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Sitting on one of the benches across from the fountain, she stared at the couples forming, girls squealing over guys, guys picking up girls. It was like in one of the games she played before-butterflies rose in her stomach in expectation. She was confident that she would snag someone, or get snagged by someone today. She even skipped lunch. She figured if she could find a date today, he could have lunch with him, whoever he was going to be.

"There you go again, Nevere." One of her friends had told her. "You can't expect all guys to be that perfect."

She sighed and continued to look around, trying for someone who might've been staring at her or something. It was a popular hang out place, and even her friends had gotten dates just by walking past it. Maybe they were just shy? "Like Prince Chezem from 'My Sweet Prince', or Nakaba from 'Konkatsu for Marriage'?" She smiled stupidly to herself as she remembered the two made-up boys' stories. She was interrupted mid-day-dream by a tap on her shoulder, and she enthusiastically turned around to greet the potential future-date, only to be met by the gaze of a pervy-looking old man with glasses.

"Hey, cutie~Why don't you join me for a fun time.. up in my hotel?" He tried winking at her, but she punched him in the face before he could close his eye. Cracking her knuckles, she picked up her bag. 'Wait, that wasn't cute! How will I ever find a guy if I go around punching perverts in the face!? Guys want someone to protect, right??' She hesitated for a moment, remembering what the girls in the otome games did in this situation. 'The choice that got the glittery 'flsss'.. was..?' The old man watched in confusion as she finally stopped to shake her head, screaming, "EYAAH! PERVERT!" and fleeing clumsily in the other direction without another thought.
It was that time of year again.

That time of year when it was easy to pick up women. That time of year when more women were looking. Of course, he had set his last lady free, or so he called it, just a couple days ago. It was his favorite line; an average girl deserved an average line, after all. "I think we should see other people," and it warranted a less-than-average response from the woman, flipping out over how she perceived it all to be a misunderstanding, and some add-on of how she wanted to "take their relationship to the next level," but of course, he brushed it off without a second thought. That woman was boring long ago - too long ago, perhaps.

Marek was the type to never go without a woman. Not out of need, no, it was this craving to show-off. But though he always had a woman, he most certainly did not deserve a woman. He was that sort of jerk who stuck around until interest wore away into familiarity. He liked adventure. Perhaps one would even go as far as to say that Marek had a thing for conquest. He would never put it that way, of course, but his overconfidence was certainly a tell.

At the very least, he feigned some kind of niceness, politeness. He had a rule that he would not go looking for a new woman for three days between ridding himself of the last - though this rule was probably a result of some high school run ins with some big brother or other of some girl he barely remembered at the time. But no matter. He had a woman to find, on this fine, fine day.

He brushed his hair from his eyes, regretting it, as a beam of sunlight reached out to greet him, he turned, walking the other way down the street. One foot in front of the other, at least pretend to know what you are doing, was the usual sort of spiel he used to talk himself up before trying to approach any woman. It needed to be done, for every success, there was always at least one failure.

Today? Today would change everything.
But, of course, not in the way that Marek probably would have expected.