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    Welcome to Xavier's school for the Youth

    The year is 2026. A mutant by the name of Orthos has opened up a new dimension to a whole new world for every mutant died to create a safe haven for those who are persecuted on Earth. The world was named after him, and an entire society is created. There are no cars (except for the school buses) and very limited technology. The common belief is that technology separates people, so its use is for scientific and medical use only. There are boarding schools, and one in particular has the realm’s most protected schools; Xavier’s School for the Gifted was renamed Xavier’s School for the Youth. Kids who do not have gifts are welcomed here, as well as children with gifts. They spend their lives here from ages twelve to twenty five. Those who have parents have leave to go back home during holiday and the three month break, but kids without parents are more than welcome to stay and make a life there. They still face Earth’s bigotry; not all mutants have been able to make it to Orthos, so, many scouters go out searching. One mutant, however, disagreed that humans should even be in control of Earth. Trying to persuade anybody to join him on domination, to finish what Magneto started, he soon began to collect a following. But there were members of the Orthos realm who fought against him. His rise to power started in 2012, just as the realm opened. Many have been slain by Tremor, but he has yet to be captured. (Information of this world (still in the works!) https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/xfa-blogs/logicfromlogic.5309/)
    Rain beat against the window as a young boy packed his things. It was his first day of school, he couldn’t be more excited to get out of the orphanage and learn something. His short thick black hair draped over his forehead, creating kind of a grungy look. His grey faded tee-shirt clung to his body, and his jeans had holes in them. Orthos was a great place for mutants, but in all honesty, it didn’t come without its own problems. Orphanages were well kept but clothes were a hard thing to come by. His suitcase wasn’t shutting, so the small brown eyed boy heaved it onto the bed and climbed on top of it, sitting down as hard as he could to get the latch to click. Once he was sure it was closed, he hopped off the bed and opened his door, peaking out. Other boys were on their way to Xavier’s as well; it was everybody’s (who was at the right age) first year. Typically, kids in the orphanage stayed at Xavier’s for the rest of their childhood. But poor Kingsley didn’t get along with anybody here. In fact, from the day he was able to walk, most kids just avoided him. When he was six, on his birthday, the kids gave him a dead toad and laughed at him. He hated it here but hated being around them even more.

    As he saw the other kids struggle down the hallway towards the stairs, he chuckled at one kid’s folly at trying to lug his bag downstairs. He’d obviously not thought to make sure that it had been closed all the way before he dragged it out, because it burst open and clothes spread out everywhere. Heading back into his room, he looked around it. He wondered if he’d return; probably not. It was such a dreary place to him. Picking up his brown leather bag, he headed out of the room, dragging it. But soon he discovered that it was much too heavy for him to even drag with all his belongings stuffed into it; he hoped he didn’t break anything.

    Before he was able to come up with a better idea, one of the orphanage staff came up and grabbed his bag. “Alright you, dragging this ol’ thing is gonna make you late for the bus,” she joked, walking towards the staircase. The bus was a nine hour drive to Xavier’s School for the Youth, and it left at six. It had already picked up kids from the bigger neighborhoods, and now it’s last stop was here.

    And sure enough, as soon as they got out, there was a very large bus waiting outside. It was silver and green, and made Kingsley feel nervous. The lady put his bag underneath the bus into one of the compartments. “Head onto the bus lad, safe learning,” is all she said before turning around and walking back inside. Looking back, he headed to the doors of the bus. The stairs looked daunting to him, but he forced his way up the stairs. Once inside, the whole front row was crammed with kids, seats three in a row. Heading straight for the back, he planned to disappear within the crowd. Finally, after what felt like an hour of people staring at him, he found his seat at the back of the bus, where nobody really liked sitting. There, he pulled out a book from under his shirt, cracking it open. It was his own birthday present to himself; he turned twelve today. He could hear the other kids from the orphanage talking to each other in excited voices. One conversation however, he didn't miss and that was from Marcus Herd and his idiot friend Rossner Forrett. "I wonder if dogboy is going to make it through one year," he scoffed, peaking back at Kingsley. "Don't kid yourself, he'll run with his tail tucked between his legs the first week!" a redhead said loudly, peaking over the ninth seat towards the back. Rolling up a piece of paper, he threw it at Kingsley, hitting him right in the head. "Hey dog breath! happy birthday!" kids around him hollered in laughter, and he sat back down, talking with his friends once more quietly. Kingsley glared at them, but continued to read his book.
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  2. “We’re so proud of you honey, and we’re gonna’ miss you!”
    “We’ll write you as much as we can, darling.”

    Nyra waved eagerly at her parents once the bus drove off. She would dearly miss them, but this was how it was supposed to be. After all, Nyra had little control over her elemental abilities. She needed to learn how to separate her emotions from her powers. And so, she is on a bus to go off to Xavier’s School for the Youth.

    She looked through the window, finding the rain soothing. Some would find it melancholy or depressing, but Nyra adored the rain. Kids throughout the bus laughed and talked with excitement while she scribbled in her journal. Her muse had been quiet lately, but that never stopped her from writing.

    In the middle of trying to find the right word, Nyra heard the sound of bullying. "I wonder if dogboy is going to make it through one year.” Nyra didn’t know who owned the words, but she knew that she didn’t like it. She hated bullying. No one ever deserved it. “Don’t kid yourself, he’ll run with his tail tucked between his legs the first week!” Nyra shut her journal and placed it within her medium-sized cross body. Others said nothing about the boys’ rude remarks, which was not a surprise to Nyra. Most people never defended a victim of bullying. “Hey dog breath! Happy birthday!”

    “Hey!” Nyra had enough. The boy looked at her with confusion in his expression. “Keep your mouth shut, will ya’? The only dog I see here is you.” Nyra could feel the slight tingle in the tips of her fingers. That wasn’t good. Before anything could happen, she avoided everyone’s stare and looked out the window. She always found the rain soothing.
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  3. Kingsley stared in awe at the girl who defended him against the other boys of the orphanage. Nobody had ever defended him before, not even the orphanage staff. But he tore his eyes from her so that she didn’t see him looking. He found it hard to concentrate on his book after that. Questions ran through his head, making him gaze up at Nyra from time to time. The bus started to roll away, finally tearing Kingsley’s gaze away from the girl and to the orphanage. Would he ever see it again? He remembered all of the holiday celebrations; they had been what he looked forward to every year. They hadn’t been the best, but they had been better than nothing. The trips that they had taken to museums, to schools, to parks. Xavier’s had out right refused to see them because they wanted their first experience to be genuine. Now, as they drove away from it, many kid’s eyes were glued to the windows.

    No staff stood out to wave them goodbye, apparently glad to be rid of some of their charges. Looking over at Marcus, Kingsley smirked. ‘Maybe some of them they wouldn’t miss,’ he thought bitterly, and sank back down into his chair. However, he stared back outside the window. Passing the large brick building that the orphanage had been next to, Kingsley always thought that that was where they sent kids to work that never got adopted. How foolish he had been; even here in Orthos, there was an age restriction of working. Still, he wondered what would become of him after school.

    As the bus rolled on, a voice over powering his thoughts made Kingsley’s head shoot up to look at the front of the bus. A tall woman with brown hair was staring directly at him. “Thank you, young man,” she said in a strong yet annoyed tone of voice. She looked older; she had deep lines on her face as if she was an elderly woman. She wore an evergreen wardrobe that Kingsley swore was from Lord of the Rings or something. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail, her plat formed shoes clacked against the bus’s tile floor. “Now, if all of you would be so kind as to give me your attention, I can tell you who I am, and where all of you are going,” her voice was raspy. Kingsley watched intently; he knew who she was. He’d read a couple books written by her. “My name is Freya Fernier, Headmistress at Xavier’s School for the Youth. There, you’ll be sent to five houses, ones that will benefit you most to your gifts. Boy’s dormitories are located separately from the girl’s on all houses, and any kind of tomfoolery will not be tolerated. Using your powers against each other outside of scheduled duels (which I might add have strict rules) is not allowed. First years are not allowed on the ninth floor, or the hallodeck without a professor’s supervision. More rules will be covered during dinner,” she announced and sat back down.

    Murmurs of excitement flooded the bus, when suddenly Freya stood up again. “Alright, I’ve got the lists of who is in what house, so if you’ll all give me your attention, I can announce which house you have. And accordingly, you’ll sit with your house members. So the first to fourth row will be for River Run. The fifth to eighth row will be for Tempest. From the ninth to twelfth row will be for Stone Ruck. Thirteen to sixteenth will be for Fire Blazers. And finally from seventieth to twenty will be Apollo. I expect you to move immediately. ” The bus went silent, all eyes glued to Professor Fernier as she listed off names. “In River Run, we have Marcus Herd, Rossner Forrett, Kyle Bennings, Maria Bennings, Laveyett Hork,” she went on with twenty six more names for River Run. What none of these kids knew yet was that they were being sorted into houses that matched their mutative level. She listed off all the kids in four houses until she finally reached the last house.

    He heard plenty of names before he heard his. “Kingsley Braxton, Nyra Day,” his heart skipped a beat. He actually didn’t have to move; he was already in the back row. If he’d read her books right, Apollo was for the children that had level five mutative gifts; the dangerous kids. But…he could just turn into a dog and heal fast, right? He thought back to any moment when he might have been something else. Only in his dreams…he’d been a dragon in his dreams once. He was mad at Karter Lewitt for throwing a snowball into his book during outdoor recreation time that he dreamt about turning into a dragon and throwing the biggest snowball back at him.

    Still, he couldn’t help but send a satisfied grin at Marcus who had been placed in level one. But excitement soon took over him as he thought of what the school was going to look like, what the dorms were going to look like, how the classes were, just everything. He hadn't realized that he’d turned from his human form into his Shepard form. Other names were being called for the Apollo house, but he didn't hear any of them.
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  4. Nyra’s attention was soon stolen from a tall woman with brown hair. Freya Fernier. Her mother told her about her before, Ms. Fernier is the headmistress. She looked awfully intimidating, but Nyra knew not to be scared. Ms. Fernier had the kids’ best interests in mind. And so Nyra listened carefully, waiting for her name to be called.

    And waited.

    And waited.

    The young girl would not admit it, but she grew anxious waiting for her name to be called. Did her mother forget to sign her up? Did her dad not send in her application? She grew restless, waiting for her name to be called. Many minutes went by when finally Ms. Fernier called out the last class - Apollo. She didn’t know much of the Apollo house, but knew that only powerful children lived there. “Kingsley Braxton, Nyra Day.” Her eyes instantly widened in surprise. Apollo? Is it because she had little control over her powers? That didn’t mean she was dangerous! Did it?

    Nyra placed her thoughts away, grabbing her belongings and moving toward the back of the bus. Eyes were on her as she shuffled over to sit near Kingsley Braxton, the boy she defended not too long ago. “Can I sit here?” she asked quietly, hugging her items close to her chest. Nyra wanted nothing more than to sit down and place her nose in her journal.
  5. Looking up at Nyra, his ears folded back and he looked out the window. "I-I guess not," he replied shyly. She was sitting next to him! He began to try and figure out something to say to her, anything. He couldn't believe that he was in Apollo! Of all houses! He always figured that he'd be put in River~Ru; what was so special about him? So he could turn into a dog! Big deal, right? He couldn't help but let out small whines as he thought about it, but they weren't out of fear. Just pure excitement. His tail hit the seat hard as he imagined what they could have seen in him. What had the other boys thought when they heard him listed into Apollo? He gazed around to see if anybody was watching him enviously. Nobody had been; everyone was happily chatting amongst themselves about their own houses.

    He sank back into his chair and huffed. They probably don't even know what being in Apollo even meant. Switching back into his human form, he crossed his arms and looked outside again. The rain began to beat at the window hard, making it a little hard to see outside. But as he looked, he noticed that they'd passed out of the city and were now nearing a very long stretch of woods. Pressing his face against the glass slightly, he strained to see if he could see the famed Xavier Castle. No, little did he know that they were still a day away from the school (it would have been longer if the bus driver didn't have the ability to move the bus faster with his mind). Looking back at Nyra, he smiled at her. "Hi...I...I'm Kingsley Braxton," he held out a hand for her to shake. She had bravely (to him it was very brave considering who those boys were) defended him; nobody had ever done that for him before. He wondered what she could do; what had landed her into Apollo? Apollo was the only house that rejected kids born without the mutant gene because it was just too dangerous for them. People seemed to understand that; there had been no protest after a thirteen year old girl had been killed trying to fight a master's duel in the Apollo corridors.
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  6. Nyra was not at all surprised or bothered by his puppy form. If they were under circumstances, she would find it rather adorable and ask to hold him. However, she worried more about blending in and keeping her nose in her journal. She only had to make it through a few more hours until going into her new room.

    Small whines caught her attention, which caused her to look over at the pup beside her. He seemed pretty excited, Nyra assumed from the news of his assigned house. Soon as he was excited, he whimpered once more and huffed. She watched as he transformed back into his human form, she made sure to look as though she were reading the entire time. Though through her side view, she watched as he looked outside of the window. Did he find the rain soothing too? Nyra knew no one who found the rain as relaxing as she and her mother. Whenever it was raining too hard to see, her mother would call it a ‘day-in’, and make hot cocoa and the two would spend all day together. Whether it be making stories or playing dress up. Many girls would probably find it odd, a girl her age still enjoying time with her mother.

    “Hi…I…I’m Kingsley Braxton.” Nyra looked at him fully, seeing him offer his hand for her to shake. She looked at it for a moment, blinking twice before she placed her hand into his. “I’m Nyra, you’re in Apollo, yeah?” it was relieving, meeting another kid who was housed in Apollo. Though she could barely call him a friend just yet, it was nice to meet someone who was in the same level as her.
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  7. Kingsley nodded, looking at the back of the seat in front of him. "I don't know why, the only things I know that I can do is turn into a mutt and heal faster than the other boys-er-kids," that's right; there were girls going to this school. He gulped and glanced at Nyra. Nyra was a girl. He was sitting next to a girl. He shuttered a little; girls had germs. But he grinned against the thought; Nyra was nice. she didn't seem to have the 'nasty girl germ', otherwise known as 'NGG' at the all boy's orphanage. she was nice, so far at least. That could all change though; what if she started getting along with that Marcus kid? His heart sank at the thought. But, perhaps he was jumping the gun.

    "So...what do you think the house will be like? The school? I-I um...yeah," his shyness was getting the best of him again and he looked out the window. They were passing through the forest now. The thin tall trees seemed to give an ominous glow off of each. It was true that when Orthos himself opened this portal, he had no idea what lay in the realm. Magical creatures that were known to humans and mutants alike roamed freely within this world...the good and the bad. A thick fog was rolling out around the bus. No wonder there were so many tails about armed guards following the buses. Come to think of it, Kingsley did happen to glance behind the bus. He thought he'd seen a motorcycle trailing behind the bus, with a big, armed man upon it. Suddenly, something caught his eye; movement from within the forest. He got onto his knees and gazed out, trying to spot whatever it was. The rain was making it hard to see anything, so he had to strain his eyes.

    A flash of white, he spotted her; a giant white wolf with blue eyes, and a horn on her head, right in the middle between her eyes. He blinked, and she was gone. "Did you see that?!" he didn't realize how loud he was; he'd really just meant that to be heard by himself. Looking back out the window, the wolf was gone. a thicker fog began to roll into the forest. The bus felt like it was hitting a very rough patch of road. He sank back into his seat, still dumbfounded by the wolf sighting. Or what looked like a wolf.
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  8. He turned into a mutt? Nyra did not see him as one moments ago, but instead she saw a puppy who had potential. She decided not to comment on the matter, but let him continue. She found it fascinating that he could heal faster than most. Nyra knew no one who could do such an ability. “You can heal fast? That’s a pretty great ability, if ya’ ask me,” she commented.

    His shyness made her laugh, but not at all in a mocking way. She found it funny how quickly his emotions changed. One second he whimpered in excitement, the next he stuttered in nervousness. “I don’t really have any ideas, honestly. I think it’s gonna’ be…challenging,” Nyra still could not understand how she landed in the house of Apollo. She believed she would be placed in the lowest of houses, for she had little control over her abilities. It worried her, having more challenges than imagined.

    Kingsley didn’t respond nor comment, but instead sat on his knees and pressed his face in the window to see through the rain. With how fast the bus driver was going, it was hard to see through the windows. Assuming the conversation to be over, she opened her book and began to read. She hadn’t expected Kingsley to speak again. “Did you see that?!” her shoulders jumped in response, looking at him wide-eyed and worried. “What did you see?” she asked quietly out of curiosity.
  9. "I, uh, I saw...," he sighed and looked out to the woods again. There was something moving in the forest; it walked with a strange gate. The creature was most defiantly a humanoid, it stood upright and walked similar to a human. It was hooded, but as Kingsley pressed closer to see, the creature stopped and looked over at the bus. Kingsley could tell what the creature's face looked like, but it gave him the creeps. The fog that had been slithering across the forest floor rolled higher just them, all around the bus. Fear caked into Kingsley's heart. It beat about a mile a minute. He didn't know why, but somehow he knew the sight of that cloaked creature was ill news. the bus suddenly stopped at a lurch. Headmistress Fernier stood up and clapped her hands together. "Everybody be silent, not a word...not heavy breathing," she ordered quietly, but loud enough for everyone to hear. The jubilant conversations stopped and suddenly, the bus became deathly still. Fear hung over the air, Kingsley could smell it. Nobody moved a muscle for what seemed like hours, was just minutes.

    Kingsley tried to look out of the window, through the fog but saw almost nothing. Suddenly, an image flashed through his mind. It looked like a dragon, but it had feline features. He sat back and tried his hardest to re-picture what had just flashed through his mind. A cat form, the body was catlike. But it had silver scales, a very strong muscular body to it. A thick furline stretched from its head to its tail, which was thick and bushy. The legs were large, muscular with normal cat feet but the claws were...furious. They were more like talons, small talons. Its head was almost box like, broad. The ears were very large with tufts at the end of them. But that wasn't the best part of this image; wings. The gorgeous silver and black tabby wings stretched out from the shoulders to the midback, with giant grey wing webs. and the eyes; the eyes were a slited piercing green colour, like gems.

    Looking at the window again, the fog cleared. He hadn't noticed anything, but everyone was being very quiet still. To him, the fog looked completely gone. He could see clearly into the forest; the cloaked figure was gone. He adjusted himself and felt something on his back, so he tried to reach around to his back but he couldn't. panic grew inside of him as he looked down to see silver fur, catlike paws with talons...what was he?! Wings. They were wings. His tail was thick and bushy like the image...he was that creature. How...how did he do it? Looking at Nyra, he thought she'd freak out. "Please...don't panic. I swear I had no idea I could change into...well whatever this is!" he whispered, looking over his body again. A shadow loomed over the two first years; Headmistress Fernier stood over them. ("I need both of you to be quiet. But Mr. Braxton, you have the ability to see through the fog. Is there anything out there?") a voice asked him within his mind. As a kitty dragon, he had the tremendous gift of great eyesight. Of course, he didn't know that...yet. Looking out, he shook his head. The grumpy woman strode off, ordering the bus driver to go once more. Why had they needed to be so quiet? Who was that hooded figure? What was he? More importantly, what the hell was he?
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  10. Click. Ticktick.

    A boy with light brown skin and mocha colored hair with natural coils was sitting by his lonesome, amongst other Apollo students. He was occupied with a pile of bones that were on his lap. They clicked together softly as he fit different ones together, forming various figures with his talented hands. That sudden commotion on the bus nearly made him panic, so his skeletal cat allowed him to take her apart. Since she can't exactly soothe him with purring anymore, this was the next best form of therapy. "Danger? Fear? Everyone got so quiet, why was it so quiet?" he asked himself over and over in a whisper with the lowest possible volume. Of course, it was still obvious that he was quietly talking to himself.

    Once he felt better, he had to ask Fiona to make herself whole again. The grown ups understood why he needed her around, but seeing a boy toy with the skeleton of a feline could be disturbing. Sighing at this reminder, he swept everything into one big pile and made ginger motions with his fingers. The bones lifted from his lap and were moved like pieces of a puzzle until the shape of Fiona was made. As he closed his fingers into his palm, everything snapped together and she dropped safely upon her owner.

    Beau's mother insisted that this would be the best for him. He was hesitant to agree at first. So far, he hadn't gotten along with other kids, whether they were mutants or not. Not giving this school a try would be regretted, though. Holding his bony pet close, he let his neck sink down as far as it could go while his dark, sleep deprived eyes took in some sights.

    Being on this moving vehicle with all these strangers was nerve wracking. His gaze shifted from side to side, then he leaned back on his seat with both hands settling into the front pocket of his charcoal colored sweatshirt. While chewing on one of the drawstrings, he stared blankly at the seat across from him. Somewhere on the bus, there was still some drama going on. Beau assumed so, anyway. It was important enough to get the Headmistress's attention. He could hear her footsteps move past him on her way to the front of the bus. Something weird must have happened. He assumed that could be a normal thing from now on, seeing how everyone on this bus was 'special' like him. 'Cool.'
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  11. Kingsley looked out at the woods again. For a while, he saw nothing. The mist began to roll out once more, but this time it was pure white. The very air outside crisped the windows to ice; the very air inside, every breath the students took within the bus turned to fog itself. A rather bad feeling bloomed in Kingsley's heart. something wasn't right, but somehow he knew that not a single word must be uttered. Everything was silent as the general feeling of this mysterious newcomer was nothing but bad. He was sure that he was shaking, every hair on his tail was stuck out. Kids were adjusting themselves, pressing deep into their seats. a girl cried out suddenly, and that was all it took for the form of that white wolf with those strange blue eyes to appear again. But something was different about her; where her eyes should have been were two empty sockets filled with blackness. Her teeth were serrated and yellowed, held in a smile most disquieting. It was then, when her 'eyes' seemed to fall on the area where the cry came from. She threw her head up into the air and let out a furious ear piercing scream, blending it with a howl. She sounded like a thousand women screaming all at once. Kingsley covered his ears suddenly, the noise too much for him to handle, and he morphed back into his human form.

    Suddenly, the cry stopped, and there was nothing but silence. Everyone looked around at one another, what was to happen now? The bus gave a violent jolt, rocking it almost to it's side, but someone was preventing it's fall. Beastly grunts and cries, almost as if the creature was mad, echoed through the woods as it hammered the bus over and over, crashing into it with a force unlike Kingsley had seen in any living being. He had to fight against tears of fear as the beast continued, but suddenly, as if it had given up, she stopped. The white fog began to collide with what looked like a dark blue light, and retreated once it had made contact. The white wolf, now seen by everyone, bared it's teeth and ran, disappearing from their view. That bad feeling disappeared, seemingly to retreat along with the wolf.

    The doors suddenly opened and everyone's attention snapped to whoever had made entry, expecting the worst. But Kingsley knew that whoever got rid of whatever that beast was had to be on their side. Up came the newcomer, his heavy black boots thumped against the stairs. The person, who's gender wasn't to be assumed by just looking at him, pulled off a black leather hat, revealing his shaved head. He was African American, tall and had a great physical build to him. Though he did have this annoyed expression on his face, but he did just fight off whatever that beast was. He had on a black trench coat that looked to be made up of leather, but it was buttoned up so Kingsley couldn't see his outfit.

    "Professor Greyson," Headmistress Fernier greeted happily. She looked incredibly relieved; she hadn't gone up against a Poison Mage in years, and that particular one had been at least a level nine. Luckily for everyone here, Greyson was a level twenty, and about the only one in the realm at that level. "Percus sent me. He figured that she'd show up sooner or later, and I was getting a little tired of waiting back at the school," his attention turned to the first years, "Look at all these bright young faces! Bet all of you are excited to meet your houses, huh? I remember when I was just a kid here, sitting on this bus. I was so excited!" He sounded really nice, Kingsley couldn't help but smile. "Which house were you in?" he even asked, staring in awe. He'd heard about this guy; he was the world's most brilliant mage! Greyson looked at the back of the bus. "Ah, I never brag young one! Though I am sure you'll find out soon!"

    Kingsley could hardly sit still; already his life was getting better. He met his hero, he discovered a new form and he was going to the greatest school in the world!
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