Ouch! That Hurt!

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    [size=+1]What's your pain tolerance like?
    How do you typically respond to pain?
    Do you take care of your injuries, or do you have a bad habit of just hoping that they heal themselves?
    Do you usually go to the doctor or seek medical attention when you're injured?
  2. I have a terrible pain tolerance. .__. I whine and whine and whine.

    Thankfully, I have so rarely hurt myself I haven't had many experiences where something was bad enough for a doctor visit. o__o I've only had to go to the doctor for an "injury" once. My appendix. >>; Everything else has been really really weird accidents, but never really BAD accidents. So I was able to patch myself up and keep on trucking...
  3. First off, I'm a total bitch when I'm cramping. >.> Thank god for medicine.

    My pain threshold varies... As far as cuts and bruises go, I tend to bite through the pain. It's the pain that lasts for several hours that I can't take. I'm having to see the doctor about foot pain because after an hour of standing I'm already in agony. I have special shoes that take care of the pain for a while but I will still feel the pain after some hours have passed. I won't whine constantly but I will make mention of it until the pain goes away.
  4. I take in the pain like a true man. I go to sleep and then wake up. If that did not solve it, shotgun blasts to the face will shut down my nervous system! Success! No pain. :D
  5. I yelp even when I haven't really hurt myself, but I don't whine. I'm not much of a complainer about pain unless I'm trying to annoy my stepmom or convince them that yes I do need a painkiller. But I don't like to talk a lot, so I don't like to whine a lot either. I just sit there and take it, waiting until it goes away.

    I don't go to doctors at all anymore. I don't even have insurance or a doctor...I owe too much money as it is so I have to pray I don't get seriously injured.

    Otherwise, I'm just going to have to deal with it if I get hurt or sick.
  6. A wise man once said that Pain is temporary, but that flying monkeys with the ability to procreate are eternal. *Bows* Use this new knowledge to your advantage. Become a flying monkey. I guess. Yeah. :D
  7. Cuts and scratches? I'm totally fine~ I own cats who think hands are toys. It just stings, and I can deal with stinging.

    For everything else, I have no pain tolerance. I don't bruise easy, but everything hurts like agony. Someone could poke me, and it will hurt for hours after. I'm not sure why, but it sucks. Can't handle massages either. I know they're meant to make you relax and feel good, but all it does is hurt for me ._.
  8. If its minor I seem to make a sound, usually more because of the startlement of the pain, because when I'm really hurt I shut up, nearly must by the pain. I think it's some sort of half trance response I go into, not quite sure. If I'm hissing, cussing or apologizing I hurt but I'll walk it off, if I'm silent like the dead be kind to me and try to help.
  9. My pain tolerance varies. I can deal with cuts and "flesh wounds" fairly well with little to no complaint. I also treat them myself unless the injury requires stitches. If no real way to treat it is on hand I make do with what is. On one occasion I used tape and tissues to keep blood out of my eyes when I cut my forehead, since the tiny bandages I had were not big enough. The next morning I took the MacGyver'd bandage off, put some antibacterial stuff on the cut and let it simply heal on it's own from there. Overnight solutions, gotta love 'em.

    Bruising, sore joints and that sort of stuff I don't tolerate nearly as well. I wince, cringe and go "OWOWOW!" when it gets too bad. Then I usually sit/lay down and do something that involves not moving whatever hurts for several hours.
  10. It depends on the situation really. If I'm just sitting down and then something falls on my foot or hits me or inflicts some sort of pain, I'm gonna yelp and hiss and growl and bite down on my lip to fight any other strange noises that want to come out of my mouth. I usually tend to curse too. Like, "OW, SON OF A BITCH, THAT'S HOT!" D:

    But, if I'm doing something? Like running or playing or wrestling or the sort, and I get hurt? Adrenaline usually numbs the pain to where I wont even feel it until after. I'd look at the bruise or gash and say, "Hmm, that's interesting."

    I will tolerate ANY PAIN if it meant that I could stay away from hospitals. ;____;
  11. I think I have an average pain tolerance, but when I was smaller, I used to whine a lot. Nowadays, though, I tend to be tougher, but if I suddenly experience a lot of pain, I usually swear or at least make some noise. I usually do not mention it to others unless it is very bad, though, and I let my wounds heal naturally most of the time, even if they look really bad. I guess that is one of my bad habits, but at least I do not get injured so much, so it did not get me into any trouble yet.
  12. It depends on how bad the injury is.

    I have a god bit of scars on me that bring up memories.

    If it is a small wound, like a minor cut, then I use bandages.

    There was a case when I gashed my chin and had to get stitched up.

    That was one of the major things that required a doctor.
  13. Fluctuates, depending on mood. I can control it to an extent when I expect pain, then if I don't wanna deal with pain, it goes way down.
  14. Injuries I usually respond with anger, sometimes even violent outbursts. ._. Headaches or pain caused by diease will usually leave me miserable but I don't tend to complain.
  15. After being shot my pain tolerance sky rocketed. Lol I sorta follow my doctors advise. Depends on whether or not my sergeants care to apply them. However when I was a civilian no.
  16. my pain tolerance depends on mood/situation

    I really don't like taking medicine if I dno't have to so often I try to bear through pain if I can (though I still complain)

    *knock on wood* i've not broken any bones or anything that serious yet
  17. Ouch. Being shot hurts =/ Sorry broski *Pats on the back*
  18. I actually have an exceptionally high pain tolerance, when I say Ouch it means it REALLY FREAKIN HURT. I've dislocated my right shoulder 12 times, this probably helped, but I've also had a condition pretty much for the last four or five years that was only recently diagnosed because I got a new family doctor.

    I have myofasial pain syndrome in my left shoulder; it basically means that when the muscles on and around my shoulder are stressed, strained, subject to repetitive motion, or if I'M stressed, then my muscles tense up painfully, like a cramp. Then if it gets worse, they kind of spasm and screw up my shoulder. I work in retail: stress, repetiteve motions, and lifting heavy stuff is every day and every hour to me, and I can't afford all the time off it would take to 'just let it heal'. I'm in physiotherapy, and it helps, but lying down, leaning on, lifting with that arm, etc, are all quite painful on a daily basis. Its kind of hard to ease off a shoudler for years at a time, so I've developed a tolerance for the pain instead

  19. I have a really high pain tolerance that came from being very klutzy. Especially when I was a little younger I had a period of time where I was tripping and skinning my knees something like once a week - now my knees are composed of more scar tissue than healthy tissue. I'll go to the doctor for an injury only if it doesn't look like something will stop bleeding with household bandages or if I think something might be broken.