Orochi says we should recount all the karma and posts based on New Iwaku!

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Should we recount the karma and posts based on what you ACTUALLY have on Iwaku 4.0?

  1. NO! I am a big wanker that needs my old post count and karma!

  2. Yes! Because I am so awesome that I'll look badass no matter what!

  3. I don't care what you do. Asmo Sucks.

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. OROCHI says his balls are so big that he doesn't need old Iwaku's karma or post counts. That he is so awesome, his karma is still badder than all you mofos! And he thinks you're all pussies and don't want everyone to know that a bunch of NOOBS are more active and make you all look like losers!

    All sillyness aside, I personally would like to recount the statistics in people's profiles so we have an accurate representation of people's Karma and Posts on New Iwaku. Plus, without being able to do these recounts, I am having a hard time getting around being able to fix things that you can't see but annoys me. >:[

    But you're all special so I am going to let everyone vote. <3
  2. Sure, all you admins and mods would keep your fancy bars and titles, but the rest of us would all look like newbs.
    But I'll have you know I am NOT a "wanker", biased poll.
  3. I'm joining Xin as a 'big wanker'.
  4. Tyler Haak
    Tyler could only give Daisuke a disgusted and unamused look. She sure as hell would never be Daisuke’s mistress and she definitely did not want some teenager’s cherry. Who was she, Mrs. Robinson? She did not comment back, rolling her eyes away to face the front again while Daisuke mentioned that he would be in control for a while. That had to be terrible, having that pervert inside your head and not being able to do anything about it. Unless he died, but they had seen how well that worked out the first time. She was trying to ignore the idiot at her side, her expression bland and unimpressed until the VTOL ramp dropped and they were surrounded by guards.

    Tyler’s hand instantly gripped tighter around her mace and she was about to lift it until the guards made a protective circle around THEM. As if THEY were the ones that needed protecting. She almost snickered at that since she was about it the mood to take someone’s head off with her favorite weapon. The change in her expression, though minute, was apparent when she saw the mass of people surrounding them. Her narrowed eyes widened and her stance relaxed from its ‘fight’ stage and looked to be entering ‘flight’ mode. There were so many people and they were all… cheering? For them? Tyler looked confused for a moment, a bit defensive even. Despite Deanta’s warning to not look surprised – she was and it was evident on her befuddled face. She listened to Deanta’s voice over the crowd of onlookers, but even after being called a hero, she sure as hell did not feel like one. In fact, she felt even less valiant than she had before – and the before number was already zero.

    The woman walked off with the others, keeping in line and keeping her eyes away from the mass of cheering pedestrians. She kept to herself, though it was hard to feel invisible when your skin was a popular primary color. It was simple to just ignore everyone around her and move as directed though when they came to a stop in a large room of seven men in strange clothes, her mood was slightly altered. This… was just weird, right? Did any of this seem normal to anyone? Some of these people were wearing old-timey cloaks. Her eyes were drawn there automatically, leaving behind the others in the room and focusing on the cloaked men. She also didn’t bother to hide the direction of her attentions, blatantly watching them without falter. When Alkura hid behind her, she instinctively put an arm around the girl and angled her own body in front. Alkura’s reaction only made her more apprehensive as well. This looked like a cult.

    Soon, they were all ushered to sit and eat, Tyler sitting next to Alkura and grabbing the napkin away from Daisuke before he could get anywhere near her lap. Her appearance was growing frustrated when Daisuke nudged her, but he actually said exactly what she had already been thinking. Instead of ignoring him like normal, she gave a nod in response to his story. So he was getting the cult vibe, too. Tyler stared down at her soup for a while, but decided not to eat. Something about it was just sitting wrong with her and she kept her head down, but did not consume. Maybe it was the kool-aid talk and that strange vibe in the room, also the people in cloaks didn’t help much.

    She glanced over at Otto when he voiced his agreement to join in this cause. Tyler was silent. Another voice spoke up, Daisuke, then Adam – both eventually agreeing to fight with this underground haven. What reasons made them agree? Probably the same reason they joined the E.I. – they had no choice. All this ridiculous magic and underground group shit was just… too much. What kind of sci-fi fantasy bull were they trying to use to convince someone who never even saw Lord of the Rings or any of the Harry Potter films after the first one? Alan’s argument was the same kind of persuasion as the E.I.s argument; join us or end up dead. Maybe dead would be better? She peered over at the cloaked men, her gaze holding firm on them. But damn, if curiosity wouldn’t kill the cat anyway. All those people out there; were they really looking for someone to save them? And if they were, could that someone be this group? Plus, was it really time to leave this team? Her thoughts wandered to her own comrades. Could she leave them just yet? It wasn’t like she could go home anyway. Why not be with them?

    For some reason, she couldn’t voice her agreement to stay verbally, but instead just nodded to show that she was in. After all, what choice did she have? Her gaze slid over to Alkura. Who would have her back if not them? Tyler felt like she was made to have her teammates’ backs, so why stop now?
  5. Eh...the old karma and post count is a carryover from old Iwaku...like a Legacy from the ole rp site of hallowed antiquity.

    In short, dramatics aside, I like the old karma and post count because it shows that there was a history behind the old site and whatnot.

    But I'm probably just being a crotchety old timer.
  6. Oh, ok. That makes a little more sense. hmmmmm too bad there isn't a way for older members to keep their stats.
  7. We can reset posts and then have a thread called "The Mods Museum of Awesomeness", where we boast about what we did on the other site.

    For once, I'm divided... which means I can't bully people to influence the outcome of this poll...

    And if I take the third option, then that would mean I suck... even though by clicking that it proves I don't suck... but then they very act of voting on that enforces the truth of my sucking... yet being conscious of the fact negates my own suckery....

  8. My personal opinion is that we should totally go with the "new beginnings" theme and showcase how Iwaku can be totally wiped clean after not just a server move but a database crash and yet still rise up without having to rely on hasbeen and usedto nostalgia.

    ....plus everytime I have to run an update, I can't ever run the "update post counts" or the "update karma" buttons to clean up the database and it's driving me CRAZY. stats.... aren't... 100%...! >_____<

    11,000 posts in the database and I don't know which members we should thank for that, cause old post counts are in the way. ;__;
  9. That would take a whole lot of recruiting-work. ._.

    Okay, lets try it.

    Cuz I hate the nostalgia-thing too.

    [nomedia="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOpIfbneeHg"]YouTube- Broadcast Yourself.[/nomedia]
  11. .... Apparently I am not allowed to watch that video because I live in America! >:[
  12. Right, something I didn't address earlier since my initial post was written while I was in a hurry:

    It's also important exactly which era you're considering going back to. Are you talking about making posts like this one that I'm writing right now not count? Making it as if it were set to zero after the crash? Making it as if it were set to zero at the move?

    Because don't get me wrong, I'm opposed to resetting things in ALL of those cases, but my outrage will be greatest if you're thinking of nullifying what's been done in the past few months especially, and only very slightly less than that the posts on this domain pre-crash.
  13. Oh no, it would not reset anything done since the crash. o__o When the "recount" button is hit, what is does is count all data that is ACTUALLY on the forums right now. It would only Reset the edited post counts and karma of people that had theirs "fixed" to what their ACTUAL current post count and karma is.

    So if your real post count is 456 posts, but your edit post count is 2456 posts, it'd only take away that 2000 that doesn't exist on the forum.
  14. Right, see, that's a problem for me.
    Iwaku is still Iwaku, regardless of crashes or which domain it's on. I've contributed over 2,000 posts to Iwaku, whether they can still be seen on this domain or not, and I'd prefer that fact be preserved, for my sake and that of other members.

    And again, this change would heavily favor mods, which orochi happens to be as well. Mods keep the official "mod" title and full bars whether they've posted a bunch or not, while us normal members would look like we've done very little and have barely any experience by comparison. I'm also saying we should keep the old post counts to assure new members that this isn't a two-month-old community that'll fizzle out before a year is done, something I think Iwakuans pride the site on not being.

    Of course, this from the guy who's also annoyed that Karma has been turned into a bunch of tiny colored dots and a general statement, instead of an easily-read number that's based on one's actual overall achievement and effort rather than individual posts...And who isn't happy the cults have been moved from actual threads into little mini-chat things that only members can see or post in.
  15. No, mods would also have their posts and karma set. They would not be immune to the buttons. All members, including staffies would only have the posts and karma they have made.

    There's still numbers for the karma, but I haven't been able to switch it over to the numbers yet. (and keep forgetting to do so. c.c;)

    Anyways, I understand your opinion completely. o___o My soul reason is purely for dorky statistical and stalking reasons.
  16. Try it if you want. It can be undone.

    Mostly the Karma bugs me. HOW DOES THE BAR GET THAT LONG
    I like my 1000+posts..
  17. I'm for the recount. Then again, I'm not obsessed with having an impressive post count....as my post count should clearly show.
  18. I have to say, I like having my current posts and karma. It shows you've been with the site for years since the posts and karma remain from the previous Iwakus, while it may mess up statistics, it's kinda lame to lose that progress you've made when you really did make all those posts and get all that karma throughout being on the site and all it's incarnations, so it's more accurate in that sense.

    I prefer it'd stay the same so I voted for the first option.
  19. My post count holds no weight, but I've never been sentimental.
    I voted for the reset.

    So what if it appears that you've contributed less? YOU know what you've done, WE know what we've done. To me the adjusted counts seem pointless. What's the point in being a status monger if you can't actually go back and SEE the posts.
  20. See, that's where you're wrong. New members who come to the site won't know who's a veteran and who's new just like them, because it'll look like everyone's rather new. Nobody will know who to look to for help--especially if the karma's reset, because you'll notice certain members have five or six red bars there...(Ahem, orochi).

    And again, I think it hurts the site as a whole to have a reset like this, because it would remove all visible proof that there ever was an Iwaku before the crash, much less the move.
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