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  1. Hello, Iwuka... I'm OT, RP Veteran of 5 years.

    I'm a 26 year old male from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, but I live in Nova Scotia.

    I've been doing the play by post thing for 5 years now, 2012 will be my sixth year of roleplaying, and I have no intention of quiting, although I have slowed down in my later years, working primarily alone on big projects that are close to my heart.

    The site looks promising, but... An I don't want to offend anyone, but the site skin and layout is TOXIC!!! =P

    You guys have so much going on, allll over the place... lol. It's confusing, jumbled, to be brutally honest, it's one of the worst I've seen for organization, simplicity, and efficiency.

    Having said that, I will be checking out other board styles, as the this color scheme doesn't agree with me at all.

    =D So, let me get right to it and fire up Night of the Living Dead!!! =P
  2. Always good to start off in a new place being as insulting as possible. XD Go ahead and start calling the newbies fat, and complain about the bad smells in the bedroom while you're at it. Insist that we stock with your brand of toilet paper and remind the singles that they're never going to get a date if they don't have a better job. You can be that cranky Auntie at Christmas everyone wants to drown in the bunch bowl.

    Welcome to the Community! >:3 You'll be in the west wing with the other Canadians!
  3. XD diana.

    Well, welcome, OT!

    We've waited so long for a 26 year old Canadian weed-smoking Messiah who is brutally honest with us and likes to work alone.

    I said you would come, but no one believed me. But I kept the faith... I kept the faith... T__T
  5. .....woah, Asmo. chill pill.
  6. *munches the pill as he cries*

    I'm just so happy!
  7. Huh. I wonder what sites you've been on that you think this layout is bad! Iwaku (that's how you spell it :P) is one of the BEST organized sites I have seen. But if you have some suggestions, by all means, detail them to us in our Feedback forum! Then people might actually notice them. ;3

    Welcome to our community! Play nice and you will be rewarded. So what brings you here? Did the other communities you've played on fall short of your standards for reasons other than skin and layout? :D
  8. Guys, stop being so mean >.<
  9. Who is being mean? :[
  10. ....never mind, i'm over it.
  11. Diana... I'm assuming you designed the site? And missed the part where I said, "I don't mean to offend anyone..."And that was as far from "insulting a possible" as you can get without hugs and kisses being involved.Thanks to everyone who actually had something positive or funny to say.Way to welcome a guy to your humble little establishment. ;)
  12. I want to say burn. So badly. I must resist the urge.
  13. Yeah, you were clearly trying to insult us there, dude. A monkey could've written better constructive criticism.

    If the site is so jumbled and "TOXIC!!!", why don't you go find somewhere else that doesn't hurt your brain?


    [EDIT: BTW, I didn't mean to offend you, so you can't get butthurt]
  14. *Runs away from p'o'd Asmo*

  15. Sorry, but when someone says "I don't mean to offend" then insult someone's home right when they walk in to the door, I get a little irked. XD It was rude, regardless of whether or not you meant to give constructive criticism or not. People with good manners at least wait to criticize your place until AFTER they have gotten through the doors and then bring it up in an appropriate way.

    After all, you don't visit a new neighbors house and introduce yourself like that.
  16. Hi OT, welcome to IWAKU, not IWUKA. If you want to really become a part of the community, I suggest that you begin your first post with info about yourself, and if you think this layout is unorganized, than go make your own roleplay site with over 5000 users.

    Have a nice day...
    -Crimson [OverCast]
  17. Believe me, OT, creating aroleplay website is easier said than done.

    Excuse me if I sound encouraging, my reaction to Captain Morgan makes me empathetic, I suppose.

    Whilst joining and and immediately starting to pick holes in things may not perhaps be the best way to endear yourself to a forum, THIS IS A WELCOMING THREAD. Asmo produces enough snark for us all; we don't need everyone else adding to it.

    Welcome to Iwaku, Outlaw. Nice to have another Romero fan around here.
  19. We Canadians are a hearty kin. We have thick skin, like armor. We consider what other people think, respect their opinions, and personal preferences, but we don't let them bother us.
    Whether YOU take offense, or not, has no baring on MY intentions.However, I apologize all the same. You have a beautiful "home" here.

    EDIT: I'm not looking endear myself... I just wanna write....
  20. *snerk* Welcome to Iwaku, built on the backs of giants and the gods. Home of Intense (and very determined) Roleplayers. This is our Home away from Home, we come from all around and all walks of life, just to be -here-.

    We've got lots and lots of lovely roleplays and a far far overworked and incredibly dedicated mod team. I'm Trib, RP Veteran of twelve years, Keeper of the Code Dragon and lover of Hot Gay Man Sex and Monsters. I potentially exist just for the random possibility of Smut.

    Enjoy your stay and cheers! Be happy you found somewhere as awesome as this; with people as incredibly superduper awesome as us. :) May your gods smile on you.
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