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    Rachel had never been one to believe in the tales of the paranormal, secrets of the unknown or even for one minute that playing Bloody Mary at midnight would actually bring her to the mirror. Her house was a playground for playing mean tricks, lone voices calling her name from down the hall, the room becoming cold when she was almost sure not a single soul had turned down the heat. Just little simple things that made her second guess everything she had ever known, but she wouldn't let herself believe in that stupid bullshit. So while she was out one night, she set to prove her friends wrong by buying a tacky looking piece of wood, engraved with various designs to help them contact the dead. The antique shop lady seemed to look at her rather strangely when she bought it and it made her question her decision but only for a moment or so, because the impending excitement only made her smile brightly and skip out of the store with her awesome new find.

    Setting the board in her downstairs cupboard, she decided to wait until the next night to contact her group of friends to come and play the game with her. So the next morning bright and early, only after finishing her cup of coffee and eating a small bowl of cereal, can't get spooked on an empty stomach and without her caffeine she would be a zombie. There should literally be no need for an explanation on those two matters. Plopping down onto the couch, she grabbed her phone from the side table and sent out a mass text.
    'Hey guuuys! Guess what? Alright no guessing, I will just tell you. I got this cool game from the store down the street and you guys HAVE to play it with me. No if's, and's or but's. Just get your asses over here so we can play!'

    The excitement that ran through her, could not be dismissed. She was so ready to prove to her friends that their fears were silly and unrealistic and prove to herself that she had been right all this time. Goosebumps raised up on her arms, and she looked down at the floor. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea? Oh shut up Rachel! This would be fun!
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  2. Greg groaned softly as his phone began to vibrate against the surface of the nightstand beside his bed, dragging a hand up to blindly grope around for it. Up until just a few seconds prior, he'd been fast asleep. Finally managing to grab his phone, he brought it up to his face, staring at the screen for a few seconds before he would even bother trying to read the text. Once he managed to make sense of the words, in his drowsy state, he smiled and laughed lightly as he sat up in bed.

    After taking a moment to stretch, he worked up the patience to send a text back. "Really, Rachel? You woke me up from my beauty rest to demand we play a game with you? That is just a new low." Moving to get out of bed after sending the text, he trudged over to his closet, picking out an outfit to throw on.

    After deciding on something warm and comfortable and going on to complete the rest of his morning routine, he left his bedroom, only pausing to turn the light off after he was safely out of the room. His dad thought his fear was ridiculous and he felt guilty for the way it racked up the power bill, but he couldn't help it. Sighing some, he made sure he had everything before heading off to Rachel's house.

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  3. Honor slept in bed peacefully on his pillow, then a buzz came from her phone, it was a text by his friend Rachel saying to get over there and she got a new game. 'Damn you woke me up! all right i'll be there in a bit' He then layed down for a second and stood up and yawned. He picked his phone up and went to the bath room. After getting cleaned up, he put on his practical outfit, He went downstairs and ate breakfast. He then grabbed his Hat an Headphones connecting it to his iPhone and leaving.
  4. Yolanda had always been a morbid person. From a young age, she had been interested in the occult and the darker side of the human psyche. Her interest was not discouraged by her parents, who brought her up in their home town of Capetown, South Africa. South Africa was a mysterious place, often associated with voodoo magic and hexes. Almost every adult and child had some knowledge of the dark subject, though Yolanda was more knowledgeable when it came to that topic. As she grew, she became keenly interested in other cultures and their interpretation of the darkness.

    When she turned eighteen, she packed her bags and said goodbye to her parents, who funded their daughter's endeavor with some reluctance. Wanderlust and fascination overcoming her fear of traveling the world by herself, Yolanda had first traveled to England, drawn to it by the fact that many tales of darkness, both supernatural and natural, originated there. She soon traveled to America to delve into the dark underbelly, rapt by the thought of being in areas where supposed witches had been burnt alive. Yolanda soon found herself a small group of friends as she worked at the local cafe to take some of the financial strain off of her parents. She had not expected to make any friends, thinking herself to unusual to appeal to the local teenagers. Perhaps she would just stay in America? She was still unsure.

    Yolanda had found herself a small hostel to stay in; she shared it with a few other foreigners that she hadn't bothered to properly get to know. She was lounging on her small, yet acceptable, bed when her phone buzzed. Sitting up slowly, she picked up her phone from the bedside table and read the text. A small smile formed on her face as she re-read the text to make sure that she was interpreting it correctly.

    All but leaping from the bed, Yolanda shoved her phone into her jeans pocket and hastily pulled on her worn leather jacket over a simple singlet. Moving her hand over her hair once to make sure it was at least flat, she headed towards the door and pulled it open, exiting quickly. This would definitely be a good night, there was no doubt about it. She allowed her small smile to form into a grin as she walked down the street, heading in the direction of Rachel's home.
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  5. Zeke groaned as he heard his phone ring. He was already up reading a book on pagan rituals. He looked to see that Rachel texted him about some new game. He rolled his eyes. Knowing her it was some truth or dare game or something stupid like that. He was thinking about not even going. He didn't understand why He was included in their group. He didn't really party or anything so he wondered what was the deal. He only really talked with Yolanda and Gabriel, but only about the supernatural. He did Valeriya about his rock band and music. He would never admit it but He had a crush on Val for some time. Though he knew better so he just kept it to himself and tried to hide it. He dressed himself in a custom band tee and a pair of jeans and put his black trench coat. He texted that he would come when ever.
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  6. The morning had started out slow for Jolina. She woke up at the same time as the day before, made breakfast, woke up her father, and sat down to the best plate of bacon she has ever made. Her father and her chatted like usual; they talked about the latest sport's game (the college football team had dominated last night), what they had planned for the day (Jolina had said she would be home all day), and then her father claimed it was his time to go. She gave him a half-smile goodbye as her hands scrubbed both last night's dinner and this morning's breakfast off their fine china.

    Just as the door slammed shut and the blonde had a few seconds to think about her day, music blared from her bedroom. She recognized the tone immediately as "You Spin Me Right Round", her ringtone, and laughed a bit to herself. "That never gets old", she thought to herself. She quickly turned off the water and jogged through the kitchen, down the hallway, and past her bedroom door where she flopped into her small little enclave that was situated in her window. A quick glance at the screen and her day was book solid.

    I'll be there in just a second!! : )

    She shoved the phone into her rear pocket and began to look for an outfit. After a few minutes she opted for something simple: a white tank top with the design of a dreamcatcher on it, her signature jean/red flannel jacket, and a pair of dark tattered pants. It was a lazy day so she slipped on a pair of black sandal and gave herself a pat on the back. Exiting and locking her front door, Jolina broke into a small smile, only imagining what Rachel had picked up this time. "If I fast-walk I should get there in five minutes..." she mumbled to herself, already moving one foot in front of the other.
  7. Staring at her room ceiling, Valeriya sighed as she lay on her bed, not knowing what to do. "Come on, baby, keep it down. Honey, hush your lips..." Not The American Average by Asking Alexandria was blaring through her speakers, that was connected to her laptop on her desk. She would go out and hang out somewhere but she didn't know where to. Plus, she didn't want to bother any of her friends with her boredom. Then, there was a few knocks on her door, before it was swung open, revealing her mother. "Val, your father and I are going now, you sure you don't want to come along?"

    "It's fine," Val sat up from her lying position, "Who's going to take care of the house if I'm not around?" In actual fact, she was lazy to accompany her parents, who were going to visit her grandmother. Her mother nodded, glaring at Val's computer, "Lower the volume of that thing! You don't want complains from the neighbors like last time!"

    "Fine..." Val muttered before making her way to her desk, switching the laptop off. She could hear the front door of the house being slammed, meaning her parents just left. A few minutes later, her phone vibrated while her phone screen lighted up on her desk. It was a text from Rachel, asking her to come over to play some game.

    "Will be there soon."

    She texted back as she changed into a Motionless in White band shirt she recently got a concert and her dark jeans, grabbing her wallet and earphones before walking out of her bedroom. As she walked out, she almost collided with her brothers, who seemed like they were in a rush to go somewhere. She eyed their clothing as Lucian and Alexei gave her a cheeky grin, "College party, wanna come with?" She gave a disgusted look before shaking her head, "I pass. I'm going to my friend's house anyway."

    "Friend's house? Is it that boy that's in a band?" they gave her a questioning look, smirking. This was the kind of teasing her elder brothers like to give her. They know Val gets flustered around the opposite sex especially if she likes them, so they would take any chance they get to tease her if she's going out with a friend, boy or girl regardless. Val almost stumble back, her face turning slightly red as she shook her head, "Wha-what? Zeke? N-no! It's Rachel's!" Her brothers mouthed an 'O' before ruffling her hair, "Have fun then~"

    With that, her brothers left the house. Before leaving the house, she slipped on her black sneakers. She locked the front door, taking the keys with her. She wasn't sure how long the game would last but she knew her brothers won't be back till the next morning and her parents would be gone for the weekend. Rachel's house is a ten minute walk from hers so, Val can take her time if she wanted to.
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  8. Beaming with excitement as she received each of the responses back to her text, a wide grin played on her lips before she decided to get up from her spot on the couch and basically bounce on over to the little cabinet where she was keeping the awesome new game she had decided to play with her friends. Along with that, she pulled a box of old junk out of the closet, taking the candles out and a variety of other strange things. Running up the stairs, she slid into the room and attempted to get the tangles out of her natural red curls. Finally getting the rat's nest to calm down and act like normal hair, she applied a dab of lip gloss, threw on a floral dress, a jean jacket and some knee high socks, because who needs shoes when they are in a house? Absolutely not a damn soul.

    With her excited movements, she realized that she might be a bit too excited for this. But she couldn't help it, she was a generally over excitable girl. Besides all of her best friends were coming over and she loved each and everyone of them to pieces. Val was literally so beautiful, Yolanda was hardcore, Zeke was a dork but a cool dork if that's a thing, Honor she just found really intriguing ever since they met, Jolina reminded her of herself at times. The people in her life could really bring a huge smile to her face.

    She plopped back down on the couch, making sure to keep watch of the door so the first person that walked through would receive one of the famous Rachel hugs. She had a thing for hugs, that squeezed the living daylights out of people. It was a totally normal occurrence at this point.​
  9. Greg took his time walking to Rachel's house, enjoying the morning sun. He loved mornings. Even if they were a little cold in the town of Brick.. Shaking off the last of his morning drowsiness as he approached the house, Greg noticed a few of their other friends on their way. Suddenly feeling as if it had become a sort of a race, he hurried to the door, throwing it open. "Honey, I'm home~!" He chimed, grinning.
  10. Gabriel got the message late, due to his phone being on silent. He read the text message, grimacing at the words 'game' and rolling his eyes. He stood, stretching as he placed a marker in his book. He slid the keyboard out on his phone, walking into his room to slip on some clothes.

    Coming, I suppose. This better be a good game, Rachel.

    He pulled out a blue hooded sweatshirt, throwing it on over his black shirt. He decided on jeans, slowly getting dressed. He didn't get much sleep the night before; He stayed up late reading the latest paranormal book that he thought was sure to help him contact his brother. As soon as he got dressed, he walked into his mom's room, looking over at the beside clock. "Dad isn't home yet?" His mother shook her head, her eyes fixated on the computer in her room. "Not yet, dear. Do you need anything?" He shook his head, looking towards the front door and sighing. "I'm heading over to Rachel's." His mother smiled, nodding. "Okay, dear. Be careful."

    He headed out the door, set on walking for his body's sake. He hadn't exercised in weeks, and he was really starting to feel the effects of it. It wasn't long that he found himself close to Rachel's, his eyes trailing the road. It was on this road that his brother had died, leaving him alone. He wondered if half of his soul had died with his brother that day; He shrugged, shaking his head and heading towards Rachel's house. In no time, he was there, his chest heaving. He knocked on the door, leaning over as he tried to catch his breath.
  11. So Greg would be the one getting the Rachel hug? Well all of her friends would get one, but Greg got here first so he would get the first Rachel hug. Pouncing up from her seat on the couch, she threw her arms around him and squeezed him incredibly tight, giggling all the while as she did so. "Yay! I missed you so much hunnie." Greg always knew just how to get her to laugh, but then again she was sure picking up on her humor wasn't all that hard. Anyone that knew her well enough could make her burst into a fit of laughter. Once she finally let go of him, afraid of suffocating her poor friend, she opened the door that had been slammed shut when Greg had gotten here.

    "Gabriel, fancy seeing you here! What brings you to this neck of the woods. Me and my hunnie were just about to play a casual game of poker and drink someC Coors Light." She couldn't even keep a straight face however, and invited him inside. "Though until the rest of the team arrives at this destination, then I can't tell you what's going on just yet." With that she waited by the door, for them all to arrive.
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  12. Greg flailed as he was trapped in a Rachel hug, gasping for breath the moment he was released. "Oh god, I thought I was gonna die..! Shetriedtokillme,Gabby. As much as I appreciate a good hug, you gotta watch those gorilla arms, Rach." Greg teased, plopping down on the couch and grinning. "Aweh, we gotta wait for those slowpokes? Booo. This game better be fucking amazing."
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  13. Gabriel rolled his eyes at the jokes and the horrible nickname, entering the house. He was used to Greg calling him that; Greg gave him the nickname years ago. He hugged Rachel softly, pulling back to look at her with a small smile. "I guess I can wait, but it better be the best damn game I've ever played." He sat down on the couch, looking over at Greg with a sneer. "How many times have I told you I hate that nickname? You always call me that." He looked around the room, grinning and running a hand through his hair. "I about died on the walk over here, Rachel. I haven't exercised in months. The room wasn't lit as well as he thought it would be, but he couldn't complain. After all, he liked darker rooms. He looked around, his eyes narrowing to Rachel. "Wait.. You invited everyone, didn't you? Oh damn.. The whole gang will be here, and I look like a hobo."
  14. Greg returned the sneer with a cheeky smile. "Ohh, no you don't. You looove your nickname, Gabby. And, psh, don't worry about it. You're attractive enough, so you don't look like a hobo, you look like a hipster. --Y'know what, I take that back, you should be worrying." He teased, relaxing against the couch. He was trying his best to ignore just how dim the room was, but it making him fidgety, even with the others in the room. Trying not to draw any attention to himself, he reached for the lamp beside the couch, turning it on. Much better.
  15. Yolanda soon reached Rachel's home and paused briefly at the door - from the sounds of it, most of her friends were already there. Opening the door without a word, she walked in and followed the voices until she stood before her friends, already cracking jokes and teasing one another.

    It had never quite been like this back home. Most kept to themselves; the people who did make an effort to connect soon gave up. Yolanda was a hard to reach woman, secretive. She reasoned that her business was just that - her business. Everybody had their own inner world but hers was just more developed than most.

    Leaning against the doorway, she brought herself out of her thoughts and back to reality, internally scolding herself for reminiscing at the wrong time once again.

    "Hello." Yolanda stated simply, her accent prominent and turning the greeting into 'hah-low'.
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  16. The ten minute walk to Rachel's seem as though it took forever, possibly because Val was strolling there, enjoying the breeze. Upon arriving Rachel's door step, she could hear familiar voices of her friends and the lights were on. She stood in front of the door, deciding whether to knock or walk in.

    Despite hanging out and staying over at Rachel's house a number of times, she's still not accustomed to the phrase "make yourself at home" which she has been told many times. After contemplating for a few minutes, she gripped the door knob and open the door. Stepping into the house, she greeted awkwardly, "Hey, the door was unlock so I opened it."
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  17. Honor walked down the street to Rachel's house. His music blasting from his headphones. He had a crush on Jolina, but didn't tell anyone. Once he was down the street he took off the headphones and slid it on his neck. He then took out his phone pausing Day of the Dead from Hollywood Undead. Once he arrived at the house he stops at the door step and saw his friends already inside. So he opened the door and walked in. "Hey guys"
  18. Jo had been strolling along the sidewalk, completely lost in thought, when she realized Greg was just ahead of her. But just as she was about to call him he took off closing the distance between him and Rachel's house. Jolina couldn't help the laugh that spewed from his mouth. He looked like a pack of wild bears had been chasing him and everyone knows bears don't exist in Brick. Maybe that was why the idea was so funny to Jo. After a few calming breathes, she decided to jog a bit to catch up and not be the last rotten egg to get to her friend's house.

    "Hold the door dork!~" Jolina shouted towards Honor, jogging the last few steps towards Rachel's house. It looked like she could possibly be the second-to-last egg. She gave him a beaming smile as she slid past him, excitement bubbling up inside her once she realized she had made it. The entire walk over she had wondered what exactly Rachel was hiding, but nothing came to mind. "Hey everyone!" Knowing Rachel though, this was going to be fun.
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  19. Zeke walked with a cigarette in hand and was smoking it. He was reading on a book on protection prayers. He was having a mental battle about even bothering to go over to her house. He knew that he wasn't the life of the party. Though he guessed that Val would be there so He figured if this little game falls flat he could ask val to check out the record store for some new records and maybe grab a bite to eat. He shook his head as he walked in still smoking. "im here so where is this game"
  20. Yolanda greeted each of her friends as they entered the house, still lingering by the doorway. As soon as Zeke entered, still smoking, she wrinkled her nose.

    "Ter wille van God se,*" She muttered, often reverting to her native tongue whenever annoyed or distressed. "Would you like to put out that cigarette, Zeke?"

    [* 'For the sake of God's' - 'For God's sake'.]
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