do know a lot about this stuff. The trolls were the only family, besides Kristoff, that Sven had ever known. He could talk to them about anything, especially stuff such as this.

    Robin (Robin Hood):

    It had been a few days since Robin had left England, wanting to get away from the hectic lifestyle there. Not forever, of course, because England would always be his home. But, he did need a break. Besides, he was sure that there were other places he could assist the poor in. Why should he only exclusively help the poor men, women and children of England.

    He couldn't find a reason.

    So he had gone to one of the neighboring countries: Scottland. It too was ruled by a royal family, which he had met a few times when he was still a prince. He remembered that they had told him he was always welcome to come visit after his father died, so for the first time ever he had shown up in their castle. Despite it being years after their offer, they still held true to their word, telling him he was welcome to stay as long as he'd like.

    They had a daughter, Merida, four years younger than he was, who seemed very curious to him. She was unlike any princess he had ever seen before, and it caught his eyes instantly. Not in a sexual way, because she was so much younger than he, but enough for him to want to get to know her. But, she seemed to always be out with her horse. Not that it mattered.

    Robin Hood was out in the back of the castle, having a target practice session with himself. After all, if he didn't keep his skills fresh he was bound to loose them. He notched an arrow, rose the bow, and aimed it at the target. Then, he released the string, along with the breath he had been holding. Sure enough, his arrow landed right in the bulls-eye.

    ( @DaniTKB )
  7. Ariel looked up from her book, her blue eyes wide in surprise. "Oh! Trinket, hi!" she exclaimed her bright red lips pursed in the shape of an O in surprise. Her cheeks turned red with a faint blush as her eyes twinkled. Ariel was slightly embarrassed to be caught so entranced into a book. She was usually more aware of her surroundings. "Yea of course!" she said cheerfully closing her book and placing it on her lap. Taking a sip of her tea Ariel smiled up at the girl. "How have you been?" she asked politely as she nibbled on her blueberry muffin. She laughed when the cream cheese ended up on the tip of her nose. Blushing she wiped the sticky cream off of her nose and chuckled.
  8. Karla
    Karla, soon getting tired of sitting in her one spot got up and shuffled her way into the kitchen looking for something good to eat; hopefully they still had some of that German yoghurt she loved so much. Sure enough as she looked into the fridge, there it was. Grabbing a container of it she then sat down on the couch and turned on the TV, as she took of the top of the Yoghurt, there container held to compartments, one with the actual yoghurt, and the other, had chocolate covered malt like things, they were small and when you poured them into the bacteria created food, it tasted delicious.

    As soon as the young girl scooped a spoon full into her mouth the front door swung open and in stepped her sister, Katherine. She looked fairly happy in herself as she called out to Karla, saying she found an interesting book. Setting her food on the coffee table she stood up and walked over to her sister. “What is it? Let me see…” Taking the book from her, she then flipped through the content inside a squealed slightly when she realized it a fairy tale book. “How sweet! Did you get it from the book store? I’ve never read this one before.” Now lost in a haze of excitement Karla sat down on the couch, continuing her look about the book. “All of the fairy tales look normal though…. Oh.” She flipped all the way to the front again. “There’s something here, looks like a poem?”
    She lifts the book up to showed Katherine as she walked over.

    Snow White
    It was a little brighter once Snow came upon the next place; her eyes glanced around before dropping off her horse and on the soft ground, the smell of rain still very strong. Brown eyes glanced around before she walked into a small shop, a boutique if you will. The young girl needed new clothes; she wasn't like her dresses as they were getting a bit too out of fashion.

    She was greeted by a friendly lady, in which Snow kindly smiled and nods back then looked about the selection of clothes before picking up something she liked. A shirt with black short sleeves and flowers on the front, yes, this will do. She grabbed some over all shorts and shoes before paying the lady and getting dressed in the back of this tore. The choice of clothing wasn't something she'd usually pick but fuck it. She liked it, and there was no Mother to complain about it otherwise.

    Once leaving the store she decided to drop her horse of somewhere, since in factuality it wasn’t here’s just some persons she stole it off of. but she thought giving back to the community was only fair so she left the horse by a barn on the outskirts of the small town before finding her next source of transportation. Seeing that this country was a lot different from her own she didn’t really need the horse any ways. “So what now…” She took out a map from her back pack and looked at the red line she drew on the image. “So the next place isn’t some hick town… It’s a city.” With a shrugged and rolled up the map once more and tossed it into her bag and continued walk. Bow and arrows also in hand, but that wasn’t the point at the moment. For now she was enjoying her freedom wiliest keeping an eye out for anything suspicious

    Nothing about walking down long winding roads bothered her. In fact, she enjoyed the outside and often as a child did whatever she could to be in the vastness that was the world. Thinking about her past reminded her a special someone. With a slightly disheartened look, Snow pulled up her necklace from inside the shirt and looked at a small rabbit's foot, it was given to her by her Brother, peter, but she hadn't seen him in what seemed forever and a day. With a soft sigh, she placed the necklace back inside of her shirt and continued walking, hoping to find someone soon. Maybe they could help her out on whatever suspicious feeling?

    Lazy wasn't his middle name, but if it could be he'd gladly except the title. So far he'd done nothing for the past two hours except sleep in the tall grass around him. he may have picked up his sword once or twice, taking a few practice swings, but nothing to exciting, nothing was excited about south of France. "Okay then!" He sat up."I'll just have to get somewhere new.... but where?" he then grasped his chin and thought a little while. "Well I could always go visit Merida, but she's also such a hard case." The young prince groaned and laid back down in the grass. "Why the hell is it so boring?!" He then rolled over onto his stomach and pouts. "Where is Farlan by the way?" He was thinking about his red wolf until he remembered where the large beast was. "Ah! Right, he's out, hunting, animals do that." There was a another repositioning of his body so now he was laying in a sort of gangled fashion across the large rock. "I'll leave whenever he gets back... sooner or later?" He was debating on calling his companion but decided against doing that in case his wolf was in the middle of such, animal things.
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  9. Flop!

    A silver fish dropped from the air and landed inside an open barrel sitting at the edge of a lake. A few seconds later, a few landed more. In the water was a bluish dark dragon flailing about, his wings and tail making huge splashing noises at the surface. As a chunky, large head emerged from the surface, another fish was tossed in the air and successfully landed inside that open barrel. Hearing a call however, the dragon stopped.

    "Yep, this'll do! Great job, Toothless!"

    Hearing this, the dark dragon grinned, showing the reason why he was named as such. He trotted down on all fours and galloped to the shore, where a man with a cast on his arm waited along with his daughter.

    "Thanks for your help, Toothless. I never thought I could work again in the fisheries with this blasted thing in my arm.." Reaching over, the man scratched the dragon's head in praise, and the said dragon could only respond with a purr as his tail excitedly wagged left and right, his green eyes halfway closed in pure bliss.

    "Good dragon! Ain't he, Daddy?" The little girl hugged the creature's scaly forearm. She let go though, when the dragon picked up the barrel and began to walk on his hind legs, placing said barrel on a carriage tied up to a horse.

    "Well, it's time to sell this now in the market. Say byebye sweetie!" The girl hugged the dragon's arm one more time. "Bubye Dragon!!" She reached up as if wanting to grab something and seeing this, Toothless lowered his head to receive a kiss on the bridge of his nose. Waving now, he watched the two ride the horse as it galloped away.

    Nnggggrhhh.. He yawned, slumping on the grassy floor to stretch his rather large, scaly body, right before squirming about on the ground to scratch his back against the rough surface.

    Today had been a very a busy day.
  10. Maleficent
    With her body hidden within a wide black cloak she walked over the sidewalk. She didn't like getting around unknown people but she couldn't leave on apples or leaves alone. That and she didn't want to eat what could save the animals in winter so she needed to go shopping. The streets were busy, people were talking Maleficent didn't even know where she was. She didn't know the name of the town or the country ow no she lost track of were she all went long ago. All she knew was that she wanted to get over with this and go back to her forest.

    The White Rabbit
    Lev was in the library. He loved reading in his scheduled free time. He often wondered about what was outside of the world he know and he wasn't only talking about wonderland. He always gazed upon the stars and wondered if there was someone else looking at them as well. But then from another place not Wonderland, Not Aconia but from maybe another planet or dimension. He was a fool to think so, hell even more mad in his head then his brother and the mad hatter. So he kept his wishes upon the stories written in books.

    She could feel the freedom right there as she danced around the ice field. No paperwork, No family drama, No other drama at all to speak of. Just the feeling of the cold coming up from the ice below her ice skates. She could get lost in her toughs. She could. However she felt someone else nearby which made her stop and turn as she saw a familiar face try to sneak up on her. "Really?" She giggled. "When was the last time you were ever able to scare me" Elsa skated towards the man. "Soo Jack Frost. You got any new tricks to show?" Elsa said with a playful mocking tone in her voice.

    She knew she had probably broken her parents heart. But she just couldn't stay any longer. The same went to her friends with that one gossip everyone was being looked at with a mean eye. Lady was walking around with a big bag as she walked over the streets. she had left a note saying she just didn't want them to be hurt. She knew in her heart that leaving was what made it hurt even worse. Did she knew where she was going? Nope, she would just see what she could find. It would be hard to go from rich folk to a homeless girl but she would manage. So with a her head hold high she kept walking even though tears were falling.

    Angus galloped to the center of the castle. Merida on her back she let out a yell of excitement as the winds was rushing through her hair once again. This went on until they reached the back of the castle were besides the stables also the practice field was. Well she had made it with help of her dad and a lot of whining from her mother. Merida's eyes landed upon a male who was already on her target practice field. She hopped of her horse as she leaned over the fence that was set around the field. Merida looked at how the male had shoot right into the middle, she had never see a male who was send by her parents do that before. "That's not bad ya knew"
  11. Belle walked through town, her head down moving fast. She knew her boyfriend could be following, she was just here temporarily, to get some provisions, a horse, and then directions to the next nearest town and get out fast. She needed a friend, not that she had any, but she was leave France. That was step one, she could work from there. With a sigh, she hurried down the crowded street.
  12. Click here to reference all of these characters.

    Katherine (Sister #1):

    As her sister looked through the book, Katherine adjusted the bag on her shoulder. She brought the book bag with her everywhere she went, and has had it for several years. Inside she keeps a notebook, a pack of colored pencils, and her expensive digital camera. Whenever she needs to cool off, or she has some down time, she'll take out her notebook and draw something, or take a picture of the tree's. Art was really her only form of expression, and she had grown very good at it in the past years. She also kept a water bottle and some granola bars in the bag, just so she was always prepared.

    To Kat's great pleasure, Karla seemed very pleased with the book she chose. “How sweet! Did you get it from the book store? I’ve never read this one before." Kat only nodded in response, because that was all she had time to do before he younger sister was shoving the book bag into her face. "A poem?" Katherine asked, tyring to sound interested. But, in all honestly, she couldn't care less for poems.

    There was no order. No grammar. And everything was so metaphorical. Normal writing was difficult enough for Katherine to understand, so poems were one of her least favorite things in the world.

    Still, because she wanted to spend more time with her sister- which also meant she had to humor her- Katherine asked, "What's it say?"

    ( @ℬirdiℯℬird )

    Anna (Princess Anna-Frozen):

    It didn't take long for Anna to exit the castle, and reach the stables just outside. Without even pausing she walked right up to her horse, and opened his gate. "Shhh," she told him, petting his nose. "It's okay. We're just going to go on an adventure, Dashner." Personally, she would have never named a horse 'Dashner,' but she obviously didn't get the privilege of naming her own horse.

    Clumsily, Anna climbed on top of him. Once she was secured on his back they were out, trotting down the path and into town. Although she had planned to stay in town, and just look around, they didn't end up lingering there for long.

    In fact, before she had even thought about it Anna and Dashner were traveling one of the more secluded paths up the mountains. Well, I did promise him an adventure, Anna thought, trying to make herself feel better about leaving with no warning. Wouldn't want to lie to poor Dashner, would I?

    Trinket (Tinkerbell):

    Just as Trinket expected, Ariel didn't mind her company at all. In fact, she seemed more than happy to have Trinket sit with her. She called me Trinket, she thought to herself. Most people had gotten used to calling her Tink, and she heard her real name so rarely she almost didn't respond to it anymore. "I'm great," Tink lied smoothly, smiling as she swept her bands out of her face. "Yourself?"

    The blonde female lifted her cup to her light pink lips, and took a sip of her beverage. Raspberry green tea was the fairies favorite drink- even before she was an actual fairy. It was just so... calming to her, but it also had the perfect splash of pizzazz. Perfection, Tink thought, setting the cup down.

    Her pale blue eyes shifted down to the book her friend had just been reading, but she couldn't read the title. "Watcha reading?" she asked, her curiosity getting the best of her. It often did. Trinket wasn't much of a reader herself, but she did read a few things. If they were highly recommended.

    ( @Izabella )

    Jackson (Jack Frost):

    For a moment, Jack actually thought he was going to get the jump on Elsa. However, she sensed his presence, and turned around just before he was about to make his move. He couldn't help but roll his eyes at this. Soooo close. It didn't take long for the ice queen to challenge him... it never took long.

    His lips instantly pulled back into a smile, and he leaned against his stick. "Hmmm," he thought, looking around the rink. He bit his bottom lip in thought, and when his eyes met hers again he smiled. "You should know by now, I've always got some new tricks up my sleeves." He rolled up the sleeves of his hoodie, to add effect.

    He stuck a hand out in front of him, and focused hard on freezing the air above his fingers. In seconds, there was a heart shaped snowball resting in the palm of his hands. With a wink, his feet lifted off the ground, and his whole body rose a few feet into the air. Then, after bouncing the snowball in his hands a few times, he threw it into the air.

    Once it was in the middle of the room he made a movement of both his hands, and the snowball exploded into tiny ice-crystals. They floated down to the floor of the ice rink slowly, and Jack looked over at Elsa to see her expression.

    ( @DaniTKB )

    Eugene (Flynn Rider):

    Eugene walked over to the pond he and Max had stopped by. He dipped his hands into the cool water, and as he splashed it on his face his mind flickered to Repunzel. He'd be lying if he said he didn't miss her, but they came from two very different worlds. He loved her, no doubt, but they were wrong for each other.

    Oh so very wrong.

    With a groan, Eugene leaned backwards, and laid down to stare up at the sky. It was a perfect day for cloud-gazing. He'd never admit it, but Eugene enjoyed taking rests to sit and watch the clouds. It was like the world was passing him by, and he was just able to relax and find comfort in that. For a short amount of time, at least.

    He couldn't help but wonder where he and Max were heading. Eugene couldn't really explain it, but he felt like he and Max were being pulled somewhere. Like something important was going to happen, and they had to be there for it. "If only we knew where there is, huh buddy?" He asked Max, who wasn't paying any attention to him.

    Sven (Sven the Reindeer-Frozen):

    Maybe you should just leave, Sven thought. Again, he stopped, and this time he even sat down on a nearby rock. Kristoff probably wouldn't even notice. Besides, maybe it'd be nice. Get away from Arendelle, make a new life somewhere else.

    Oddly enough, he found himself smiling at the thought. In town, everyone knew he was Kristoff's brother. Perhaps in a place where no one knew him, he'd make friends more easily. In an instant he was on his feet.

    Gotta find the trolls, He thought, heading to their home. If this was a good choice, he knew they'd support him. But, if it was a foolish idea they'd tell him to stay, that he shouldn't be out in the world all alone. They always knew what was best.

    Robin (Robin Hood):

    Merida might had startled Robin, if he didn't hear her coming. That girl seemed to like shouting, and she sure was loud. But, he didn't mind. It showed that she was a free spirit. And, being free was something he could respect. While notching another arrow he looked over to the princess, a smile stretching across his lips. "I know," he said, releasing the arrow. He didn't even look over to see where it landed- but he knew it must have landed in the bulls-eye.

    Sure enough, his arrow had landed directly above his first one, nearly in the center of the red circle.

    He lowered his bow, taking Merida in. She hadn't really been in the castle much since he arrived, and he couldn't tell whether she was always out, or if she was just avoiding him. Both, perhaps? He didn't know. Her red hair was bright and crazy- which didn't seem to be as unusual here as it was back in England. Her nose was also speckled with freckles, which stood out against her fair skin. She was definitely Scottish, that much was clear.

    Finally, he nodded his head towards the targets, and asked, "Care to join me?"

    ( @DaniTKB )
  13. Leaving the town she had been in, Belle walked through the forest quickly head down, with her cloak hiding herself fairly well. She was deep in thought and didn't even notice the man (Eugene) lying on the ground, and tripped over him, spilling the contents of her basket everywhere.

    (( @Brea ))
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  14. Maleficent
    With a bag filled with groceries she walked down the street. The look of the sells man still bothering her. Maleficent was known for to be evil, she had taken down a while kingdom on her own. Little did they know she had just been protecting what was dear to her. Maleficent looked right ahead to on the road she saw a young girl walking around with a brownness cloak walking around carrying a bow and a bunch of arrows. Maleficent froze on the spot. What if the mysterious person would go to the forest and shoot any animals. She couldn't allow it! She wouldn't! Taking up the speed she reached the person and took hold of their shoulder. "Where do you think you are going with those weapons?" Maleficent said with a anger in her tone.

    The White Rabbit
    After his trip to the Library Lev was in panic. Mad Hatter had called off so Lev had the whole day for himself left. That's when he had an idea, he could go visit the normal world. Lev quickly ran out to find the portal toward the normal world. As he reached Lev took a second to think over it. What if was needed when he left? What if something would happen. Turning his heels to run back into the wonders of Wonderland he suddenly felt leaves wrap around his waste and threw him into the gate. Those dam flowers never kept it by their own business.

    Elsa smiled upon the disappointment Jack was giving off for not being able to scare her. She really like the child like side he carried with him besides she could often act like a child herself so it made them even. Thoughts got interrupted as her eyes met Jack's as he was about to show her one off his tricks. Elsa looked with amazement at how he went to work. Sometimes always though her powers were cold and cruel but whenever she saw Jack use his the snow and ice suddenly turned gentle and caring. When Jack came down the look of enjoyment quickly turned into her playful look as she crossed her arm. "Pfff such a showoff, as always." Elsa snorted she skated into the middle of the ring. she reached out as she created a miniature version of her town. when she was done of course she shot a look over to the man and his stick.

    ((Couldn't think of something for her right now so I'll come back on her later.))

    Merida was chowing on an apple as the man looked over to her, once again shooting right in the bulls-eye however it was an inch above the other and not in the center. Still better then everyone else who had ever challenged her. She once again took a bite of her apple as she throw the other half inside the stable for her Angus. She could feel the man scanning her from top to bottom. Great, another target for a fiancée? Merida picked up her bow and bag with handmade arrows from beside her. "Sure I'll join ya." with a smooth move she jumped over the fence and walked in front of the target next to the male's. Lifting her bow and taking a deep breath she concentrated. Listening to the wind, feeling the wind. Finally she let go and the arrow landed in the exact middle of the bulls-eye. "Names Merida by tha way." She said as she lowered her bow and looked to the man.

  15. Sorry about not being on, School gets busy from time to time.))

    “Hm, let me see…” She plopped down on the couch and pushed the book closer to her face. Karla always had a slight problem with her vision but she refused to have glasses put on her face. “The writing is kind of gnarly but I’m positive I can make it out.” Clearing her throat a bit the younger of the two sisters began.

    “Follow the star home, to red robin cove
    Be in the dawn, of secrets untold
    If you catch them together don’t let them slip
    Falling is worse than setting the breach
    Coddle the loved care for the hated
    One after another
    Secrets will be uncovered”

    Karla went over the poem once more with her eyes then looked to her sister. “What in the hell? Sounds like a riddle doesn’t it?” The young girl sat back on the couch, ready to settle to down and scan through the book. Whatever the riddle was in front of the book had nothing to do with her, or so she thought. As she flipped through the pages a picture caught her eyes. A tree, or trees bent and weaved together to form a small house like structure. A sign, hung from the thick rooted door handle; Aconia was the word widdled into it. “Aconia huh? Sounds like a cool place to go…”

    Seconds after this Karla let out a shriek as she dropped the book and clumsily pulled herself off of the couch. The book was now a large source of blinding light in the girl’s usually dim living room. The sight made her eyes bunch together so to protect her vision. Whatever was going on it freaked her out a bit. “Katherine!” Karla screamed loudly, for once in a long time she wanted to be as close as possible to her sister incase anything where to happen. Within the confusion of the light which gradually grew brighter Karla managed to find an arm of her sister and grabbed it with an iron clutch.

    The light now, was of blinding measures, the younger of the two sisters couldn’t open her eyes to face it. This, she couldn’t see that it was only a distraction from what was really going on. The book was pulling them into the pages, but by the time any would notice this situation both of the girls were already in another world without their knowing.

    On the other side of the spectrum, the world of Aconia was as usual as normal, fairy tales of all kind were living daily lives not worried about or knowing of the other world just beyond theirs.

    A large ripple formed in the sky, swirling and mixing as if someone was whisking cream, the swirling vortex became large as a hole appeared in the middle and a flash, like a shooting star in the middle of the day, was rocketing across the sky of Aconia. As the light went flying across the sky, some citizen’s stopped and starred other’s wondered half mindedly what it was. Most even let out a startled gasp or horrified wail, one thing was for sure, anyone could see it, regardless of their current where about.

    For the two sisters that forcefully brought inside their bodies were carried out into a large forest landing on the ground (a bit roughly) in front of the very same tree hut Karla saw before the light of the book appeared. No bones were broken in the impact of flesh and ground but there were a few scratches here and there.

    (They landed near Maleficent and Snow, anyone else in the area is free to run over and check it out)

    Snow White
    There wasn't much for her to do except walk around and decide what to do. Being a new to the outside world Snow didn't have much of the street smarts others did, even if she was raised by twelve of the roughest men in Aconia. No, Snow was still a little timid of certain things.

    Feeling out of place in the open she decided to travel in the forest, they heavy under growth always supported her uneasy conscious. As the young girl treaded the soft earth she almost lost her balance as someone took a hold of her shoulder. What? Now slightly annoyed Snow turned to the culprit who looked just as angry as she felt.

    "Where do you think you are going with those weapons?"

    Snow looked over her shoulder at her bow and arrows, she never of these things as weapons, but more of a precaution against the outside world and it's dangers. Shrugging Maleficent off, snow took the defensive. "What is it to you? I'm just traveling."

    While waiting for a response from the older woman, Snow's hairs on the back of her neck stood up. Quickly looking around she wondered why her senses kicked in. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary until she noticed the sky. Anyone, who is anyone knows that the sky doesn't swirl, or create a giant hole in it's atmosphere randomly. By the sight of the situation Snow became a bit sick. Whatever it was going on up there, it wasn't good.

    When the whole became big enough something bright shot out of it, free falling at alarming speed. As the younger girl watched it she noticed how it seemed to get closer to her and Maleficent. "Wait.... it is coming towards us!" An inkling of excitement escaped her as she watched it land not to far from where they where. Quickly she drew her bow and started to a jog over to the location.
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  16. ((I'll will response with only maleficent for the moment))

    The stranger turned around and Maleficent knew it was snow white. She had never met her before but birds speak up fast. "What it is to me is that i will not allow anyone to do harm towards the forest." Maleficent almost shouted at the girl. "Traveler or not doesn't matter. You could kill a deer even if you weren't" Before Maleficent yell even more her attention was caught by the sky. She had seen many things, but she had never seen the sky tear open and spit something out. What ever it was it was falling down near them. Not waiting for Snow white, Maleficent threw of her cloak, dropped her bag with food and flew towards were it was heading, her forest.
  17. Click here to reference all of these characters.

    Katherine (Sister #1):

    Once again, Katherine was stumped by the poem. Seriously, would it kill someone to write a poem that actually made sense? "Umm, sure?" She said, once Karla suggested that it sounded like a riddle. Those were another thing Kat was no good at, for the same reason as poems.

    Her sister then began to say something else, but was immediately cut off by a blinding light. She heard Karla call out to her, and with closed eyes Katherine reached out to her younger sister. She knew that it didn't make her any safer, but she sure felt safer once she came in contact with Karla. Katherine's other hand gripped her book bag tightly, and a scream escaped her lips.

    Suddenly, it felt like she was falling, and with another scream she gripped Karla as tight as she could. And then, she hit the ground... hard. "Oof," the noise escaped Kat as she made contact with the dirt rode, and she began to gasp for air. Her eyes shot open, and she found herself staring up at a blue sky. "What the hell..?" She muttered once she was finally able to breath, letting go of her sister to push herself up.

    Her eyes landed on the sign on the tree, and she read the word engraved on it aloud. "Aconia?"
    ( @ℬirdiℯℬird @DaniTKB )

    Anna (Princess Anna-Frozen):

    The princess was deep in the woods when she heard a loud noise. Her eyes shifted upwards, and she watched as the sky rippled and whirled overhead. "Whoa," she said, squinting as a bright light zoomed past. Her eyes followed it all the way out of sight. For a few moments the Princess was awe-strucken, but the she snapped out of her daze. "We better get back," she told Dashner.

    She knew that everyone would want to know what was going on, like she did, and that they'd all be counting on Elsa to tell them just that. She just hoped the Queen would be able to answer their questions. Otherwise, Arendelle would surly fall apart, just like it did when everyone found out about Elsa's powers.

    Trinket (Tinkerbell):

    (( Waiting on @Izabella to reply. ))

    Jackson (Jack Frost):

    A look of amazement crossed Jack's features as he watched Elsa get to work. He floated down, and landed next to her, gazing at her ice-kingdom. He could tell it was a replicate of her own, and because he had flown over it so many times before, he knew it was very accurate. "Pshh," He said, looking over at her, "And you say I'm a show off."

    Suddenly there was a flash of bright light, that shone through the windows of her ice rink. Curiously he rose into the air again, going straight to once of the high windows. "Whoa," He said, looking up into the sky. There wasn't any sign of what caused the flash of light, or even what caused the sky to swirl in on itself.

    In a second he landed down beside Elsa, and reached for her hand. "Come on," he told her as he began to rush towards the door. "You gotta see this."

    ( @DaniTKB )

    Eugene (Flynn Rider):

    It was a peaceful day. The clouds were white and puffy. The sky was nice and blue. The breeze was cool and refreshing. Max laid out in the sun, while Eugene took refuge in the shade. Everything was perfect.

    Until the very moment a girl tripped over him. (Belle)

    Instantly, Eugene sat up, looking at the girl who now laid on the ground beside him. Stuff had fallen out of her basket, and was now sprawled all across the ground. He got to his feet, raising a hand to stop Max from rushing over to defend him from the stranger. "You alright," He asked, extending a hand out to the Brunette.

    Before she could take his hand, however, the sky began to swirl, and there was a flash of bright light. His hand dropped as he watched the sky in awe. It seemed to split open, just a little less that a mile away, and the beam of light was spit out and fell to the ground. He couldn't find his voice, and so he and Max just stood there, staring at the sky with their mouths open.

    You would think, Eugene couldn't help thinking to himself, that after I had a girlfriend with glowing magic hair, nothing would surprise me.

    Oh, he was so very wrong.

    Sven (Sven the Reindeer-Frozen):

    Sven was speaking with the trolls when the sky began to swirl. He watched in awe, but the trolls seemed unfazed. Once the beam of light passed them by, Sven began to hear them murmur amongst themselves. "That must be them." "It's time for the travelers to arrive already?" "I wonder what they'll look like." "How long until they get to Arendelle, you think?"

    "What are you guys talking about?" Sven asked, turning around. But papa troll simply grabbed him by the hand, and began to lug them away.

    "Sven, I need you to go into town and see what Elsa makes of all of this." He told him.

    "But-" Sven began to protest, but the look his father figure gave him shut him up real quick. "Okay, I'll be back," Sven agreed, begining to jog towards the kingdom.

    ( @DaniTKB )

    Robin (Robin Hood):

    Robin Hood watched as the Scottish female made her way gracefully over the fence, to join him at the target right beside his. He watched her notch an arrow, and seemed to be measuring the effect of the wind, before releasing her arrow. It landed in the bulls eye... the center of the bulls eye, to be exact.

    He couldn't help but feel a little surprised, because he had never seen a female shoot as well as her. "I know your name, Darling," He remarked, his gaze shifting from her arrow and to her. "You're a great shot."

    The male probably would've said more, if he was interrupted by the events taking place in the sky. It took up all his attention, and once the beam of light passed them, he asked, "What do you suppose is going on?"
  18. Maleficent
    Maleficent landed next to where the flying object had fallen from the skies. This two see two girls laying on the ground. Two human girls? Falling from the sky, so this might have been what caused the forest to be uneasy. Maleficent though as she walked closer by the two girls. Despise the fact she wanted to shove them out of the forest and yell at them Maleficent knew that wouldn't do any good, or only scare them off. Clearing her throat she finally said "Are you alright?"
    (@ℬirdiℯℬird @Brea)
    The White Rabbit
    Lev landed right into the forest in his rabbit form to see two mysterious girls laying on the ground. By instinct he knew they were not from around here. Being a creature from Wonderland you knew right away if someone belonged or not. Even though he felt curious Lev stayed on a distance to see what would happen.
    (@ℬirdiℯℬird @Brea)
    Elsa giggled at the command however this smile was quickly faded to see weird light shining through the building. She knew even northern lights couldn't make such colors. Before she could think straight Elsa got dragged outside by Jack. By this she could see the sky even clearer and see it twist. "Greaat.. I knew rumors of ways to get into other dimensions " Elsa sighted with slight annoyance in her tone. "But did it have to be on my free day? Now I've got to be Queen and calm down everyone" Elsa let out a sight as she slowly made her way back to the castle.
    Lady was sitting down on a hill staring at the sky twisting and spitting something out. She couldn't help but get curious of what happed. Slowly she stood up and decided to walk into the nearest town to ask if anyone knew about what it was.

    "Well then were did ya hear it. Let me guess my parents send ya?" Merida said as she laughed nervously. She really wasn't waiting on another guy to ask for her hand so she could sit inside all day and make babies. No not her. "Why thank you lad, this isn't the first time I shot an arrow ya knew" Merida shoot a glace to the man she still didn't know the name off. Before she wanted to bother asking her attention was caught by the sky. she had seen her mum turn into a bear, whips lead the way and seen mean old witch ladies but she hadn't seen the sky turn freakish. "I've got no idea, maybe my mother knews. After all she is the one who believes in magic" Merida said as she jumped over the fence again to make her way inside the castle.

  19. Belle finches away from him, and then, rolled over to stand up when she saw the sky, she stopped in awe. What was this? She carefully eased over to her basket and quickly gathered her things up, grabbed her book, and glanced at the sky. What could it be?
  20. Snow White
    Snow wasn't no animal, but she could smell something odd about where that beam of light landed. She did her best to be quick and cautious, not knowing what could ahead of them it was dangerous to rush off.

    Though that didn't stop Maleficent and bolting right past her in alarming speed.

    Snow snorted at the woman's lack luster thought process, doing something like that can get you killed, especially if you don't know the danger ahead, but, seeing as there was an opening Snow decided to quicken her pace, now that there was someone ahead of her to access the situation.

    One thing the young girl did not expect to see was two girls, sisters, or at least they looked close enough the same to be called siblings. Snow watched the a bit baffled before lowering her bow, dropping her arrow back in its holding. What in the world were two girls doing here?

    Groggy was the first word that came to mind in Karla's head. Everything seemed to be spinning a bit as she tried to gain her conscious. Sitting up she rubbed her head in annoyance, although they did land safely the pumping grounding still hurts.

    Now fully awake (but not intirely clear of head traffic) Karla looked around only to become more confused about her surrounds. Firstly, they weren't in their house anymore, secondly; this forest looked of nothing she'd seen before. After thinking this she quickly shook it off, not wanting to get to invelope inb this forgien place.


    Karla turned to look at her sister, noticing exactly what she was looking at. Upon sight Karla's jaw dropped. "Does that mean we're inside the book?!"

    Her question was soon answered when there a loud rustling noise at distance, that was soon followed by a beautiful woman, who incedentaly didn't look to happy to see them, or at least that was the vibe Karla was picking up.

    "Are you alright?"

    The woman with surprising concern and Karla coughed before nodding. "Yea, I don't feel any broken bones so we should be alright." Another rustling caught her off guard, as another woman, a girl actually, around her and her sister's age appeared along side the woman. her face a bit cold, tart even. But there wasn't any malice or anger in her eyes, more like fear of them, or what happened because of them-as Karla earlier noticed the gaping hole in the sky- and Karla didn't blame her.

    Again she looked from the girl the woman. "Like I said earlier we're fine but um.... where are we? Exactly?"
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