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OtherKins - Probably Offensive.

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Hillan, Aug 1, 2014.

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  1. So, I'm going to be as sensitive as I can in the following few paragraphs you're going to read. But let's start off, I'm a believer in everyone's equal value, everyone's free to believe whatever they want, feel however they want, date whoever they want and get their kicks off of whatever they want, I don't judge, and frankly, I strongly believe in liberty to live your life however the heck you want, of course, as long as it doesn't hurt someone else.


    But this. This little Tumblr-Epidemic there is with new ways to identify yourself with is.. Well, getting out of hand. I do, however, have a few questions regarding it. For starters...

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  2. Whats an Otherkin?

    Aren't they mobs in WoW? I guess that's a Moonkin...
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  3. LOL. <3 <3
  4. I think the very concept of otherkin itself is offensive, since it tries to ride on the same wave as transsexualism of being born in the wrong body. Where the one is a genuine challenge, the other is a stupid cry for attention. Otherkin down-plays both transsexualism and actual mental illness. If you really were convinced you were a rat, cat, wolf or whatever trapped in a human body, you'd actually try to act like one. You wouldn't have the need or capacity to communicate over a tumblr and you'd be in a clinic because you wouldn't be able to function in society. Going to those extents is clearly too hardcore for otherkin.

    tl;dr It is disrespectful and dishonest. And let's not get started about headmates.
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  5. no, seriously.

    i don't know what an otherkin is.
  6. Broken lines of code in the matrix.
    People that identify is not being human. Like, rats, dragons, ponies, horses, and other such silliness. To the point it begins to own their life. Ever seen a person in a fursuit try to come into work and demand equal treatment because that's who they really believe they are?

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  7. People who think they're something non-human trapped in a human body. Or at least act like they do.
  8. I identify as an asshole.

    I enjoy honesty related things, and telling people how the world is despite the rose tinted bricks they use for glasses.

    I demand representation in a Bioware game. Oh wait, I will. But telling everyone
    Show Spoiler
    I disagree with their stupid opinion which according to Bioware means I'm worse than monstrosities that want to see the world destroyed.
  9. Hey, learned something new today.

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  10. See in the scary furry fandom it's called a fursona. And animal that represents the person. Which I always thought was weird BUT WHAT EVS... Otherkin? Like really? This is why I don't have face book OR tumblr. People are too weird and have too many issues.
  11. Fix'd that for ya'.
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  12. *Ponders this for a moment*
    Wow, people actually do this on Tumblr...That is just sad. Honestly, it blows my mind that people act this way. The only point I see in this is for attention. If someone truly believed they were some creature trapped in a human's body, they would definitely not go on Tumblr. They would act like, you know, whatever creature they thought they were. Now, my view on this is obviously different than some people's, but I just see this idea as plain weird.
  13. My goodness I missed that! Thanks for the correction. LMAO!! That's awesome.
  14. But then how would the world know of their plight of not being able to fit into society if they don't voice their opinions on fumblr?
  15. So like, I know this one guy from school that claims he's got a succubus following him around, and he gets into shouting matches with christians who insist that the demon he has conversations with isn't real, that there's nothing divine about him, but nobody understands what it's liked to be marked by tainted blood. Everyone's too caught up in their cis-hetero-male-sapient-white-privelege! =O

    Chillums, this is what happens when larping goes too far.
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  16. I'm.. I'm gonna be honest, guys.

    I expected you to be way more understanding of Otherkins and probably call me an Asshole for making this thread.

    But, turns out, it's quite the opposite.

    I've never been more proud in my life.

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  17. Also, this will always make me laugh.


    Fun fact. 99% of the things on Tumblr that starts with "Friendly Reminder" ends with "Fuck you / off"
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  18. So... this?
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  19. I love Cyanide and happiness <3
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  20. My word.... I.... I think I am going to hide in a room for the rest of my life........ This is almost as bad as the realization that if a zombie apocalypse were to happen. Then, there would be people protesting how they need to be given a chance to be equals, and be admitted into society. Like "You can't killed them!! They are people too!"

    You know what you get when that happens? Zombie Town. Like China Town, but with Zombies. Then they become aware, and start spending the endless energy on developing things. Like jet packs. Then that wall that will keep us safe won't matter anymore. We will have zombies with jet packs falling from the sky.

    In short I feel these protesting rights for foolish things, and demanding everyone's attention about said foolish things needs to quit. Maybe if we took the warning labels off of EVERYTHING then the stupid would die down after a few months?
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