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  1. Welcome to Oswald Academy


    The girls and boys at this prestigious boarding school are all very rich. Most of them have companies, founded and managed by their parents, to take over after graduation. The sports teams at Oswald are some of the greatest in the United States. Go White Tigers!
    , someone can get in based solely off of their academic achievement, but it is very rare and really unlikely. Just a reminder; Oswald is a Boarding School.

    Oswald Academy Uniform




    Uniforms are mandatory weeks days from 6 am to 3 pm (Breakfast - After School)

    School Rules:
    1. As shown above, uniforms are mandatory week days from breakfast to the end of the school day.
    2. Gym is a required class, failure to participate will lead to detention.
    3. No PDA in the School Buildings. (Its okay in the courtyards but please, don't get out of control)
    4. You are allowed to kiss and hug and PDA on campus. (If it moves further take it to the PM's)
    5. Restrain from cussing during class.
    6. Common rooms are set up around the School for socializing and club gatherings. Boys are not allowed in the Girls Dormitories and Vice Versa.

    Character Sheet:

    Extracurricular Sports or Clubs:

    Thanks and once again, Welcome to Oswald Academy.

    (I'll put the link for the thread in once I think there are enough people to get it started!)
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  2. Name: Terra Mae Sarrel

    Age/Grade: 17 / Junior

    Appearance: here

    Extracurricular Sports or Clubs: Volleyball, Track, and Debate Club

    Likes: Sports, Reading, Red Velvet Cupcakes, Cats, and Fashion Design

    Dislikes: Wasted days, Dark Chocolate, Bullies, and Holidays Away from Oswald.

    Personality: Nice and down to earth. Terra prefers quiet days except during sports events. She would rather exercise than lay around, but does love talking to her friends in the common rooms. Terra is not quick to anger, but when she snaps, it's probably best to run the opposite direction. Terra is smart but would rather talk about sports than studies, and would take a day at the track over a day in class.
  3. sexy_anime_guy_by_missandreina-d6o4ww9 (1).jpg Name: Dexter Manack Etor

    Nickname: Dex

    Age/grade: 17 junior

    Gender: male

    Extracurricular activities/sports: Robotics club, Debate club, Kendo club, Jiujitsu club

    Likes: Anime, Video games, drawing, singing, debate/arguing Military, Japan, pokemon, metal music, rock music

    Dislikes: football both American and European, pop music and dubstep

    Description: Though it doesn't look like it Dex is actually an outsider. Liking metal music and anime, Dex is different from most. Dex loves building robots based off of any design or theme. Not only that but unlike other kids that are going to go sit a desk and do paperwork when school ends Dex has plans for enlisting in the U.S army and hoping to help by fighting or designing weoponry. Dex is pretty hot headed geting angry and frustrated quite easily, though Dex is able to control and hold in his anger very well. Dex is taking a jiu-jitsu class and kendo classes for college credit and loves doing both equally. Dex likes to sit at home occasionally and play a video game or two and just hangout with friends. Just if Dex is angry and gets Into a fight he will probably win. Dex cares about himself yes, but he cares about others more. It just depends on if he likes you or not.

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  4. Name: Aden Bryers
    Age / Grade: 18 / Senior
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: (dark blonde hair)
    Extracurricular Activities / Sports:
    Student Council; Archery Club; Art Club; Track Club
    Likes: Archery; sleeping; art in general, although Aden leans more towards sculpture; tomatoes; running; being kept cool, or colder days
    Dislikes: People disturbing his sleep; people that don't respect others; the heat; bitter food; having to stay in the same place for extended periods of time
    Description: Aden is, essentially, the sort that goes with the flow. He drifts around a lot, and will let any current pull him in any direction -at least for a while. He's the sort to pick up things quickly due to amusement or interest, and then drop them twice as quick once that dies. This applies to his emotional state too, and Aden gets angry extremely fast in a furious burst, but that dissipates soon as well -as such, he doesn't ever hold grudges. Because Aden is a drifter, he doesn't like to be held down, and prefers to do only what he wishes to do. Other than that, he's actually a rather sociable sort, which means that Aden makes friends easily.
  5. WIP

    Name: Lydia Nikolayichna Pavlov

    Age/Grade: 16/Junior

    Gender: Female

    Show Spoiler

    Extracurricular Activities / Sports: Study hall, Music Club.

    Likes: Music, Silence, Books, Tea, Cold Weather, Snow, Classical Music.

    Dislikes: Loud Noises, Loud People, Hot Weather, Rain.

    Description: Lydia is an exchange student from Volgograd, Russia. She is the quiet, well mannered daughter of a rich Russian family. Lydia is very shy, and will often try to avoid confrontations with other people, keeping mostly to herself. However, what she lacks in words, she makes up for in music. Lydia has been playing the Violin since the age of 5, and has never been seen without one since. She can often be found under the shade of trees outside, reading, or inside the music room, playing her solid white Violin.
  6. Name: Serenity
    Age/Grade: 16/Junior
    Gender: Female
    Extracurricular Sports or Clubs: The Library Club,
    Likes(General): Reading, Coffee, Cookies, Rain
    Dislikes(General): Obnoxious people, gym class
    Personality: Serenity is like her name - calm and serene, and very very quiet. She can be classed as a good girl who has got sass, and won't think twice about speaking her mind. She loves making new friends, although is quite tentative with the opposite gender.
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