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  1. Our Story

    A lifetime ago...
    In a small village...
    It was believed that all humans were born impure...
    No matter how many good deeds one would do, they could never cleanse themselves...
    Instead of finding a true way to happiness, they produced a childish theory...
    That if they force all the evils of humanity unto one child, they cannot be impure, no matter what.
    And that child, the one they would call the Antichrist, was born.
    They cursed at her, spat on her path, mocked her for ever being born.
    Why was this happening, she wondered, why was she born into this role?
    After time, she slowly turned into the monster they saw her as.
    A creature incapable of love or anything besides malice.
    She sought to destroy humanity...
    The village was soon cleared of those who wronged her, in a futile attempt at finding relief.
    Nothing came.
    The child went from village to village, a genocide, a strike against humanity, the race that wronged her.
    For she was no longer a human...
    Rather, she became what history may look at her; the first demon.
    She slowly dipped deeper and deeper into madness, feeding selfishly onto power.
    Her malice became so great, she got stronger, and more powerful as she aged.
    She almost wiped the earth clean of them...
    Until one struck her down.
    The one deemed the first angel.
    He was born of a village who brought a different childish theory; if one held all the goodness of humanity, they could be their savior to lead them to salvation.
    He went into a great battle against the demon, malevolent vs benevolent.
    They both became weakened, the boy pleading to the girl to come back.
    But that child was gone.
    He hesitantly brought her down, dragging his own bloodied body back to his village.
    His family was horrified, but he gave one last wish.
    "I give to you all back your goodness and your fairness... Please... Care for yourselves, divide and grow... Let it be known that I return your half to you..."
    He then collapsed, dead on the spot, as if his sentence truly did return humanity's goodness to them, and that goodness was his own soul.

    The boy would be known as Michael, and the girl would be known as Lillith.



    Humans continued on since the death of their angel.
    They colonized, they upgraded, they evolved...
    But Lillith never went quiet.
    She was still around, for centuries.
    She birthed demons; both of her own creation, and of being born of humans.
    Her prison however, prevented her from unleashing her wrath on the world.
    Only her children could do her work...
    Disease, death, grief, war...
    It is believed she inflicted these, and many more onto the world.
    She is known as the mother of demons by modern humans.
    Her children wreaked havoc on humans...
    But soon after more and more of them died, because methods were created to stop them...
    They halted their activity, a group of them decided in a civil act to peacefully blend in with humans, for their own preservation.
    This angered Lillith, though she could not raise a hand to stop them.
    From then on, they lived along with humans, being exposed to new technologies, and contributing in society...
    They formed pacts, devouring souls as a result.
    It seemed fair, because humans were the ones to sell their soul to begin with.
    But, not all the demons follow their laws.
    Recently, a group has been aiming to break down Lillith's prison in secret...
    The problem is, they've succeeded in breaking it enough for Lillith to have some influence in the world.
    All kinds of problems started; murders became more frequent, more people have been assigned to psyche wards and asylums, both children and adults alike, and some places have been pushed back into war.
    They all hear the same voice, before going mad;
    "I am Lillith... Would you like to have fun?"


    The world is becoming restless...
    How can this be stopped?
    Or... Would you like to have fun and join the madness?

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