"Oto-san and Onii-chan love me?!"

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  1. Anastasia was a very abnormal girl, 16 years of age and already in her senior year. She wasn't perfect at all but had two things that seemed to get her everywhere in life. She had been a child prodigy, ate age ten she had already been wanted for senior and freshman college classes. Of course she had said no to that since she wanted to grow up as normal as possible. Her mother was out of the picture actually, left after having her older brother and her. Her father was constantly there for them even though he needn't be. She was a straight A student and had photographic memory, which basically helped her remember even the smallest of details of things she did or read. That explained her unnatural talent for passing exams without studying. Her second greatest point was being able to do anything with her hands. Anything of art was her second only good point. She could play different kinds of instruments, she could sing and lastly she could make art (sculptures and what not). Then all her other attributes, no matter how much she has tried, sucks. She couldn't cook, she could clean, she couldn't give directions since she had the worst since of direction ever. She was also very clumsy which just explained everything from above in one big book. Her brother and father were sometimes scared to leave her alone since she got hungry quickly and tended to try and cook...and have caused countless of fires before.

    The day was Monday, a normal day and of course she went to school, she never missed a day since she started elementary. The day was normal, people picking on her, her reading more books and of course always being alone with the occasional talks with her brother. Everyone never understood the different between looks truthfully. Her brother was cool, handsome and kind. Her father was well kept, serious and also handsome. She was clumsy, untalented and dressed in old lady clothes clothes, as people put it. Her black hair was up in a messy bun, her big eyes were actually covered by big round glasses and she had these baggy and very unladylike like gray clothes on constantly. It didn't show any of curves and made her look as if she was flat...as in ten year old girl flat. Most didn't have a reason not to like her...but also didn't have a reason to talk to her. Some stayed after school to get classes from her when she wasn't practicing one of the instruments she loved. That day she was playing the piano with a freshmen and was helping him learn a few keys and all uncaring But while she was doing this she was also playing herself so that she had fun. People stayed secretly about the hallway to listen to her play though. It was kinda funny how they thought she never noticed.