Osca's Journal.

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  1. Attenion!
    Be professional, be professional.
    1. I'm not looking for criticism. This is just an outlet to house my imagination.

    2. This will be updated at least once a week. (If not, I'm probably ill or extremely booked. I will apologize.)

    3. Most posts (If not all) won't have drawn pictures to accompany the text (Something I would do if I wasn't trapped in classes that didn't allow me to draw), sorry.

    4. None of this takes place in any owned realistic or fantastic setting. All areas, creatures, etc. are created by moi et je and any likenesses are completely unintentional.

    5. The number of the entries and the date will not always correspond, but the later the entry, the later the date.

    6. As an addition to #5, the MC does have the ability to forget things, so the date may not always be correct.(It's up to you to decide if you believe it to be the correct date or not, though there may be subtle hints.)

    7. This takes place in an otherworldly setting, so a few bits and bobs that makes sense here(In this work) may sound a bit odd IRL and vice versa.

    8. There will be gore.

    9. There may be feels.

    10. Ask if there's something you don't understand (Which is more than likely, A fair bit will be filled with subtlety), preferably by PM. If it's asked frequently enough though, I'll post a list of spoiler-less answers in a spoili underneath this section. (Unless it's something I at the time wish not to answer.)
    Please be good to me.
    This is an original series of fictional short to medium length journal entries.
    Entry: One [Start]
    Month: 7
    Day: 24
    Documented Year: 3084
    Platinum Era

    This is a journal.
    Well, This is my journal, technically. Damn it.

    Allow me to start over. This is a journal, by me, an explorer by the name of Osca Delmonde of the country Averice. Due to our curiosity, my frie collea fellow explorers and I have traveled to this uninhabited continent under the name of "The Forsakened Land" or what the ancients called "The Land of Gods". Why would one come to this "Land of Gods" you ask? There are several theories that have been passed down over time; The first, being that there was a sort of spring that could revive the deceased; The second, being that there were clues as to where, why, and how our kind originated; and the third, which was something about there being a gateway to the "home" of Oron-,rather "God", by nameless standards. We wish to see if any of these are true.

    Throughout history there have been explorers, warriors, wanderers, so on (ominously like us), who have seemingly just vanished, without a clue. A sub-mission we set for ourselves while we're here is to attempt to shed some light on what exactly caused this enigma. Okay, We've arrived here at... 21 (correction) 23 hours tonight, not long after arrival we heard a faint rumbling followed by the sound of roaring water. The current planning is to head further inland at daybreak. It's now a bit into 25:33, So, I'll end the this here for now, for my writing becomes utter shit whem when I'm tired. I'll continue tomorning with an update, this will be entry number two and hopefully there'll be clues as to what perhaps this place is, before we meet our deadline to return to this point.

    (Self Reminder: Map wise that would be approximately (210,460) landmarks are... a large stone, or perhaps marble slab, heavily chipped, with some large cut ancient looking text (Mara is checking it out.), a large waterfall, and some sort of giant, wide, lengthy, and rusted pol lanc uh... thing (with little depth) that Lenni and Miloh are frantically investigating.)

    The deadline is 18:00 hours, I'll likely be able to document what happened that day at at
    My apologies, I got interrupted by that jerkass, Owin. I'll likely be able to document what happens tomorrow at night. If all goes well, the next entry should be written two hours or sooner after we return to the camp.

    Entry: One [End]

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  2. Entry: Two [Start]
    Month: 7
    Day: 25
    Documented Year: 3084
    Platinum Era

    Okay, it's 20:54, almost two hours past the time I actually planned to write, blah, blah, not really important since this is all on paper. Today was quiet, we woke as planned, we set out as planned, we came back as planned, so the day was almost perfect, (when it comes to journeying I suppose). That is... excepting the fact that my part of the group, consisting of Lenni, Gawain, Mils, Stefan and myself all forgot our equipment. Mind, this wasn't an excruciatingly horrible mistake, I had a map of what we think this continent looks like on me, and Mils had her compass (Even now I want to kiss her on the mouth for at the least remembering that) so, where was I... we didn't get too lost, but my, were we hungry.
    Our lunches were in our equipment bags.

    Any other time that would have just been an "unfortunate happening" and we'd probably starve for a while longer than we had to today. I'll admit we probably should have been more careful. As General Hawger of 1750's Canton said at his death bed... "Small mishap now, fatal mistake then."

    I'm getting off track.

    There was, an abnormality of sorts. While were were on our way, desperately searching for SOMETHING to document, we came across some thing imprinted in the ground. Perhaps it was a giant footprint? Haha, I'm joking, it was far too square and too deeply implanted to be the print of any animal. It looked more like the bottom of a shack anyways (not like that's what it was, but there's an example of what it was close too... a bad one). Well, we couldn't tell what it was because it everything in that area was soggy beyond god's sight.

    Wait a minute. Could it be that whatever made the wate (By Oronus, my writing is becoming awful again, I must be getting tired.) the sounds of water and metal from last night was what made all of that land soggy? Why in the gate's name was it possible to even reach that area then? That much water doesn't just disappear after a few hours. It sounded like a lot at the time too. Just what in god's world is this place? If water could disappear that easily, what says we couldn't? Those other travelers and knights disappeared, for all we know, they could have been more equipped to survive than we are!

    I need to calm down, I hate the feeling I get whenever I rile myself up like this. I'm getting tired anyways. Same deal, tomorrow night. Hopefully I'll be able to document the happenings.

    Entry: Two [End]

  3. My apologies for the delay. The cpu I was working on didn't want to save my work.
    It's shorter than it was...
    Blah blah.
    Schoolwork also got in the way.
    Blah blah.
    It's been a month.
    I'm sorry!
    Now, where was I.

    Entry: Three [Start]
    Month: 7
    Day: 27
    Documented Year: 3084
    Platinum Era

    We stumbled upon something odd this time around, matter of fact I have it in my hand at this moment. 18:06. Maybe I should start writing the time with the other list of things... On the topic of this thing we found I'd like to list a few notes.

    1. It is rusted, like that giant rod near by.
    2. It seemed to be sharp at a point in time, but now it's chipped heavily. Maybe it was a usable sword?
    3. If it is a sword, it has an odd guard, it's shaped like a box and on the inside there appears to be cog-like items inside of it.
    4. It has a hole in what appears to be a blade.

    And I just cut myself... I guess parts of this is still sharp. Time to switch hands I guess...Osca is ambidextrous.
    At least I didn't get any blood all over this notebook right? It is a weird contraption and where we found it was fairly odd in itself since it was in a room. (a half demolished singular room, but that's not the point.) this room, made of some sort of metal, had more of that ancient undecipherable text written all over it, and this item... The one I'm holding in my hand was propped upon a metal pedestal. As you can probably tell, since the air was so moisturized for so long, the whole flipping thing up and rusted, so it was pretty difficult to remove. I'm not quite sure if removing it was the smartest thing to do, especially with all that whirring noise afterwards, but its and interesting find if you ask me.

    The rain from earlier made it generally difficult to journey past that point, but I have it marked. The coordinates are (244,329) on this map. We'll probably revisit that place once it dries up a bit. Owin will probably see to that. He's growing a bit obsessive over this place. It took me a while to even slip this thing out of his hands. He's still a good guy to keep around though.

    And now I'm rambling about Owin; What has this trip done to me?

    Well, for now, It's dinner time. So, I'll end this here. I'm hungry enough to eat raw vynn. (In this world, "vynn" are Turnip-like vegetables (found almost everywhere) that taste awful when raw, but boy are they healthy! *cringe* They also contain a plentiful amount of delicious H2o inside! =|:{D> However, as they age (which is defined by colour and overall outside dampness) the water they contain (Due to being locked up inside of them for so long without a common exit.) is pumped with hydrogen and carbon practically becoming mescaline juice, which causes the drinker to hallucinate. This can easily be averted by draining the liquid and cooking the vynn. The people in this world have generally made a joke out of it... "At least it isn't sweaty old vynn!" they say. Unfortunately for some of the joke tellers, those born with a name close to "Vynn" usually don't take the joke so lightly. World Building, am I right?)

    Entry: Three [End]

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  4. (Sorry about the wait.)

    Entry: Four [Start]
    Month: 7
    Day: 29
    Documented year: 3084
    "Platinum Era"

    Okay... So... I just woke up and I'm a bit lost. I have no idea where my group is, I don't know what time it is, I'm a bit tired, and to be frank, I'm scared beyond my mind at the moment. The sound of metallic scraping, humming, and flushing water... Flushing water! That's how I got here! It was last afternoon! Damn, were we all swept up? And how long? If it's as long as I think it was, I may be in trouble...

    My... this is quite the predicament I'm in... My map is ruined, I can't find my timer... so I officially have no idea where I am. Guess I'm going to have to pull a "wild man" and climb a tree to get my bearings. Luckily for me this little journal managed to stay in my bag.

    And here I am. Writing from the top of a tree. Probably not the safest thing to do, but that doesn't matter at this point, but I see our tents, I'm not as lost as I thought, I guess map wise I'd be a bit northwest? Strange, I could have sworn my group went further than this.

    That stupid humming keeps getting louder. It's seriously getting on my nerves, It's giving me a fu flipping headache. Well whatever, I'm close to the


    This isn't good. Everything is ruined.
    Everything is destroyed. The tents, the radios, I'll be lucky if I found a spare map. What in the world happened? Was the camp swept away by the same current I was? No, there wasn't any excess water. This had more of a trampled feel to it... Matter of fact. That imprint from... my second entry was there. What the hell? Why? Did it move? But how?
    I should have been an investigator, they get paid more for doing this stuff... Heh, I need to stop being so passive... I need to find the crew... Maybe I'll wait it out for the rest of the day, they should be back before nightfall...
    I'll end today's entry here...

    Entry: Four [End]