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  1. I want to make a anime that people can roleplay in, NOT a roleplay that is anime-ish like everything else is. So, I want to gather a group similar to myself that shares the same amount of love for anime as i do to create this unique anime that we can use on this site when we are done making it. Its all on documents so no animators needed or any of that fancy stuff, I'm not looking to make this a official one just one that we can eventually rp in.

    We will most likely be using skype for this so... yea. Who's interested?

    NOTE: I write better then this, Pardon my errors this time. Lol
  2. Was there a specific plot in mind or....?
  3. I would like to help as well, and I have the same question as @Shabriri
  4. Is this a roleplay or are you looking for people to help create and publish an actual story? And when i say publish, i mean publish
  5. Time for consumption.
  6. @Shabriri @Meggie @Yuuki_Tatsunohi @Crow
    Thank you all for your interest. :)
    First might i add that no, I don't have a SPECIFIC plot in mind but so far i do intend to add some sort of ''action'' into it. Second in regard to the publishing question, No, I personally do not seek to make this anime official in anyway. Although if you did so then i wouldn't mind, Matter of fact it would be cool to see such a thing. Anyways, This is all the members i need currently so if you all don't mind please private message me your skype name so i can add you and afterwards we all can talk about it privately.
  7. Are you still accepting people by any chance?
  8. If someone doesn't send me their skype name today then i will allow you to replace them. :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.