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    • After a few moments, Alex absentmindedly traced little patterns on the floor beside her, watching the door. There had to be a way to protect yourself... Sam, Rosa, and her big brother won't always be there to protect her.. She bit her lip thoughtfully.

      Sam walked to the computer. "What happen to the old system. Oh. Yea. My bad." He said to himself. He got up and walk to the bed and lied down. "I will see if we can go tomorrow."

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  1. Alex did this for several hours before sighing. Shifting, she hugged her legs close, resting her forehead on her knees to sleep.
  2. Crim work around the halls. "Why would an evil be here. And how would Sam know about it. Or is the evil somewhere we have not checked." He thought to himself as he got to a door.
  3. Alex woke up only a few minutes after she fell asleep. She sat up, stretching before standing. She sighed, walking around the room.
  4. Rosa walk into her room after Ales went to hers. "How can I protect her. With in a hit, I was knocked out." She said as she set down on a chair.
  5. After a few moments, Alex picked up a pillow. She punched it and it hit the wall. "Uuuug." She sighed, sitting down.
  6. "To night is going to be a long night." Sam said as he got up form his bed. He walked to the door and walked out to the hall. "What to do now?" He asked as he started to walk.
  7. Alex returned to her corner of solitude. She crossed her legs, rested her head back on the wall, and closed her eyes. Maybe now she could sleep...
  8. Sam got to one of the wall that was blocking off another hall way. "So, my friends. You do not what to end up like the last guardians." He said to himself.
  9. Alex managed to drift to sleep again, leaning back against the wall.
  10. Sam shook his head and started to walk to the meeting room. He got there and open the door.
  11. Alex slept still and silent other than the slight twitch of her hand every once in a while. Her dreams were confusing, mixtures of shadows and faces she didn't recognize.
  12. Sam walked inside. He looked around seeing no one there. He walked to the gate and looked at it. "I guess the fully shut it down. Mhm... What to do now?" He set down and thought a bit.
  13. After about half an hour, she started to awaken. Standing, Alex stretched, then decided just to do some stretching.
  14. "Well, can do anything now. And by now they have block that door. Well there is that way." Sam said as he got up and walked out of the meeting room.
  15. Deciding she's slept and stretched enough, she decided to wander a little. She got a piece of paper, quickly explaining she was going to take a short walk around. Alex walked to the door, and, a deep breath, she opened it. Looking both ways, she stepped out and closed the door behind her, attaching the note.
  16. Sam walk though the halls trying to think of what he will do when he gets home.
  17. Alex hummed softly as she walked, one finger trailing along the walls. She was wondering why she was brought here. What did they expect her to do? She didn't know much about self defense, she was terrible and strategy or weapons, and she wasn't the best negotiator. She did okay at protecting others, but that didn't seem to be the case. She sighed.
  18. "Hello friend of Sam. How have you been since the last time we talk?" The girl asked with a smile.
  19. Alex stopped, turning to face the girl speaking to her. "I'm..okay... I'm Alex." She said, rubbing the back of her neck.
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