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    Have you ever ωondered, after reading a fairy tale, ωhat the lives of the characters ωould be like? ωhat if you alωays ωanted them and their stories to be real? As a child, everyone has once, fabricated an imaginary life of their favorite fairy tale character. ωell? ωhat if they ωere real? ωhat if I told you that in another ωorld, our fictional super hero’s lived together in ωhat ωe ωould call a “Magical Place?”
    ωhat if I told you, that you are noω in it?



    Its starts out as an ordinary day, tωo sisters just came back from the library, and one got their hands on a book that exρlains the reality of the fairy-tale world, named Aconia. A ωorld ωhere every single fairy-tale is surρrisingly tied together and mystery ωaits behind every hidden secret. ωhether it’s tωo characters that are secretly related, or, a character you ωould have never guessed is secretly evil. Either ωay, something is alωays going behind the curtains.

    To clarify a little bit more, uρon the tωo sisters entering the book, it created a magical turbulence, setting the characters off of their designated ρaths, and messing ωith the ρoωer of the ωorld. So, the ρoint of this role ρlay is to get all the characters figured out. ωhether you ωant to take the formal story line, or the tωisted ones, is fine ωith me.

    I had anticiρations that everyone ωould ωork together to form a marvelous ρlot, but it seems that may be a little harder than I had originally ρlanned. So just making it uρ as ωe go ωill be fine with me. Once the role ρlay gets rolling, ωe’ll discuss a rreeeaaallly aωesome-sauce ρlot.


    Drama is alloωεd! Just not in thε OOC, I don't nεεd ρεoρlε bashing εach othεr
    Stick to Iωaku rulεs and such, thεrε arεn't a lot so you should bε finε ωith thε fεω thεrε arε
    Bε crεativε!
    Includε εvεryonε ωhεn you can, this is a grouρ rρ
    I'm cool ωith cursing, Just don't do it εvεry fucking sεcond okay?
    Litεracy is aρρrεciatεd. I knoω ωε all makε mistakεs ωhen ωriting, just makε surε to chεck yoursεlf.
    NO ONE LINERS I cannot strεss this εnough, I undεrstand ωritεrs block but don't think you can gεt aωay ωith it thrεε timεs in a roω.
    It's rεally hard (and annoying) to rρ ωhεn somεonε rεsρonse ωith "He satt silently, not looking at anyone."
    Sεx is cool, just ρm or fadε it oncε charactεrs start hoρing out of clothεs
    If you arε going to havε your charactεr be rεlated, or havε rεlations ωith anyonε outsidε of thεir original ρlot go ahεad and do so, if somεonε is chosε a charactεr (Lεt's say Tiana) and you ωant your own charactεr to bε rεlatεd to thεm ask thε ρεrson. Don't havε your charactεr bε rεlatεd to tεn diffεrεnt ρεeρlε that's ovεr kill.

    Favorite Disney character or song is the pass


    Chαrαctεr Shεεt
    Anything with {} surrounding it delete

    {Place looks above sheet, do not go over board with pictures}
    Character: {Who did you choose? *Note:if you are making a character that is an animal (Except if they are a companion/pet like Sven, Raja, Abu or Hiccup's Night Furry) make them Human, because I know most people will}
    Name: {Whether you want to original names or something different is fine.}
    Age: {Make it realistic, please.}
    Relations: {Explained above}
    Personality: {Give an accurate description of their current self, I know it will probably change later on, but just to keep everyone on the same page, write at least three to four sentences.}
    History: {Tell me what you've done to make your character your own. Did they kill a person, have a child, turn evil, turn good? What?}
    Blemishes/Scars: {If they have a tattoo, or a birth mark or anything regarding these line put so here
    Weapons: {Only if they have one, take this out if they don't}
    Other: {Password}


    αvαilαblε Chαrαctεrs
    Check list for available characters
    Sister(1) Brea
    Sister(2) BirdieBird
    Little Red
    Wendy Powerless_
    Merida DaniTKB
    Captain Hook
    Peter Pan

    Tinkerbell Brea
    The Twins(Raccons)

    Prince Florian
    Snow White BirdieBird

    Prince Phillip

    Belle April
    The Beast
    Ariel Izabella
    King Triton
    Ursala Powerless_
    Ariel's other sisters
    Prince Eric
    Evil Stepmother/Lady Tremaine
    Prince Henry

    Maleficent DaniTKB
    Evil Queen
    The Sultan

    Fa Mulan Embodimment.of.fire
    Li Shang

    Robin Hood Brea

    Vitani ResolverOshawott

    Lady DaniTKB
    Queen of hearts

    Cheshire Cat NekoFire
    The white rabbit DaniTKB
    Mad Hatter
    March Hare Powerless_
    Door Mouse
    White Queen

    Alice Kitsune

    Aurthur Birdiebird

    Flynn/Eugine Brea
    Prince Naveen

    Elsa DaniTKB
    Anna Brea
    Sven Brea
    Jack Frost Brea
    Toothless Kimu11
    Chernabog/King of the demons
    Any other Characters I forgot,(I am also excepting Dreamwork characters such as Jack Frost Hiccup, Shrek etc)
    No Avengers or any Marvel/DC characters, I don't consider them Fairy Tale so don't ask to be any of them.

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  2. [​IMG]
    Image 2 (open)

    Snow White
    Issabelle Donelle -Is called Snow because of her brother-
    Peter Pan-Brother(?) Captain Hook-Father(?) Evil Queen- Mother(?)
    Friends with Aurora, Cinderella, Belle and Merida

    Snow has to sides of herself; One she had learned to make to survive and the other her given self. Naturally, Snow white is kind and motherly. He sweet aura was known to all at her old home. Even with her mother who treated her like dirt, snow only showed placid care for her as she couldn't find herself to do anything but. Though around the time when She left home, the young 'princess' learned to harden her skin and only show her emotions when it is necessary. To all that know her now; Snow is Determined, tactful, observant, self sufficient, and ruthless when threatened. Her once sweet self now morphed into a straightforward, no non-sense killer.
    I know in the original story it said Snow White's father had died and she was raised by an evil step mother, but they only used this as a cover up. Snow White is the actual daughter of the Evil Queen and never knew her real father at all. The man who was actually her stepfather died. Although, Snow was never told any of this, why do ask? The Evil Queen was very hateful towards her children -yes children, Snow was never an only child, her brother was the ever famous Peter Pan- for the very fact that her original husband, Captain Hook Left(Upon many other things), not because of the kids, but she believes so. As Snow and Peter Grew up they were treated by their mother as if they were slaves. The Evil Queen even told them that they weren’t hers and their mother died at their birth and father killed in a war. Never knowing anything else they believed her, and soon hated her.

    When Peter was nine he ran away leaving Snow to deal with their mother all to herself for a year, Until Snow had enough herself and followed in her brother’s footsteps. The Evil Queen sent out a Hunts man to kill her in fear that she might find out the truth about herself, and we all know how that went. The assumption afterwards is that she found the dwarves cottage right away but in truth; she spent several months in the forest catching her own food, and fending off things like wolves, and shooing foxes from taking her food. After those months she found the cottage, and the dwarves found her. Of course for shelter and a nice place to sleep, Snow cooked and cleaned for them as payment, unlike her mother, the dwarves never mistreated her. In return the dwarves taught her life lessons, how to use regular objects as deadly weapons, how to know which plants are medicinal herbs if she ever needed them. Snow spent a whole year with them, until she turned left to live her own life. No, she was never poisoned by an apple, because Snow is extremely allergic to apples. This was found out when she was six and a maid had made Peter and her apple pie for a snack.
    Animals, Nature, music, night skies, her friends, singing
    Men who think all women are weak, the cold, people who boast to much, her mother, the fear of drowning
    She likes to sing, and collect trinkets which she often places on the leather strands around her neck
    Other: {Password}​
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  5. Is the Cheshire Cat a guy or a girl?
  6. Originally it's a boy but It can be whatever gender you pick, that's the fun part about this rp. I don't give a shit.
  7. Cheshire Cat
    Age - 18

    Gender - Female

    DOB - No one knows

    Species - A Cheshire Cat

    Personality - She's mad, friendly, curious, adventurous, devious, impatient, independent

    History - The book and the movies obviously only told you a bit of the truth about the Cheshire cat but really the Cheshire at was really a girl,
    a human girl to be exact, she wasn't actually a cheshire cat to begin with, see now let me tell you a little something about the little cheshire cat.
    She was only a human no older than 10 sitting upon the same tree Alice did (I'm going by the animated movie). Her actual name was Poppy but everyone
    called her cat because she was so much like a cat. Well under the tree was a hole and her curiosity caused her to crawl in there. The first person she
    met down there was the mad hatter who led her to the Caterpillar, and by the caterpillar she was turned into a cat.

    Likes - Fish, catnip, fresh air, running, food, string/yarn

    Hates - water, blowing air into her face, whistling

    Other - {Tiana}

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