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    April 23rd, 2014
    [Info Redacted]
    [Redacted] Savizcor Street

    Dear Parent or Guardian of [Redacted]

    Hello! If you are receiving this letter then that means your child (or children) has been specifically selected for Sparrowdale Academy for the Genetically Superior. It has come to our attention that your child(ren) have a gift unique to them and makes them superior to the common man. Whether you know this or not -we've been carefully observing children in as many outlets as we can. Schools are what we observe the most and our records indicate that your child may have an ability. Do not be alarmed--- we, as a school, are based around these unearthly powers and we are just trying to find a place where their skills can fit in among others like them. Below you will find a student form in which you will need to fill in all information from the boxes and any additional information required.

    We strongly advise you talk to your children about this, because they may not want to partake in this cause, but trust us, it would be a golden opportunity missed to enhance the spoken child's powers, along normal subjects too.

    Now please bear in mind that we aren't forcing you to do anything. This is merely a request and we will handle your precious child with the utmost care. You must bear in mind that if you've been keeping up with the news there's a storm of Anti-Meta-human hysteria building up and it's unpredictable where it may lead. Your child may be wrongly persecuted or killed if outed. Right now the safest place for your child is with us.

    You must also understand that you may not see your child(ren) for months on end. We believe that secrecy is security. We are sending from an anonymous address and request that you send letters to this address and this one only. We will confiscate any unauthorized forms of communications with the outside world. We specifically handle these letters. We also ask that you destroy this letter completely to keep our anonymity.

    Yours Sincerely,


    The Othergrounds:
    The Paradise that simply didn't exist

    In a nutshell: A modern drama about survival of several super-powered teens trapped in an abandoned academy/mansion/Joint having adventures. What fun.

    This was one of the many letters sent out by the so called "Sparrowdale Academy of the Genetically Superior" one of the biggest mysterious of America and the growing Meta-human phenonmenon. Meta-human children were reportedly sent to this Academy by the boatload and for months it appeared that the school was going strong. Until one day fairly recently the school went dead. No letters were sent out and hundreds of parents were left in the dark about what happened. Recruitment letters were sent from anonymous locations--- usually empty or fake buildings were set as the return address. It was impossible to track down the school as it didn't exist. What happened to the children was ambiguous and many are actively attempting to track them down. Most assumed the worst that they're dead and it's all a sham. While the more idealistic and optimistic wanted to believe that life in the school was too busy for their children to return. In fact it's another story...

    The story will center around one particular group of teenagers sent to the school unconscious only to find the Sparrowdale Academy near-desolate for what appears to be months with few instances of a struggle occuring. These people are among the last to be sent to the Academy and are completely unaware of what happened before. Trapped there as the defenses placed don't allow for an easy escape. The story will unfold as the grim truth of why the place (which used to be "paradise") has turned into a ghost town... or mansion would be the more accurate term. Finding new clues and either searching for a way to escape, or a way to survive here. What they don't know is that a powerful enemy will rear it's ugly head and give them a true test that's unlike any other.

    The main point of this RP is surviving in this empty place known as the Othergrounds. Your character(s) can either want to escape, or take the place over because of the freedom and resources. In between there will be character development and best of all the power of friendship.

    Derp. Also lots of conflict and wangst.

    Things to know about the World:

    *_ It is March 15th, 2015

    *_The collective Governments are fully aware of the existence of Meta-humans. They just don't openly persecute all of them yet. They only go after the ones that have been discovered or abuse their powers. Though, they keep tabs on as many mutants as they can. They won't be a problem or anything since the Othergrounds are well hidden.

    *_There has been incidents caused by Meta-Humans. Notably the "Disaster of Manhattan" where a Meta-human went nuclear and torched the place. Blame has officially been placed on terrorists in an attempt to conceal the existence of Meta-humans. As hard as they try there has been some slips. So a few people could know about Meta-humans.

    Things to know about Meta-humans:

    *_There is an effect between meta-humans that causes them to be subconsciously attracted to each other. A meta-human will be drawn to another and even shy ones will want to go out and interact with people they've never met before just because they're meta-humans. There's another effect where if one person becomes a meta-human that their friends and family will be far more likely to become a meta-human themselves. This has been dubbed "The Black Fall Effect" by the school due to a previous incident.

    *_42% of humanity are now Meta-humans.

    *_All Meta-humans naturally have enhanced physical abilities (strength, speed, durability, reflexes, etc)

    *_All powers will start out weak, but over time as they train it will get stronger and evolve new usages and abilities. Remember: Creativity is the greatest tool in training. Think of that movie Chronicle.

    *_There are very few "God-level" meta-humans. None our characters will be one of them.

    *_All Meta-humans suffer from physical overexertion if their powers are overused.

    *_Powers have something to do with an unidentified energy that surges through people's being.

    *_Meta-humans are simply born randomly. No toxic waste or atomic derp spiders.

    *_Their powers don't have to be scientifically accurate, but they have to make sense.

    *_Most powers manifest between either ten years or twenty years. So most meta-humans are in their teens. There are some cases when powers develop far earlier.

    *_ Now this is extremely important. Sometimes after gross-overuse of powers a meta-human may go through a phenomenon known as "Ashing". It's a slow process which a meta-human's cells die at an alarmingly fast rate, and is fatal 96% of the time. The cells will drop off the person's being like ash until they are nothing more than a pile of ash flowing in the wind. Powers will fluctuate during this time until during the last stages of life when they lose their powers and die. However there are rare occasions when meta-humans survive the process--- except with horrible consequences. The worst part is that most don't even know about the risk of ashing it unless told or seeing it for themselves.

    Classes of Meta-Humans:

    There are several different powers a Meta-human can obtain, each are categorized.

    Super System: Meta-humans under the Super System class are the most diverse. Abilities under this class are abilities that enhance certain aspects of the natural human physical body to superhuman levels. Powers that fall under this class is Super Strength, Flight, Super Speed, Invisibility, Hardening Skin, Shape Shifting, etc

    Elemental: Elemental types are common types of Meta-humans. These Meta-humans have control over certain elements. Most under this class are able to move their element and utilize it in defensive and offensive situations. Often these Meta-humans are able to create their element, and some can even transform themselves into their element. Powers that fall under this class are: Control over fire, earth, water, air, plastic, dust, light, etc.

    Cerebral: These powers have to do with the mind. These are common as the Elemental and Super System class Meta-humans. Most that fall under this class are able to do something with their mind or others. Powers that fall under this class are: Telepathy, Emotion Manipulation, Telekinesis, Memory Manipulation,

    Energy: Energy types have a power that is related to Energy (Kinetic, Thermal, Electrical, Solar). Sometimes these Meta-humans can fall under the Elemental Class. These Meta-humans can be as diverse as Super System or Elemental Classes, being able to use energy in their powers. Powers that fall under this class are: Kinetic/Thermal/Electrical/Solar Energy related powers, and force fields, lasers, etc.

    Animal/Plants: Animal/Plant type Meta-humans have powers related to the animal/plant kingdom. Whether it be control over certain animal/plants, transforming into an animal/plant or adopting traits from one. Mystical/Ancient animals also fall under this class. Powers that fall under this class are: Control over birds, transforming into a dragon, etc

    Extra-Sensory: This class includes abilities that allow gaining information through unnatural means. Often this can include detecting people's emotions or seeing the past . These Meta-humans can often fall under the Cerebral class if their powers have to do with the mind. Powers that fall under this class are: Pre/Retro-Cognition, Emotion Detection/Empathy, Astral Projection, Etc

    Other: Powers that simply don't fall under the above categories.


    Bursting is a technique that all Meta-humans have the potential to unlock. Bursting is essentially the ability to expand a meta-human's abilities far beyond their natural limits using several different forms of the technique. Using Bursting, even the weakest of all Meta-humans have the ability to contend with the world class. These abilities are strong but extremely draining. After using a Burst most meta-humans will experience significantly weaker abilities, and a weakened physical state for a stretch of time. Excessive use of Bursting will trigger Ashing, which will result in slow and horrible death. It varies between each type of Bursting. Even though every Meta-human has the potential to Burst, it all depends on the power that a person has. No one can do any form of Burst off the bat. Some don't even know how to do it. Most of the time in order to Burst a person has to be pushed to their limits to expand their limits. So, desperate situations tend to unlock most bursts. Most Meta-humans who unlock their bursts only have access to one, with few being able to use more. Some can learn how to utilize their Bursts after unlocking them and know how to use them easily.

    Lonestar/MrAllenJ Note: Try not to have your characters know how to use Bursts right off the bat. In fact, before you even consider having your character do one; ask me in PMs and I'll give my approval. You can however, allude to it.

    These are the many forms of bursting:

    *_Alpha Burst: Any type of Meta-human can unlock this Burst. The most simplistic out of all the burst. It is simply over driving and putting much energy into a single command. Whether it be an attack or a basic action. This is easily the shortest of all Bursts and most common burst out there. Most people can unlock this. This is easily the most basic of all Bursts. Using this Burst causes weaker abilities for a period.

    *_Omega Burst: Any type of Meta-human can unlock this Burst. Easily the inverted form of the Alpha Burst. Instead of one powerful move, a meta-human's power strength is drastically enhanced far beyond their peak. In this state a single Meta-human are capable of feats far beyond their natural range. Easily this is more powerful than a simple Alpha burst. However, once someone uses an Omega Burst then they will lose access to their powers for awhile. At times this Burst is hard to control.

    *_ Gamma Burst: A form of Bursting common for transforming Meta-humans and Animal Type meta-humans. This Burst is essentially transforming into another stronger form, which far stronger. Much like the Omega Burst. However, this form lasts much longer and sometimes is hard to control. In this state most Meta-humans will exceed their normal. When they revert back to their normal form they will be extremely exhausted, and may pass out.

    *_ Delta Burst: Elemental, Cerebral, and Energy Type Meta-humans can often access this Burst. It is essentially a stronger version of the Alpha Burst. It is a large explosion of power that is impossible to control or direct. This can only be used for rather offensive purposes, since it mainly only destroys. This is easily one of the most unstable forms of Bursting. It can cause widespread destruction if not used correctly. After using this a Meta-human will go into a temporary coma and may cause injuries to themselves depending on the power.

    *_ Zeta Burst: Any type of Meta-human can unlock this Burst. It is considered to be a weaker, yet more versatile form of Omega Bursting. Instead of bringing a Meta-Human far beyond their limits, it brings them straight to their apex. It gives them access to powers that they haven't even unlocked yet, and makes them stronger. This can be used longer than the Omega Burst. Unlike the other Bursts, this one only exhaust the user, doesn't weaken their abilities.

    *_ Omicron Burst: Any type of Meta-human can unlock this Burst. A one in a million type of Burst. It can only be used once, afterwards it can never be used again. It causes powers to mutate and change into a different and often more powerful version. Such as a Pryomancer's fire may evolve into a different and more complex flame. Sometimes a Meta-human may get another ability all together, or expand their range. Often the side effects is the standard exhaustion and that they will have to learn how to use their new power after they burst.

    The Othergrounds:

    The true name given to the so called "Sparrowdale Academy of the Genetically Superior" is the Othergrounds. It's an immensely large set of buildings which heavily resembles a college of sorts. It's large as a small town and could easily be mistaken for one if one didn't know about it's true purpose. All the buildings have a very Victorian feel to them and are very large. These buildings are rather spread out from each other and there's a walk to each of them. There is a very well made system of pathways that lead to each and every one of the buildings. The Othergrounds in general have a very eerie feel to it. The place is illuminated by the street lights that surround the campus and the lights inside of the buildings. Despite this there's much plant life such as trees here. It brings up questions of where exactly the Othergrounds are. Despite it's large size and capability to hold thousands of people--- it is completely devoid of people. The school has signs of a conflict taking place. There's bullet holes and signs of fighting are all over the place mostly in the dorms section. There are also a few rotted dead bodies and dried up blood stains here and there. The Othergrounds are maintained by automated machines known as eyes. These are simple floating robots that are orb shaped and are made with a transparent glass-like material which shows the mechanics under it. These machines float around the school and deploy several arms which hold various tools that are used to repair or clean anything. Right now the majority of them are currently repairing the damage done to the school in the previous battle.

    There's a a sort of bubble shaped dome around the school that stops people from coming in and leaving. It's nigh-invulnerable, yet transparent enough to let in sunlight. So the only way out is through secret entrances and exits that are only permitted for use by certain people.

    The Administration Building: The main building, basically. It's a large rectangle shaped building that's three floors high and contains several rooms of various sizes. It has plenty of windows--- there's a window for every six feet. These windows have been reinforced just in case anyone tries anything shady (so has the rest of the possible entrances). It doesn't have any purpose except for storing information. Such as files on existing students, and many records (some of which may be deemed redundant). There are several offices on here for various purposes. This building also holds the several "induction-rooms" on the first floor. These rooms are where new arrivals are automatically placed and are sent through several offices where they are arranged to be. There's a super secret hidden... bar for the teachers hidden somewhere.

    The Dorms: Self explanatory more or less. This is where the students and staff sleep in separate areas. This building is the largest building in the Othergrounds and is V shaped. It contains several floors and is made to accommodate thousands of people at once. However there are several rooms in this building. There's the student lounge; inside are couches, TVs, vending machines, and pool tables. A theater; which is used for musical/play productions and for indoor assemblies. The Library where several students rent books and buy them.

    Plaza*: The very center of the Othergrounds. It's located at the very center of the school and it's where all pathways lead to. The Plaza itself is made out of fancy brick walkways, and small walls at the end of every walkway. In the plaza there is several glass tables with chairs surrounding them. Following the state of the rest of the school most of these tables have been overturned and destroyed. At the very center of the plaza is a fountain, it's very large and has a statue of the Headmaster (James Baron West) on it. The Statue is surprising in good shape other than the hole in the chest of it.

    Park: Leading out of the dorms is the park. It looks much like a usual park which trees and all of that. There's also several large fields for sports such as football and baseball fields. This place is made for outdoor fun and is illuminated by several lights. There's a small artificially made river down

    The Training Hall: The reason why most people have come to this place. It's easily the second largest building in the school and is larger than two football stadiums. It's a hexagon shaped building and is has three floors--- though it fully appears to be a building of several more floors the first floor is by far the largest. This building consists of several training rooms of various sizes which are all white and tiled like bathrooms. These training rooms were made for durability and can take plenty of punishment before even getting a scratch. They usually have training dummies and elevated platforms for training. There's also a variety of other rooms specific for types of meta-humans such as weather imitation rooms, or swimming pools on the upper floors. That DARKY. After hours some of the rooms are locked off to prevent unnecessary training and injury.

    The Medical Wing: Essentially it's a hospital. It's medium sized and circle shaped. It's by far the highest building having five floors. It's where people come to get healed herpaderp. It's where the least amount of fighting appears to have taken place.

    Education Wing: Exactly as it says. It's basically a large high-school to teach the students who aren't out of the school yet essential skills. It's a rectangle shaped building that's four floors high. It has everything you'd see in a high-school. There's virtually no signs of fighting here since during the time of the attack nobody was here. However, this building is directly above Stasis and provides one of the only other ways into the cursed room.

    Science Wing: A large U shaped building which looks nothing like the rest of the school looks shiny and futuristic. It's the smallest building in the Othergrounds standing at merely one floor. This building is essentially a lab where everything is researched. With all the tools available anyone with techno-pathy or super intelligence that they can invent and discover things far ahead of scientists in the outside world. There's several rooms here and chemicals. However, this place is easily the third most secured part of the school and locked to those who aren't authorized. It's difficult to get inside.

    The Sparrowdale Tower: The tallest building in the Othergrounds. It eerily towers over every other building in the place. It's modeled after the Big Ben and shares a similar design. Except it matches the same theme as the rest of the school. There's no clock at the top, rather than a very large bell that's attached to a system which when the bell is rung will transmit the ringing to the rest of the school. It's used to announce when curfew is and isn't in effect. The tower is also used as a large scaled security center. It's high-scale cameras can pick up on everything that's going on outside the school (and what's going on by the windows). However, these cameras are offline at the moment. Inside are monitoring stations for every floor and their respective cameras.

    Detention Center*: Since Stasis is reserved for the baddest of the bad, and exiling students for minor infractions is rather unreasonable. Students that break the rules are sent to the Detention Center instead. The Detention Center is easily the smallest building contained in the Othergrounds. It's shaped like a triangle and three floors high. Inside are several cells made to keep even the most powerful of meta-humans contained. Each are made for a specific type of Meta-human, such as the ones that can teleport and turn into small particles. Each cell is as strong as the doors in Stasis, which can survive a significant blast.

    Sub-Basement: The place under the school. There's several entrances throughout the school--- some are locked, some aren't. It's as big as the school and is pretty much a maze. Tons of wires and machinery run through this maze of a complex. It's pretty dusty and run down looking. In this area contains more than the large buildings that the over world contains the power station, the Eye containment center and the sewers run through a large portion of this place. As expected there's plenty of pests running through this place. In addition there's virtually no signs of a conflict here and not a single bullet-hole or body rests here. However, there's one more very special part of the school down there...

    Stasis: It's a eerie part of the school underground hidden in the far side of the Sub-Basement. It's a very large and expansive room littered with very large test tube like pods with the top and bottom attached to extremely complex and alien-looking machinery. These are the stasis pods. Inside of them are people deemed too dangerous to be allowed to be let run about the Othergrounds and to be exiled. These pods are made to keep unruly Meta-humans contained in suspended animation and a coma-like state so that they don't escape. Everyone in these stasis pods are a legitimate threat to the Othergrounds and it's imperative that they stay inside of the pods.

    Graveyard*: Students are bound to die at the Academy. It was something that was planned in ahead by the headmaster. Made for students and those above to pay their respects. It was a large strip of land with hundreds of graves, each with their Flat Tombstone. The graveyard is surrounded by a black iron fence that looks very Victorian and eerie. It is easily the only place where fighting didn't take place since it offered literally no cover and not a single place to hide. [/HIDE]

    Things to know about the Othergrounds:

    *_People can admit themselves into the school.

    *_The Headmaster was a master-level techno-mancer and used his powers to build the school and it's amazing technology.

    *_There are survivors of the incident around. Just that there's very few of them and they're likely in the medical wing injured.

    *_New arrivals are gassed unconscious before they enter the school, and placed into induction rooms. So that nobody knows where the school is located.

    Rules and Notes:

    1. The usual rules; No Godmodding, Metagaming, Powerplaying, Mary Sues, etc. You should know these by now.

    2. I hold the full ability to reject characters for any reason I want to. And what I say goes no matter what.

    3. This Rp is going to be rated R at worst. So, Swearing, Drugs, Alcohol and sex are all allowed to an extent. Don't go overboard and I won't yell at you. I won't allow sex IC-side, fade to black or etc. Just be mature, dammit.

    4. Characters are allowed to kill each other if the circumstances are okay. Such as if a fight breaks out. No going around killing characters because they looked at you funny. While I won't be killing characters I do expect characters to die from what would normally kill them.

    5. Read the rules. Don't be an asshole and just make a sheet. That's why I'm mentioning this here. On the sheet leave the "Favorite Color" blank or I'll tell you that there's something wrong with your sheet and not tell you what. Don't be the tool who does.

    6. Literacy, plox. I expect a paragraph each post, though in some cases it'll be totally okay to make a smaller post. Enormous and detailed posts are nice too.

    7. Try to keep things believable, please. No dodging everything, no instant kills, or anything in that nature. Also, show shock when it's appropriate.

    8. I'll allow any power as long as it isn't unreasonable nor BS. Even the generic and boring ones. The more creative the better. Time Travel and Mind Control are immediately out of the question.

    9. I also hold the full right to tell you to change/limit your power in any way I feel like.

    10. Please keep damage to the Othergrounds small scale. I'll be fine with stuff getting broken (it's going to happen). Just don't destroy entire wings or burn it all to the ground.

    11. Speaking of which; don't go off exploring/claiming the entire place on your own, please? The place is really huge (and I can't stress that enough) it'll take the fun out of the RP if the place has been fully explored by one character. However you're free to explore the areas that's been discovered.

    12. No "evil" characters. I hate the term now. You can have a character with slightly twisted morals, a skewed look on the world, etc. Try to keep it natural, please. I REALLY want conflict in this RP.

    13. I want "average" characters more or less. So no serial killers or teenage geniuses. Gun for the “average mix”

    14. Please no back stories along the lines of "was captured for research then suddenly escaped and is in the Othergrounds" Those are stupid and infuriate me. No wacky back stories while you're at it like "your character grew up on the streets since they were five".

    15. Everyone needs weaknesses just like they need strengths. I'm not just talking about powers. Think of skills, mental and physical strengths and weaknesses. Like the cliche strong but dumb. So don't make the strongest, fastest and smartest character or I'll tell you to go fuck yourself. :D

    16. You can have as many characters as you think you can handle. It's encouraged to have a wide and diverse cast of characters. If it gets to a ridiculous amount, however; I'm going to say no. I'm always going to allow new characters and new RPers. As long as they're presented in a good manner.

    17. If you've lost interest in the RP or don't want to do it anymore; please be a dear and say so. It won't hurt my feelings or anything. Just that it's annoying when everyone gets caught up waiting because two characters are having a conversation and someone disappears for an X amount of time. If by any chance you disappear or don't want to do the RP anymore; I'll control said characters until it is appropriate to write them off. It'll usually be death by snu snu.

    18. Have fun, or I'm doing it wrong.

    19. If you have any questions, criticisms, observations or ideas; just post them or PM me.

    20. Read the entire OP, I've clearly put VERY important details here and there.

    21. If you like you have the option of hiding your power from the other RPers. Which means you can cut out the power section of your sheet and send it to me. It'll be a bit interesting. Heh.


    Basic Information

    Name: (Character's real name)
    Nicknames: (Is your character known by any other names? Leave blank if none)
    Gender: (Male, Female, Both or Other)
    Age: (10-22)
    Height: (In whatever format you want, metric or 'Merican)
    Weight: (See above, but how heavy instead of how tall)


    Hair Color: (Put what color your character's hair is. If it's dyed put that)
    Eye Color: (This should be simple)
    Nationality: (What color is your character's skin basically?)
    Physical Appearance: (What does your character look like? Go in detail here because the more the merrier)
    Attire: (Optional if you want to describes outfits IC-side. What does your character wear normally and what is their "Style" if they have any? Given the environment wearing the same thing over and over again is acceptable)


    Innate Personality: (Optional. What does your character think when alone, what is going on deep down?)
    Outward Personality: (Optional. What does your character do when around other people?)
    Hobbies/Skills: (What do they do for fun?)
    History/Bio: (Optional. Give me a detailed description of your character's past. How they were brought up. Try to include mostly major events/details.)
    Favorite color: (Favorite color here)


    ((Cut this. But, if you'd like to keep your power a secret then PM me))

    Power Class: (Super System, Elemental, Cerebral, Energy, Animal/Plant, Extra-Senory, or Other)

    Power: (Describe the power that your character has in great detail.)

    Weaknesses: (What are the limits to your character's power?)

    Burst Potential: (Refer to the above section on Bursting. Place at least three here, and be reasonable. I don't want anyone doing any Bursts that haven't been even placed in this section of the sheet)

    Other: (Put whatever you want here, whether it be their bio, siblings, anything that doesn't fit the other forms)

    The Cast:




    Iron Men And Saints



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  2. I love this idea. You have no idea how excited I am about this role-play. Unfortunately, it is quite late, so this will need to be a placeholder. I shall return to finish it tomorrow!

    Basic Information

    Name: Lucian Ravenscar
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 138 lbs


    Hair Color: Dyed deep red. Naturally blonde.
    Eye Color: Green
    Nationality: White

    Physical Appearance: Lucian is, by all appearances, an average teenage boy. Maybe a bit more colourful, but that's hardly unusual. He is slight of frame, giving him a look of delicacy. He does seem a bit gangly, as though his limbs may be slightly too long for his body. His face is quite angular, his jaw tapering to a sharp chin. His eyes are wide and bright, but if you look closely, the fading rings of dark circles paint his skin underneath. Lucian's nose is somewhat crooked, suggesting its been broken at least once before. His hair is naturally straight, and razor cut so that it doesn't hang past his chin.

    Attire: Lucian is normally found wearing black jeans off-set by a brightly coloured shirt. It is usually a horizontal striped black and green. If the weather demands it, he has a black zip-up hoodie that he wears wrapped around his waist. Atop his head is a green tam, and covering his feet are green converse sneakers.


    Innate Personality: Lucian tries his hardest never to be alone, but if he does ever find himself all by himself, his thoughts tend to focus on his past. He's quiet and reflective, almost to a destructive amount. There are events in his past that bring him pain and anger him greatly. To avoid losing himself in these thoughts, Lucian seeks out people.

    Outward Personality: Lucian projects himself to others as an optimistic and friendly individual. While not always acting the voice of reason, he will step in to attempt to dispel fights before they reach the point of violence and injury. He could stand to be a bit more serious at times, as he tends to let everything roll off his back.

    Hobbies/Skills: Lucian enjoys running, and consequently any sport that involves a lot of running, such as soccer. He also tends to sing to himself when he thinks no one is around.

    Favorite color:
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  3. Once you finish your sheet then I'll give my judgement on it
  4. All finished and filled in.
  5. Basic Information

    Name: Sabriel Nena White
    Nicknames: Sabbath
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Height: 5'5
    Weight: 96 pounds


    Hair Color: Blonde.
    Eye Color: Brown.
    Nationality: White.
    Physical Appearance: She is a small girl. Almost petite. She had a largish nose and a friendly look on her face. She was almost perfectly pretty. Not because she was actually that pretty but more because she has a telepathic message weaving through peoples minds around her that she is one smoking hot individual. She wasn't really aware of the ability she just assumed she gave off some sort of pheromone because people tended to pick her out in a crowd.
    Attire: Sabriel always wore a black tank top with one inch height white hearts around the bottom and jeans. It was simple and she liked it well enough.

    Here's a picture for the unimaginative / to bored to read. ( Sarcasm... )
    Show Spoiler


    Innate Personality: Sabriel is almost goth in a way. Really narcissistic. She believes that we are just a happenstance of evolution and history. Nothing more.
    Outward Personality: That she is a caring person, fun and always considerate. Really empathic.
    Hobbies/Skills: Draw, airsoft and playing pretend.
    History/Bio: -=-=-=- ( Not important )
    Favorite color: White. Mostly White on black. ( RACCCISSST! Not really... )


    Power Class: Cerebral

    Power: She has power of telepathy and slight emotional manipulation. She has the power to talk to people in their heads and do a little basic mind reading so she can talk to them but not quite read their minds. As far as mind reading goes she can tell reactions to her, really simple thoughts and overall emotion. Sabriel can also shift people's emotions to whatever suits her.

    Weaknesses: Mind reading, telepathy and emotional manipulation go both ways for her. Sabriel has learned how to contain it most of the time but when ever she uses her powers and isn't focused or is slightly distracted it will start to affect her and the original target. The greater the distraction the more her power affects her.

    Burst Potential: Alpha, Omega and Omicron. They will only happen if something super tastic crazy happens to her emotions. Ex. Her Mom gets tortured an eternity in hell while she watches. AKA Really really intense situations. Super intense.

    Other: Not really...

    Any questions, concerns, comments or other please ask me via PM or post here... I will be happy to reply shortly to it unless its like... At 3 - 4 am...
  6. Both sheets are accepted. Now, if we can get some more people.
  7. Name: Derek Powers
    Nicknames: Power Mad, Sparks, Human Bugzapper, Hotpants
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 160 lbs.


    Hair Color: black
    Eye Color: light brown, but can turn bright orange
    Nationality: he's black
    Physical Appearance: His eyes come off as unusually bright, but his face is gaunt, making it look like he hasn't had enough to eat. His ears and nose are surprisingly small, when compared to how his eyes seem to pop out of his head.
    Attire: Always cold, Derek wears a navy blue hoody over his everyday street clothes, jeans and a t-shirt. Likes dark colors.


    Innate Personality: Worried and full of self doubt. He knows he can go critical if he absorbs too much, and that often worries him.
    Outward Personality: Tends to gravitate toward people, most of them naturally producing heat. He can be very social, but only with certain people.
    Hobbies/Skills: sports like running and skateboarding, and also draining the life out of car batteries
    History/Bio: Raised by his black father, even though he shares DNA with his white one. Because of his skin tone, his natural father thought the other one was the father and not him. Everyone else did, too. His mother confessed to sleeping with him on the side and his new father took the place of his real one, raising him. His father owned a junk yard and that's where Derek learned of his powers, drawing energy from the car batteries before they could be sold. Caused some trouble for his father.
    Favorite color: Black/blue (Does this really matter?)


    Power Class: Energy

    Power: His body is like a giant capacitor, able to draw energy from any environment. His skin is not actually black, he simply absorbs the light that comes in contact with his skin cells, making them appear darker. Every aspect of his body is designed to absorb and redirect energy. His nerves act as a passage way for the power to come and go. However, the amount of energy he can absorb works in relation with Einstein's most famous equation: E=MC2. If the amount of energy he absorbs exceeds his body mass he'll explode like an atom bomb.

    Weaknesses: Can't absorb too much and can't generate his own energy. Has to get it from somewhere else.

    Burst Potential: Alpha, Delta (self destruct), Zeta
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  8. Quiet One, there is something wrong with your sheet. Review the rules to find out what.
  9. Name: Damian Basilio Regulo
    Nicknames: Paradox
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 180 lbs


    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Grey
    Nationality: Irish
    Physical Appearance: Damian is an amalgamation of opposing forces. His hair is long and wild, but his facial hair is kept neatly trimmed, wearing a Van Dyke. He doesn't exercise often, but keeps himself in shape doing other things, and has a fairly well toned body, and a number of tribal tattoos. Despite this, he's always been a somewhat sickly person, and his skin shows it. He's unusually pale, and his eyes show a very deep tiredness.
    Attire: Damian prefers to be dressed in formal wear, suits and usually a long coat. No matter what the situation though, he usually wears several layers of clothing. It's rare to see him not wearing his long coat.


    Innate Personality: Self Loathing, Contemplation. He considers himself a philosopher. He believes in absolute equality between people, and considers no one higher than himself, and only the worst people below himself.
    Outward Personality: Usually plays things off as goofy, playful. Caring and slightly paranoid regarding the welfare of those he cares about. Gives off something of a 'Big Brother' vibe, which he rather hates as it's been the cause of him being single for quite a while.
    Hobbies/Skills: Gambles, writes, does riddles, and overall just tries to keep his mind busy.
    History/Bio: Damian is a farm kid, he's used to working, but he can't work for very long at a time or he starts to have trouble breathing. As a farm kid though, he knows how to use a gun, take care of animals, and basically take care of himself. He has an aversion to taking medicine though, and avoids doing so whenever he can. He considers taking medicine to be taking the easy way out, and he'd rather tough it out.
    Favorite color:
  10. Accepted.

    Now, since we are reaching an acceptable amount of people. We must discuss how we'll start. I was thinking that the cast is scattered around a building (to test new students of course) in pairs and are working to escape before learning that the school is abandoned.
  11. Basic Information

    Name: Kishi & Sabah Waldron
    Nicknames: Ki & Sabby
    Gender: Kishi: Female Sabah: Male
    Age: 17
    Height: Kishi: 5'5" Sabah: 6'3"
    Weight: Kishi: 110lbs Sabah: 180lbs


    Hair Color: Kishi: pale blonde Sabah: Blonde (look at pictures)
    Eye Color: Sabah: Blue Kishi: Red (colored contacts)
    Nationality: Swedish
    Physical Appearance: Kishi: is a medium height and skinny. She has long pale blonde hair that flows like a cape. She has a tear drop face and round eyes. Her nose is round and round plump lips. Sabah: has some of the same features his sister has. The round lips and nose, as well as a tear drop face. He is tall and has a muscular build to him. Sabah has a scar over his left eye from a dirt biking accident and is semi-blind.
    Attire: Both wear a black leather jacket, black jeans, and black combat boots. Kishi wears a tshirt all the time with headphones. While Sabah wears a collard shirt and a leather collar.

    Kishi's Picture (open)

    Sabah's Picture (open)


    Innate Personality:
    Outward Personality: Kishi: is friendly and loves to be around people. Sabah: is cold and doesn't like being around people if he can help it. He will talk but its very short and to the point.
    Hobbies/Skills: Both like to listen to music and dirt bike. Kishi likes to sing and be outside, while Sabah likes to draw and work out.
    History/Bio: Kishi and Sabah were born twins. There mom was a doctor and there dad was a technologist. They lived a pretty normal life in the city. Had friends, played games, got what they wanted. One time Sabah and Kishi went dirt biking with the family. Sabah was messing around and fell of his bike hitting his head on a tree before falling on rocks. One of the rocks cut Sabah on the left eye leaving him with a scar and semi-blind. This had happened a year before they got letters to the Otherground.
    Favorite color:


    Power Class: Elemental

    Power: Sabah can control light if it is a defined source ex: a streetlamp in the middle of the night. He can transfrom it in different objects, none solid yet, all objects would be transparent to all but him. He can also use the light to see infront/behiend/around a corner, but only short distances. The light must still be touhing him for this to work. Kishi can control shadows if it is a defined source ex: a persons shadow during the day. She can transfrom it in different objects, none solid yet, all objects would be transparent to all but her. she can also use the the shadow to see infront/behiend/around a corner, but only short distances. The shadow must still be touching her.

    Weaknesses: Not good if its light/dark out. They both have trouble controlling them for a long period of time (more than 10mins)

    Burst Potential: Alpha, Zeta, and Delta

    Other: Kishi and Sabah are twins.
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  12. Do we have to be new students or can we have past experience in the school. I'll PM you about an Idea that I have had for my character. I think it might be a little more interesting to have student's who have been there for a couple semesters or a few years. That it might give a little more insight into what's what or is that the whole point? Mystery.
  13. Most certainly, we will definitely use the students of the school. It's going to be the way that we'll let new people into the RP. Just that I want them to be presented properly.

    [MENTION=4058]Phoenix[/MENTION], No Omicron burst, plox. It's a rare type and we already have one guy who can do it.
  14. I think pairing us off in the beginning is a great idea. Would the pairs be chosen by you, Lonestar, or would we choose amongst ourselves who we might start off with?
  15. I expect Lonestar picking would make more sense given the setting
  16. I fixed it Lonestar :)
  17. Is it too late to join or can I still jump in?
  18. Nope, go ahead and post your character! I think we would be open to join ins during any point of the story due to the previous posts. ( Well not EVERY part but most. )
  19. I saw my mistake with the bursts. Was that the only issue, or is there something else I'm missing?
  20. Sheet:

    Awesome, well he's my sheet.

    Basic Information

    Name: Joseph Somnium
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 180


    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Left eye brown, right eye blue
    Nationality: Brown
    Physical Appearance: Has black hair that is tied back in a ponytail that reaches past his shoulders with bangs framing his face. Has a slightly athletic build and has scars littering across his arms from when he was a child. Has almond shaped eyes and a square face.
    Attire: Wears simple clothes, black shirts, a jacket, jeans and combat boots.


    Innate Personality:
    Outward Personality: Acts cold, keeping to himself and doing things for himself. Only helps if asked to, and even then he does it grudgingly.
    Hobbies/Skills: Likes to draw, read, and write. Also listens to music, if he's not doing that he's exploring whatever area he's in.
    Favorite color: Black/white


    Power Class: Elemental

    Power: Can create and control ice to a certain degree. He can create small shields that are 5 inches thick and 4 inches wide, he can make them wider but they lose their thickness. He can also make small daggers or short swords, but they only last for a couple of minutes. He can have his shields and swords float around him and have them swing around.

    Weaknesses: Needs a source of water to form his ice from, if there's no water then he can't form his ice.

    Burst Potential: Alpha, Deta, Zeta