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    Sister worlds. Earth, a world with cities and landscapes with impressive technology. Othern, a world with ever-changing lands and terrains filled with magic. As different as they are, they are sisters, closely mirrored. Both share a heart that keep them connected. Whatever happens to one, affects the other. Though they are close, neither world knows of the other. That is the way it should be. Since the sunrise of history and time, the worlds have thrived ignorant of their sibling. And life on the worlds prospered, though very differently. For Earth, animals of all types and humans lived. On Othern, Darkfull and Lightfull lived. It was as it should have been. Balance has been perfectly achieved...

    A great war had broken out on Othern. The two inhabitants, Darkfull and Lightfull, always had tense relationships. Lightfull had been born into the light side of the magical spectrum and used light based magic, while Darkfull were the opposite. They were born in darkness and used dark based magic. For the most part, however, they had stayed out of each other’s way. Tensions ran high one day and the fighting began. Bloodshed seemed to stain every inch of the ground. It was brutal; both sides never backed out and ceased. It lasted for such a long time, with so many deaths and injuries. The strain of it was too much and Earth soon felt it too. More wars and death. More disasters.

    Balance had been disrupted.

    Then the worst thing to ever have happened to either world happened.

    They merged. The lands came together. The people came together. Now everything has escalated into one single chaotic world. Humans joined the Darkfull and Lightfull in fighting. There was no end in sight. There was no reward. It didn’t matter; they still fought. And fighting, they still are.

    Now Earth’s cities lay in ruins. Corpses litter the ground in many places as death wreaks the land. The only places untouched are the vast lands of Othern’s lands and Earth’s lands merged together. But they hold their own hidden dangers that could very well mean you ending up dead. Everywhere and everyday the distant sounds of the hum of magic, the clicks of guns, the cries of the wounded and dying, and the occasional explosion can be heard in the ruins.

    The sister worlds…are no more.

    (See guides in following post!)

    Roleplay Info

    Game Masters: Lady of the Dragons and Yue
    Accepting New Characters: Yes. Max players we will have in RP is six. Give or take.
    Posting Expectations: At least two paragraphs (each paragraph should have at least five sentences). Please post at least once a week. If you don't post for 2 - 3 weeks, we'll contact you through PM to make sure everything is fine. Eventually, dead players will have their characters either hijacked or booted.
    Rating: PG-13 for violence, blood, and language. There may be some adult situations or things that may be a bit sexual in nature but these will not be explicit and will seldom happen.
    Genre: Modern Fantasy with a bit of an apocalyptic twist.
    Atmosphere/Mood: Adventurous, mostly serious though a few little jokes here and there may surface.
    Plot Flow: Both.
    Timeline: Happens in modern-day Earth, so Earth as it is today. 2012, I guess.
    Basic Plot: Two worlds, Othern and Earth, have merged to create one world after a giant war on Othern breaks out. Now the fighting is worldwide between both worlds. People try to survive...and maybe somehow find a way to undo the damage.

    Character Sheet:

    Name: (Simple enough)
    Gender: (Male? Female?)
    Age: (If an Othern person, you can put down how old your character looks)
    Species: (Darkfull, Lightfull, Human? If an Othern person, please put down the generation)
    Appearance: (picture is good or describe)
    Brief History: (don’t make it two sentences, but don’t make it a book load. Two paragraphs or so should do.)
    Personality: (A few sentences will suffice.)
    Weapons: (Magical spells? Guns? Swords? For Othern people they don’t use modern weapons. They use things like bows, swords, daggers, and the like. You can also have them just use magic for combat. Nothing too overpowered!)
    Other: (Anything else we should know? If not, leave this out.)

    Rules and Important Notes

    • Basic RP rules apply. No god modding, no over-powered characters, yadda yadda yadda.
    • Characters have to be approved before RPing. We’ll let you know if it’s approved and if not, we’ll tell you what we don’t like and you can change it.
    • You cannot play as a 1st generation Othern person. 2nd generation is a bit loose; something ridiculous will not pass, though something not immensely powerful and huge will be.
    • Sorry, but no Darkfull/Lightfull, Darkfull/Human, or Lightfull/Human hybrids. There will only be one hybrid (Darkfull/Lightfull) that will be played by Lady of the Dragons. However, Darkfull/Darkfull bred or Lightfull/Lightfull bred characters can exist.
    • If you do not post in 2-3 weeks, we will PM you. If you continue not to post, your character will be hijacked/booted. Sorry, we don’t want any abrupt stops in the RP because someone didn’t post.
    • In the OOC, Yue or I will make notes about the RP concerning events happening in the RP or something like that. Check back to the OOC from time to time to get these updates.
    • Turn based RP. Please don’t hog posts. Let everyone get a turn. If someone doesn’t post for longer than a day, then you can post again to keep the going.
    • Questions about anything? Don’t hesitate to ask!


    Valos Cethe played by Lady of the Dragons
    Suavari Yew played by Whispers_of_imagination
    Serephina Skye "Serah" played by Cabin-Girl Saki
    Leone Tetrick played by Extrinsecus
    Ivayne played by ZillaDestroyer
    Shavynel as Koska Serit

  2. (Some pictures may contain material from video games, movies, etc. The source has no connection with this roleplay and the picture is only used for visual aid.)

    The World

    Othern is the sister world to Earth. It is vastly different, though. Othern does not have giant cities, nor do they use technology that much. They are more of a Fantasy world. Othern is divided up into three regions:


    The home of the Darkfull and shrouded in black darkness. In it is a massive dark temple that is the home for all Darkfull, though some may live in the large forest surrounding it. Dark magic is more powerful here and a Darkfull using magic will see the effects become stronger. The opposite is true for Lightfull, who become weaker.


    The home of the Darkfull and bathed in heavenly light. In it is a large light temple where all the Lightfull reside, though a few live in the lake surrounding it. (The lake has many floating circular platforms for travel.) Light magic is more powerful here and a Lightfull using magic will see the effects become stronger. The opposite is true for Darkfull, who become weaker.




    The largest region of Othern (it takes up about half of the planet), it is neutral in terms of the magic spectrum; Dark and Light magic is equal in power here. Neuthern is made of many different kinds of lands which often change and reshape at will. Often magic crystals (for each magic spectrum) are formed in the Neuthern and Othernan go out in search for them, facing the dangers of the changing and unstable land. The magic crystals can give magic a boost in power and effectiveness.
  3. (Pictures coming soon!)

    The People

    Othern is home to the Darkfull and Lightfull, which are two different types of inhabitants (referred to as Othernan). Both are immortal. They are in tune with different spectrums of magic and use different types of magic. Some Othernan go out and collect magic crystals, others guard the older or weaker, others simply stay and mentor, or some act as soldiers to fight when small battles between the Lightfull and Darkfull break out. (they’re usually brief but common enough and intense.)

    Darkfull live in Darthern, are born into the dark spectrum of magic, and use dark magic. Darkfull tend to wear/be darker colors. Dark magic is more offensive and often more brutal, though the defense is not as good as light magic. 2nd generation Darkfull tend to look similar to more sinister or repulsive creatures from Earth while 3rd generation tend to have more sinister non-human features. Typically, though not always, Darkfull are more cunning and aggressive than Lightfull.

    Lightfull live in Lithern, are born into the light spectrum of magic, and use light magic. Lightfull tend to wear/be lighter colors. Light magic is more defensive and often more gentle, though the offense is not as good as dark magic. 2nd generation Lightfull tend to look similar to more graceful or attractive creatures from Earth while 3rd generation tend to have more appealing non-human features. Typically, though not always, Lightfull are more peaceful and withdrawn than Darkfull.

    For both Darkfull and Lightfull there are four generations that they are born in. 1st is the oldest (and wisest usually) while 4th is the youngest.
    1st generation Othernan look like large glowing orbs of power. They are the oldest, though no one knows how old exactly. They are also the wisest Othernan. There are only two 1st generation Othernan, one belonging to each side.
    2nd generation Othernan look like creatures, sometimes looking like ones from Earth. They are powerful, though not very fast. The type of creature depends on the spectrum of magic.
    3rd generation Othernan look like humans with non-human features such as wings, claws, spikes, horns, tails, etc. The type of features depends on the spectrum of magic.
    4th generation Othernan look like normal humans, though with more honed abilities.

    Othernan are born from magic instead of being born from two people having children. Othernan can produce children with each other. Only 3rd generation and 4th generation can produce children (and can breed with each other). However, this is very rare as bred Othernan are not immortal and age very quickly, having a lifespan of 10-20 years.
    Darkfull and Lightfull hybrids are rare but no unheard of. Breeding with the opposite Othernan is looked down upon and the children that result from it rapidly age and are unstable in magic and personality. Othernan and human hybrids do not and cannot exist. The child cannot properly "gain" the magic from its Othernan parent.
  4. I am immensly interested in joining this roleplay! Very intricately woven, I thank you for the time you put into this. :) I'll toss my character info out there for your consideration.

    Name: Suavari Yew
    Age: Appears to be about 20 in Earthen appearance
    Species: 3rd generation Lightfull
    Appearance: Suavari Yew.jpg

    Brief History: Born from a magical collision that occured between light magic and emissions from several magic crystals during a terrain shift in the Neuthern, Suavari Yew is a being of healing. Upon his inception, Suavari's first inclination was to travel, explore the expanse that lay before him. The magic pulsing around him aroused a sense of peace and curiosity within him, and almost communicated to him in rythmic sounds and sensory hightenings. Feeling the different types of energies, it wasn't long before he stumbled upon the foul stench of Dark magic. Writhing in repulsion, Suavari channeled his light energy, attempting to overpower the presense of Dark magic. At his youthful stage however, he was soon drained of his energy, and needed to rest.

    Suavari continued on learning this way, testing things and attempting to use his magic in new an unfamiliar ways. This peaceful wandering could not last forever, as his travel soon led him to the outskirts of Darthern. A menacing place, it seemed to suck the very being away from him as he neared. Taking one last look, Suavari made to turn around, only to be smote on the side by a ball of Dark energy. It immediately sent agony through his body, wrapping around him like a virus, attempting to suffocate him. Turning to see the source, he witnessed his first Darkfull. A brutish black figure, crackling with tendrils of magic, opposed him; it almost seemed to be leering at him with a sadistic grin. Erupting with light energy, Suavari cast the dark energy from himself. However, he was too inexperienced for this fight. Looking down at his wound, Suavari calmed himself. As soon as this calmness became full, he healed instantly. It felt natual to him to heal. Smiling, Suavari dissapated into the light, flowing along with the magic currents of the air until he came upon Lightern. He has resided there as a healer ever since.

    Personality: Calm, kind and overwhelmingly loyal. Values others lives above his own.

    Weapons: Uses combat very seldomnly, however, has mastered the art of defense magic. Can create extremely strong defense shielda around allies, as long as he is not too close to Darthern.

    Other: Suavari is very social, and loves to learn. Though not the wisest, Suavari is adept in most historical and magical lore, and has been vigorously attemting to find a way to repair the collide between Earth and Othern.

  5. Thank you very much for joining! :D

    Your character is approved. Suavari is a very interesting character. And his picture is kickass, haha. :P

    EDIT EDIT EDIT: I accidentally put that people couldn't play as a 4th generation or 3rd generation Othernan. This was a mistake I made. You can't play as a 1st generation Othernan. 3rd generation has some strict standards but if it's good, we'll pass it.
    Also, updated the Character sheet. It now has Gender in it. Forgot, haha.
  6. Well thankee kindly marm! *bows briefly with a flourish* Your roleplay deserves nothing but the best charries! And as for the picture...c'mon, he is a flippin' being of light....he has to have a cool photo. :)
  7. In progress!

    Valos Cethe


    Looks 18, but in years is about 13.

    Darkfull/Lightfull hybrid (4th generation and 3rd generation)


    Brief History:
    Valos Cethe was born during the war on Othernan shortly before the worlds merged. Valos's conception was not made out of forbidden love or real deep affection. He was simply born from a heated and often regretted moment. His moments with his Darkfull and Lightfull parents were extremely brief and few in number. His parents themselves were usually not together. As a hybrid, he was seen a somewhat of an outcast and his parents were looked down upon. Valos lived his early life in Neuthran, aimlessly wandering around. At first, he seemed normal...until he ran into a feuding Darkfull and Lightfull. He proceeded to slaughter them. With no reason, mercilessly and without compromise.

    The worlds merged and Valos found himself in the ruins of a city, separated from his parents. Spying some humans, he proceeded to kill them. Valos decided to try and find his parents...though he distracted himself from the goal. Now Valos simply wanders around, taking strangly calm yet sadistic pleasure in killing whatever living thing he finds. This typically tends to be small animals or small bands of survivors. Honestly, Valos does not truly care for Othern or Earth. While he would like them apart, as long as he can take part in his sadistic hobbies, he doesn't care either way.

    Calm and dreamy at first. Often gets distracted easily from a goal or action. However, when he sees something he can potentially kill, he turns into a more evil person.

    Typically uses small weapons/tools he finds laying around. He can use magic, though only in temporary bursts. The effects can also be erratic.

    Only very faintly remembers his parents. His right hand is very large and claw-like, reminiscence of his 3rd generation parent. Also can be distracted from killing.
  8. That's very nice of you :) Thanks again.

    Haha, that's true! I'm sure human soldiers will either begin to pray or piss their pants when they see him. xD
  9. Oh of course, this is only to be expected with one as awesome as Suavari.

    And I have also come up with a macho phrase that he can say right before battle, which is as follows:

    "I hope you got your sunglasses on, cause I'm about to blind you with amazingness......*Suavari clears throat*.......and a super nova light burst."
  10. Oh my god, that is brilliant. Haha, I can totally imagine that xD
  11. Can humans use magic? If so, what kind of magic?
  12. No, I'm afraid humans are not magic.
  13. How long before game start did the worlds merge?
  14. Also, I would like to join, if you'll have me. Character will be up by the end of the day.
  15. Dropping in to say this looks cool! If there's still an open space on Thursday, I'll probably join, but I don't really have time before that to make a character. I can't decide if a Darkfull or human would be more fun to play, though. ^^
  16. This sounds like an exciting roleplay! ^^

    Name: Seraphina Skye "Serah"
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Appearance: --> At about five feet three, Sera is petite and round-bodied. She has long, pale brown hair & large amber colored eyes. People often mistake her for younger than she is.

    Species: Human

    Brief History: A hard-working young girl, studying to make her middle-class, aging parents proud. Since childhood and well into youth, Sera lived an ordinary life. As a result, she developed a strong tendency to be over-curious, landing herself into all kinds of trouble. Despite being young, she has a good understanding of the difficulties in life. She takes care of the housework, cooks, pays close attention to her parents, and goes to school, where she's the student council secretary. Sera has always wanted to be a journalist, but on the insistence of her parents, she is planning to study medicine and become a pediatrician. Everything was going well, she was about to start her second year, she was re-elected to the council, and she even got into a special high education college course.

    That was... before Othern & Earth collided. By then, natural disasters and strange imbalances were becoming a normalcy. The collision of the two worlds, however, presented an entirely different landscape. Sera, drawn by her curiosity and unable to stop herself, gets caught up in the recurring wars between the Lightfull and Darkfull species. Unable to actually utilize magic and having very little understanding of the wars, Othern, or the people themselves, she struggles to find someone to enlighten her.

    She has almost completely forgotten her responsibilities on Earth and searches for answers about Othern. She feels a sudden inclination to want to be able to do something for the alien world.

    Personality: Generous & Understanding, Sera is a girl of few words, easily awed and inspired and quick to act on impulse. She finds happiness in little things and urges others to do the same. Her stubborn streak is something to be reckoned with, for such a small girl, she is unbelievably resilient. Sera doesn't fear danger or pain when it comes to her objective. She is someone who sees something good in everyone and is the first to appreciate it.

    Weapons: A customized dual-shot handgun with piercing bullets. (Stolen from her father's safe)

    Other: She tends to jump into things, with or without warning.
  17. Hey everyone! Just wanted to say thank you very, very much for joining! @Extrinsecus: A year. And I would love to have you! @Shavynel: Sure! I think wih I can squeeze in one more person before the RP is full. Then we'll wait for Yue's character.
    @Cabin-Girl Saki: Apporoved! Nice character :)
  18. Ok, so my character is a bit cliché, but is this ok:

    Name: Leone Tetrick
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Species: Human
    Appearance: With her diamond shaped face, blue eyes and her fair, pale skin, most would consider Leone as a pretty girl. Her curly, deep red hair has not been dyed for a while, so her roots are still dirty blonde. She is not a particularly tall girl, with a height of 170 cm, and she is somewhat skinny, with just a slight curve in her body shape.
    Brief History: Leone was born into a fairly normal middle class family. Her father was a wildlife enthusiast, so she grew up hiking, camping and hunting with him. Later she also found an interest for playing baseball. At an age of ten, she lost her mother to leukemia.

    Not long after the two worlds merged, her father was murdered when a small gang of human supporters of the darkfull broke into their house. They tried taking Leone for their pleasure, but she was rescued by a darkfull boy. The two became friends and spent the coming year together, living in the ruins of a restaurant, simply trying to evade the chaos that roam the streets, one day at a time.
    Personality: Leone is a very patient person, and likes to analyze a situation before jumping into it. She is persistent and physically resilient. Though previously a social girl, Leone now often avoids the company of others, and may come off as distrustful.
    Weapons: Her father’s hunting rifle and her own baseball bat.
  19. Approved! I'll add the new characters to the cast when I can get on my laptop. (This is being typed from my iPod)
  20. Alright guys, here's the plan/schedule:

    I've reserved a spot for Shavynel, so between now and Thurday (when she'll will post) applications will be open. If someone else decides to join in that time and they are approved, apps will automatically close and we'll wait for Shavynel. If Thursday comes with no one else and she posts, then the apps will close then.

    Sound good to everyone?