Ortheos: Xavier's School for the Youth

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    Welcome to Xavier's school for the Gifted Youth
    [​IMG]My name is Professor Feriner, I am here to welcome you on your trip to Ortheos for the Gifted Youth. I caution you to remember that this is a forever school, so once you enroll you can never leave it. The moment you are sorted, your abilities meld to that house until you have graduated. But never fear; there are many houses to suit you! There's River Run, the swift, daring and bold, Tempest, the Cunning, Sturdy and Charismatic, Stone Ruck the Kind, Loyal and True, The Dragon Keepers, the Tricky, Quick Witted and Guides, and Apollo, the Noble, Ambitious and Determined. There will be no tomfoolery tolerated in the corridors and the forest is forbidden to all who wish to keep their limbs, and their way clear and known. First Years are allowed one pet, so long as it is a cat, dog, small reptile, rodent or bird. Now hurry along now, you don't want to be late for supper!

    The year is 2026. A mutant by the name of Ortheos has opened up a new dimension to a whole new world for every mutant died to create a safe haven for those who are persecuted on Earth. The world was named after him, and an entire society is created. There are no cars (except for the school buses) and very limited technology. The common belief is that technology separates people, so its use is for scientific and medical use only. There are boarding schools, and one in particular has the realm’s most protected schools; Xavier’s School for the Gifted was renamed Xavier’s School for the Youth. Kids who have gifts are sent to this school in hopes of controlling their powers and learning how to use them properly for a better future. They spend their lives here from ages twelve to twenty five. Those who have parents have leave to go back home during holiday and the three month break, but kids without parents are more than welcome to stay and make a life there. They still face Earth’s bigotry; not all mutants have been able to make it to Ortheos, so, many scouters go out searching (these are referred to as aurors). One mutant, however, disagreed that humans should even be in control of Earth. Trying to persuade anybody to join him on domination, to finish what Magneto started, he soon began to collect a following. But there were members of the Ortheos realm who fought against him. His rise to power started in 2012, just as the realm opened. Many have been slain by Tremor, but he has yet to be captured. They live in a dark world, as new as it is.

    Rules of the School
    As you all well know, we do have a rather long set of rules but for good reason. While you are safe under watch of the professors and behind the walls of Ortheos, it is a dangerous world out there. We cannot protect you from everything, I am afraid but if you will listen and heed these rules set out, you might just survive.

    *The forest is forbidden to ALL students under the age of sixteen, on that note students under twenty have to be accompanied by an older student (with the right certifications I might add!) or a professor
    *Using your abilities on anything else but what you are instructed to in a manner which you aimed to is strictly forbidden

    *All students must be in bed by their set curfew
    *The fourth floor to the sixth are forbidden entry
    *No student should be caught outside after dark
    *First Years are not allowed to compete in tournaments
    *All students age sixteen and higher are expected to watch over the younger ones
    *No student under fifteen may go to either O'Dool's or Rathburd without a permission slip

    *No student is ever allowed in the Hollodeck without supervision

    River Run
    Level: 1
    Head Student:
    Head of the House:
    Blue, Green, Silver

    Their crest has a Blue background symbolizing truth and loyalty, their mascot is a Crane that symbolizes Vigilance and a bond to one's family. They have Unicorns supporting it which symbolize Virtue, Strength and Extreme Courage. River Runners are known for their strength in friends and love for academics.

    Level: 2
    Head Student:
    Head of the House:
    Black, White, Light Blue

    Their crest has a Black background to it symbolizing Dependability. Their mascot is an Eagle, which symbolizes Strength and Protectiveness. Supporting it are Stags, which symbolize Peace, Harmony and a will to be Kind. Tempests are recalled to be some of the most reliable friends you'll ever have, and the most outgoing.

    Stone Ruck
    Level: 3
    Head Student:
    Head of the House:
    Light Grey, Dark Blue, Dark Grey

    Their crest's background is Dark Blue symbolizes Loyalty and Wisdom. Their mascot is a Bear, which symbolizes Ferocity, Protection and Strength. Supporting their crest are Lions which symbolize Dauntless Courage and Fearlessness. Stone Rucks are known to be very strong friends and the bravest, willing to go any length to save a friend.

    Dragon Keepers
    Level: 4
    Head Student:
    Head of the House:

    Yellow, Orange, Red

    The Dragon Keepr's crest's background is Red, symbolizing Valour and Magnanimity. Its mascot is a Dragon, which symbolizes Valient Defender, Valour and Protection. The supporters are Wolves which symbolize Guidance and Leadership. Dragon Keepers are said to be some of the most mysterious and wise people, if not some of the most clever.

    Level: 5
    Head Student:
    Head of the House:

    Purple, Blue, Green

    The Apollo crest background colour is Purple, which symbolizes Sovereignty and Justice. Their mascot is a Dog which symbolizes Courage, Vigilance and Loyalty. Supporting the crest are Knights which symbolize Readiness for Battle. Apollo's are fabled to be the most ambitious yet the most trustworthy of your friends, sticking with them might get you places in life.

    Actual Rules of the roleplay
    There are currently only two openings for Apollo and the applications have to be good enough (abilities cannot god mod but they can't be small either) for me to accept them.
    Obey Roleplay Rules
    Obey Iwaku Rules
    IC belongs in IC and OOC belongs here
    Two characters only
    No one liners; post at least a paragraph please.
    People should get their FIRST posts in before you make a second one (back and forth)
    You can be any gender identity and have any sexual orientation
    No dragons as pets, etc.
    No anime pictures
    Only Professors can be head of houses
    Head Students are kind of like the hallway monitors
    Have fun!


    Power of Defense and Control

    Spiritual Studies

    Creatures of Ortheos
    Math (2)
    English and other languages
    Transfiguration for Shifters (reserved only for shape shifting students)
    Human Avoidance (non gifted humans in the Andromeda (Earth realm) world)


    River Run
    Stone Ruck
    Dragon Keepers

    Character Sheet

    Gender/sex (Cisgender, Transgender, Genderfluid, etc):
    Sexual Orientation:
    Crush/Relationship (First years to four can not be in relationships, your character MUST be 14 for that! Though crushes are fine):
    Role (Students or Professor):
    Pet (list their kind, breed, gender/sex, personality and last a picture please)
    5 Good Traits
    5 Bad traits
    General Personality

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