Orre - a Rediscovered Frontier

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    Orre usually wasn't a region that was talked about much, whether it be because of it's past, because of it being snubbed, or that it had the general bad luck of remaining unknown and unheard of. In any case, many would say to start somewhere else if you wanted to be a trainer- With no league in sight, how could you expect to get anywhere?

    Alesana wasn't about to let that stop her. With her trusty scooter, she rode through the lightly forested area, following the dirt road as the instructions had directed... or at least she was sure, anyways. She had already taken enough bad turns that led to dead ends, and she really didn't need another one. Continuing down the road, her face brightened up to see the Pokemon HQ Lab in all it's glory, and the place where she'd finally get her starter pokemon. She finally let out a yelp of glee as she sped up, but in all her excitement, failed to notice the stairs until she nearly crashed into them, coming to an abrupt stop. She coughed as the dust swirled around, waving it away from her.

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    As a side note to all starting trainers, your characters won't meet their starters right away, but rather will meet them in the back garden once they get there.
  2. Cecelia was combing her long white hair as she hopped off of her ice colored scooter, the ride to the esteemed Pokemonn HQ Lab left her easily frizzled hair, a complete mess and she was desperate to look good in her first face to face meeting with the professor. After all first impressions were important, as her mother would always remind Cecelia during her childhood.

    Cecelia was in the middle of straightening her vest when the screeching noise of a last-minute break broke through her worried thoughts. She glanced up to see a large dust cloud at the beginning of the entrance's steps. She slipped her comb into her brown leather bag and walked curiously towards the long staircase. She didn't like talking to people, but someone could seriously be hurt so she had to make sure if everyone was alright.

    "Are you okay?" She shouted into the brownish-gray haze. Her eyes could make out a overall red scooter but not the rider. She coughed as the haze entered her lungs and kept her delicate hands over her mouth and the other on her hip bone, awaiting for the response of the driver to see if they were okay or not.
  3. A man in black sat in a booth at the Outskirt Stand. His drink of choice was sparkling water. Across from him was a Gothoritta and a Linoone, who was curled up in a ball to sleep. Above them was a giddy Lampent, acting like a private chandelier, making a rather comical scene of a high-class meal. Especially since the Lampent was spinning and bouncing happily.

    The man in black overheard a conversation of a bunch of kids getting their first Pokemon the conventional way - via the Pokemon Professor. Any desert kids getting their first would have a long way to go, and a Hell of a lot of desert to get through. "Tell me, gentlemen," he interjected, "did you get your first Pokemon from Orre's Professor? I got mine from the wild, with my own bare hands." He stood from the booth and snapped his Linoone awake, and motioned for it to follow him. "Bess. Celsius. Stay there. Come on, Horus." He walked up to the men with the interesting conversation and smiled. "This is my first Pokemon, Horus the Linoone. He's been my trusty companion since I was but a lad."

    He certainly looked odd, in a black suit, wearing a purple and red beaked mask aside his face. His rather long, black hair floated behind him. And his smile, with his young face, seemed rather comical. Like a likable jester of sorts. But he was more serious than that. "Why don't we see who's is stronger? My Linoone is quite the brawler, I have to say. One-on-one? First against first?"
  4. Issac was traveling down the dirt road on his way to get his starter pokemon. It was quite a distance away. He'd been traveling for a couple hours and would be even longer if he took a couple detours, which he didn't. He was never much for pokemon, but he was really excited to see what he would get. It seemed like the Orre region is finally getting some recognition.

    Soon the Pokemon HQ Lab soon came into view. As he approached he saw that a girl had crashed on the foot of the building. He chuckled at her recklessness and sped up towards her to help. He skidded to a stop and hopped off his scooter. He knelt down next to the girl.

    "You alright?" He stretched his arm out to help her up. "That was a bad crash you were in."
  5. The woman's country life became dull. It had been well past time to start a new life. She hadn't gotten a pokemon just yet due to the fact of just wanting a life outside of training and traveling. She was the country girl type after all. The boring life wasn't enough. With much arguing with family, Xamyra gathered a few things in her messenger bag and hopped on her scoped naza. The parents watched with disagreement as she drove off to Orre. Out of the way traveling just to begin this grand new life. Why not?

    After hours of the ride and dodging battles upon the road, the woman arrived at the Pokemon HQ lab. She pulled to the side seeing a few other scooters. At least she wast the only one. Maybe even near her age range... Growing up many tended to pick on her due to this reason. Dusting off her jeans, after hopping o the scooter, she pulled off her beanie and combed through her hair. Xamyra sighed and walked in hoping for the best and unsure of anything at that moment.
  6. "Now, that's the way to do it." one of the men said, at first not getting a good look at who had said it, "I swear, the generations are gettin' softer and softer. Orre didn't need any fancy-pansy professors giving us pokemon to fend off Cipher, and we certainly didn't need some league mandating the whole region." the man took a swig of his own drink, berry juice, before standing up, looking over the man and getting a better look at him.

    "... This is the guy that caught a pokemon with his bare hands?" he shrugged, "But, in any case, I'll accept your offer. I guess we'll see if I shouldn't judge by appearances or not with our battle."

    He gestured to the door of the abandoned train made into a restaurant, "I'll be waiting outside. Promise I won't disappoint." and with that, he left for outside. The other men were already making bets on who might win.


    "It wasn't that bad, really!" Alesana said, using the boy's arm to help herself up, "I swear I've been in worse. I'm a tough girl." she wiped herself off, seeing through the settling dust cloud that there was also a girl and... another scooter? So someone else was here too... They must have gone inside already! "Come on you guys!" she said, speaking to them as if they were her friends, despite having just met them, "We gotta get our pokemon! That is what you're here for, right?!" she said, her tone was speeding up, "Oh gosh, I wonder what they'll give us... Do you think they have starters? Or maybe other pokemon? Can we choose? I don't really care if we choose. We're getting pokemon!" she quickly said all this as she went up the stairs.

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    First off, apologies for offering a starter (mudkip) to Rainbow-Noodles when I established that the professor had none. I'll try to be more careful about that.

    Anyways, I'd like for all starting trainers to go inside the lab before having them meet the professor and get all their items and such. For now, you can just assume he hasn't appeared yet/is busy.
  7. Cecelia remained emotionless as the odd girl cleaned herself up and proceeded to talk to the point to the point that Cecelia couldn't even tell what the girl was saying. Cecelia offered a small smile but nothing more before turning away quietly to make her way inside the lab. She didn't really enjoy socializing with people and she could tell that the girl was a talkative type so it seemed better to avoid her for now.

    Before passing through the large metal doors she passed by another girl whom Cecelia refrained from making eye contact with. She just continued her controlled striding until entering the bustling lab. Many people were running around with weird machines in their hands and worried look spread across their eyes.

    She rubbed her arm awkwardly as she stood at the entrance of the lobby looking across the large room for the professor.
  8. A trickster's smile upon his face, minus the stifled laugh, and the suited man followed the other man out of the door, leaving Bess and Celsius to enjoy the remainder of the meal the suited man was enjoying. They were content with that.

    "Good deal, good deal, this will be a one-on-one battle. Use your first Pokemon, friend, or I'm afraid I'll grow to mistrust you, hmm?" His trickster's smile cracked into a confident, slightly less sane smile of one who had the impression they'd destroy their opponent. "Horus, you know the show. Front and center!"
  9. Issac chuckled at her hyper demeanor. He knew that this was at least going to be interesting to say the least. Plus, he felt like she was going to go and drag him along with her across her entire Pokemon adventure. He walked up the stair with her and the other girl that he almost missed. She was so quiet. She followed after them up the steps.

    He did his best to comprehend what the hyper girl had said, though getting the gist of it. Basically she was excited to get her first pokemon. He was too, at least a bit. He wondered what kind of pokemon he would get. He really hoped for a dark type, but he wasn't holding his breath.

    At this point, talking would be kind of futile since there is an ungodly amount of words coming out of her mouth at a breakneck pace. Talking would just make her talk more, if it was possible. He instead just nodded and gave an occasional acknowledgement.
  10. "Yeah, yeah. Like ya' mentioned." the man said before taking out a pokeball, looking at it with confidence before sending out the first of his party, "Alright, Shun, show um' what you're made of!" In a flash of bright, white light, a Shuppet came out, looking ready to take any hit that the Linoone might deal out. If there was a way for the normal-type to hit the ghost pokemon, that is.

    "Ya' know," the man said, confidently, "You can still switch to that Lampent of yours, I don't mind." He allowed his opponent to have the first move.


    Alesana quickly went into the lab, spotting another girl that she didn't recognize. She hopped from foot to foot, waiting for this professor to finally appear already.

    Two assistants passed them by, "I don't see why the professor is so amandant about developing this 'purifying device'."

    "I know." said the other, "Would Cipher really plan a second attack?"

    Alesana had heard about Cipher before, mostly with disgust about what they did. Apparently it had something to do with modifying pokemon? It slipped her mind at the moment.

    There was a sound of an elevator going down. From there emerged someone who approached the soon-to-be trainers. He remained non-judgmental, just happy to help the youth of Orre.

    "Oh, hello." he greeted, "I would be Professor Krane, and welcome to the world of pokemon... That's what most professors say, right?" It was clear that, despite being an experienced professor, he wasn't used to dealing with new trainers.

    "So we're getting our pokemon right? Where are they?" Alesana inquired.

    "Oh, well, um... We'll get to those soon." Krane said. He gestured to a table that had several parcels, "First, please take one of the parcels. I figured having a few items to start you off would help."

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    Alesana's Parcel:
    Net Ball x5
    Bag_Awakening_Sprite.png Awakening x4
    Bag_Leppa_Berry_Sprite.png Leppa Berry x3
    Bag_Toxic_Orb_Sprite.png Toxic Orb x1
    Bag_TM_Rock_Sprite.png TM37(Sandstorm) x1

    Cecelia's Parcel
    Bag_Heal_Ball_Sprite.png Heal Ball x5
    Bag_Super_Potion_Sprite.png Super Potion x4
    Bag_Pecha_Berry_Sprite.png Pecha Berry x3
    Bag_Wide_Lens_Sprite.png Wide Lens x1
    Bag_TM_Normal_Sprite.png TM87(Swagger) x1

    Xamyra's Parcel
    rsitem004.png Pokeball x5
    Bag_Full_Heal_Sprite.png Full Heal x4
    Bag_Sitrus_Berry_Sprite.png Sitrus Berry x3
    Bag_Destiny_Knot_Sprite.png Destiny Knot x1
    Bag_TM_Rock_Sprite.png TM69(Rock Polish) x1

    Issac's Parcel
    Bag_Timer_Ball_Sprite.png Timer Ball x5
    Bag_Moomoo_Milk_Sprite.png MooMoo Milk x4
    Bag_Aspear_Berry_Sprite.png Aspear Berry x3
    Bag_Magnet_Sprite.png Magnet x1
    Bag_TM_Psychic_Sprite.png TM04(Calm Mind) x1


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  11. His smile didn't break. He kept smiling and stroked his chin. "Horus, bring it into the physical realm. Odor Sleuth!"

    The Linoone closed its eyes, stood on its hind legs, and took a nice whiff of the air. Now, not only could no attack miss, but every attack could do damage.

    The suited trickster turned around and flicked his right arm out. "Extreme Speed!"

    The chase was on, and Horus wasn't going to wait for the Shuppet to take a headstart. He immediately took a beeline for the ghost Pokemon, his eyes leaving a glowing streak in his path as it made his way from his starting point to the foe in the blink of an eye, and in another blink, the Shuppet was tumbling across the ground from the attack. It wasn't very effective, but it was certainly quite the blow.

    "Are you still certain you have an advantage? Your Shuppet looks to think otherwise!" The trickster let out a jesterly chuckle as the Linoone returned to his post in front of him. "You see, I am the Violet Trickster! The Magical Vagabond! But! You may call me Zef, good sir."
  12. Issac looked at the professor. He seemed like a young one and not used to instructing the new pokemon trainers. He didn't expect much though, since this was a new pokemon lab. He was probably a new professor that got sent here to get some ground on the new frontier.

    The hyper girl, who he still didn't know the name of, had piped up about the pokemon quickly. She was really eager to get the pokemon. He knew her for less than five minutes and she already began to get on his nerves. He couldn't even think of how the quieter girl felt with her continually speaking. She seemed like a shy girl and not really one to speak.

    The professor then promptly shut her down, diverting their attention to the parcels filled with, presumably, some gear to help them get started on the journey. He smiled knowing that he wouldn't have to spend money for gear to start out with, not that he had any money. He was quite poor and only had a small handful of money.

    Saying a quick thank you to the nice professor, he walked to the parcels laid out on the table. He picked a parcel that had a dark tone to it, with a light grey stripe across the front flap. They drab colors fitted him, so he took it as his own. He even put a small sticker on the upper part of the front flap.

    Opening it up, he examined the contents. First, there was what looked to be a poke ball, but was slightly different. It looked like a kitchen timer as opposed to the widely used red and white design. Deeper inside there was some foodstuffs, presumably for the pokemon, a TM, and a magnet. The latter confused him. The out of place magnet made him wonder the use of it. He shrugged assuming he'd find a use for it later. He closed the bag and slung it over his shoulder. He looked back to the professor. The professor stood there with a smile on his face waiting for the other trainers to pick up their bags. It made him wonder what exactly went on in that professor's head. It was kind of creepy.
  13. Cecelia watched as Professor Krane approached them, he was quite the young one, Cecelia thought maybe not even five years older than her but then again looks can be deceiving. He gave them a warm greeting and although Cecelia didn't really replied she could tell he was a nice man and a respectable scholar, very admirable.

    The Prof. gestured them to several bags, Cecelia of course waited for everyone to get their bags as she didn't want some awkward conversation to take place if she were to grab a bag that someone else wanted. In a few minutes the only parcel was pure white and she opened it silently.

    Within it was a set of pokeballs which due to the pink outer color and the blue outline Cecelia inferred it to be Heal Balls, along with many other food stuff and a TM she didn't really care for and a weird lens of sorts which she examined silently as everyone looked at their parcels.

    As she organized her things once more she looked back at the Professor to see if he'd lead them to his pokemon. She was excited to receive her first but she felt that it would be rude to ask him bluntly.
  14. Before the wanderer could even respond with his next move, he was faced with his Shuppet rolling in the sand, ground marks showing the severity of an attack he would have previously thought impossible to hit, "Well played," he tightened his fist, getting into the spirit of the competition, "but this ain't over yet." Sure that he had his opponent now, he called out, "Shuppet, use screech!"

    A horrid noise came from the ghost pokemon, to humans it was annoying at most, but was wretched enough for pokemon to weaken their defenses severely, "Now, Faint Attack!"

    Shuppet approached the Linoone in a nonthreatening manner, almost looking like they would want to start a conversation in the middle of the battle. However, this was only the nature of the move, as once they got close enough, they sprang forward, swiping at the Linoone.


    Alesana looked in her own parcel, the excitement of being a trainer enamored her with the items. There were net balls, and while water pokemon weren't exactly her favorite pokemon, nor were bug pokemon, they would do. Besides, she could already imagine catching her second pokemon with her partner, whoever that might be. Along with that were a few awakening, Leppa Berries... a ball of some kind? No, rather, an orb, and it looked to be filled with some sort of liquid. She wasn't sure about what use the item could have, so for now she just put it away. There was also a TM, but she didn't really see the use in it- Why cause a sandstorm in a region that was supposed to be full of them?

    "What'd you guys get?" Alesana asked, trying to peek at what the others had.

    The professor patiently waited for them to check out their parcels, "I think it's been long enough." he said, adjusting his glasses, "Why don't we go and see the pokemon now?" he gestured for the trainers to follow him. Any trainers that came later would be directed by the assistants about what to do.
  15. Horus' ears rang with tinnitus after the screech, causing his body to quiver, and his guard to lower. Remaining weary of the coming attack, Horus could tell by the scent that the intents were not well. As the Shuppet dashed at him, he braced himself the best his still cringing body could.

    The attack couldn't miss, and both Zef and Horus were prepared for this. Zef had already concocted a manner of countering, and Horus had been able to avoid a critical hit. The Linoone's ventral half of his body whipped to the side with the attack, and Zef found himself stroking the beak of his mask as Horus prepared for the next attack. "Rock Smash," he said calmly. The Linoone tore a small boulder from the earth and pressed it to the Shuppet's face, while quickly busting it afterward, crumbling over the Shuppet, and the actual rock-breaking motion made by Horus slapped the Shuppet to the dusty earth.

    "Is it going to get up, or is this match done already?" Zef asked cockily.
  16. Issac adjusted the bag around his shoulder. It began to dig into his shoulder. He spun it around until it came to a comfortable position. The young professor gestured him to come take a look at the available pokemon. Inside he was excited to receive his first pokemon, but he was sure that he would find more along his journey. He was even more excited that he would get to see the outside world, more than just a small condensed town. He couldn't wait to see what was out there. He tried to keep his excitement from showing.

    Just then, the girl piped up. She asked what they got with a perky tone that bordered on the verge of annoying. He wondered whether the giddiness was a blessing or a curse. He had to answer either way, lest he be rude which he couldn't bring himself to do.

    "Just a poke ball and some food. Though, the poke ball looks weird, not like the regular poke balls." He pulled it out of his satchel.

    "What kind of poke ball is this, do you think?"

    He flashed it to her, letting her look at it for a moment, before storing it again. He couldn't keep the professor waiting. The girl would just have to walk and talk.
  17. The boy stood atop the hill before placing a hand over his eyes and looked down upon the Pokémon HQ Lab with glee, and he smirked widely. The sun was setting, and this was a great landscape for a boy who was about to get his first Pokémon. He then nodded in satisfaction before hopping on his bike before ringing the bell, and yelled to all below him.

    “Commence the entrance of Terrance!”

    He then zoomed down the hill at a great speed, before coming right to the door and slammed the breaks. Sadly, he was going too fast. He flew off his bike and through the open door of the Pokémon HQ Lab. A frown came upon his face as he flew into a cabinet inside the Lab. He then comically slid down before yelling loudly and rubbed his face. It felt like he just got, well, a massive wood burn, or something of that sort.

    He then heard some chatter about Cipher, and obviously he had no idea of what that or who that was, since he just came to this region. And then a little bit about modifying Pokémon, which seemed odd to him. Pokémon were unique and fine the way they were, so why would anyone want to even do that? The idea seemed really horrible. He then looked at the group of trainers before standing up straightly and yelled.


    He then shook his head. He said the greetings in the wrong order!