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  1. O.S.I.

    "You are apart of something fantastic here, my friends. Let go of your rigid faith in the boredom of days whose routines are all too common and none too exciting: There is work to be done."

    - Isaac Edgar Bradbury, founder and first O.S.I. director.


    In the second World War, there had once been reports of strange and bizarre happenings. Most notably the majority of which, could be tied to actions perpetrated by members of the Third Reich, dubbed the "Wunderwaffe Files," known commonly to american troops as the "Wonder-Weapons."


    But the Axis Powers were not the only one unlocking the secrets of science and the occult. The Allies were hot on their trail, pushing their own fledgling research to heights undreamed of. Post-War, it was decided that a new organization would continue further research and development, engaging in sensitive conflicts and the cases that any other body of secret intelligence or law-enforcement could even begin to understand. And thus, the Office of Scientific Intelligence was born.



    Its work as a major spy ring, against monsters and early alien invaders were worth a great deal of recognition since the 1950's. Unfortunately in the early 1990's, OSI had been replaced by EAT, Espionage and Tactics unit, a special task force meant to eliminate all 'potential threats' with extreme prejudice.

    Into the 2000's, the need for a unique situation response organization was growing. The EUSS (European United Scientific Security) Task Force responded to issues primarily in Britain and France, and other locations once in a while when possible. But even this was simply not enough.

    Now, OSI is back as the United States's premiere defense against weird menaces. No longer a mere government research firm and home to dull desk jobs, operatives are being transferred in to start tackling cases once more.


    Character Sheets:

    Alias/Codenames/Nicknames/ETC: (OPTIONAL)



    Notable Weaknesses: (Remember, weaknesses are unique to YOUR character, and shouldn't be too rare or way too easy to avoid in a situation)

    Quote(s): (Optional)
    Fun Facts: (Optional)

    Theme Song: (Optional)
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  2. Name: Trent Englehart
    Gender: Male
    Age: 28
    Appearance: Trent is a 5'8" tall, tanned adult male sporting short black hair and brown eyes, with a build of 148lbs, most recognized for a light blue suit with white dress shirt and tie.
    Personality: Trent displays the disposition of a person very fed up with working in an office, yearning for the spirit of adventure he'd once known as a boy. Morally speaking, he tries to avoid killing people if he can, and seems pretty relaxed with people who don't set him off. Oppositely, he seems to hold his enemies in high regards of anger and dislike.

    History: In his youth, Trent was formerly apart of the long-going "boy adventurer fad," in which he befriended an accomplished adventurer by the name of Dave Dangerson who in turn cared for him and provided shelter, until Dangerson's untimely demise at the hands of a practitioner of black magic. After which, he was forced to continue his education, eventually graduating from college and finding a job in the OSI at age 20, and working there for several years. He would often go on field assignments, primarily in tactical work and the occasional espionage job. Otherwise, lots of paperwork and not enough science fiction like the olden days. But, things are probably going to change soon.

    Items/Weapons: OSI ID card, Communicator Watch

    Skills/Abilities: Trent is a regular OSI agent with high quality training regimens and experience on the field.

    - Track Star: Prior to his time in the agency, Trent came to gain running ability on par with that of athletes.

    - Mind Control resistance: Unlike most, Trent is familiar to the effects of mind control and as such, has a better chance of resistance or shaking off an influence currently dominating his mind.

    Notable Weaknesses:

    - Choking: Trent actually possesses Pseudodysphagia, the irrational fear of choking.

    Fun Facts:

    - Trent is actually quite fond of potato chips. Perhaps giving him some would put him into a better mood on bad days?

    Theme Song:
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