OUAT: The Battle of a Thousand Lands [DEAD]

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  1. OUAT: The Battle of A Thousand Lands

    Once upon a time... there was a curse, cast by an evil queen that sought to end all of the happy endings but her own. She was feared throughout the Enchanted Forest, and collected the hearts of others for sport. For once she had control of your heart, she had control of you. It was through this dark magic and the tutelage of an even darker wizard, Rumplestiltskin that the Evil Queen separated countless families all in the name of love and revenge. Though many may not know of how the Evil Queen became so evil, it is true that the simple words spoken by an innocent child set events into motion that would see our favourite fairy-tale characters thrust into the Land Without Magic. It is here that the hero of our story, Emma Swan, defeated many foes: some with magic and some without, but none who have stood against the Saviour have succeeded. Though as one chapter ends, another must begin and the tale of Storybrooke's demise has only just begun.
    You, young reader, are about to embark on a journey that is unlikely to end happily. You will face dragons and witches, pirates and sirens and even navigate the dangerous peaks of Neverland. For with the safe-guarding of loved ones and protection of the weak, the Charming family and their subjects have crossed one too many villains. But there's one question they have never thought to ask: where do the villains go after they have been defeated? And my friend, it has a simple answer. They go to the one place strong enough to hold an untold amount of evil: Hades' Underworld. Correct, the villains that have been thrown out of many realms have all correlated with the God of Death himself, Hades; and after convincing him of the untold pure souls that the small cursed town holds, he has decided to claim the Land Without Magic for himself. How does he hope to achieve such a feat? By using his sway over those he possesses, of course. With the aide of Maleficent, Hades has been able to throw Storybrooke into a state of Limbo. Its residents frozen and unaware of their pending fate. But with a great evil comes a great good and somehow, Storybrooke residents have been falling through the cracks of Limbo and into different lands. Hades has learnt of this and has sent several villains after our heroes, intent of dragging them down to the Underworld. Now, the only way to get back to Storybrooke and defeat Hades is to travel through each of the lands and defeat Hades' villains.
    Notes about the role-play
    1. There are only going to be ten spaces available to begin with. With each new land our characters go to, I will open up the role-play to another person. I won't be adding a waiting list since decisions can change and it wouldn't be fair to those that would be able to join before the person at the top of the list can voice their desire to still join. If at any time a person must drop out for the foreseeable future, I will open up their space until it is filled; once you leave, you'll have to make a good case as to why you deserve to return. Muahaha. No, but seriously, do not join if you think you'll have to drop out before we even begin!
    2. Users are still able to reserve one of the ten spots, but will be given twenty-four hours to complete the character sheet.
    3. Players can only have two characters, and the second character does not contribute to the ten spaces - so if you have a space within the role-play but want a second character, your second character won't take a slot.
    4. Players can choose a Secondary Character which will then allow them to choose a Lead Hero as their 'second' character - so users do not have to choose a 'Lead Hero' if they only want to play a Secondary Character. (See list below)
    5. Secondary characters will have a specified list to deter anybody playing two popular characters. This will also stop players who roll as two main characters from hindering the role-play due to inactivity for personal/IRL reasons. I completely understand the effect school, college and work can have on a role-player and that includes me, but having this rule in effect will keep things fair for all those involved.
    6. Posting length should be no shorter than a paragraph comprised of at least six sentences.
    7. If you are playing as two characters, you must have their posts separate, not within the same post. There is no limit as to how much you can post, but please keep it reasonable. If there are any 2-4 liners, I'll sick Cerberus on you!
    Notes about characters, lands and defeated villains
    1. With each villain that is defeated at the end of each land, current players (who do not have a second character) will have the option of claiming that villain. Take note, there will also be minor villains that we encounter along the way that can be claimed. For example, if somebody who has chosen to play as Alice decides they also want to be Jafar after the first land has been completed, that's perfectly fine. Though the role-play will still be open to a new player despite whether or not the villain is claimed. However, if they are not claimed, they will be taken back to Storybrooke (or rather, Limbo) as it is now.
    2. Claimed villains will have a change-of-heart after being defeated and join our heroes within the next land.
    3. If after a land has been completed, you wish to claim the villain but have two characters, you can opt to drop one of them. However, they will be written as having been sent back to Limbo and their history (no matter how integral to past sub-plots) will be erased. If you understand all of the rules, include the word 'Disney' within your character's history.
    4. Characters within this story will be pre-made but also original, as in, you the player can decide their lives within the Enchanted Forest before the curse and who they became after ending up in Storybrooke. Character references do not have to be the same as the show, but would be preferred. However, with the freedom of creating a back story for your character comes a slight problem; you'll essentially be deciding parts of the back story for other characters. For example, if you've chosen to claim Rumplestiltskin and you decide that he doesn't have any children, Baelfire would have essentially never been born. Though if somebody else wanted to claim Neal/Baelfire, they would have to come up with different parents. There will however be certain aspects of a character's history that cannot be changed; I will let the individuals know after they have claimed one of said characters i.e. Snow White, Emma Swan, Hook etc. If you disagree with the events that can't be changed for your chosen character, you can either state why (and if I deem it appropriate, I'll retract the rule for that character) or you can choose another character.
    5. I will not reveal the first land (or villain) that we'll be going to until all ten of the slots have been filled. Though after the first land has been completed, there will be a vote to determine the next land we go to and the next villain. I want to make this very team-orientated so that we, the players can decide where the plot will continue strongest.
    6. Characters will be split into three tiers Lead Heroes, Secondary Characters and Villains. Like I have mentioned above, players can only have two characters that are a combination of two tiers and no two characters from the same tier. Villains will become available as they are defeated; though those with a (*) beside their name are available now.
    7. Characters that have not appeared on the show but are either within a Disney movie/movie or fairy-tale will be available and can be found on the list below with a (~) beside their name. If you've read this far down, include the word 'friendship' in your character's biography and strike out Disney.
    Below is the list of the three tiers and what characters are available. Though if there is a character you wish to play but it's not listed, please privately message me their name and what tier you think they should be in. Again, if you have chosen one character from Lead Heroes or Villains, you can only request to make a character that would be classed as a Secondary Character.

    Placement One - @Eclipse - Emma Swan
    Placement Two
    Placement Three
    Placement Four
    Placement Five
    Placement Six

    Placement Seven
    Placement Eight
    Placement Nine
    Placement Ten
    Lead Heroes

    Snow White / Mother of the saviour, likes to sing to birds
    Prince Charming / True of heart and filled with courage
    Emma Swan / Our saviour #1
    The Evil Queen / All she wants is a happy ending
    Rumplestiltskin / He is what he sells, old and secretly filled with sentiment
    Belle / You can probably find her at the library
    Red Riding Hood / Waitress by day, wolf by night
    Captain Hook / Our lovable Anti-Hero
    Neal Cassidy / Baelfire
    The Mad Hatter / Haven't you heard? He throws killer tea parties
    Alice / Infamously known for her exploits in Wonderland
    Ariel / Red hair, beautiful singing voice, mermaid tail, you can't miss her
    Mulan / Don't mess with her, she'll probably poke you with her sword
    Aurora / The laziest princess in all the land
    Robin Hood / He leads a band of merry men!
    Elsa / Queen of Arendelle, notable for an ice palace way out in the distance
    Anna / Sister of Queen Elsa, she likes trolls and those who associate with them
    Kristoff / He's never far from a reindeer!
    Rapunzel / Her hair is quite literally magical

    Secondary Characters

    Henry Mills / He'll make you believe, just you wait!

    Will Scarlet / Self-proclaimed thief, watch your tents!
    Widow Lucas / Granny
    Cyrus / Alice's own personal genie and husband
    The Blue Fairy / She could very well turn you into a cricket
    Dr. Victor Frankenstein
    / Need somebody resurrected, well
    kind of? He's your guy!
    Gepetto / He made Pinocchio!
    Magic Mirror / Mirror Mirror, on the wall... well, you know the rest

    Prince Phillip / He once woke up a sleeping princess
    Prince Eric / He's not a fan of idle prattle
    William Smee / Hook's bumbling side-kick
    Flynn Ryder / He has a severe weakness to frying pans
    Maid Marian / Because every guy needs a wife from the past
    Tinker Bell / Peter Pan's not so happy side-kick
    Cinderella / This girl is always losing her shoe! Yeah, just one!
    Prince Thomas / Word has it he has an interest in feet
    Jimminy Cricket / Everybody wants a green therapist
    Hansel / Nosey child #1
    Gretal / Nosey child #2
    Anton / The littlest big giant if there ever was one!
    Wendy Darling / Rich, English, has a passion for flying
    John Darling / He wears glasses?
    Michael Darling / The tag-a-long!
    Little Jon / Hey there, big guy
    Dorothy Gale / Wields a deadly pale of water
    Lumiere / This smooth talking french guy likes to burn people!
    Glinda, the Good Witch of the South / Evidently immune to the cold of banishment
    ~ Pocahontas / She can show you all the colours of the wind
    ~ John Smith / He's a dashing blonde in a pointy helmet
    ~ Jack Frost / He just wants to be seen, people!
    ~ Esmeralda / People should dance with goats more often
    ~ Quasimodo / You won't find him atop a bell tower anymore
    ~ Aladdin / Is it a bird? A Plane? No, just a magic carpet
    ~ Jasmine / Definitely some competition for Rapunzel
    ~ Genie / Who doesn't like a fella who can sing? Especially if he's blue
    ~ Tiana / You won't find her kissing frogs for a long while
    ~ Prince Naveen / We shall call him Mr. Froggy Lips
    ~ Tarzan / No, he's not an exotic dancer
    ~ Jane / No, she does not date an exotic dancer
    ~ White Rabbit / One time, I heard the rabbit was actually on time
    ~ Cheshire Cat / Nothing but mischief behind that grin
    ~ Fairy Godmother / Bippity, Boppity, Boo!
    ~ Sherlock Holmes / Does he need an introduction?
    ~ Hercules / Did you hear? Herc went from zero to hero
    ~ Megara / She won't say she's in love
    ~ Jack Skellington / He definitely needs some meat on his bones
    ~ Captain Jack Sparrow / The least menacing pirate there is
    ~ Elizabeth Swan / She likes her pirates
    ~ Will Turner / Blacksmith turned pirate
    ~ Merida / She's not your typical princess

    The Villains

    Cora / Queen of Hearts
    Jafar / Poor boy turned magician turned genie
    Maleficent / Horns, dragon-like temper
    Zelena / Wicked Witch of the West
    Peter Pan / Likes to 'pied piper' youngsters to his own island... wait, what?!

    Felix / Peter's other side-kick
    Big Bad Wolf / Whatever you do, don't let him huff!
    Cruella De Vil / Jimminy's worst enemy
    Hades / Has yet to realise that he's constantly on fire
    Medusa / She'll always challenge you to a staring competition
    Ursula / She doesn't like to be impersonated
    Mother Gothel / A big fan of le weave
    Shan Yu / Superiority complex much?
    Davy Jones / This guy has a lot of chins
    Dr. Facilier / He has voodoo and hoodoo and friend's on the other side
    Snow Queen / Anyone who messes with ice cream is definitely a villain!
    The Headless Horseman / The best remedy for the common cold
    * Gaston / He drives all of the girls wild
    * Sheriff of Nottingham / Crocodile got your tongue?
    * Hans / Nice sideburns!

    • NAME (STORYBROOKE): (exp. Regina Mills)

      NAME (ENCHANTED FOREST): (exp. The Evil Queen)

      TIER: Lead Hero / Secondary / Villain

      AGE: Above 21, unless Henry Mills etc.


      NOBILITY (IF ANY): King/Queen/Prince/Princess/None

      REALM: Land Without Magic, Enchanted Forest, Wonderland etc.

      SEXUALITY: Does not have to be canon, please keep other characters in mind when deciding






    • Who was your character before the curse? Include their personality. Did they rule a kingdom or kill an ogre? Did they have a business?
      Please be detailed.

      Who is your character now? Do they own a business, are they dating somebody new? Characters have all of their memories from the Enchanted Forest, so bare that in mind!
      Again, please be detailed.

    • Can your character use any special skills? Are they are exceptional swordsman, are they a powerful sorcerer/ess? Are they able to charm their way out of any situation?
      Please be detailed, as there will be some fight scenes in the role-play. You can't forget to leave out that your character can jump great heights and then have them leap from one tree branch to the other later on! These don't have to be magical either, include tracking, sense of smell, intuition etc!

    • Who do you know from Storybrooke/The Enchanted Forest?
      This is where you can detail your character's relationships with other characters! It can be romantic, friendships, relatives etc. Careful, you'll have to check to make sure your character hasn't been noted in somebody else's Relationships tab! Team work peoples! These do not have to be taken characters, though I would avoid making current romantic ties to character's that haven't been claimed yet. Yes, I'm definitely looking at you Elsa and Jack Frost! And no, a romance cannot blossom between two characters owned by the same user! ;)

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